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Ellis Reyes Mar 2020
A moment takes up no time
A moment takes up no space
Infinite moments disappear instantly
because anything times zero is zero;
In a moment lives begin
and end
In a moment love blossoms
and dies
In a moment
eternities collide
Teaching non-mathematicians about the principles of calculus and this was a result
keneth Aug 2019
one plus one                  will always be two
one plus two,                you hate me do you?
two plus three,              has it always been me?
three plus five,              i want to see what you hide.
five plus eight,              we fulfilled our fate
then there's eight plus thirteen.
if you stop, how do i begin?
for one plus no-one will never be two.
one plus no-one will never be two.
Heaven Rania May 2017
My whole life is about ( dy\dx) now .
that reached me out to think what if we were one function and  you was my own derivative , a part of me that can't handle for a second derivative . and all these chapters are discussing the problems between us .
the question is : are we both good at calculus enough to figure this out yet or am I to late to ask this question ?
trying to logic my heart
Ryan Hoysan Nov 2016
Bite into an apple
It tastes like am orange should
This is confusion.
Hey, I actually kinda managed to write a haiku. I'm proud of this. This is inspired by the way I describe my confusion with calculus. It is as follows: ascribe all the visual and physical properties of an apple to something. It would then follow that since it looks like an apple AND it feels like an apple, that this is an apple and should taste like an apple. But what if it tasted like an orange while still seemingly being an apple? This would cause quite the spat of cognitive dissonance. This is my hell.
Andrew Martin Feb 2016
The complexity of coupling is an exponential increase.
No matter how perturbed life may be, we strive to linearize it,
thank you Laplace. You transform us.

It is integral to simplify life.
Like Da Vinci, Like Thoreau:
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”
“Our life is frittered away by detail…simplify, simplify”

Let us not differentiate between the good or the bad
                         the high or the low.
Life is too brief to quantify, qualify, and compare it to others.
It is yours alone. Embrace the change over time.
Inspired by a flight dynamics class discussing the highly coupled equations of motion. And the transfer functions to simplify them.
"...Motus autem veros ex eorum causis, effectibus & apparentibus differentijs colligere, & contra, ex motibus seu veris seu apparentibus, eorum causas & effectus, docebitur fusius in sequentibus..."
D. Isaaci Newtoni.

There will be a sequence of unexpected statements.  We understood, that this was said which likened the beginning to the continuation.  It was the orchard from which delicious fruits displayed their love for the taste of them, the meanings.  Seeds were harvested through the dimly perceived writings of ancient scholars.

{ [ c exp tan r ( x ) d w d r ] / ( d x ) }
= { [ ( k , h ) tau int g ( r ) d w d t ] / ( d f d v ) } .

Visited in the course of evolution, all realized the implication, that seasons would arrive from which the meeting of machines would be complementary like the force of a sports team.  The objects gathering into droplets included the growth of sunlight transforming ashes; yet the dictionary is not to change.
"...Ut si globi duo ad datam ab invicem distantiam filo intercedente connexi, revolverentur ur circa commune gravitatis centrum..."
D. Isaaci Newtoni.

From the level of the sea with its worlds of similarity and wonders of nature attracting beautiful birds, these ships fled to find the swirl reaching through to the floor.  The ocean bed was dampened with the tears seen by the floating machine.

{ [ ( r - 3 ) d d u d t t ( f ) x ] / [ ( x , P ) ] } =
tau pi g ( y ; hyp N , par Z ) d w d x .

Observation created a self reflection, whereby the cosmic engineers projected the video like winds from outer forests.  Engines became magical reverberation arising, if a correct answer could be presented to exist, as quality persistence like pieces of candy.  Glittering, colored fragments of glass were scattered along the shore, they all liked as much as they admired the inventor.
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