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Marilina Dec 2018
You changed
You don't seem like yourself
As if you turned into a different person

Or maybe you didn't
Maybe you always were like this
And I just never knew
The real you
Marilina Dec 2018
I am surrounded by people
But I feel alone

They discuss things together
But I am excluded

Whenever I speak up
They treat me like an empty space

So I just stopped trying

Only silence greets me back in the morning
Marilina Oct 2018
Sweaters Scarves
Drizzling Raining Pouring
Umbrellas Boots Witches Ghosts
Coming Creeping Scaring
Mysterious Ghastly
Marilina Oct 2018
You've left my mind
At last
Marilina Sep 2018
You see those couples
Walking around
They have each other.
They have love and happiness.
Wish I had that too.
Marilina Sep 2018
Don't get your hopes too high
Dreams tend to get shattered
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