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japheth Jan 13
you have seen my tears fall
more often than my friends.

you, my dear balcony:
audience of
lights from houses and buildings,
cars passing by,
the moon,
and the stars.

but tonight, my dear audience,
i have to apologize.

for my spectacle of  melancholy
has shifted
to a grand finale of celebration.

request an encore.
Caroline Sep 2019
De mon balcon terrassés d’herbes fines je les vois
Des taches noires mes yeux plissés les aperçoivent
Des hirondelles accompagnées de moineaux
Une parade douce et enivrante les oiseaux
Instiguent le goût de planer alléchant
De rejoindre leurs rangs célestes bien avant
Que la nuit dévore les dernières lumières
Qui, ores, livrent une spectaculaire
Fresque de couleurs vives et de nuages
Lisses ou joufflus tels que des personnages
Passant de jaune à bleu argenté, l’horizon
Tranché par de silencieux et petits avions
Gazouille d’invisibles meutes d’insectes
Qui rempliront bientôt de joyeux becs
Adellebee Jul 2019
When you have no pockets to put your lighters in
And your nails are too long,
You find yourself on the balcony staring off
Staring off into the night sky

That soft, deep sea blue cast across your skyline

You catch a thought,
You think,
The simple things,
A glowing read star, could be mars

The thoughts I think, Smoking on my balcony
Amanda Feb 2019
"Is this how you want to spend the rest of your life?
With nothing to live for except the anticipation of your next high?"

Of course you say no, that you want much more than that
Yet you keep destroying yourself in the same place you've been at

I love you so much but I can't witness up close anymore
It hurts to observe from a distance, but a front-row seat hurts even more
An excerpt from a letter I wrote to HIM.. everyone knows who that guy is. I did change a few parts to make it rhyme but the identical message is conveyed.
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2018
I know this may sound strange.
To know if we could meet again
As if the first hasn't happened.
The same sleepless nights,
The beginning of Summer.
Finally asleep with the thought of you.
The nostalgia of a smile.
Wasting my time in a dream.
To think of myself as an apartment.
You the city I gaze into.
I know this may seem strange.
Staring out the patio window of a one bedroom apartment.
Searching to live in the comfort of again.
To be honest I couldn't be any happier.
The blinking buildings, the backdrop of sky.
It's almost therapeutic, the way I think of you.
To stand on the balcony at night,
Reliving the same feeling of meeting you.
Miles away from any and everything except you.
With your favorite color lighter.
Waiting to hear about your day
IPM Aug 2017
Is it strange?
I hear different sounds,
paletts, colours,
I'm music bound.

Is it strange?
I can't sleep very well
hearing notes, tones,
imagining bells.

Is it strange?
The bells ring loudly
they never stop
they deafen me proudly.

Is it strange?
Seeing you everynight
whilst I work on the balcony,
I can feel your soft glance.
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