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Kelly Mistry Sep 13
Ripples through time
                           in the world around you
                      In word
                      In deed

Circles ever widening
Of influence
And impact

Even when we are gone
From the room
Or from the world
                                  In body
                                  In spirit

Our ripples spread

Merge with others
Shape them
As they go on
To shape others

Even when we are gone
Even when we are forgotten


Your ripples move on

But always spreading
Through time
Kelly Mistry Aug 21
Interlocking concepts
But rarely as simple
                                     as cause and effect

We always have a choice
To act
           To react
                          To endure
                                             To survive

Choice is a source of power
It can’t be taken away by another

Don’t believe them when they say
“You have no choice”
Even if they
are you

But our choices alone
                                       are rarely the only cause
                                                           ­                        of our circumstances

Other peoples’ choices
The systems we must navigate
Our environments and ecosystems, human-built and beyond
All contribute to determine
                                                  the fertility of the soil
                                                                ­                         from which our range of choices grow

In fertile soil
Choices abound

But even in barren soil
You still must choose
To act
To react
To endure
To survive
While holding onto hope
                                              for future change

Through intention
Through community
Through action

To believe that your choices alone
Are responsible for an outcome
Whether fortunate
Or dire

Is the height of arrogance
Born of a need to feel in control
Of the world around you

We all should be held accountable for our choices
But take care
How you parcel out responsibility
                                                              an­d blame

To yourself
To others
With awareness of the state of the soil
                                                                ­     from which those choices grew
Kelly Mistry Aug 21
I am
the center

The center
Of the world
Of the universe

My universe,
                        at least

For who else could I be
But me?

I see the world
Through my own eyes
                the lens of my own experiences
                the shades of my own perceptions

I feel only
through my own heart

Just like we all do

If we each are the center
Of our own universes
What happens when universes collide?

Will I see through your eyes?
Feel through your heart?
Or will I don blinders?
Deny your world’s existence?

If you believe that seeing the worlds of others
Only expands your own

Then come
Explore the multitudes of universes
Each of us centered in our own
But ever seeking
                               new eyes
                               new hearts
                               new worlds
Kelly Mistry Jul 29
The role of a savior
Is a comfortable one for me

Because we think
If you’re part of the
Then you can’t be
part of the

Of course
This is a false dichotomy

Many of us are part of the problem
While simultaneously trying
to be part of the solution

There may be a place for a solitary savior
In certain moments
For specific circumstances

But lasting solutions
Substantive change

Come from a multitude of voices
Saving themselves
And each other

I strive to find my place in that group
Use my voice to add strength to the collective
Without drowning out those around me
Kelly Mistry Jul 11
Trust breaking

With a bang of sound
Shards exploding in all directions

Or with slow corrosion
One drip at a time

Until it finally

Trust is the framework
Upon which we build

Everyday things like
Pick up when I call
Do it if I ask

Extraordinary things like
Travel great distances just to be near you
Even when nothing can be done
Be with you as you bear the weight of your pain
To share the load

How do we mend the breach
When trust is broken

I know there are ways
Methods to span the distance
Rebuild the framework
Patch the hole
To start again

But ignoring its existence
Pretending all is as it was before

The boom
Or the drip

Leaves a bad taste in the mouth
Questions in the mind
Shaky ground on which to stand

Will I have to span this distance alone?
Pretend the ground is solid
When there’s nothing but air

That kind of pretense only lasts so long
Before strength gives out
The truth is revealed
And we are both left free falling
                                                                                      through space
Kelly Mistry Jul 11
Guilt can become a habit
Cold comfort
And safe

Whether it is from what you did
Or didn’t do
Or didn’t intend

Whatever the source
The guilt implies
That it was in your power
To change the outcome
Control the impact

When often the things we feel most guilty about
Are the things we have least control over

Guilt can be used to control
“This is all your fault”
Masking the fact
That fault can always
Be spread around
By changing your perspective

Or it can be the excuse we give ourselves
To not try again
To let a relationship fade
“It’s for their own good, I’m the problem”
Instead of
Seeking forgiveness
Asking for change
Of ourselves
Of others

Guilt paralyzes
Trapping us in the past
Saping strength we need
To move on
Make change
Seek resolution

Guilt can sometimes be a valuable teacher
Calling our attention to times when we made mistakes
Hurt others
Hurt ourselves

You can use these lessons to inform
What you do
How you think
How you interact
In the future

Concentrate on these lessons
But let go of the guilt
It benefits no one
Changes nothing

Beware the trap
Of believing you always have control
Even if that belief comes in the form of guilt that you failed
To do
Or not to do

When other peoples’
Are in the mix

No one person can control the outcome
Or the impact

All that any of us can really control is
Our actions
Our intentions
Our responses
Our motivations
                                moving forward
Kelly Mistry Jun 18
How do you grieve
Someone you never knew
Except as a role
Assigned at birth

A role played half-heartedly
In name only
Or not at all

“Grandmother” and “Granddaughter”
“Mother” and “Daughter”

Never really connected to the person
Within the role

Treated as an obligation
Or a convenience

The people behind the roles were strangers
Their wants, needs and desires

I grieve
The possibility
                            of that role
The lack of grief
                               for the person
                                                          ­who I never knew
And who never knew me

It's a common story

The ideal version of a family
Where everyone knows, loves and accepts each other
Seems to be false
more often than it is true

But it is a wonderful fantasy to imagine

The death of the possibility
of fantasy
                   becoming real
Holds its own pain

Deserves its own time
                                         and space
                                                           ­  to grieve
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