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Safana Sep 2020
I never see,
an illusionist
like this world
it attract you and I
and throw our lives
in the
Darkness of dungeon
The Dybbuk Feb 2020
Smile for your time in the dungeon,
for the recompense you pay
is a learning experience.
Amanda Kay Burke Oct 2018
I am feeling lower than ever before
In my head I hold leaden weights
Think I need professional help
Emotions ignored become hard to navigate

Push down pain a little longer
Numb wounds for awhile
Gulp lumps of uneasiness
Conceal misery with a phony smile

Heart broken and bleeding
Hidden from all who look
I have mastered the art of composure
Face an unreadable book

Quiet night is tense and dim
Begging me to sneak off and play
Think I might cave in this one time
I'm scared I won't be able to get away

Under covers I hide in bed
Hoping I will not be found
By weakness and uncertainty
I lay motionless without sound

Trying to sort my issues
Organization isn't really my thing
Prefer to shove difficult subjects in a box
Lock out of sight so I can avoid the sting

Discovered something dull inside me
I found a tool sharper for out
Condemned the skin once considered home
It is easier to not think about

I'm told intensity only worsens with time
A smile hideously glued
Energetic as dying muscles will allow
Wild heart now meek and subdued

Memories will not depart
Echoes of voices loved then lost
Brighter still, rotating faces
Seasons changing sunlight to frost

My head has become a dark dungeon
Trapped there with my dirtiest sins
Watching mistakes as they rattle rusted bars
Capturing worst thoughts caged within
Sometimes my head is a quiet empty house painted white and others it is a crowded prison, dimly lit, dingy, filthy and loud.
adira Feb 2018
I wake up to to see a wasteland clearly in vain
Covered with imprints of horror and pain
The shadows of night sneak about in my eyes
All I can see are the Tunnels made to echo my cries
And All I can hear
Is the loud fast rhythm of fear
There is know where to go
chained up in an invisible chian
It feels as though im locked up in a cage of pain
Forever here to witness the bitter cold of this life
Or Perhaps to escape with a with a gleaming sharp knife
Only to think no it's not right
This I must fight
I must find myself light
To end this endless night

“A flame” a familiar voice said “has always been there and never gone out”
I recognize the voice I hear my mind shout
It was the voice of myself I exclaimed with haste
A voice I lost when I entered this place

In front of me was a can of joy
A stalk of memories
I stretched myself out to get the can I barely can reach
and find out what all this can teach
I pull out heat and flame
Disposing of shadows and bringing them shame
The flame flys through the illusion of myself Breaking my chains
And riding me of my pains
I look at the world I was in falling apart
Whilst expelling the bitter and the ****
I knew from that terror.
that place?.
about a person trying to visualize pain
Vexren4000 Dec 2017
stretching beneath the city,
Snaking through lands dotted by skyscrapers,
Twisting roads, and railroad tracks,
Residential homes,
Feeding the underground complex,
A world hidden away,
From the sight and olfactory senses,
Of man above.

archwolf-angel Aug 2017
many dungeons
in the journey from the past
fought many monsters
kept some

in the limbo of my adventure
a gem of life in hand
awaiting the release
with a sigh of relief

my decisions I will never regret
I accept and repent
a rebel in me still
my identity refined

we are not here nor there
but we will be just fine
with a sword in my hand
we will always be ready to fight
Dungeon Warriors unite.
Alan S Bailey May 2016
My voice rings loud and clear in the musty cellar,
Through the halls of the vast dungeon.
I call for one of them to come down and speak
To me about the "others," the valued, the "wise,"
It's the same thing every night, this dungeon.
I hear a creak, must be nothing, I turn on the light,
Swear I saw a ghost, still nothing. Vaguely,
I've been searching for an answer to this riddle,
It will only take a few moments of your time
To sit there between the vagabond with the fiddle,
And the one who must be low as slime.
It's your call-I ask you-for your opinion,
You laugh in my face-if I seek your words-I'm a disgrace,
Riddled with problems, they were handed to me
From a distance. I can still hear you laughing in my face,
Even from afar, even from my un-chosen wife's place.
Ami Shae Jan 2016
I found myself floating in the dark dungeon
gasping for breath--for it was filled with murky water
and all I could do was float (I don't know how to swim)--
I opened my eyes and no light came through
only wet and cold and bone chilling pain
and I considered for a moment (or was it two or three)
of just letting go
and allowing the murkiness to swallow me--
all I would have to do
is stop trying to float
and allow myself to sink below
I so wanted to just allow it, to just let go
and suddenly I awake
and here I am, dry to the bone
and wondering why, god, why
am I so alone?
I'm still shaking. The one night I go to bed before midnight and I have this **** dream which shakes me to my core. I'm awake now.  :(
I really hate the night sometimes, you know?
SøułSurvivør Jun 2015
on the wind
wild flame is my muse

i write on frozen wasteland
the colors that i choose

i write in the Andes
of mystic glowing things

i write in the deepest ocean trench
of a fish with wings

i write in blackest dungeons
of painted birds of blue

i write on walls of paper

of my love for you

(c) 6/11/2015
A rhyming verse that seemed
to write itself

RW Dennen Oct 2014
I walk this dismal dark and damp dungeon
  Long dark the phantom am i;
Strolling I now take icy breaths;
  Mystery lies within my realm;
Far faint foot echoes announce my impending doom
  I embark upon my midnight
Echoeing chamber room
  It's chains that puppeted victims that had
Screamed for their end and at last,
  I had giggled laughed and touched their quivering chest
And felt their fading warmth
  Then into oblivion casted they were by me

This dark stone its chilling floor
  Where rodents squeek and scurry about,
My only pets and friends I know

Suddenly I hear as HEAVY VOICES of my approaching DOOM
  POUNDING FISTS and swinging logs against my dungeon door and room

I curse the empending light by
Their torches casting beams
Bound from hell and its slithering horrid beam fingers
  Under my dungeon door

I curse my end by angered pounding fists
  Hell bound to see my end to be

What cursed blackened night just lies
  A distant short,
A breathless world my oblivian beckons me by hounds
  Of DOOM,
My parts be scattered h e l t e r  s k e l t e r
  My inners thrown upon old wooden beams above

Soon i will leave this loveless world i made,
  i foretell and kiss only an empty space goodbye,  
Waiting first ****** deep within my flesh to be
Tis a morbid "Halloween Tale"
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