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Nov 2019 · 60
Carlos Andujar Nov 2019
Your eyes are poison,
Your smile is death.
Your touch is toxic;
Venomous, your breath.

And though I, in us, shouldn't pertain,
I want you to **** me over and over again.
Oct 2019 · 991
Permanent Marker
Carlos Andujar Oct 2019
I thought your eyes I could dismiss,
And your smile I wouldn't miss,
But I still feel your lips
Giving me a permanent marker kiss
Oct 2019 · 110
The Mistake
Carlos Andujar Oct 2019
Her mouth flooded with a metallic taste;
Her lips, with blood, soddened -
As she gasped the thin air that tried to escape,
All of a sudden.
Her world began to shake,
Her pupils began to broaden.
She had began to smile at her fate,
As soon as the bullet had gone in.
No, this was no mistake
This was the work of her soul, trodden.
She hoped they all saw and ached
At how they all had treated her rotten.
She thought, "it's never too late
to never again be forgotten."

But she never realized the stake
That her thoughts had wrought in.
This misguided emotional state,
Permanently set by the bullet she shot in.
Her twisted thoughts couldn't be straight,
Thanks to the pain that she had gotten.

Her death gave the pain an unlikely trait:
It became a virus that, in others, had now begotten.
Her troubles she would indeed abdicate
To those that loved her, as if by the push of a button.
Please seek help if you're considering suicide. You are more loved than you know!
Sep 2019 · 117
Carlos Andujar Sep 2019
Con mi dedo riego color
En tu piel, en tu corazón.
Tus cabellos se pegan
Y tu sonrisa desata.
Sep 2019 · 97
Carlos Andujar Sep 2019
Sticky, shiny, runny, slow.
Dripping and falling at the same time,
Staining as it goes;
Changing, clouding my mind.

Who threw such wretch...?
I watch it twitch and stretch
In me.
Let me get up off my bed,
Against it's rubbery embrace,
and put a smile on my face.
Mar 2019 · 316
Carlos Andujar Mar 2019
Deja que mis ojos te beban,
mietras la luz besa tu piel.
Es mi corazón el que asilas
En el chocolate de tus pupilas,
Y tus labios de miel.
Deja que mis ojos te beban.
Mar 2019 · 186
Carlos Andujar Mar 2019
Brota en el frío, pero ama primavera
Deliciosa para devorarla entera,
Pero frágil, o tal pareciera.
Dando color a un mundo blanco y gris
Agridulce, para que la sentís.
Mar 2019 · 223
Carlos Andujar Mar 2019
Bebe mis besos
como agua de río, brava,
que burbujea,
y espumea,
y de su corriente sos esclava.
Ven y bebe mis besos.
Mar 2019 · 228
Carlos Andujar Mar 2019
Que mis besos tatúen tu piel,
Así como tu mirada tatuó mi alma.
Que tu aliento decore mi ser,
Mientras mis dedos dibujan en tu espalda.
Mar 2019 · 214
Carlos Andujar Mar 2019
Tu pensamiento me eriza la piel,
Millones de vellos levantándose al anhelo de tocarte.

Cierro mis ojos para poderte ver,
Hermosa, sonriente; eres una persona hecha arte.

Quiero sentir tus labios llegar
A su hogar en los míos.
Feb 2019 · 98
Carlos Andujar Feb 2019
Divaga mi cerebro
en pensamientos efímeros y  e  s  p  a  c  i  o  s  o  s,
Mientas mis neuronas deshebro,
y las echo a volar en mis labios airosos.

Entonces, desde la distancia distante,
cuando tu voz he de escuchar,
mis pensamientos intemperantes,
anhelan regresar

a ti, mi hogar.
Feb 2019 · 283
Carlos Andujar Feb 2019
Esta sonrisa en forma de palabras te regalo,
Para aparecer en tus pensamientos,
Y, que por unos momentos,
Suene mi nombre en tu exhalo.
Jul 2018 · 407
Carlos Andujar Jul 2018
"Have you ever been stuck in an elevator," he asked with half a frown,
"And then the lights flicker, and starts going down?
Not necessarily fast, but not really slow
Just enough that you brace for the blow,
For the crash that never seems to come.

"You try to hit all buttons,
You just want to get off at any floor.
The emergency stop is broken,
So you try to pry the doors.

If you try to jump inside a falling elevator,
You only go up for a second before contributing to the fall:
Making the force even greater,
Making you feel so weak and so small.

When it suddenly stops and starts working again,
You can only think about that moment when
The gravity that surrounds you
Will betray you.

And I'm happy that your elevator works fine;
And I'm sad when people say I should fix mine.
I'm no mechanic, I just feel the fall,
Where the only thing I can do is wait for it all
To end."

He stopped for a moment,
and looked me in the eyes.
He pointed his index to his temple:
"And that's how it feels inside."
Actual conversation with a beautiful, troubled soul. All I did was make it verses.
May 2018 · 164
Carlos Andujar May 2018
We did it, my love,
With an amazing kiss and closed eyes.
We existed in a universe
Where the only inhabitants were you and I.

A brief, beautiful glimpse
Of a world that's ours,
Created and gone in a couple of blinks.
May 2018 · 98
Carlos Andujar May 2018

             Deep breath.

Close your eyes,
As the time
Fades unseethed...
                             Just... breathe

 No words are necessary
The air feels humid, unstale

And right now

Carlos Andujar Nov 2017
I love listening to that song,
because it reminds me of you.
I love it when it rains,
because I know you love it, too

I love the stars,
because they remind me of your eyes.
I love the ocean,
because it reminds me of your smile.

You hate that song,
because it reminds you of me.
You hate it when it rains,
because you know I love it, too

You hate the stars
because they remind you of my eyes
You hate the ocean
because it reminds you of my smile
Nov 2017 · 170
Carlos Andujar Nov 2017
Maybe you don't know,
Where your thoughts oft go
On moonlit nights like these.
Maybe they can seem
Like a far off dream,
Swinging in the breeze.

But, to me, you're near,
In hope-abandoned slumber.
And you're beautiful,
With eyes like the stars we're under.

Like a broken jigsaw,
Maybe we're the missing pieces.
But for now I'll visit your shores
On nights sleepless.
Aug 2017 · 353
Directions Opposite
Carlos Andujar Aug 2017
eyes my close I
:are you there And
.you ,messy ,smiling ,Lovely
- goodbye this And
far so you takes - moment a In
.cold so you makes And

,are we Here
,directions opposite in Running
connections beautiful our Severing
.existed never we if As

life my live I do how :me Tell
?it in were you After
?it were you After
?you After

,are we Here
,directions opposite in Running
elections next our Hoping
collections our Drown
.lives our of times best the Of
JUUUUST in case you didn't catch it, the poem is meant to be read in the opposite direction: right to left ;-)

Aug 2017 · 274
Not Like This
Carlos Andujar Aug 2017
Does it scare you?
Something so real
that what you feel -
so overwhelmingly present -
changes you.

Does it scare you?
That my love, in avalanches,
lives in these little chances,
where you open your heart just right,
to keep my whispers alive.

You may have been loved,
but not like this.

Does it scare you...?
Because it terrifies me.
Jul 2017 · 353
The Tree
Carlos Andujar Jul 2017
As our smile storms the tree
Our embrace will take us far
Caressed by the breeze let us be
Kiss me under the stars

As your eyes softly sing to me
The night the light thieves
The branches dance in melody
As the wind plays the leaves
This poem was fun to write! The reason it doesn't have any punctuation is because it can be read from the bottom up! If you start with the last line, it reads:

As the wind plays the leaves
The branches dance in melody
The night the light thieves
As your eyes slowly sing to me

Kiss me under the stars
Caressed by the breeze let us be
Our embrace will take us far
As our smiles storm the tree

Hope you enjoyed!
Jul 2017 · 744
Carlos Andujar Jul 2017
I can read your skin
Like a map in the dark.
And every pore,
Begging for more,
Rises to meet my lips.
Jul 2017 · 822
I miss you (a Haiku)
Carlos Andujar Jul 2017
Minutes die, as I
Cannot rid me of your eyes,
My sighs, or the whys.
Jul 2017 · 1.2k
Carlos Andujar Jul 2017
What do I want?
You. Forever.
I want you to feel more than wanted:

I want your breath to cool my skin,
And warm my soul.
I want to your kiss to fill my heart,
And drain my inhibitions.

I want your nails to imprint in my back,
And your teeth in my shoulder.
I want your hair pretty when you arrive,
And messy when you come.

I want you to have your way with me,
Then look at me with your galaxy eyes,
I usually don't do non-rhyming poetry, but these words just kinda spilled out and I love the mood they set. I feel it's sultry and ****...
Carlos Andujar Jul 2017
Muévese el verso dentro de mí,
Buscando dónde escapar.
Cuando pienso que me piensas,
Mi lápiz empieza a sangrar:
Hemorragia rimas,
Escupe poesías,
Tose canciones…

Porque mueves mis emociones,
Mis pensamientos.
Decoras mis momentos;
Mi corazón deja de palpitar
Y mi lápiz comienza a sangrar…

Tatúa el papel,
Con los colores de tu mirada,
Asi, perfecta, despeinada.
Sangra mi lápiz,
Haciendo mundos con mis versos,
Con palabras crean universos,
Y todo nace de tu sonreír.

Porque mueves mis emociones,
Mis pensamientos.
Decoras mis momentos;
Mi corazón deja de palpitar
Y mi lápiz comienza a sangrar…

Cobra vida propia,
la musa acopia,
Y se desborda sin parar…
Y mi lápiz comienza a sangrar.
Te title translates to: "My Pencil/Pen begins to Bleed" and it's about how inspiration comes every time you think about that special someone. Thinking of doing the English version of this. If it's any good, I'll publish it.
Jul 2017 · 201
Carlos Andujar Jul 2017
You didn't want to stay.
I think about how to forget you every day,
and that's how I end up thinking about you
Jul 2017 · 662
The Ocean and I
Carlos Andujar Jul 2017
The ocean and I
Talked about you last night,
The moon came down
To see my sorrows drown,
And my dreams float
On a beautiful boat
That carries your name.

And I lay in the sand,
Held it, pretending it was your hand,
And it just slipped through again.
The stars still pass through my heart -
The light dances with the dark -
And I wish for things that haven’t been.

The ocean and I
Talked about you last night.
It laughed our jokes,
And cried at our fractures.
Never did I speak in verse, but in chapters,
Whenever your name I spoke,
As thoughts of you soak me in smiles.

My skin writes in Braille
Whenever I think of you.
Every bit, every detail,
Of every inch of you
Comes into the light;
And you’ll never know
The ocean and I talk about you at night.
Love the idea of talking to "someone" about that special person. Why not the ocean?
Jul 2017 · 317
Carlos Andujar Jul 2017
In vibrato my breath dances,
As I feel your pianissimo kiss.
There’s no moment more perfect than this,
My heart, your harp,
Your soul, my mandolin,
And our lips play the strings.

And, as my fingers strum your skin,
This is where our song begins

Every inch of you is a beautiful song;
Every measure, a new chorus:
Melodic, dramatic perfection.
Lost in the orchestra of affection
My lips simply sing along
To this song that is just for us.
And the harmony is you.
And the harmony is you.

You know my every chord,
Every word of my every stanza,
You look at me, and my soul dances
To the beat of your touch.
Let’s tear the sheet up,
And get lost in our own concerto

And you change me from within.
This is where our song begins

This love in our hearts will know no end,
It will never require a requiem.
I love music and my passion for it, I think, is expressed here. Enjoy!
Jul 2017 · 678
Carlos Andujar Jul 2017
Your heart has been broken.
I’ll pick up the pieces,
And glue them with kisses,
Back to life I will stroke them.
Let me fill your missing sections
With the shattered parts
Of my own broken heart,
And we’ll be each other’s resurrection.

Wounded and dissected,
Your soul thirsting exempt.
Imperfect, unkempt
As our kisses mend our rejected.
Let yourself into my affection,
Because I need it, too.
Our smile knows the truth:
We're the cure for our infection.

We tessellate in time:
I am a part of who you are,
And you are a part of mine.

Mosaic of us:
Broken in our own way,
Perfectly aligned
Along these jagged lines
To form a beauty unrefined.
Jun 2011 · 837
Carlos Andujar Jun 2011
Music are your words,
Making your lips an orchestra; a symphony.
But your touch, my ears blurred
As your words would live in infamy.

Love is no accident -
Falling in is not without intent.
If you let your feelings drive your decisions,
Vain is the work we spent.

Why do we confuse ever so easily
The line between love and romance?
The latter ends so drearily
When outside of love it makes its stance.

No, my dear, we don't fall in love,
And sit in hopes of what it can bring.
We jump in, we dive into;
Because, together, we learn to swim.

No, my darling, we don't fall out of love
Because some feeling that was there no longer forms.
We work together to fend off the sharks
That threaten to tear us apart,
While we keep each other warm through the storms.

Don't lose sight of your heart,
Because it can be so easily deceived.
My dear, contrary to popular belief,
Love is not found, it is achieved.
Dec 2010 · 669
Carlos Andujar Dec 2010
In stars bathed,
You captured my breath.
And my only death
Was the time that never stayed.
©2010 J.R. Morales
Dec 2010 · 473
The Drowning
Carlos Andujar Dec 2010
I smiled,
You failed to.

I looked for your gaze,
You just looked away.

With a deep breath
And a callous stare to start,
You pointed the gun in your mouth
Straight to my heart.

And your words drowned me
In a sea of puzzles and pieces.
My eyes fired tears,
- at first in anger, then in fear -
And my heart undressed,
As you violently expressed,
That I was no longer needed.

And I tried to gasp for air,
But you held my heart under,
Tearing it asunder
And for you I bled one last time.
© 2010 J.R. Morales
Jul 2010 · 2.8k
Letter Rain
Carlos Andujar Jul 2010
Let my words rain over you.
As they drench your mind,
They won't fade with time;
My lips will not let them dry.

And they trickle down your neck;
They tickle all your thoughts with romance.
My voice tattoos them on your skin
As my pause... makes... them... dance.

Let my words rain over you -
Let them soak your clothes some more.
Let them melt your heart in their flood,
As they paint your façade with the colors they pour.

And our breaths come closer,
And my arms vanish into your melanin...
Let my words rain over you.
Let our poetry, in this moment, begin.
©2010 J.R. Morales
Jun 2010 · 415
Carlos Andujar Jun 2010
You are the thought;
The very image that fuels poetry.
You are the colors
That artists, in their canvas, set free.

The dream of dreams,
You are the moon's single envy.
My skin dances around your fingers
And my breath escapes me.

Yours, I helplessly disappear into your lips,
As you devour me in kisses.
And I lose all desire to wake up
When you embrace me.
©J.R. Morales
Jun 2010 · 2.7k
Carlos Andujar Jun 2010
Dress yourself with my kisses,

Décor with my embrace;

Paint, with my words, your lips and face -

As my skin, over you, creases.

And your moonlit eyes undress my soul,

And your smile, like rain, my mind drenches.

Drown me in your scent,

As your touch, my thoughts blenches.

For the world will pass us by,

And between us only exists you and I.
©2010 J.R. Morales
May 2010 · 559
Carlos Andujar May 2010
All my verses covered

With joy unearthed and uncluttered,

Whilst the sun rose, in my mind,  again.

Stayed only true

None other than You,

Who bathed my life in life and gain.

But t’was when I fell -

Only then I could tell -

That deep in the well

My emotions robbed my elation

And my strength ran away

With my courage, that fades

Along with the light of day,

As the rain melts my adulation.

Where’s my Sun?

My acid rain consumes me.

Thus I swim in the flood

In my heart,

So deceptive with emotion.

When will see,

That where I drown,

Is just a pond and not an ocean?

Like an endless dream,

I feel your warmth return to me.

Imprison me, Sun;

Heal my sick and set me free.

Then my smile will return

And, to breeze, these hurricane winds turn.

I’ll realize what I knew and never learned:

That it's You who I love and yearn.
©2009 J.R. Morales

— The End —