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Marilina Jan 1
I dread going to sleep
Because falling asleep
Means waking up in the morning
And going on with my life
I have no control over
Marilina Dec 2021
I knew it would end
One day you had to go
We’ve run out of time
Why did it have to be so?

We met again not long ago
So we could say goodbye
Last kiss, one last embrace
I was the only one to cry
I wrote this back in September but forgot to post it
Marilina Dec 2021
You haunt my dreams
I feel unease
But when I wake
I don’t find peace
Marilina Dec 2021
My dearest friend
You’re not alone
Bad things will end
All will be gone
Marilina Dec 2021
I’m lost in here
And no one can see me
It’s hard to find yourself
When it is so dark
Marilina Nov 2021
I catch myself thinking that
You haven’t crossed my mind lately
And that makes me happy
Marilina Oct 2021
I spilled the tea
The cup is empty
All that was needed
Had been said
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