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i think i may like to travel to small places,

old and full of history. deep aged fabrics

stained with the words of time. to touch.
 May 2 faeri
 May 2 faeri
those feelings do not just go away
if you love one day
it does not disappear the next
 May 2 faeri
my wish
 May 2 faeri
life is so short, let's run away together
 May 2 faeri
good luck
 May 2 faeri
you let a good one go
I promise you this
you will be forever searching
for another one like me
 May 2 faeri
Mark Tilford
the weapon lay at my side
the hand written guide
i do not think
to decide
no divide
not mortified
thoughts, justified
the black crow
slowly shutting the eyes
the light subsides
do not ask why
Nights flies, and old story lies.
In the End, It will all fit together.

I may not be able to post as much this week due to some problems my friend is having.
 May 2 faeri
Mark Tilford
Letting go of all my things

In the moment
Seeing what life brings
Where you can actually hear
the birds sing
Walking in my bare feet
Not on concrete
Where there is dirt streets
Where you can see the sky and earth meet
Feeling the suns heat
In my one room suite
Where the animals are the elite
Raising what I eat
Using a log as my seat
Where I do not have to impress
Where everyday is not a repeat
Where I do not have to compete
Evereyday feeling content and complete
Where very few as walked through
Where there is trust in you
Where not many have stood
Miles and miles of woods
Where living is pure and good
Making things from my  hands
Knowing it will stand
Where everyday is not planned
Where you can take a clean breath
You can take a rest
May the tears of the sky cleanse the earth from evil.
I love the way you underestimate me and all that I can do.

That in itself is the greatest power over you that you could ever give me.
i hate when people underestimate me. it ****** me off so much. like, you don't know me so don't assume the things i can do. just because i don't fulfill my potential doesn't mean i'm powerless.
I am Medusa; stone cold
I am Hera; a queen
I am Persephone; powerful
I am Athena; a fighter
I am Aphrodite; a lover
I am Artemis; uprising
I am Demeter; sustaining
I am Hestia; of hearth and fire

I am Olympus in its full glory.
basically, this poem is about the hidden power you carry and the strength you don't realise you have.
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