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3md Jul 2020
16? I didn't think I'd get this far--
Some would like to say it's a privilege,
but really, isn't age just a number?

Nothing changes much in a day;
What we've really done is given me a new name--
a new title, signifying new obligations and new challenges.
Nothing else should be different.

But at times what a man calls himself
becomes what defines him... age is but a number,
sure, yet it represents the experience one gains
in passing through this pilgrimage: a long 'n windin' road.

It's much too early to say goodbye...
Yet again "life begins at 21..." so I haven't actually started.
Where I am I don't really know,
but certainly time will tell me where I'm headed soon.

Maybe I'd finally watch all those R-rated movies
(at least those I haven't already watched).
finally 16!
Shrika Jul 2020
The day betrays again,
Pallor crawls over my entirety
Mirrors are no longer the truth
Ashen grey swallows the only moon

My blood rejoices
My tainted, traitorous blood,
Your blood.
Cascading through my veins

Fated to this murk,
Shackled to your presence
Fading into a daze, slowly,
As frost singes this dread

This will not be my ruin,
I will decide my own doom
This curse shall be undone!

O Count De Ville
My dagger shall impale your heart!

-Mina Harker
For the BLT and Thomas W Case challenge

Mina Harker, female protagonist of the novel- Dracula, along with her friends plots against Dracula. Knowing their plans, Dracula bites Mina three times and also makes her drink his blood as a revenge giving him access to her thoughts and ensuring her fate as a vampire should she die,  due to which she switches back and forth between consciousness and a trance-like state. Van Helsing, Dracula's arch-nemesis, uses this link to his advantage by hypnotizing Mina to find and destroy Dracula.
SS May 2020
I’m 16 years old
I’ve been up all night watching old movies
and as my eyes begin to close I hear Clark gable say
You should be kissed often and by someone who knows how

I’m 16 and all I want is a Hollywood kind of love
A soft thing, filled with teary eyed confessions under Vaseline blurred stars

I’m 16 and I find myself falling teary eyed into the arms of any boy with soft palms and a cinema smile
But this love stings
And as I look to the stars for for that blurry reassurance
The sharp light claws out my eyes

I’m 16 and I learn love is a thing with teeth
And those ivory skinned women on screen can fall into the arms of something soft
But every time I fall I hit the ground so hard that it shatters every bone in my body
And broken still,
I get up
and fall again
ari Feb 2020
all i am is an inconvenience.
i want a gun. i want to use it.
i want to be forgotten.
i want to cut my skin off.
i want to be thin.
i want my face to bleed.
i want to feel things.
i don’t think i’m depressed.
i just want to blow my ******* brains out.
i never want to die.
i wish god was with me.
i want a bigger tv.
i want a nice house.
i want a dog.
i want people to share my life with.
i want my daydreams to come true.
i want to say what i want instead of holding myself back.
i want to be funny.
i want to be poetic.
i want to be smart.
i want elise.
i want dad.
i want the nightmares to disappear.
i want to be something instead of nothing.

i want to know what i want.
i don’t like school. i do like school.

i want a car.
i want to stop wanting.
journal excerpt from 2017; when i was 16.
Tizzop Dec 2019
December 16th, 2019  

Hereby it is stated that December 16th
Shall be proclaimed as a national holiday.

From now on this holiday shall be called


1.) On Poet's Day, poets do not have to work and receive a publicly funded donation.

2.) On Poets Day, readers don't have to work and receive a publicly funded donation.

3.) On Poets Day, poets and readers are encouraged to meet in public to share thoughts and love.
ash Dec 2019
today, i wake up wearing an old band t-shirt and i’m sixteen again / pulling jumper sleeves over my palms / keeping my eyes on my feet / earphones in / willing myself invisible / refusing to step out of changing rooms in anything that clings to my skin / flinching from mirrors and cameras / nobody wants to stay too long at the beginning of a cinderella story / before the lenses and makeup and hair-flipping confidence / before the boys who call you a frigid ***** for expressing an opinion start to slide into your DMs / saying “hey, you seem cool, i’d love to hear you talk about feminism.” / but they’d love get you drunk first / love to get funny girl / cool girl / beer-pong and dancing on tables and witty comebacks / always-slipping-out-of-your-hands / let’s-tame-this-shrew-wild-girl / like yeah give this girl a stage but stop her if she makes you uncomfortable / we like a damsel-in-distress, big-blinking-eyes-trophy-wife / not the girl who stood in between her best friend and the ones who mocked her for her body / not the girl with bloodied lips instead of red lipstick / grinning, saying, “you’re going to have to go through me.” / nobody likes an ugly girl with a mouth full of words / so you learn to swallow them / be prettier, shinier, smoother / show them a piece of glass instead of dagger / lie in wait to turn the tables because you still remember / what it’s like to be sixteen and forced to look at your body as a liability / what it’s like to be sixteen and told your anger is embarrassing / just another teenage phase
Destiny‘s might

The zodiac stars

Shone bright

To bring together


Of different kinds
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