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This is a man I just met that has now acquired
Sentient contract.
As prophet of virtue.
Who tells the script of angels lore
Love and prosperity of will soul and self love

Russ your on
From breach of eternal time.
Self love is global will
It is your children with self love who meditate
That inherit self esteem is with right standing with God.
Satan put a reciprocal mirror in hell.
To be the mark of the story
That is figuratives
That pales to Jesus obligation.
Culture of a morphing reality
Sentient husbands
The seed and pa jo Rogan
Fear factor. Steve stabwell honey
Something slumming Logan
And Michael as the mass hell coming

*** Steve is Michael
Logans Gabriel
Russ is prophet of the higher word
Titles bright. Angel saved from hell
The lord is blessing.
Morph. When russ lights his spoken torch
Without the **** ingestion
Or the sentiment slowing porch fire
Torch wired for the divorce of his flames
I'm investing

Divorce from angels title demon
Saving dreams from spoken reasons.
Satan was a being of greed and seeming
Prosperity. In finding need
To bleed for Jesus to be seen and
Hell to keep its disease.
Steven your seed will be breath.
Not to breathe with out his greed for your eternal strength and peace.
Logan knows his approach to baby wit
Ma will be slow but holding.
Boasting golden shields.
Jo Rogan terrified. Square lives.
He won't be allowed kani
Manta and his needs spared to nines....
For four square sentient wives
*** he spared shared lives.
Chris pratt.
No history his tatts.
Reveal shape-shifting gifted vision.
Spector. Television
The seed has intelligent
In medicine. He shall have seven children
Omasku Niskani will be with me in the veteran.
*** his younger will be indifferent to time.
With six with the 9.
Russ is signed to sentient contract.
With selling symptoms
He spits like Ali hits in prime.
The seed is god in his high. Try rhyming
As russ speaks he says
(Not in rhyme)
Timing. His ducks 7 sliding
Call him prophet giant.
Call his logic defiant. But his word is is his ****
So **** the truth.
It still sticks
The truth ***** but he's sick.
Alleviate temptation
Whats it gonna take if
I saw a private banquet
With just picnic baskets champagne
If you can take ****.
Dictate it.
Master class In session
I debate it. Refute your greatness.
Master debater. You can't hate *****.
Solve aromatic flavour
That passes smelling fragrant
If they don't support the flag ship
Got off the spaceship wagon.
Or you can be an *******.
Little atheist. Without a God start praying.
In and out of every vacant space which.
We inhabit.
Call a rat birch.
I ain't wearing bogus patches
Mass is up in smoke.
Such my own ****.
Call me Marilyn Manson.
Crossbow fitness trainer.
Releasing on the trigger piston.
Pump flex like a surgeon
For real i be fixing hitches.
Devastate equations
Arithmetic on sick addition
Subtract the slitted linens
Multiply with village children's.
Forest need evaluating
Burning trees like Arizona.
Chronic respiration.
Fire so hot. I'm out the ozone.
Aroma. Justify...
Be tucked if I.
Said love was just a touch good bye.
But every ******* time.
We touch goodbye.
My only crutch is crushed by time.

Star struck and getting butterflys
Pre requisite for crystalline visions.
Get with it
a central mind vision.
Not mine. Irrelevant.
Developed by mine
selling snippets
To Netflix for subliminal messages
On television.

Ardent in truth
Cooperated by angels
Guarding stranger
Angels than Satan
Nay pray for face
When I spray tech
Elaborate games n
Make the nation
Have it. To save it.
What kind of **** is this
Epitomy of death
Washing out the crevices
From the mental grips
Of americana
Fresh elevation
And dead presidents.
Medicine fed
Steven said.
Even when
Elephants forget
We remember again.

We were never a thing
I guess that just soaked into
My brain ***.
I could elevate my fame up
But never have you
Wait up.
On me and want my chain up
On your stained glass
Pain of.
Mirror ice. And  represent my
Same love.
Steven. You the same ****
I hate ***.
I thought we were special
Its eventual.
Medicine to drank up.
Till than ill just take a loss
Clank up. Glass
Spill. Cheers and drank up
Living in a different body
Growing in the turbulence.
****** script.
Ideas permeating from the worthlessness
Of verdict dispell worldly tint
Scope of worth.
Like I'm a ****** but ill give birth to it
Conception. Pretense separate from
Hell who's gonna burn for this
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