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Mar 22 · 207
Through the empty pages
I ponder on what life will write
Feb 2022 · 459
The pain still linger
My feelings trapped
Can’t love any longer
Because my heart bled

Blood of my feelings
Feelings that brought trust
Trust of the past love
Love that never existed
Love hurt a lot
Jan 2022 · 389
The sunset in your eyes
     And your truth are lies
           Will the beach waves blow
      Away this anger within?
Your love was never mine
Absolutely hurt
Mar 2021 · 289
You’re just too beautiful
The winds gives space
The plant get jealous
The air accompanies you
The universe honors you
But let’s fly to another universe
Where place solemn, full of peace
Merriments and love
Just you and me
Let love speak
Jan 2021 · 275
My eyes are weak
My dreams are dark

They say love is blind
Can’t see the real her

Things falling apart
But I’m stocked here

Will the shining light rise?
Or will my story remain same?
Confused about love
Oct 2020 · 112
Tell yourself the truth
Love isn’t what you need
All that make you feel hurt
Is how you made others bleed
Regrets that isn’t necessary after hurting a lot of people
Oct 2020 · 152
My country my home
We celebrate but suffering
At 60 we ain’t proud of home
Yet still we live and enjoy the suffering

What more can we do
When the Government turn us down
Where else can we go
Even when you’re up they’ll pull you down
The pains of being a Nigerian
Sep 2020 · 102
The words I didn’t say
But in silence I pray
Most times I pray somethings never happened
Aug 2020 · 148
Tempted To Steal
Am thinking of you
Every time
Am thinking of how to please you

Sometimes I wonder why
I do things I do
All because of your love
I know you’ll runaway if I don’t have money
Now am holding a gun
Will I steal to make you happy?
Aug 2020 · 53
I hate that I love you
And that is reality of the dream
Confuse why I love
Mar 2020 · 78
Just alone at home
Waiting for the rain of hope
Could these be the end ?
So scared at every passing moment
Wishing it was all a dream
Mar 2020 · 71
The grass looks greener
When you see from a distance
But trying to go deeper
Then life offers you worst glance
The more I look its the less I see
Mar 2020 · 86
I get confuse if truly I'm a poet

I wonder if I will make HP daily

I don't believe in my ability

The voices in my head says
''You're worthless''

Now, no more sometimes
All these maybe the truth
Woke up feeling sad
Mar 2020 · 66
I wish, that I was optimistic
I wish that I could trust my intuition
To most negative thinking makes you a pessimist but
To me negative thinking means I'm just realistic
That's how I feel, ain't that a twisted view?
personal view
Oct 2019 · 167
Confession or discussion?
All I ever chose was confession
For the fact that I lied
That alone was a sin
And when I said ''I love you''
The greatess lie I ever told
But you said ''You can't live without me''
Then why accept his wedding ring?

I think we're all good liars in love
Most people lie a lot just in the name of love
Sep 2019 · 435
It is another day
For us to pretend we're holy
And after service today
All the pretends are gone
Stop claiming holy all because its sunday
May 2019 · 187
And then she asked
Do you consider my feelings when you lie?

Your music, It owns all your emotions
And you really have to give it your undivided devotion
But somehow my heart feels safer when you hold it
Like you not the one that broke it
Lyrics i always recall
May 2019 · 203
When you're fed up
I will be there for you
And when you turn to see who got your back
You will always see me smiling at you

We've made it this far
All because of our love
I will always be there for you
For the sake of our love
Apr 2019 · 295
I fell for you
     But you played my heart
          Now another love came by
               And am scared to give a try
i hate loving the wrong person
Jan 2019 · 207
Pretty Ugly
I'm very ugly
So don't try to convince me that
I am a very beautiful person
Because at the end of the day
I hate myself in every single way
And I'm not going to lie to myself by saying
There is beauty inside of me that matters
So rest assured I will remind myself
That I am a worthless, terrible person
And nothing you say will make me believe
I still deserve love
Because no matter what
I am not good enough to be loved
And I am in no position to believe that
Beauty does exist within me
Because whenever I look in the mirror I always think
Am I as ugly as people say?

(Now read bottom up)
When you know you're beautiful
Dec 2018 · 162
You left me in the dark

And the stars brought me home

No regrets
no love stories left
Nov 2018 · 225
Africa my Africa
Africa of proud warriors in the ancestral savannah,
Africa my grandmother sings of
Beside her distant river
I have never seen you
But my gaze is full of your blood
Your black blood spilt over the fields
The blood of your sweat
The sweat of your toil
The toil of your slavery
The slavery of your children.

Africa, tell me Africa
Are you the back that bends
Lies down under the weight of humbleness?
The trembling back striped red
That says yes to the sjambok on the road of noon
Solemnly a voice answers me
"Impetuous child, that young and sturdy tree
That tree that grows
There splendidly alone among white and faded flowers
Is Africa, your Africa." It put forth new shoots
With patience and stubbornness put forth new shoots
Slowly its fruits grow to have
The bitter taste of liberty
The struggle for liberty
Feb 2018 · 263
If I speak from my heart
Am afraid it will be broken
So I'm scared what you'll say
About the words I've spoken
I rather make you laugh
And act like am joking
Than tell you the truth
About my feelings you've awoken
Let it shine
Jan 2018 · 178
Sometimes bright
And then the darkness
Even with the moonlight
No signs of great kindness

Can't picture the height
For life it self is a mess
That time of my tearful fright
I will live more like the less
Feeling depressed
Dec 2017 · 277
The fire has gone out
The last flicker gone
Nothing but aching gout
To weather the coming storm

The children have gone away
Wafted to the south
Where they will forget how to pray
After the passing age of doubt

Once it was warm here
In the sun-baked month of June
Each with a mug of beer
And Juno with a tune

Sometimes we heard earthquakes
And typhoons in foreign parts
But here only the showers came
And not very much at that

But now the arteries stiffen
And the cold shroud descends
And that silent companion loneliness
Says death is at the door

But I can hear bells ringing
Clear as the ****** spring
Now they seem to be shouting
Death is only a dream
Memories of dream
Aug 2017 · 796
Your love I can't let go
Same tears from the past
After all we've been through
And I thought it will last
Forever am in love with you
Thou it pains to separate
Can't say I was meant for you
Our genotype I truly hate
Medical brought us tears
Even while standing, I fall
Crafted statement of tears
Even with my support, You fall
Its hurts to realize medically that your genotype isn't compatible after strong bond of love built
Jul 2017 · 432
Confused Love
I left my heart somewhere
You gave your love away
Am standing in this side of the river
You're on the other side with a fever
I have a feeling I'll drown this time
And the love seems to turn into a crime
Am not sure there is purpose of our love
Love that sees green as red, light as darkness
I have no idea where your love is leading me
Love is truly blind
Jun 2017 · 449
Nothing More
Rain of lost hope
Tears of fearful pain

If I could touch the clouds
I will do just that
If a single tear drop could fill the ocean
I will create a water Nation
If the rainbow could form shapes
I will see love
Failed love, emotions crashed
And nothing more

Rain of lost hope
Tears of fearful pain
When love hurts more
Jun 2017 · 488
Time will tell
I live with my heart hanging
Traces of hurts and pain
Never did I see that moon shinning
Dream world is all sane
Life is good for some
Worst experience for others
Mine is a story for some
Heart played like toddlers
The stars refuses to shine
Love evolves from shrine
Time will tell my story
Silent for that coming glory
Forsaken love that brought pain
Jun 2017 · 505
They say education is the key
Now we're educated
And the stories isn't what we see
Government has changed the padlock
Nigerian government has failed us
Jun 2017 · 464
My Fearful Pain
When that was then
When words spring forth pain
And the heart left my pen
Alone, just me in the rain
Never knew life could be these
Never thought I will be like this
For my brain to leave me by
For my friends to tell me bye
Just the blind seeing in his darkness
Just the deaf listening to sweet melody
Now the siblings I never wanted
Pain, fear, loneliness now painted
For I choose not a faction
Believing life as an option
swallowed by pain, wishing for shinning light a head
Set you in a palanquin
Decorate it with stars
Steal you away from this world
Steal your heart away

Oh love I seek every day
Her smiles lights my dark
My imperfections sent away
Now the love we embark
when true love stay strong
the heart get inspired
Dec 2016 · 435
Angel I Seek
One day an angel will arrive
Never is she ever going back
Her soft tiptoe rings in my ears
Day and night, every moment
I long for her so bad

Befriend with flowers
Softer than the buds
Delicately, shyly
Nervously, coyly
With cloudy tresses
And terrified lips
She's gonna astound me as she arrives
I seek for an angel
Seeking for that angel to be mine
Dec 2016 · 1.5k
Mi Reina (My Queen)
You're a still moonlight
Some delicacy or some angel
You're captivating, you're enchanting
Or some God's gift...
So beautiful

Your shyness, you're happiness
Your faith, you're intoxicating
Silent eyes like a plea
Your speech like a prayer
Your presence everywhere
Yet still remain so far away
I love you Mi Reina
I miss her so much, wish I never kept distance
Oct 2016 · 359
I gave you all I ever had
You told lies I never heard
Seeing your perfect smiles
Was my greatest fun glance
The moonlight play I missed
Those hide and seek I missed
My broken tears I'm filled
Now loneliness I feel
So heart broken, but life goes on
Aug 2016 · 944
Mi Corazón (my heart)
I see well in darkness
When I'm with you
I hear the sweet melody
Even when my ears are blocked
I live to love you more
Even now that we're far apart
All is possible because
You're always in my heart
She is always there when I need her
I heart her, she's Mi Corazón
Jul 2016 · 326
Many people fall in love at first glance
And they'll keep falling
On daily basis
But I admired at first glance
And built a strong love bond
Love is what am feeling now
Jul 2016 · 576
Pearl oh Pearl, like your name shows, you are a gem true
though formed from minute rough, you are pure through
You gleam, you shine, you are forever firm in your belief
speaking words outright, that make others sigh with relief
I could start on the beauty of your face, the softness of your lips
but you know its effects on all men, a smile sends us on trips
Pearl oh Pearl, you have led me on a crazy topsy turvy journey
sometimes i wail inside, but most often funny
Helping me see that in all things perceived as nonsense
it has a modicum of good sense
I know and hope at same time that we will always be friends
never discarding each other, like some seasonal trends
Pearl oh Pearl, i say this as fact, not just lustful
you are truly, fully, deeply beautiful
Happy Birthday to my darling Pearl
Dedicated to a friend on her birthday

— The End —