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The uniVerse Nov 2015
Here I am drifting
floating in the sea
just here waiting
for you to return to me.

For I am just a buoy
trying to reach a girl
across an ocean
through the swirl.

But with every neglect
I drift further away
with every lost text
the words you didn't say.

A dot on the horizon
so distant and far
you used to think me the sun
but now I'm just a star.

I am not Hugh Grant
but it is Love Actually
caught in a trance
blinded by what I see.

Feelings are more important
than seeing with your eyes
saying what you meant
than telling me more lies.

Waves they come crashing
water all around
nothing is lasting
as I begin to drown.
Nora Jan 2017
It’s hard to breathe through
choppy waters when your
head bounces like a hopeless buoy

if only you could sink and drown instead
of being anchored to this
miserable, isolated purgatory
dvalentines Mar 2016
Fighting the cold
The icy war within
The fear of losing
To the suffocating need

Buried in the snow
Comfortable yet painful
Slowly biting into the skin
Cells cringing underneath

Dreadful nights and days go by
Letting out a quiet sigh
Still living in icy cold
Slowly biting into your soul

Close my eyes and visualise
The things I cannot see pass all these ice
Reaching out my hand
Grab it if you can

The buoy in sight
A little far away
Continue struggling
To hold that buoy that's stuck like me
Natalie Neo Nov 2014
I was standing on the edge
You pushed me
Hard into the sea.

I tried to grab onto you
I screamed and begged
I was drowning.

You turned to walk away,
You wanted to **** me
in every single way.

Just when I was about to sink
My eyes caught a blurred vision,
You threw in a life buoy.

I grabbed hold of it
As tightly as possible,
I am never letting go again.
Kenshō Aug 2014
A single moment,
Floating in eternity.
Boiling waters of mind
and it's burning me.

How could I retreat
To that sacred shore?
When my tears fill the ocean,
A storm felt pour.

Long ago and ever before,
Stuck for now;
But released, I leapt.
Safe in the buoy,
I've always kept.

— The End —