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Sara Brummer Aug 2019
Silence: the whispered voice of grace,
its careful slowness and this planet,
in time’s enormous hurry passed charm,
left behind in a dream, spring field’s
openness, now crowded with the goings-on
of business, each body,
each speechless phenomenon crying
to be heard above of roar of the collective:

Headlines blaring their soundless alarms,
unlanguageable media: the execution of privacy,
and the Oneself, ignored yet fascinating
in its own becoming.

Watch it grow, mute, change, strive
for its own fragile path, each journey unique,
each arrival a new beginning.
Once upon a time,
Someone lived in me

I sheltered them,
And protected them,

Provided a place to hide from the world’s sorrow,
And to brace it’s storms

One day,
I was left alone

I was abandoned,
Left empty and hollow

The current took a toll,
It pushed and pulled

The ocean spit me out,
Broken and weak

I found myself wedged between two boulders,
Unable to move with the sea

Then I was found !
By someone who accepted my broken parts

She thought I was different,
My journey made me different

Because each journey is unique to its owner,
And it is theirs alone

Now, I’m on her window sill,
A place of value

Everyday she admires my beauty and my scars,
She accepts what is,

And that is enough.
Mystic904 Sep 2017
Those happy and the lovely faces
Like brothers we roamed around places
All those good times together we spent
those memories now aren't worth a cent
At least their true faces they showed
The glamorous garden at heart they mowed
So much in my mind for them had I planned
Criticized me, left the blame in my hand
Didn't see the glimpse of how much I cared
All those useless and useful things I shared
Forgave and forgave because I don't mind
A point just came, had to say am not blind
I may have left marks but never the scars
Had I been hurt, still do I see them as stars

'Toleration' is what people lack
Tolerate, wait, take a step back

c. FATeer
With respect to the former best friends.
A common sentiment, but remember; this world isn't  your friend nor an enemy, it's a place of toleration(sabr) and a place waiting for people to make it a better place :)
Started from time
Forcing me to drag my feet
Stepped as them left
I whine, sob!
And complained to Him
Wait this as soon as I blink just now
Yes, I was a kid
My gut is still lousy
Still entangled in them
Even now ..

Both want me the best
I do not know what they feel
But I myself rebelled
Blaming the obvious time will not stop
I cursed the time
Why so fast
My body still wants to stay home

Wait, for a moment I feel wrong
Is not this good
I also want to make them happy
Dreams must try to climb
The ladder was already there before me
I'm among the lucky ones
Be thankful!
My mind divides
I convince myself with all my might

"This is not my home" I snarled
When I arrived at that foreign place
I was forced to stay
For the sake of the knowledge that I want to scoop
Yes, if not understand I will explain
I'm a student now
Predicate attached to me now
The views will all be different to me

Really i meet good friends
Fighting together, but still be independent
I breathe in ..
My time has now forced me again
It's morning already
I guess I have to finish my day
Doing my final job there ..

— The End —