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Dark circles
And white lies,
Everything that I've learned
To despise,
I can't take this thinking
I can't take this feeling
The oxygen I'm breathing
Is Nitrogen that's preening.

I'm suffocating.

Being subjugated.

Blank slate with no opinion,

That's what they're asking of me.
That's what they're expecting of me.
That's what they want me to be.

But I am unfiltered,
I am a storm,
A flurry of emotions,
And an object of scorn.
I'll make you love,
And I'll make you regret,
I'll make you remember,
But never forget.

You can't leave me behind,
I am a memory,
I'm worth more than a day,
I'm worth more than a century.
Break me,
Shatter me,
Try to burn me down.
I'll be your darkness,
But I won't make you frown.

And you can't be rid of me,
Though I've already left,
For I am unfiltered,
With no regrets.
I initially wrote this after a bad break up, but the words didn't entirely resonate with what I wished to convey at the time. After a few years, I definitely resonate with these words now, but for a more serious reason. These words are now bittersweet to me, as I feel the amount of scorn these words convey, but yearn for the confidence that I once had that I couldn't be shattered. This was originally written in 2017, I believe.

©Oleander Micheal Osiris copyright 2020
Andromeda May 2019
There is a storm on the horizon.
My forecast calls for rains of salt water and of sorrow
And all of me will drown in its merciless fury
And the winds of pain are but a warning, though they are far from subtle.
To persuade myself that I shall not be engulfed in my own ocean
Would be like persuading a tsunami not to crash ashore.
But adaptation is a much simpler concept.
Note to self: It’s alright to be upset because you won't have that little bit of extra support for a while, but you need not worry. He’ll be okay, and so will you.
When your house is flooded, there’s always shelter elsewhere. You just need to look for it.
Olivia Jan 2019
I thank God for another year of life, for keeping you here longer each day.

I remember as a child I would pray my heart out to keep you safe forever, “God don’t take her away from me,” I’d say.

You told me at age 50 you prayed the same “God keep me alive till she’s grown,” you’d say.

28 years later and he hasn’t let us down.

It hasn’t been the easiest of years but God please forgive me of my sins.

Not today she’d say, not today.
Niki Kastaneida Nov 2017
You said things,
these things that hurt
we thought something
you proved wrong
you tried to change,
It didn’t work
we left,
not turning back
you begged for forgiveness
she gave it
we went back
and forth
for years on end
you hurt us,
far too many times
yet she couldn’t leave,
not for good
one night,
everything changed
things were thrown along with words
I hid
police were called
Into custody you went
bruises covered her
my blood boiled
you begged again
and again
I had had enough
for a long time
I saw what you are
she didn’t
she cried for you
I comforted
she finally stopped going back
I wasn’t sure,
sure she wouldn’t waver
she tried
and tried
and tried
and didn’t go back...
Sky Jan 2017
Stay away, stay away
Keep your venom away from me
Depression, I hate you
Addiction, I am tired of you

I don't want to drown anymore
I don't need to bleed anymore

So please stop telling me otherwise.
archwolf-angel Feb 2016
You're lazy
She only needed some rest
You're untidy*
The slight mess gives him comfort
You're clingy
She only needed some love
You're bossy
He only wanted to take control for once
I don't like how you ask so many questions
She doesn't want to misunderstand you
I don't like how you talk so loud
He wants you to hear him
You're selfish
She has never stopped caring, give her a break
You don't care
What did I say before?

Curse her with flaws
Hatred swallows him whole
When will they be truly appreciated?
They will never know

When will you stop judging?
You killed him on the inside
Tears flooded their veins
Start clearing your plain sight

Demons are for real
They are not fantasies
They sleep under our beds
And haunts us every night in our sleep

Your curses feeds them
Your unnecessary comments keeps them alive
You don't know them at all
For you aren't the ones living on the edge

.... **with all these lies.
No one is perfect. Perfection is a lie.
Mystery Gyrl Oct 2015
Life Is A Battle Field...
People say I'm mean people say I'm a bully.
They don't know the story.
I cry myself to sleep every single night,
I heard this quote once "while I came into this world crying and everybody else smiling I'm a leave this world smiling and everybody else crying"
Nobody knows the pain you have until you tell them.
Nobody see's the tears in your eyes until they see it fall down.
and all they want to do is point out the bad that you do.
Life Is A Battle Field...
Life Is A Battle Field...Just take one day at a time
it's war why?? because Life Is A Battle Field...
The scars.
I am covered in them.
The burns
The cuts
The scratches
The bruises
The peeled off  flesh and nails.
They are my t r e a s u r e s.
They show all of the battles inside of my head that I have lost.
They show all of the anger, pain, depression, envy, remorse, guilt, shame, insanity, emptiness, boredom, and tiredness I feel.
They show all of the words I am afraid to say.
They hold all of the I l o v e yous, I h a t e yous, I n e e d yous, and I feel
your p a i n s that I am afraid to even t h i n k at times.
They peek out from underneath my clothing and they rub against everything, reminding me that I am indeed alive and that I am indeed h u m a n.
They show all of the times I've screamed
Been alone
Been scared
Wanted to die
Had no one to be there
Wanted to stab someone and bash their brains in
Wanted to d i s s a p e a r into t h i n  a i r
Even though they remind me of some of the awful memories,
Being reminded of these memories and the lessons I have learned only makes me
s t r o n g e r
Whatever cruel entity, god, goddess, deity of any kind, gave me this cruel life thank you
You have made me wise
You make me think about how I am not the only person with these problems and how others have worse
But also *******  y o u for hurting so many innocent people and corrupting their
o n c e  p u r e  m i n d s
I will live with my scars and probably add more but I will always think of the cruel fates of others and how cruel the world truly is.
I will think of how grateful I am to have lived and how grateful I am to have not have gotten worse than what I have.
Thank you, you ******* life for showing me the right path
©LogenMichel copyright 2014

— The End —