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You've stripped me bare ,
exposed my weaknesses,
and torn my mask.
now all i can do
is bow down in humility
because You've positioned
me at the Cherith brook
to speak to me.

i've never been more grateful
to be bare with You.
I'm at a session in my life where God has led me alone to the brook where he wants to speak to me and restore all the broken things and use them for his glory. I am learning to be content as I grow closer to the Lord. I wrote this poem to express my gratitude to God for saving me and bringing me back to life piece by piece. I hope this encourages those that are hurting.
What has happened to this beautiful home
Broken down and stripped to the bone
Ron Gavalik Jan 7
A dead Christmas tree
was set out with a neighbor's trash.
It lay sideways, stripped
of half its needles.
A brown cat sniffed
one of its branches,
but then sauntered away.
All relationships eventually
lose their charm.

-Ron Gavalik
Sam Jul 2018
I feel like I’m losing a friend,
It started off slow,
Faded like your favorite t-shirt,
After one too many wash cycles.

Like the stretch of an overused rubber band,
Losing its resilience,
It’s snap,
It’s ability to bounce back.

Sometimes I feel like I’m the t shirt,
Going through the same cycle,
Over and over,
And expecting different results.

Like the shirt’s need to be clean,
Is my need for validation,
To not hurt your feelings,
To make me feel better about myself.

But I no longer care,
How you feel,
What you do,
Or who you do it with.

I made it through one last wash cycle,
One more strip of my colors,
My identity,
But somehow I came out brighter than ever.
sofia l Mar 2018
Next time you talk to me
Take a second glance
Dig a little deeper
Don’t just graze over my features
And conform to the other superficials
Look me in the eyes
Peer into my soul
What you find won't be a surprise
Your eyes will fall upon the many fragments that comprise of me
The many fragments that I have stolen from others
Pieces of personalities that I have adopted as my own
For I have stripped myself of my individuality
And to most that is a incomprehensible thought
Why would one do such a horrible thing to themselves?
Why would one take the time to deconstruct themself
Pick apart every piece of their being
And will every part of them to be something they’re not?
Why darling, I’ve done it for you
Poetic T Feb 2018
When the walls falter,
crumbling within
                  realities windows,
                                  shattered inwards
by the tears that are dwindling emotions.

There is no place to smuggle,
        to hide within hollow walls.
Because when everything falls
                               were all exposed.
And everything is but a shell revelled.
Elysian Dreams Jul 2017
I want to stand raw,
in front of you. This moment.

Heart, body and mind.
Stripped of all its facades.

Wanting nothing else
But for the naked self to be wrapped by the warmness of my heart and your heart's love...
Zero Nine Apr 2017
You caught my gaze
from across the room
The way your phone
cuts your face
with a light
You're beautiful

Would I ever leave you?
No. I could not quiet
the gray ghosts
that would haunt me.
Would I ever leave you?
Oh, would I consign my
soul into a
deathless state?
I would not.
The only gentle sound is shared.
Zero Nine Mar 2017
You've expressed you feel a ****** disconnect.
Feel yourself some kind of alien pilot.
What's love in this, this human shell?
What's self-respect, esteem as well?
You're ******* weird and that's okay with me.
You told me for the first time, I'm queer.
That's cool. If I'm your ******, you're my ace pilot.
You're ace as **** default, I'm gray ace at best.
Why do we sit this dusty rock ridge between worlds?
If you're one, I've seen this alien's appeal.
The most delicious sight of your skin shown will have to go on ignored. And that's fine. That's fine.
I'm your little ******.
You're my ace pilot.
And that's fine.
Love all over again.
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