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Carlos Andujar Nov 2019
Your eyes are poison,
Your smile is death.
Your touch is toxic;
Venomous, your breath.

And though I, in us, shouldn't pertain,
I want you to **** me over and over again.
Carlos Andujar Oct 2019
I thought your eyes I could dismiss,
And your smile I wouldn't miss,
But I still feel your lips
Giving me a permanent marker kiss
Carlos Andujar Oct 2019
Her mouth flooded with a metallic taste;
Her lips, with blood, soddened -
As she gasped the thin air that tried to escape,
All of a sudden.
Her world began to shake,
Her pupils began to broaden.
She had began to smile at her fate,
As soon as the bullet had gone in.
No, this was no mistake
This was the work of her soul, trodden.
She hoped they all saw and ached
At how they all had treated her rotten.
She thought, "it's never too late
to never again be forgotten."

But she never realized the stake
That her thoughts had wrought in.
This misguided emotional state,
Permanently set by the bullet she shot in.
Her twisted thoughts couldn't be straight,
Thanks to the pain that she had gotten.

Her death gave the pain an unlikely trait:
It became a virus that, in others, had now begotten.
Her troubles she would indeed abdicate
To those that loved her, as if by the push of a button.
Please seek help if you're considering suicide. You are more loved than you know!
Carlos Andujar Sep 2019
Con mi dedo riego color
En tu piel, en tu corazón.
Tus cabellos se pegan
Y tu sonrisa desata.
Carlos Andujar Sep 2019
Sticky, shiny, runny, slow.
Dripping and falling at the same time,
Staining as it goes;
Changing, clouding my mind.

Who threw such wretch...?
I watch it twitch and stretch
In me.
Let me get up off my bed,
Against it's rubbery embrace,
and put a smile on my face.
Carlos Andujar Mar 2019
Deja que mis ojos te beban,
mietras la luz besa tu piel.
Es mi corazón el que asilas
En el chocolate de tus pupilas,
Y tus labios de miel.
Deja que mis ojos te beban.
Carlos Andujar Mar 2019
Brota en el frío, pero ama primavera
Deliciosa para devorarla entera,
Pero frágil, o tal pareciera.
Dando color a un mundo blanco y gris
Agridulce, para que la sentís.
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