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Dec 2020 · 219
Heidi Johanna Dec 2020
Some words exist
Without being spoken
Prudence knows
The time to come open

The mature in love
Carrying the weightiest part
And their jewels to kings
Nov 2020 · 719
Heidi Johanna Nov 2020
What kind of a father
Would you be to my child
Would you hold them
To your chest
When they’re crying
Would you kiss them goodnight

Would you be patiently caring
Bringing strength to our lives
Simply asking these questions
To know what you’re like
Would you be a good father
The worth-choosing kind
Nov 2020 · 273
Heidi Johanna Nov 2020
Death is coming out of me
Every memory of pain and mourning

I’m bursting with light

Despite the dark I’ll come forth with
Roaring hope and fulfilled longing
Nov 2020 · 511
Oceans pt. 2
Heidi Johanna Nov 2020
I asked the ocean
Take away my love
Every hidden memory
In my very beating heart
Every hope I carried
So, so very far
Choosing love is worth it
Even in this part

I’m crying in the ocean
Won’t anchor here no pain
As every salty tear now is
Washed in her waves
Here is my surrender
I cry
Here on my knees
Come wash away so gently
Everything you need

The depths of her understanding
Are flooding me with love
I let her take me deeper
Won’t refuse it, no
Not even in this part
I’m left to wonder
How the tears of every heart
Can be carried by the ocean
So, so very far
Oct 2020 · 559
Heidi Johanna Oct 2020
Fireworks are real
One day your heart so full of
True love for someone
Oct 2020 · 692
heart ablaze
Heidi Johanna Oct 2020
When my foolishness
Turned into wisdom
I was in love

Even the sunset
By the evening
Held my flaws

There was certainly no way
I could have left
Without a burning heart
Oct 2020 · 267
Heidi Johanna Oct 2020
Beauty is my witness
To the better things to come
Oct 2020 · 469
Heidi Johanna Oct 2020
I’m doing just fine
Tells my extra filtered life
How fulfilling it is to hide
Behind “Coconut Creme”
Flawless head to toe
No one can deny
But should I give you a clue,
It might not be all that true
Oct 2020 · 887
Heidi Johanna Oct 2020
I must know the ocean
With every breath I breathe
Not just tender sunsets
But the roaring seas
I must go so deep
Almost scared to find what I need
All those mighty waves
Crashing over me

It’s not enough
To sit on my balcony
If I know I could travel where
The ocean is all I see
I’ll leave the land I came from
To follow where she leads
‘cos she met my every question
And that cry for destiny

You wouldn’t call me a fool
If you’d seen what I see
When I look at the ocean
I know she’s there for me
Her steady, constant waves
Never cease to instruct me
As she leads, I will follow
All the way to the deep
Sep 2020 · 127
Heidi Johanna Sep 2020
Know your promises!
Hold them in your heart
Count them by the night
As they shine to the dark

For as many as you can see
All those little stars
Delight in the waiting
For your joy to come
Sep 2020 · 287
The Lighthouse
Heidi Johanna Sep 2020
The lighthouse nearby
Steady, bright
Its light keeps sweeping through
My little life

Beams of instruction
Welcomed every time
Used to live by the sea and the light of the lighthouse on an island close by would sweep through my room in the night.. if I ever woke up in the middle of the night, I’d just lay there in wonder 🤍

— The End —