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Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
Feather light words exhumed
heavy as Mussolini's clock
coo coo times, chimes
and a fascist bird sings;
sweet and succinct

Taken as is
might slight delight
The vitiation of words
in the phrases
Petals dead on a wet, rotted bough
Ezra Pound was a Poet and Fascist Collaborator
Jennifer Herbert Jun 2020
You dont get to pick and choose
Forcing someone or something to be a muse
Like nature it grows organically
From your heart and mind's insanity
Picking up letters and phrases
Hands typing quick across the pages
The rhymes don't even matter
Thoughts always seem to scatter
Never satisfied with the image you wrote
But it's better than words stuck in your throat
b Apr 2020
these days are hard for us
to be unmistaken
thought we got lost in the rush
or merely we’re not yet awaken

rise and recline
all the way stuck in this cycle
satisfied and then brood over
just as fast as the eyes-goggle

we repetitively
have been metamorphosed
and hopefully
turn into something immortalised
jia Nov 2019
there are things you must say,
there are things you shall not
let your emotions sway
every word means a lot

yes it is freedom
an expression needed to be told
feelings in wham
thou shall not be bold

you shall always feel the need
to understand, to accept and to care
words enable people to bleed
a pain they would not be able to bear
Anksy Oct 2019
Time’s up, end of the road
Nowhere to turn, carrying a heavy load
Burden to bear, no returns
Beginning of the end, nothing to learn

Uphill struggle, Downhill all the way
Taking a stance, having your say
Moving heaven and earth, not budging at all
Taking a break, having a ball

Onwards and upwards, down to the wire
Less is more, playing with fire
Dilly dallying, dog’s dinner
All washed up, everyone’s a winner

Chancing your arm, hair on your chest
Not giving a hoot, being the best
Out in the cold, hot on his tail
Do not disturb, it’s in the mail

The final countdown, the top of the heap
Down the garden path, following like sheep
Journey’s end, tomorrow’s another day
Time waits for no man, living for today

Johnny come lately, larger than life
Slow on the uptake, trouble and strife
From the get-go, the cold light of day
In the lap of the gods, nothing to say

A window of opportunity, an also-ran
Flying high, topping up my tan
Guest of honour, tickets at the door
Taking a dip, ship to shore

Losing the will, *******
Giving evidence, class dismissed
No confidence vote, majority rules
Something out of nothing, only fools

By the skin of your teeth, not a hair out of place
Wind swept, not in the race
The devil you do, wrong end of the stick
Missing the point, in the thick of it

Going nowhere, driving me mad
This way out, both good and bad
All washed up, rocky road to ruin
Rites of passage, something is brewing

Lest we forget, taking a break
Clear as mud, for goodness sake
Testing times, more than your fair share
Top of the ladder, the rightful heir.

Master of your destiny, captain of your ship,
At the helm, Shooting from the hip
Hell on earth, best of a bad bunch
Back in a while, out to lunch
Aishwarya Ezhava Sep 2018
Sometimes we want some people in our life until​ the end of time. But that feeling may not be from both sides. They may not be ardent, they may not be there tomorrow like they're at present. With time, they'll slowly and nicely avoid you. And you'll feel ignored and isolated very soon. You will miss them, thier presence, the memories, everything related to them. This causes pain. But this is not at all your fault. If they don't wish to be with you then simply leave them. If it's easy for them to forget you, you're also brave enough to reciprocate. Let them go. You just don't let the pain occupy your life all the time.
Cedric Aug 2018
Today, I saw your eyes sparkle.

Today, I saw you happy; genuinely happy.

Today, I saw you.

I’m second.

I love being second.

Second to know that you’re indeed taken.

That I will continue my stupidity.

I’m sorry.

I still plan on confessing.

June 1, we graduated.

June 1, I promised.

In a year I shall confess.

If my feelings couldn’t be suppressed.

I’ll persevere a year.

In a year.

I’ll lay my heart open.

But it’s just been 2 months and 23 days.

I realized I was indeed in love.

For I have let you go.


You’ll never know.

Until June 1.

I want that heartbreak.

To experience pain.

To feel that despair of loss.

I fell hard.

It hurts.

I hope it’ll hurt more.

So I could feel alive.
I’ll lay it bare. No rhymes. Just phrases. It hurts. But I’m a martyr. I love you.
Destiny C Jul 2018
Thoughts. . .
Words. . .
Sayings. . .
Phrases. . .
Stuck inside my head.
Most of them - incomplete.
Others waiting for their exit.

Some are quite.
Some are loud.
Some can never be said aloud.
Mary-Eliz May 2018
every single word
we use
every single letter

has appeared before
okay, perhaps better

but where do we
draw the line

when we say someone
has "stolen"

when we're talking words
and phrases

who gets the credit
earns the praises

it's even probable
it seems

that phrases one
person dreams

they've never read

yet someone
somewhere out there

in recent time or
days of yore

has used the same
Just a very silly thought...along the lines of the monkeys typing Shakespeare's work! LOL
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