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maria Feb 13
Not sleeping
waiting for your response

windows closed
blankets on
written on Febuary 14, 2021
© ,Maria
karly codr Feb 3
my brain thinks
at a million miles an hour
so fast
that i can't distinguish
from the
world inside my head
kind of tired of life right now ngl
karly codr Oct 2020
I'm tired of getting thing pushed onto me.
Karly, write this essay so you can get this scholarship.
Karly, apply to this college.
Karly, why aren't you going to this college event?
Karly, make sure to decide what you want to do right now.
Karly, this college invited you to a choir rehearsal.
Karly, make sure you get this done by midnight tonight, but don't stay up too late.
Karly, make sure to get 8 hours of sleep.
Karly, you listen to music too much, take out your headphones, they're warping your brain.
Karly, why are you crying?
Karly, are you okay?
Karly, you have nothing to be stressed about.

REALLY? I HAVE NOTHING TO BE STRESSED ABOUT? YOU KEEP PUSHING THINGS ONTO ME, AND TELLING ME THAT I'M MESSING UP, AND YOU REALLY WANT TO TELL ME THAT I HAVE NOTHING TO BE STRESSED ABOUT????? *sobs in my bed, wrapped in blankets, hugging my stuffed animals, not sleeping because I'm thinking to much
Everyone keeps asking me to do all of this stuff and it's wearing me out, to the point where I hardly get any sleep because I'm too busy laying in bed and sobbing into my pillow and thinking about everything that I have to get done :(
karly codr Aug 2020
Moonlight pours in through windows
Pillow soaked with tears
Holding my hands over my mouth
so the sounds of my crying cannot be heard
Surrounded by blankets
because it's the only way I feel something.
I have become numb on the inside
but on the outside,
I look like I'm fine.
So... I started writing this story... And it's super f***ing emotional. Like honestly. I don't think I have ever poured that much emotion into a story before and I'm kind of proud of myself but at the same time, it's a super depressing and I'm kind of mad at myself for writing a depression story but whatever... it's still a story and it has emotion, which my stories really haven't had before. So.
Nylee Jul 2020
Each cuts
Every deserved,
Some hurt
Others no feel,
The bleeding won't stop
It is getting cold.

It is my emotional state
physically nothing has changed
No one can see
No need to hide behind the full sleeves.

There are no stains
I am in trauma
I look at smiles on the face
I try to mirror them
Half success attempt
They won't ask
No one can tell.

Hush hush feeling
I am thinking of leaving
From the backdoor.

Hush hush,
It hurts more
As I think about it,
Ouch, I can't scream it out loud.

This is how it goes,
I keep tears at bay
I feel the thousand cuts explode
How do I keep them at bay
I feel pressure on eyes.

I reach the bed I sleep on
Find as many blankets I can
Bury myself inside
Till the morning
I fell asleep
With the ache in my heart.
Grace Dec 2019
Every night
When I get into bed
It’s cold

But I no longer care
Because I can crawl into my bed
And hide under the covers

But every morning when I get up
It’s still cold
And this time I care

Because now I have to get out of bed
Out of my sanctuary of warmth
And face the cold, cruel, world
Yeah... idk. It’s cold and I don’t wanna get it of bed so I’m procrastinating by doing this.
Bridget Kellum Mar 2019
You're the first person I've met
Who doesn't move their arm at night
You pulled me in and closed your eyes
Straight away fell asleep
There are no terrors in your nights
As certain as night brings slumber
The sun will rise again for you

If I could  have a thread of that security
It would be warmer than any blanket
I've wrapped my lonely self in
Jake Dockter Feb 2019
Sometimes I can’t find the words
but I lay with you and rest
and find I don’t need them

It’s all said
in the slow breath and small touch of knees beneath the blanket.
Madison Greene Jan 2019
sometimes I wonder what it would have felt like to call you mine
to get lost in a sea of blankets
and hear your voice on my walk to class
I'm still holding your secrets like porcelain resting in my bones
there are nights where my mind is lost in the confessions we never made
and I find myself missing someone I never even had
isn't it pretty to think of what we could've been?
you'll always be my favorite almost
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