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Relax, begin to Imagine you are in the proximity
to immerse yourself into a precious moment.
It is that needed time you have brought into being, and is intrinsic
to experience composure, equanimity.
Smooth - melodic - ambient music with simple cause,
low and soft will, in its incipiency invalidate
trending previous troublesome thoughts,
silkily, sauntering, lingeringly pauses,
to softly embrace your audible senses
with silence which conveys complete assurance,
that the here and now is yours, no-one elses,
ataraxia created by you, for your true inner self,
It continues; envelops remaining unsettled interruption
embraces the heart, and encourages serenity,
all the remaining negative, solicitous intellection
are temporarily, tipped out of your consciousness,
you are experiencing them leave, then transcended
with blissful tranquillity for your indulgence.
You are asleep with your eyes open, it feels so benefic,
the mind is calm and clear no longer confused.
Melodious sound continues to provide atmospheric
momentum to this sensibility folding into the soul.
Joyfully you are enduring moments of pure inner solitude and
wrapped in perfect peace, consciousness uncommitted.
There is no expectation of time, not at all
just the psyche drifting, changing shape, density, profundity.
You feel wonderfully restituted, calmed; uplifted.
You sense it, knowing, this absence of tension you sought,
this, your perfect you, is transient and will slowly begin to regress, reluctantly,
relinquishing this blissfully serene, conditioned emotional stillness, to be restored.

Then you turn the telly on!     All gone.

Michael C Crowder        March 5th 2019
the power of clearing one's mind, so reality erases the experiences
Victoria Myron Sep 2018
Gold, gold, gold-we are enchanted
cold cold cold - ... almost immovable

shiksa sings songs, sings songs softly,
how the willow rustled and the petrel screamed


Золотом, золотом, золотом объяты неудержимым
холодом холодом холодом- видишь почти недвижимы

шикса поёт песни- тихо поёт песни
как шелестела ива и клекотал буревестник

Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
I faced the bunnies of the apocalypse.

Their glare - ever so piercing,

In purity, ceasing discontinuity,
the emotions so effervescent
Borderline present
in despair, the infernal chase

In a hellbent daze I secluded myself
From the vertigo of suicide, I was in a dazzle
The warmth of despair enveloping me
In golden hue.

                   ­                          near

The effulgence of the universe darkened
my eyes.

The spinning epitome, ever so frightening
Enlightening, it drew

The ambient visions speak       -       the devil sleeps
I stood amongst the burnt umber
in my heart.

The putrid dirt stains, the chocolate emulsion
Gagging me in repulsion, in absurdity of thee
The abominations dominate all

of my intention.

ambient bunny chocolate dazzle effulgent frightening spinning suicide universe vertigo
A girl like you

A woman for me

A woman like you

Someone who knows she is

A woman like you

And I wonder how


You could be here.

Now now now

It's really you

And her here here

It's never you

When you know im looking for something real

It's her I'm looking at. Finding imprints of loving acts in infinitesimal moments
I melt into you like I can't describe how


Who you are to me.



Her presence moves.

She moved

Moves. Me.

I write some small sentence to try and rally the passion inspired by her

But I can't find

Lose sight

No more…

I can't forget you and move on

What do you do in all I am

Just the two of us

And I bleed why I can't let you go

Because I'm here for you, baby


Let me unfurl ..

I'm always here right next to you
Forever wherever we go
Xan Abyss Aug 2016
Oceania calls to me, luring me out to sea
Calling me out to see how beautiful she
Can be in the light of the moon and the breeze
(I believe) She'll show me the way
(I believe) She'll lead me astray
(She'll take me) Out to the bay
(On my way) To Pagana LeVay

The rocks and oaks and willow trees
Somehow seem to summon me
Carry me out on the breeze
To the pond where she was mine, all mine
Upon a faded memory
The wind is my guide
As I wander outside
My heart skips a beat, but I stay
On my way to Pagana LeVay

The stars, they shine so bright tonight
The moon basking us in the love of her light
And all the signs designed
to direct my peace of mind
Are pointing with her smile
Toward the sky

Okay, okay
My love set me free
This fall to my death is my destiny
At long last, I see
You've been waiting for me
At the edge of the earth and the sea...

It's okay, it's okay
My angel is here now to take me away
My body is lost to the waves
But my soul in the wind and the rain
Calls to Pagana LeVay
Psychedelic ghost poem.
Arcassin B Aug 2016
By Arcassin Burnham

I like the style in you,
In your yellow dress to impress,
The snow couldn't freeze your heart
In the dusk of the final hours it missed,
Reality hits you hard sometimes,
With a speckle of a near reaction,
Such a pretty mouth when we kiss,
We reach the stars in the daylight,
I want to make this special tonight,
Skipping stones by the lake with your yellow dress flowing,
Hearts so pure as this can not break,
Not even when it's snowing,
Lets go to our place and
Get away from
The human race,
Share similar shade,
Not on your case,
Love when you make that face,
That smile that grace in your walk,
The way you step , the way you dance,
Its incredible.
Yasha Harkness May 2016
The voice calling me from the dark
Is quiet
Its melody thrums through my bones and tongue
And curls, purring in my heart
Like wine it flushes my cheek with uninhibited warmth
It calls me to action
Reckless self endangering action
Not all voices from the dark are kind.
This one glows like a black sun.
Biting back the fear of warmth and contact
In my touch starved living canvas
The voice has teeth
Teeth that set in my spine and inject courage into my marrow
That scrape ever so slightly down my neck
In wanton display
Of seductive darkness.
Its call is haunting
Sleepworn it sends me running
Through a silver forest of dusky light
Upon an unbroken path
Marked only by whispers that linger in Its wake.
I know not what I’m following
I know its power and magnitude brings summer to my throat and winter to my veins
Spring blooming warm upon my cheeks along the shivering pines
That voice of silk sheets and twisted limbs
A weight in the chest like a secondary heart’s phantom thumping
Throbbing its call of life back to that voice in the dark
Inviting it in for a taste.
Liam C Calhoun Jul 2015
Eve’s ambient, so
She cries on porcelain floors;
I remain in bliss.
Poetic T Oct 2014
Life is ambient colours,
We are shades in the spectrum
The light bends around us,
We are aura upon life
Are we upon the world, we are
But like a prism, moods can change
From one to another, a less bleak
Aura can blend with situations
And once vibrant can
Life can drag you down,
Became a shadow of our
Former self,
Our ambient colours of life
Can brighten up others days,
Or drag others down, We have
Auras of colours that
Can be as illuminated as any day,
Or swallow us in the gloom,
We are easel, a mixture of colours,
Each slightly changing to the moods life plays..
my mind was a fog...
my heart became a bomb
then the quiet explosion
turning into tiny particles...
floating through empty space
like a valley with no echo
holding your absence
shored against the ruins...
drowning in ten directions
i could hear the water
at the edge of all things
in the middle of this nowhere
hope becomes a loss.
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