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Marilina Jan 7
You aren’t mine
And I’m not yours
There is no way -
You’ll always be hers
Marilina Dec 2022
You are a horrible choice
Yet so appealing
Marilina Oct 2022
I made a wish
I set a goal
I marked the date
I work towards it


I have a feeling
That I won’t accomplish it

Marilina Oct 2022
Daydreaming of a future
Where the two of us are together
With everything going
According plan

I don’t know how it will turn out
All I have is blind hope
But realistically speaking
There is little chance
Marilina Aug 2022
You and I are either fated or doomed
Because we’ve faced so much struggle
Now this relationship opens a wound
And everything’s turning to rubble

We could have succeeded, you know
If only we were willing to fight
But now no one’s interested though
Neither you, nor I
Marilina Aug 2022
To be honest I don’t even care
What you’ll choose to do
To stay or to leave
Just don’t stand in the doorway
Marilina Jul 2022
You dream for your life
To be a beautiful story.
And sure, sometimes things
Work out on their own.
But sometimes they don’t.
Sometimes you need to work hard
To get your “happily ever after”.
But maybe there’s none.
Not a fairytale, but a tragedy.
It’s still a beautiful story.
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