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There's not a sun that rises by
That dulls her opulence
For every day my heart beats on
I fancy I'm her prince

My ardent lust may never cease
Mind, heart and soul know this
Black rolling waves with curves so soft
Sign in winter solstice

Indigenous blood with values true
Her traits my soul extols
With duties carried both out and in
She stands firm heart, firm soled

Soiled sanctity is not my wish
For once, and just this once
Entombed in full by your embrace
Your enraptured, enamored dunce
Emilio Valdez Jun 2022
A secret kept, sweet as this, is a secret most worthy of the gods’ approval

I am a canvas bag expanded to the most outward possible tension:

the second state of matter
bypassing material, converging into an
IV drip of the most innocuous effusion
Emilio Valdez Apr 2022
I love listening to music so much.

I can’t clearly explain the sensation: sweeping waves of emotion cascade through my being. Delicately wiping away any negatively-charged flotsam that had been wading through my consciousness, music pervades.

Lucky are the few who live their life inundated with the languorous luxury of music’s embrace.
Seems like there’s nothing your favorite song cant fix.
Emilio Valdez Feb 2022
What if I just like reading better?
Can one even be a professional reader?

Im so full, pouring from a creative tap
Yet I can barely write, or create a starting draft
My heart is flooding like a pipeline: one poorly designed
Can someone help me make sense of these dreams of mine?
Thinking with all my might but there’s no glimmer, no light
Hard, Im struggling to keep sustaining this fight with my
Self, I keep my mind in decent health but im still
Drowning, under the weight of this creative wealth
Emilio Valdez Mar 2021
A misplaced angel dreams of lush facades,
Marinated in an amber-honey glaze that
pools into the streets, homes and
hearts of its radiant inhabitants

I wish to rip that page
from Dorothy Gale's book,
heel clicking until I am back
in that primal womb of sunshine

where I am able to soak in
the richness of natal nutrients
conceived for my angeleño heart
Just been missing home for a while now. Thanks for the outlet y'all.
Emilio Valdez Feb 2021
For awhile, I was running.

Running so hard, so fast,
My mind had no chance to let thoughts run past.

Lungs searing under the weight of my oxygen-demanding muscles,

I push my writhing muscles, while I wrench
This suffering heart to my will.

This foolish will of mine.
Emilio Valdez Feb 2021
I am a fly
attracted to your nacreous glow.

                                           Just swat me already.
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