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3.7k · Jul 2018
faeri Jul 2018
I didn't pay attention to you.

I couldn't bare your company.

I didn't know much about you.

Maybe I didn't even meet you.

All I know is that you loved me,
no matter my

It's a shame to say that I didn't care for your aging heart

until the day you

The day I had to say goodbye to someone I hardly knew

Then I grew up and realized what you mean to me
and couldn't even tell you.

I'm sorry I didn't appreciate you
for you always loved me
and I hope that you know

that I love you too.
Cherish the people around you because one day they won't be around anymore and you'll want to be at peace with the time you've spent together.
1.4k · Aug 2018
faeri Aug 2018
Your eyes.
An abyss of deep brown.
An abyss that promises diamonds.
An abyss so distracting and distructive.
An abyss that never fails to hypnotize me.
An abyss.
An abyss...
791 · Feb 2018
you'll be fine
faeri Feb 2018
teary eyes and inflated thighs
red cheeks and red sleeves
broken soul in a smoking hole
made by
a ring of lies in which I cry
cry cry cry but no one can hear you
''you'll be fine''
572 · Feb 2019
puzzle pieces
faeri Feb 2019
I'd like to say
Our love is like
Puzzle pieces.
Even if our pieces
Are worn
And hands don't
Fit anymore,
The picture we
Made together will always
Be beautiful
In our memories.
first official poem of 2019
541 · May 2019
faeri May 2019
If we got that far what happens next?
Does our story continue or end right there?
Do we go back to our favorite page and start again?
Or do we turn the cover and start a new book?
462 · Dec 2018
faeri Dec 2018
I'm not a pretty sunset on the beach
With small waves and a spring breeze.
My waves are high
They rumble fiercely.
No coral reef but a bed of rocks that guards ***** and sea urchins.
But I'll still love you more than the waves will ever love the shore.
379 · Sep 2018
faeri Sep 2018
Later, she came to me.
She had flowers in her hair
and wore a yellow skirt.
She approached slowly,
asking, "Are you hurt?"

Spring lifted me off the frosted floor.
Her touch immediately melted
the ice that I was trapped in.

Slowly I began to bloom.
Vines entwined my arms.
I was crowned with petals
and I smelled of roses.
Suddenly she was gone.

A voice whispered in my ear,
"You're Spring now, dear. Smile often until Summer comes."
Happy Spring everyone!
319 · Aug 2018
faeri Aug 2018

She shrunk further
Into herself.

She gave up.

She darkened.

She broke

She faded away.


She found hope.

Her friends came to her.

She found her real family.

She started believing in herself.

She changed.

She became better.
Let the ones who want to help you, help you because one day they're going to help you anyway.
278 · Sep 2018
the pool at midnight
faeri Sep 2018
The way the surface of the water is frozen
calling for you to break its perfect state.
Crystal slate
easily fractured with the slightest touch.
Slowly ripples of different sizes make their way
across the liquid diamond
ending the tranquility it had.
Life's temporary stillness can be compared to that of a pool at midnight.
268 · Aug 2018
-think about it...-
faeri Aug 2018
Think about it...

Nothing is sweeter than two poets writing about each other.

Nothing is happier than two musicians playing for each other.

Nothing is more amazing than two singers singing to each other.

Nothing is more beautiful than two artists painting for each other.

Although, the best is still two humans living for each other.
229 · Aug 2018
faeri Aug 2018
You make my brain do crazy things.
You make my heart do crazy things.

I look  at you and just can't look away...
until you catch me and I don't know what to do.

It's difficult for me to control what I feel,
but I know I must be quite fond of you to feel this way.
217 · Feb 2018
I bleed too
faeri Feb 2018
Sure, I'm short and stout,
but I bleed too

Sure, I am not the lovely colour of snowflakes, I am the colour of warm, runny caramel,
but I bleed too

Sure, I wear size medium to large,
but I bleed too

Sure, my hair is dull and doesn't reflect light in golden rays,
but I bleed too

I bleed too
because I'm also human,but I'll forever be
216 · Oct 2018
Sooty sky
faeri Oct 2018
It's black with bits of white and Grey resembling the tombstones of flames.
Lightning beneath the cinders illuminate the ashes with flashes of white light.
The sooty sky is so dull but it's still shines.
I said this in a dream...
212 · Jul 2018
faeri Jul 2018
He's a loner.

He can't depend
and he's not dependable.

He has friends
but he keeps secrets.

He has a family...
outside his bedroom door.

No pets,
just projects.

No plants,
just homework.

No tears,
just a water bottle.

He's just a loner,
a thoughtful loner, indeed.
203 · Sep 2018
faeri Sep 2018
We drifted;
Like the continents,
Like icebergs,
Like thoughts.

Like lovers,
we drifted.
201 · Sep 2018
-you're a cup of tea-
faeri Sep 2018
You're a cup of tea
with extracts of joy and kindness
sweetened with a little
195 · Aug 2018
-dear no one-
faeri Aug 2018
Dear no one,

I don't know why I talk to you
every day.
It's not like you have the abilty
to answer me,
but I feel I must tell someone
when I'm happy or sad
or even in between.

You're someone I can trust to
keep a secret,
and be quiet when I need you to.
Thank you for that,

but you're still just a book labeled
187 · Feb 2018
faeri Feb 2018
Hello there, you're a new face
Hello there, I see that you'll be taking my place
Fix their problems and lick their wounds

Keep their memories of me out of sight
as I'll be the reason they cry each night

Hello there,do me this favor
Let the love for me waver.
Narrated by a deceased mother, speaking to her children's stepmother
182 · Aug 2018
-someone I don't know-
faeri Aug 2018
I barely even know

We've only ever shared
one word.

I don't know what
it is about you
that interests

but I can't seem to
get you off my

I replay our
short moments
over and over
until I can't even
remember them any-
174 · Jul 2018
faeri Jul 2018
Wicked eyes
Pretty lies
Strong fists

What everyone expects...
with a twist.
Dare to be different. Dare to be unique. Dare to be YOU.
171 · Jul 2018
-painful memories-
faeri Jul 2018
my heart kept beating
faster and faster.
then I crashed...
it all went black.
rivers of salty fluid
formed dams in the
hand which cupped my
my heart ached and I
let out a shaky scream,
again and again.
thoughts of you
flooded my mind.
Oh, what painful memories...
148 · Jul 2018
-simple love-
faeri Jul 2018
slowly they walked,
with flushed-red cheeks

perfection in simplicity,
her hand in his.
115 · Feb 2018
faeri Feb 2018
you want
you want
you want

and when you finally have,

you don't want it anymore.
113 · Aug 2018
-take my words away-
faeri Aug 2018
"I guess I'm overwhelmed by you"
is all I can say.
I'm barely ever speechless
but you take my words away.

I'm hardly ever silent,
but for you I'll be quiet.
Just listen to your sweet voice
going on and on.

I take my time to look at you,
to take everything in.
So that, when we part,
I can see you again.

For my memories of you
linger within,
bringing a smile to my face.

And when you catch me out
I won't look away.
I'll just smile and watch you
103 · Feb 2018
faeri Feb 2018
allow yourself to grow,
let your creative juices flow,
before I have to let you go.
85 · Jul 2018
faeri Jul 2018
Aren't we lovely?
Living on a land of life...

yet we're still living evilly.
Killing the land we live on that sacrifices itself for ours.

Aren't we lovely?
Living together as one...

yet we still separate each other into categories of race, religion and sexuality.

Aren't we lovely?
Living as rich and poor...

shouldn't we be equal?

Aren't we lovely?
Living happily day-to-day...

though those smiles are fake
and beautiful laughs are

Aren't we lovely?
Being educated together in large institutions...

yet we still treat one another according to a social hierarchy

that doesn't exist.

But I guess we're just humans,
living lovely, day-to-day lives

that probably aren't that lovely.

— The End —