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Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
When I was a youth
I was busy, busy, busy,
rushing from one activity to another
ambitious for success,
but I was unhappy
because I was too busy
to care for my mind,
my mind was suffering and confused
with many bottled-up emotions and thoughts;

Now that I’m wiser
I realise
what I need
is to take time-out
to care for my mind:
to introspect into my emotions and thoughts
to express to myself my emotions and thoughts
to become aware of my emotions and thoughts
to evaluate my emotions and thoughts
to improve my emotions and thoughts
until I have achieved wisdom
about what I can do
to achieve my joy and happiness.
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
I’m a paradox.
I say I don’t care,
when I really do.

I say I don’t need someone
to ask me how I am,
while I am longing them to.

I say my voice matters
and act as though it doesn’t.

I want someone to know my emotions
when I haven’t told them
and never want to tell them either.

I want to be happy
but I think of sad thoughts.

I am lazy,
yet I am ambitious.

I crave attention,
love and support
but reject when it
comes in my way.

I am strong,
yet run back to the ones who hurt me.

I am a conflicted contradiction.
Bongani G-kay Jul 2019
Melissa Holland Apr 2019
Do I wish to think?
To dream the unimaginable.
The mind of a viper;
Ambitious swipe towards intent.

Yet, its possessed fangs drip,
Such venom. A gradual drip would
Destroy the work.
“What work?” I hear you ask.

“Exactly” I whisper.
There is none to behold. With all my gall
And flapping gums, such spittle
Did not exist.

I crave to bite the apple of my existence…
Lingering doubt, lingering hope.
Can I foresee the future?
Can I not think?


To exist with intent…
Wanting so much to do, create and be something, telling people you will or you want to, yet not fulfilling that wish nor making strides to achieve that dream is something I think a lot of people feel at some point
Brandon Conway Oct 2018
Gold melts away
the dark blanket
as if a sign to start

be ambitious
he whispers

you answer back

and slowly block the
gold penetrating through the window
with your blanket of doubt
T'yana Thomas Jun 2018
When you were just a  little person what did you want to be ?
We’re you motivated to strive for what you see?
Doctor Lawyer  Business owner or Actor ; take your pick
But as you gotten older you realize it’s not that easy to get
Ambitious you are you’ll do what it takes
You close your eyes and Dream cause you’ll be there one day
Salmabanu Hatim Apr 2018
I am ambitious,
At least not pretentious.
I want success,
To top positions access.
I want to make more than enough,
To uplift those lesser,
To be better.
I want to help those students who are brilliant but cannot afford good education.
hani aqil Mar 2018
sometimes I get
in my ambition; a

venus fly-trap.

people are only
numbers on paper to cull
paintings on canvas to crush
medals, trophies, certificates to
crumble, burn,
charred broken ash;

flies to squash.
Meadow Jan 2018
I had no ambitions
I had simply an idea
Your the one who volunteered
To bring it to life

You're the one who convinced me
That this could be done
That we would be partners
Throughout it all

Now you tell me
After I spent a month and half
Working on this, and falling in love with it
That it was doomed from the start

You tell me
That it was too ambitious
When honey you were the ambitious one
I was just a creator

Then you tell me
That I'll never succeed
But I'm not the one who bailed
On the one they called a friend

Now I'm the ambitious one
And the one with the idea's
And you're just the one who left
Because he was too afraid to fail
zebra Jul 2017
there's a monkey in my television
he doesn't speak well
but he sure talks good
hes a real politician
Mr Do Right
he much appreciates my support
while ******* in every room of the house
marking his territory
which is everywhere
and promising lavender horizons
with words like a luster of stumps
turning lives into vagrant shadows
freezing dreams like skin tags

he's **** high in **** and graft
having *** ******
American way of life
while he grandstands  
riding a tricycle on the ceiling
all business like
a lazy worthless *******
with a slush fund
and no limit to what he will do
flanked with mullah lawyers and the clergy
minions lackeys and body guards
he sits terminal 
upon a throne
like a jagged mouth
sure to be swallowed
struggling against the menacing whispers
of those do wrongs and the unborn

world soul disgruntled
a slave to being a tyrant
ready to **** all transgressors
of his vainglory
and a willing toilet mouth
to all above
gobbling and grateful  
when they flush
the god of money ******
leading by example
serving with distinction
Remembering William Burroughs
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