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14.7k · Jan 2015
Pau Jan 2015
I never understood the science of missing somebody
I know biology has an explanation for why we miss someone,
but why,
why is there a need for it?
why does it occur almost immediately,
seconds even after
our skins collided?
why should I miss something that is not entirely my own?
3.9k · Jan 2015
Pau Jan 2015
once in a while,
love changes form
it turns from a sweet sunrise
to a sad sunset
a beautiful love song
to a melancholic tune
and though love hurts
when it changes forms
love will always be love
through the rain and fire
love prevails the change in intensity
and that's what I learned the day I learned
to let my anger,
3.2k · Feb 2018
heavy hands
Pau Feb 2018
sometimes, I fall into deep despair,
plagued with thoughts
remembering every moment,
and second
that hurt.
I feel like a failure for every moment
that I cause anger,
that I cause you to get lost,
that I cause a change,
sometimes for the worst.
Maybe its true
that I everything I touch
with my heavy hands,
shatters at some point,
it is what I end,
picking up.
Its why I always end up with
bleeding hands.

Only this time,
I swear,
this too shall pass.
2.4k · Sep 2019
prayers in silence
Pau Sep 2019
i believe,
even the stars
get tired.

when the night sky
had folded them away
back into the darkness

and the moon,
that lonesome thing,
has doused itself in shadows.

so will you too, my friend
shy away from the light
as if it would burn
if it reached you.

maybe you feel,
you just are not strong enough
to face the day.

that the midnight hour
is a broken thing

and oh, the silence
is deafening.

and you and i know, even the stars
are tired.

you mourn for them
as their light expires.
2.0k · Feb 2018
the first time
Pau Feb 2018
the first time I ever saw you
I knew
I knew,
I could like you for a long time
and that your face would always be engraved
in my mind,
in my heart.

perhaps, I wasted too many time.
perhaps, I am a little too late.
but I never forget the first time I ever saw you.
I knew,
I knew.
1.8k · Oct 2014
Pau Oct 2014
maybe i’m no longer suffering.
maybe this is just the after shock.
maybe, i don’t miss you anymore.
maybe i’m just experiencing what’s left of me
maybe, it isn’t supposed to be like this.
its been while but i still feel the same.
and maybe its because of you.
1.6k · Oct 2014
Pau Oct 2014
life is a constant struggle and sometimes i’m just lost.
i don’t know how to deal with it.
i just want to get a life mentor sometimes
so i know if things are worth it.
i’ve read so much about life but i find it hard to actually apply everything i’ve learned.
i realized.
i’m still on my journey.
*its okay not to have things figured out.
1.6k · Jan 2015
Pau Jan 2015
I will forget how you sound.
I will forget how you formed words between your lips.
I will forget how bright my days were when you smiled at me and how dark my hours were when you smothered me with pain and regret.
I will forget how you called my name.
I will forget how warm your body was pressed against mine.
I will forget how cold it was the day you left and how time seemed to freeze at that moment.
I will forget the dark days. I will forget how your lips tasted.
I will forget the future I mapped out for us.

One Day.
1.6k · Feb 2017
for always
Pau Feb 2017
to you, my sweet,
my sunshine --
thank you.
for carrying me through the rough waters,
the rock bottom and my own perilous self --
for holding me with your steady hands
after i stumbled and fell into what felt like a chasm
filled with anxiety and despair
for being resolute,
despite my unwillingness to move --
thank you.

i do not know what i did, or what i have done,
to deserve someone so beautiful and kind.

for all that you did and all that you've done,
i will remember,
for always.
1.5k · Oct 2016
stop with the fake misery
Pau Oct 2016
stop saying you're miserable
because you don't know misery
it hasn't landed on your doors
nor has it ever been on your feet.

misery is a concept you're trying so hard to get to
and you destroy people to get to it
you cause misery
you are misery to people
but you will never feel misery
nor will you be able to claim
you're in misery
because misery is only for the good
1.4k · Feb 2017
part 1 (the kiss)
Pau Feb 2017
your kisses are made of heaven
and you somehow made me forget about
all the other kisses i have ever had

ever since your lips laid on mine
i could not stop thinking about it
and how i wish
it will always find its way to my lips
again and again
until you finally whisper that
you love me.
1.1k · Nov 2016
Pau Nov 2016
for every day that you're gone
i'm scared i'd lose you even more
you are so close,
yet so far away.
when will this fear come to an end?

you said you were scared of losing me
i guess one day
you just decided to conquer your fears then,
i guess one day
you decided it was time to leave me,
i guess one day,
you decided, i was not worth it any longer.
887 · Nov 2014
the one that got away
Pau Nov 2014
That's what engulfed me
and my heart
before I could risk anything.
I could never put my best foot forward
when it came to you
knowing that I may never get a chance.
I could never make a move towards you
knowing that at some point,
we may end up further apart than what we already are

In my desire to cease my longing,
I drew away myself away from you
only to suffer an unquenchable thirst,
one that only you can provide a relief to

I'm sure you'd be surprised
if I told you,
a part of me still wants to be with you.
I'm sure you'd be surprised, if I even told you,
I wanted you, and I have always liked you

Because in the end,
I regret the path I chose to deviate from,
I regret not taking my chances with you
I regret, not trusting you
Because we could have been forever,
and we'd never know.
810 · Sep 2016
Pau Sep 2016
they say time heals all wounds,
but i guess,
i wasn't just wounded,
when i lost you,
for after all this time,
i still bleed for you.

its been a long time,
since i've talked with you
and its been a longer time
since i've had you
near me.

for a while, i thought i was done
with all spectrum of emotions i felt for you.
for a while, i thought i no longer cared.
all those times were all in vain,
for i still miss you,
more than ever.

its all just hitting me now
every bone
every fiber
every nerve of me
is finally absorbing the shock
the thought of you,
and away from me.

i wish you'd come back.
**or rather, i wish i never left
661 · Aug 2019
Pau Aug 2019
you speak with the softest voice
and suddenly i'm in.
you have me,
heart and soul,
all yours.

even as you whisper,
mundane things: okay, yes
mere responses, but my heart feels a tug.
and as you whisper and say
even more: i like you too, i miss you too
my heart feels both liberated and weighed down by all that i feel towards you.

this frequency we're in,
the channel of all that i feel towards you and more,
i will always treasure and cherish.

you speak with the softest voice,
and suddenly i'm in.
my mind goes blank and  
my heart's all yours.
651 · Oct 2014
point of no return
Pau Oct 2014
Forget about the past.
What's done is done
What's done is done

I never understood the meaning of value
until I realized how badly I hurt you.
Until I realized how much I damaged you.

It wasn't until the point of no return that I realized,
I cannot undo anything
Time does not stand still for pain
nor will it run backwards for recovery
It will only move forward.
The choice is yours on which path to take.

Did I take the right path then?
Should I forget about the past
648 · Jan 2015
Pau Jan 2015
I beg you to not be temporary.
I beg you to be the one with me at 3 am
I beg you to take me seriously
because underneath all the jokes,
the laughter,
your frustration towards me,
I am slowly
in the most human
and vulnerable
way possible.
I beg you to stay.
I just can’t say it yet
because every time I do,
the opposite occurs
so I’ll write about it.
I’m falling in love
So please.
I beg you not to run away with my heart.
I beg you to stay
for a while.
599 · Jan 2015
Pau Jan 2015
my monologues
used to contain dark things
those that never shone
words that were nothing but tar soaked

my monologues
burned when I first saw you
every word ignited
every phrase,
in flames

my monologues
are stars now
ever so bright,
ever filled with burning gas
that could last
for more than a thousand years

my monologues
were about finding you,
when it was too dark

my monologues
are now about you
and how your existence in my life
engulfs me in flames
incinerating my soul
with each word
each ballad,
each sentence you offer

my monologues
all for you.
587 · Nov 2016
Pau Nov 2016
i'm back to being just a star
in your universe
and while you seek for a brighter star,
i will still be here,
until the universe decides,
it isn't meant to be.
574 · Sep 2016
lost and found
Pau Sep 2016
my sweet darling,
this is my confession to you --
to not be with you
to not go out and look for you
is the most difficult challenge
and the hardest form of love
i will ever do.

i lost the other half of my self within you
and i have not been able to get it back
ever since
you and  i
fell apart.

i know you do not want me to seek for you
i know you want me to let you go
and i have, in all the ways i can
but my heart cannot,
my mind cannot set you free
for i bound myself to you and only you
for ages to last.

and though some days i attempt to unchain myself,
it is you,
only you,
and your love --
that can set me free.

if you choose to love me right this time,
and destiny decides to tear us apart,
then i will know --
i shall know,
that you've set me free,
the universe and you,
have set me free.
557 · Sep 2016
one day
Pau Sep 2016
as I sat down one day,
I tried to remember you,
to think of you,
to write about you.
I could not form the words that I wanted to say --
the words I wanted you to hear
the words I wanted you to see.

as I sat down one day,
I heard your laugh at the edge of my ears,
I saw the flash of your smile from the corner of my eyes,
I smelled the scent of your hair from the tip of my nose.

I wish I never sat down that one day.
Sadness was what it brought me,
for I can only remember the good in you,
for I am lost in the worst part of you.

as I sat down one day,
I remembered,
I disintegrated.
543 · Jan 2015
the girl
Pau Jan 2015
A - girl filled with exciting stories,
D - aring me to take constant adventures and to  
V - enture out of my comfort zone,
E - nter her world and
N - avigate through her
T - ormented heart

until she feels
I could be the one to complete
her unspoken adventures,
her need for sorrow
the freedom and chains
she wants
and needs
to the girl. i love you.
530 · Oct 2014
confession # 3
Pau Oct 2014
every night i lie awake
thinking when will I finally be able to sleep
without thinking about you
the past
and the future

those rare moments where I do get sleep,
i keep having the same dreams
and they're all about you

when will this madness stop?
when will i find peace in my slumber?
528 · Oct 2014
confession # 2
Pau Oct 2014
maybe it was the bad choice
or the wrong words
but it was never my intention
to hurt you

so why
why was it so easy for you
to hurt me?

and in the end,
your words still resonate
and your departed presence,
Pau Feb 2019
I’ve been having nightmares and mostly about you – the you in the future, the one who’s bound to un-love me anyways, regardless of how well our love story turns out. It pains me to have nightmares about those because I know at one point it will become a reality. In those dreams, its always one and the same, the moment where I lose you, the moment where I have to let you go and the moment where I have to give you up because you’re bound for better things and I am just a moment that passed by.

I’ve been trying not to count the moments I have with you but I can’t help it at times. I feel like every day could be the last and I cannot begin to think of when that day comes. I know I’ll never be ready. I know that these dreams will never get me to be prepared for the biggest nightmare, that is, the day that I lose you.
originally titled endgame;
& now I've truly lost you.
465 · Dec 2014
Pau Dec 2014
i once swore on dew filled grass
i would not dare
to make that sin.
for you, I did.
for you, I huffed
and puffed
for you, I crossed the line.

as you ignited the devil in me,
my old self felt betrayed
for it was
a promise --
a promise to myself
some promises are indeed
made to be broken

if there's one thing i am sure of
it is that,
i'm willing to let go of my inhibitions
my worries,
retired promises,
for us.

you are the sin,
the mischief i've managed
the glorious forbidden
lady of my life.
smoking love you sin
448 · Jan 2015
Pau Jan 2015
you were his star
but to me you are the universe
you were his relentless sea wave
but to me you are the ocean

i am just a star, and
you light up the sky
above me,
because you
my universe
424 · Jan 2015
unfinished symphony
Pau Jan 2015
i'm burying myself so deep
so that only your voice
your songs
would make me blossom back into the earth again

your words are musical notes
and our late night conversations,
always an unfinished symphony

i am in too deep
but somehow
you find my roots
and still sing to me
391 · Dec 2014
Pau Dec 2014
I am swimming in the words I am trying to hold back
scared that you’ll dive away
from the projections of my feelings
and all its intensity

you showed me your smile
and with that you had me
you know you have me
I just don’t know if I have you.
390 · May 2019
hero of the story
Pau May 2019
perhaps i will always just be a supporting character
to everyone's story.
never the protagonist,
nor the antagonist,
not even the deuteragonist.
i'm just a minor character,
a passerby,
someone to fill in the show.
because when a damsel like you called for the hero,
and i came running,
tending to your wounds,
you kissed me thanks,
and bid me goodbye.
and then you sat there and waited
and tore out the already healing scar.

there and then i realized,
i'm not a hero,
not in your story anyway.
i could never be,
for you chose not to see me.
386 · Aug 2019
magic and fire
Pau Aug 2019
our exchanges have been magical,
you and i.

i'd like to gather all the moments we've had so far --
even the ones we shared in silence  
and lay it out for us to be wrapped in them.
the feeling of being surrounded by even just the sound of your voice soothes me,
and that is enchanting for me.

perhaps i'm caught in a spell,
the incantation, however is nonexistent as i
simply see you for what you are
and i am truly delighted,
and overflowing.

perhaps its not a trick,
not an allure,
and definitely not a spell.
perhaps its me finally falling for the magic,
the hearth,  
not the witch.

darling, crossing paths with you was like seeing fire for the first time --
ablaze and ardent and truly unprecedented.
381 · Oct 2014
confession # 1
Pau Oct 2014
as i spent my night drunk with alcohol in your arms, i whispered a thousand i love you’s.
i realized how badly i wanted you in my life.
while we were apart i began to understand that we can never be together.
so with our little time together, i managed to make a decision —
i will always want you in my life.
you will be my anchor.
i will continue to sail.
but my heart will always be yours.
that i can assure you.
372 · Nov 2014
Yet another complication
Pau Nov 2014
Complicated is your middle name
and I'm dying to understand.
You are the puzzle and I am but a piece
You are the ocean and I am just a wave
You are the galaxy, and I want to be your star.

Your life may be clouded
I'll always try to break through.
I'll always try to reach you.
To be on the other side of this road
with you.
You may be complicated,
that doesn't mean I'm not for
371 · Jan 2015
some days
Pau Jan 2015
some days I wished for things
that just can't be
some days I yearn for your realizations
some days I want to be your only star
but those are the days where I completely agonize myself
from foolishness
from selfishness
and in my despair
I found rationalization
that some things are not meant to be thought,
or done
but only on some days.
360 · Aug 2019
Pau Aug 2019
some people will never truly leave.
they'll always be inside of you,
crushing your bones
setting your very heart on fire
whilst their blood still courses through your veins
like kerosene.
354 · Dec 2014
ode to joy
Pau Dec 2014
you are an entire symphony all on your own
and i'm hoping to be granted a
chance to be a measure
a movement
in the music
that is you
349 · May 2019
the multiverse
Pau May 2019
i never believed in wrong timing,
just wrong people
but with you,
i found myself saying -- "i wish i met you earlier,"
or "i wish i met you later,".
i' m now convinced that timing really is a tragic thing,
and oh how it destroys what could have been.

in another timeline perhaps i made it past your walls --
the ones you've built around yourself,
preventing anything and anyone
from going in and out of your heart.
maybe, at that moment,
one far different from this version we both traverse through,
you and i were unscathed,

in a separate dimension,
my heart hopes,
there exists a you and i.
333 · Dec 2014
perfect symmetry
Pau Dec 2014
my heart
and mind are constantly restless
without you
you bring a striking silence in my head
agitation away from the constant
beating of my heart
away from my tormented mind
that I can't
away from you
and I never want to.
328 · May 2019
Pau May 2019
As we grow, we come to realize,
there is no wrong time.
The people we meet are those that come
based on the choices we make in our life
and the people we come to love
and receive love from
happen to have the same circumstance revolving around them.

Timing is always our excuse.
That’s always been my excuse.
For the longest time,
I believed I had everything but the timing.
Timing was always off,
until one day,
I woke up and realized it was I,
that ultimately sabotaged everything.
It wasn’t time that ******* us up,
it was me,
and in that moment I realized,
time will never be an illusion to me again.
I will never use time to barricade myself
and fortify my pride and my guilt.

There is no wrong time --
wrong choices, yes but never the wrong time
for anything, or everything to happen.
old piece about timing
326 · Jan 2015
Pau Jan 2015
underneath this skin
is a better person
and you
you found the better side of me
and the best part of it it
is that
i'm all yours
307 · Oct 2014
one day
Pau Oct 2014
Perhaps one day I’ll understand why we were never made to last.
Perhaps one day I’ll get used to the idea that you were never the one.
I know in some corners of my mind, I still hope you are but maybe I’m just in love with the memory of you — the perfect you.
But, I’m hoping maybe one day I’ll grow weary of waiting.
Perhaps, one day I’ll finally
be able to say I have let myself go
from voluntarily shackling myself
in your hand that was long gone.
301 · May 2019
erase me
Pau May 2019
i want to destroy this part of me
that yearns for you,
that aches for you,
because it mourns your absence.
i wake up to each new day in torment.
my mind says no,
but my heart pleads for you.
logic tells me you'll never come back
and that i should pack it up and move forward.
but you've opened the irrational part of me,
the one that believes in feelings and humanity,
and it asks for me to be patient,
to go on and carry whatever i feel for you,
in blind faith.

its a terrible thing,
to have hope
and something you hold dear.
i'm hoping i can eradicate every part of me
that feels for you
and hopes for your eventual return.
nevermind what my heart wants,
you don't want any part of it anyway.
270 · Oct 2014
Again, and again.
Pau Oct 2014
i lost myself in you
and you won't allow me to retrieve myself
i can't find the way back to you
because all your efforts are to ignore me
to drown me
and barricade yourself from me
a everything in me,
is lost in you
and i don't know how to get it back.

Will i ever get myself back again
or do I need to rebuild myself
and again?
266 · May 2019
Pau May 2019
last night,
there were tears in my eyes and i chuckled for a moment.
after so many days,
i finally have the time to think about what just transpired.
i finally have the time to remember you,
to think about the chaos,
the storm you brought in me.
i'm left feeling distraught, not with you but with myself for allowing it.
why didn't i fight the urge to go near you?
logic never saved me, it only made matters worse.
i tried to rationalize every part of you that didn't make any sense.
i tried to explain why every moment we part,
everything burns.
i'm still burning, only the flames are bigger.
and you're still the catalyst.
253 · Sep 2019
losing you
Pau Sep 2019
i took only a piece of your heart
and made a mess of things

and all that followed
was a wreckage

i had meant for us to heal
and instead,
i carved deeper wounds

please forgive me
for my transgressions.

i did not know how to love you,
i was even worse at losing you
239 · Sep 2019
lock & key part II
Pau Sep 2019
you are the ghost,
and i am now the home that you are haunting
to this day.

i am all empty and quiet,
the wreckage,
devoid of sunlight.

i still keep you
as if it serves a purpose

i am not hollow
if i nurture you,
if i allow you to linger
amidst the darkness.

there will be no healing,
no rebuilding.

i cannot make a home
out of a ruin.

but perhaps,
i can make a grave
and bury in it
all the memories of you i’ve saved
as if they were a lifeline
to the time
when you were still here,
and i was still there with you

and i can stay forever
with you
215 · Aug 2019
Pau Aug 2019
little by little
i saw your fire dying.
i kept looking at your direction,
kept igniting myself,
whilst i ignored the fact that you voluntarily allowed yourself
to cool down,
and be doused.

what happened to our fire, baby?
you told me you'd love me not until the stars die,
but until they fade into nothing but darkness.
a scenario that wasn't going to happen,
not in our lifetime anyway.
but here i am, my hearth and my love,
still burning so feverishly for you.
whilst yours died,
reduced to ashes,
blown away.

tell me,
what happened to our fire, baby?
for a friend
215 · Apr 2019
the last apology
Pau Apr 2019
These past few weeks, I've been trying to figure out
What exactly am I apologetic for?
Was it because I lost you?
or was it because I lost myself in you?

I am sorry I could not be the light in your darkness.
I am truly sorry.

I will not be sorry for anything more, for you.
202 · Mar 2019
the first question
Pau Mar 2019
"where is your happy place?"
you asked,
and from then on i knew,
i was going to war
your mind functions like no other,
for the first time,
i find myself challenged.
"who are you?" my mind bellows,
I knew I wanted to know you,
I knew it in me,
that I will lose all my rationality again,
my mind will be blank,
a canvas to be filled with whatever art
your mind,
your thoughts has to offer.
c, i like you
196 · May 2019
to you, i'm sorry.
Pau May 2019
forgive me,
you are too beautiful to be this burdened.
i'm sorry you carry so much on your shoulder.
and none that passes could take it away from you.
for the key to unlocking you,
breaking you free from your voluntary shackles,
lies not within me but on someone else.

forgive me,
for a second i thought, i could liberate you.
i believed in my patience
and the warmth i bring.
i thought i could light you up
like fireworks,
instead i'm the one that ended up in flames,
while you continue to seek that which you have lost,
her spark.

forgive me for my delusions,
and ideas of grandeur.
i was wrong to think,
that we could've had something wonderful,
that i could've changed your mind,
and that i could've made the one to make you stay.

for a second i thought i had you there,
some of you,
most of you,
perhaps all of you,
and then none of you at all.
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