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If i say that they're sunshine
then do not ask me
if i think anyone
could ever make me as happy as they did
because mark my words
they were the sun
and nothing brings more light than the sun
no thing nor being brighter than thus
could **** with it's touch
tis the only thing able to vanish the darkness with a simple show of face
something that has a warm glow
emitting from it's every trace
so naturally
completely unaware of its ability
to so wholeheartedly sooth ones soul
with just it's presence.
Shofi Ahmed Mar 1
I will walk blindfolded
towards you.

I will forget I am walking
down the full moon.
One that's painstakingly alluring
so pure mesmerising beautiful.

Any star gets a glimpse of it
loses its sleep keeps eying on it
waking all night and it witnesses:
'The cutie is shining over my head'.

I will still keep it shut
I will let my sea sighs in the dark
while keep walking on my way.

Until you say so your sweet word:
'Now you do, open your eyes'!
Luna Sep 2018
From the tales of
Ruined men
Their names laced around my tongue ,
A sweet curse
Bewitched the eye
And swells them in
dabbles of dagger
I have swallowed,
A cutting edge
A slash on the throat choking in—
Beneath my scaly skin,
Body wrapped around a
Sweat gleaming neck,
And with a puncture
On the lips
It starts bleeding.
[Belinda :old Germanic name meaning snake]
The pillars in the caves
Encrypted and engraved
Ancient they are
Have stood for ages
Weathering changes
Light cold rain dark , the sunshine all gone
The pillars in the caves stand tall
There is a story , many told
Lost in ages ,memories old
Something to be found
The story profound
Only the brave hearts
Unravel the mystery of the history
The strength of the pillars
Ancient they are
Not everyone can and would want to know
Ancient caves have pillars , with encrypted text , that’s mesmerising and mysterious
TheMystiqueTrail Sep 2018
How many Springs have visited
this wintery desolation,
painting it gorgeous with its enchanting glory!

How many Spring flowers have mesmerised
this arid wasteland
with its ethereal beauty!

Tell me, why the Spring has not visited me,
why has it not mixed its soothing colours in my dreary dreams?
Why has it not left its splendour
on my parched longings?

A garden I didn’t ask for,
but only a slice of its colour.
A garden I didn’t ask for,
but only a single flower –
to treasure in my mourning soul
the life that Spring brings to
the winter of my frozen dreams.
Tøast Jun 2018
This girl. This ******* girl.
She's drifting into my life like autumn wind.
Running around, catching the leafs,
Because I can't let go of such a gorgeous girl.
Hair the colour of bonfires, wrapping around, warming my heart.
Well my heart's turned to ash and my lungs are burnt,
But she gives me a new reason to escape these demons.

Jesus Christ, I can't get you out of my mind.
The other-thinking and paranoia escapes when my lips touch hers.
A star kissed face, freckles and eyes..
Her eyes.. my God, I could look into those eyes for hours.
Because I've never been good at trusting, and I don't know how to let people care for me,
But I see the same pain behind her eyes,
And it's mesmerising.
Manisha Uniyal Nov 2015
Blooming flowers in the heart of sky
dancing the shades vibrant of butterfly
magic of grass green
blending in light of the dawn serene

Rainbow with all it's colors
sprinkled on the contours of earth
red and green and blue
Like Sparkling drops of resting dew

soothing white lillies
and sensual red rose
captivating fragrance of jasmine
and the smiling marigold

ornamental purple vines of bougainvillea
glorifying in the bright of light
in the cloudy patterns of heaven
inciting mischief in the playful minds

Bells of Gladiolus
supreme in its strength
Sunlit sword of lily
Blushing,when emerging from it's stem


— The End —