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Ricardo Jul 2018
Maybe i got to much spice for yah
Or you just ain't a fan of spicy food
Not sure why your starving me
There are plenty of spices too choose
You got me on that mood
I dont wanna be fighting you
Never wanted to, but you digging in
Was too low from you
Somebody else has dirter hands in all this
Who finally stepped up to take care of you
Its just perfect all at my expense
Wouldn't want it any other way
Maybe it was my mistake.
What are you going to do?
If your counting now
Start count with the people close to you
Figure out which one helped you.
But whats the past
I'm just following the future
That's something you knew from day one
Didn't you?

Where are you?
Ricardo Jul 2018
Yah and I bought it cuz I can
I bought it cuz I want it
Got like how many tags?
I told you over and over
I am not playing a game
Waking up day to day
I'll show everyone I'm not the same
Gaining everything my way
How many times till you understand
I am the man,
I'll say it again and again
I am the man
I am the man
Good luck finding another
Now you see me blowing up
Trying to stop me is your plan
Only to see for yourself
I'm not to be messed with
No, I don't want to be your friend
Keep whatever love is left
Yes just point me to my fans
Hahaha there I go again
Laughing to the bank
Cashing in another cheque
You still waiting on another one
Didn't I tell you before
I don't wanna hear it anymore.
Hoped in my new ride
Baby did you forgot?
I told you in time
I will get what is mine
Better off moving out my way
Or I'll just make one
Nothing will stop me
Today to tomorrow
Got the reach at my hands
I'll get it all
Now just move along, move along
I'm starting to yawn
Is it from being bored
Or maybe from the grind
Either way I'm good
And I know your behind.
Ricardo Jul 2018
Funny how I see you losing control
Yet I'm still loving you more
Nows the time its been to long
Forcing you out of my heart
Your even colder then before
Only to know what your going to do next
Over Lilyanna our blessing
Sick ******* women you ended up being
Jesus come get this demon
Fearless with my sequence
Disturbing your inners
Flexing making a living
Your getting all caught up in it
Haha I'm cheesing
Left the spot for a min
Need to escape your feelings
How come your still bleeding
To much negative energy
Step out my circle I'm leaving
How long has it been
Still seeing me focused
Liquid water hypnosis
Swimming under an ocean
Sitting on a coast
Your so far you don't even know
But I was raised to not over look
So you may still get a chance
Don't expect it again though
Ricardo Jul 2018
I was really doing it, focusing in on the ring
Now again I can't even think, how come you don't wanna link
Again and again, pride is over coming what your feeling
Then again I shouldn't be surprised
How long has this been going, when will you stop draining it
So dam sick, gonna puke all over this place
Plans you and I made, I'm still on the same page
For some reason you just wanna let it all go
Not even looking on what's changed, give me the facts then
Every time the honest truth comes out, you decide to run away
**** it okay. **** it okay
Surely you've showed me you haven't changed
Okay okay. Time will tell but you know I won't forget
Think it over, was it really worth taking it all this way?
Money we both spending yet not for what we were discussing
Aren't you a shamed?
I know I am and I don't have to hide it from them
You already knew what the vision was, we all make mistakes
You have been forgiven, yet you still fronting
Don't you remember, of course you don't your just complaining
Now that I made it, rose about it everyday
Don't you go and tell me I ain't changed
Was I supposed to just
Was I supposed to just let you consume me
Nah that's why you hating, nothing left for your finger hate
Put it all on your plate, mines clean now I'm too full
My heart is finally stitched hole, you were so close
But I will never lose myself, gotta let you know
Your efforts could have been used to build a new road
Even in the drivers seat you can't compromise
Anything else you want to make more difficult
Maybe you should have let me utilize
After I left you to decide
**** it okay
**** it okay
Now you and I both know, so much work to keep this going
6 months on wait, only to watch you try to take what is mine
Figure your own self out cuz I ain't got the time
Its her and I now,
Yes you heard it, it's her and I now
No matter what you do she knows what I'm all about
You keep trying but your hitting walls, why bother anymore
What happened to all your love, your getting colder
But it ain't gonna rub on me, less in my life pulling me down
Just throw on my winter coat, zip it up to the neck
Keeping you out, cashing in my cheques
When this is all over, you will be in your rags
Your on the verge of making yourself a chapter in my book
Flipping pages back to the unknown, I'm burning this flow
Its coming from inside, I know your feeling my words
You tell me should I let it burn
You tell me should I let it burn
Your in control but you can't even come around
All that talk from before, ended up being a joke
All your lies now they are getting close
What will you do then, everyone will see the truth
Oh oh I'm driving home.
Enjoy dealing with what you've planned
Took me a min but now I understand.
Oh oh I'm driving home.
You could have taken my hand.
Ricardo Feb 2018
I'm just as simple as I can see myself being,
People complicating my intuition,
Disregarding my suggestions,
Like I ain't nothing to consider,
But I know they looking back now,
Making sure I don't move up to the front row,
I ain't even worried though,
Got a focused plan I been working on,
Oh don't tell me, don't tell me,
Don't tell me! You didn't know,
I'm the one changing on the low,
Of course there coming after me,
I'm the one aiming for a goal,
They cant even recognize there own,
Gotta come around and try taking,
What I've planted to grow,
I just keep on the move to make it home,
Keep going on, keep moving strong,
Ain't worried about nothing at all.

Each step I've taken to this day,
Its all been mutually plan my way,
Never let the route get distorted,
Got that 20 20 vision,
Good luck giving that a go,
Better off visiting your ophthalmologist,
Cause I'll just tell you adiĆ³s,
Heads up to the ones building there own,
Scratch the rest off the list,
Right out my soul,
Ain't never done anyone wrong,
Probably why your ahead and I'm too slow,
Probably while you get left,
And I still bring it home.

Always been me to keep everything real,
Always be straight with it and unique,
Watch me do it better any day of the week,
Love putting actions into what I'm all about.
Escape me now run for your life,
While I'm around I'll stomp you on the ground.
People talking about what they got,
Others talking about what they bought,
Just as a warning,
I don't care about any of that.
Ambition running thru my veins,
You wish you could be this good,
My heart is soft but my mind is not,
If your thinking you can walk over it,
Better turn around or I'll break you on the spot,
Now I'm sounding cold hearted,
But I told you my heart is much more.

Ain't got the time this I know,
Looking forward to catch the sun,
Staying away from all these ghosts,
That are trying to creep me off this track,
I don't even see them anymore.
All I see is me,
A family man I plan on being,
Along with the success of the business,
That I've been putting on each day of the week,
You won't ever stop me,
Momma raised me to not give up,
Drain me of my blood,
I'll find a way to keep moving on,
Drain me of my thoughts,
I'll give you a piece of my mind,
Drain me of my love,
I'll always love more.
Finally figured it all out,
Never needed y'all
Just needed to understand who I am,
That's most important than all.
Ricardo Feb 2018
I just let you decide,
Cuz I don't really have the time,
Since you up and left,
I've been stitching up my heart,
Been so long now,
My hearts been ripped apart.
Cut lip on a winter day,
Ain't no stopping from opening,
Bleeding inside out,
Still waiting on you,
Do i really need to shout?
Are you the person I once knew?
Find myself lost where it began.
Now and again and again..
Can't escape from you within,
Again and again ...
This is insane.
How could you do all that to me?
Was it your actions or words from others?
We paying telephone now,
Maybe I should put you on the direct line,
But you'll probably just hang up...
Beeeep.... beeeep ....
beeeep.... Beeeep ....
You think I'm down on my knees?
You think you don't need me?
I know what I bring to the table?
Again and again....
Can't replace it.
Love is the movement to my body
Even though my head knows all about it
My heart continues to re open
Longing for your touch and emotion
How long you going to keep walking
How long till you want it.
What happens then.
Do I just forget??
Again... And again
Ricardo Jan 2018
From the very start,
You have been like a dart,
Hitting a bullseye in my heart,
Now and again I think
On how much I love you
Never in my right mind
Ever did I see the paint
As you drew a perfect picture
Not even a stain
As holy as God is
Nothing in this world is like she is.
My love you are
My love is yours
Purely your who I adore
Purely I don't want more
Everything is what you have given me
From nights of pleasure
To mornings of blessings
Days of anger
Turning into affection
Thru all the wrongs
Moving in the right ways
My love you are
My love is yours
Purely who I adore
Purely I don't want more
Days of sunshine on my skin
Warm feelings that you give
Creating our path
When I hold her hand
My legs hold me up
I feel her touch
My body falls apart
Never to break away
Comfortably attached
You've been here from the start
My love you are
My love is yours
Purely who I adore
Purely your heart.
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