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Abhijeeth Feb 6
I am losing the fire in me,
the fight in me, it's a tragedy.
I can't keep up the pace,
lost in this race, accepting my fate.

I never wanted to settle,
losing the battle, little by little.
Jack of all trades, master of none,
I lost all the fun, I think I am now done.

I can't see where I am going,
what am I doing, that window is closing.
I will be alright,
right? Is there a light?

We will take it one day at a time,
writing a rhyme, gonna be just fine.
I will travel the world, see everything,
read everything, a million songs to sing.

Life never follows the plan,
made by the man, lost in the sand.
But life is still yours,
get up of the floor and kick down the doors.
Everyone is in a race to accomplish something in this life. We feel we are running out of time to achieve our goals. This poem is about your best laid plans not working out and how that's not the end of the line because life has so much to offer.
I am sick and tired of everything.
Leave me alone.
Just give me pens
And markers
A laptop
A notebook

Stop bothering me.

I know, it doesn't work that way.
Please, free me.
I don't want to
Achieve all--
Reach heaven--
Feel happy--

I just want to breathe.
Gale L Mccoy Jan 16
I crave to be strong
these sparce muscles stand for what I've been neglecting
this body I wish to strengthen
as it is the vehicle to my success
I will arrive at the goal
with nothing less then this
flesh and bones and blood
and through time
I will learn to cater it's demands
as a mother coddles her child
for I am nothing more then
me myself and my body
Loco Cocoa Jan 12
was me
that told my Self
it is okay  
to weep,
it is okay    
to hurt
was me
that told my Self
it is okay    
to steep,
it is okay  
to heal
was me
that told my Self
it is okay    
to let go,
it is okay  
to give
was me
that told my Self
it is okay    
to breathe,
is okay    
to live
was me
that told my self
that it is okay.
To every person who got it up out the mud, you my people.
1-12-19, 3:04 am.
A girl,
Soft and tender
A girl,
Sweet and young
A girl,
Singing with sight
Dancing in Darkness
All through the night
A girl,
Seeing and caring
A girl,
Sadness met sorrow
Follow her dreams
Moving so thorough
A girl, a girl,
Sitting and staring
A girl,
Saving and sighing
See her flying
oblivious to the darkness to come;
i started to have my braids undone

sank my fangs to a well-ripen peach
only to have my sunday dress drenched

you looked me in the eye and said
"i like you better when you're a mess,
you become who you really are,
not just who you want to be"

and my hand landed a slap on your fair face
"i didn't work hard to be a mess
and for someone to admire my weakness
im for someone who gaze at my greatness"
for my favorite queen
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Tonight I'll be determined when I fall to sleep I'll go dancing In my dreams
with Helen wrapped
My ambition was never realised to go waltzing
with Helen to dance In
the old-fashioned
To go dancing under the moon and stars and
Helen would always save the last dance for
Go waltzing with Helen she'd dance whilst wearing beautiful ball gown so pretty to see as she danced around but always saving the last dance for
A dream I've always had but because of Helen disabilities
they were never realised
to dance the old-fashioned
with her
Austyn Shumard Dec 2018
The most beautiful girl in the world is not the girl of my dreams.
She doesn’t appear in the sunlight and somehow gleam.
She isn’t some girl from a movie, book or painting.
Yet I will be the guy who forever ends up caring.
The girl of my dreams is perfect.
She’s stunning and intelligent, and her happiness can reflect.
She loves me for who I am and who I want to be.
I don’t love her, though, she doesn’t have the key.
My heart was lost in an ocean of despair and was uncovered.
It’s hard to understand how much I have suffered.
Yet the most beautiful girl in the world removed the rust.
It once covered my heart, but she showed me love over ****.
The most beautiful girl in the world is stunning and compassionate.
She makes her own luck when life makes her misfortune.
She shows strength when alone and courage when surrounded.
How could the most beautiful girl in the world be the same from my dreams?
I would rather stop dreaming for a reality
Than to accept mortality over morality.
She isn’t perfect for she exceeds all definitions of perfection
And I couldn’t dream of giving anyone else the same affection.
Rita Sailor Dec 2018
about ploughing my head through the wall instead of walking through the door food away to the right
perhaps you simply confusing your way with mine
but you don't care to listen
                                                                            only to talk
Talis Ren Dec 2018
at some point,
they told me to reach for the stars.
i did. i overshot.

that failed conquest must be
why i feel too much.
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