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I get lost in your beauty
I get lost in your eyes
you're as real as it gets
you wear no disguise

on a scale of one to ten
you must be a twelve
for the more I get lost
the more I find myself
I just wanted to make you smile
Your eyes were sad
And your heart had a void
I wanted to fill you up
And give you the warmth
That I was searching for
But I ended up making you bleed
And I'm sorry
I just wanted to love you
At times the ego gets out of line
influencing thoughts and acts
being able to detect it,
is a warning from above.
Quickly correct your act
before life comes to humble you.
you sit with me in my silence.
and that means more to me
roses and chocolate.
written by d.f.
I met you with lonely eyes.
And looked through and found lies.
Lies that darkened your blue skies.
And at night, your heart cries.

Day by day we got closer.
And closer… and closer.
My heart starts to wonder deeper.
But I know nothing lasts forever.

I told you one worst day would come.
And it will be very bitter like r-u-m.
This made us so worrisome.
And I’m sorry, but I know this day will come.

One evening,
The moon and stars wasn’t shining.
Because that evening…
You told me you were leaving.

I already knew, but still felt pain.
I already knew, but still in vain.
I already knew, but still it rained.
And with that, it made me insane.

I regretted things.
I lost my feelings.
I felt my heart breaking.
I hear my mind screaming.

And there I was, at the edge I stood.
Watching the sun as it slowly sets.
Wishing that we never had met.
Because you are too hard to forget.
"My thoughts and feelings tonight."

Written by: Paul Joshua B. Santiago
There is magic in mom's love and care
Its vanishes all sorrows of life
We can only be as child infront of her
She has magic
and that's magic is love
I mistook you for a glass,
When I poured all my love
Into you
If there comes a time
that you might lose me
Find me in my poetry
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