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23.6k · Aug 2014
Adam Childs Aug 2014
As the glorious LION
Stands strong in stature
Radiating with a presence
Of Absolute rule
The air washed with
A bristly respect
A natural pride
Beams with  beauty
He guards the gateway to truth
and only the brave may enter
He is the king that needs no crown
as he holds a royal presence as he
sits in his golden coat and main
Lies spark combust just bounce off
dissolve in all his shine.  

As broken men become renewed
Their fractured parts
Collect in the melting ***
Of the Lion's  stare
As they are engulfed and swallowed
In the reservoirs of his strength
As the many wounded souls
Find themselves restored
In his majestic presence
As he rattles the very fabric
Of this world

There is no procrastinating belly
Exposed by a lackluster display
No one insults his strength
By creating a make believe world
Or covers him with scaffolding so
That they may alter him
For he is the finished article
And he is never held up or supported
With anyone's emotional ropes or strings
For he no ones puppet
He is never silenced
By the Strangle hold of this world
Tightened with a multitude of gestures
For I hear his ROAR!!!!!!!!
His explosive self expression
As his throat bursts and beams like the sun
Breaking all collars, and his tongue is freed
As a thousand trap doors Open up in him  
And boulders are lifted and rocks are shattered
within the sound of his voice.
His Soft pads of silent stealth
Gather for all his wealth
As the power of his pounce
Is governed by both his strength
Of spirit and the honesty
With which he meets the earth
For he owns all of his own pain
And paces and growls to warn
Away any who seek to steal his fresh ****
And diminish him with pretty lies
For he owns all his space
As it feeds his strength
As somewhere in the fury of feasting
Lionesses and Lions  
We find our freedom
For his power explodes like a volcano
When his soul meets the earth  
As he shakes off all avoidance
To seek only truth
As streaks of white light
And pure Gold glisten in the SUN
As the world's projections
Reflect and bounce off him

There is so much to learn
From a beautiful LION
just decided to take my two poems about a LION and remove all the dead wood and see what I came up with . not sure but I love some of the lines individually
16.7k · Dec 2014
Adam Childs Dec 2014
Feathers glimmer and shine
As though covered in fish oil
I lubricate the brain
As I slip through the sky
With a frictionless flicker
My lightening wings
Brain waves rapidly fluctuate
Perfect balance held
Between left and right
Each wing a hemisphere
As they beat and beat
Accelerating into hyper speed
80 to a hundred or more
Beats per second

As though injected
With a sonic speed
Synapses bursting and exploding
Exponentially connecting
Blistering wing speed
I become electric
My circuits exploring
Rippling and flickering through paper
My brain comes alive
Flashing multicolored lights
Like the cities nights

But still spaces collect around me
As I am buffered from the world
Perfectly still though standing
On an invisible ledge
I hold my mind in place
While I hum in space
Head down I drop my beak
Into a funnel of concentration
As I tunnel into trumpets
Penetrating deep I flower  
In new knowledge

Polar aspects of mind
Released through coherent communication
Set free with coordination
I seek to marry chalk and cheese
As I hold the balance
Between two worlds
Flashing synapses firing
And combusting
Against pointed concentration
My mind juggles two *****
Expanding into their fullness
Expressing vibrant color

My slippery slender beak
Slips and slides in
As I flutter through pages
I discover new unexpected surprises
Problems solved, Startling adventures
And puzzles completed
I find the sugary syrup
The delicate delicious sweet spot
With the thrill of falling domino's
Spilling and cascading
Many ripples fanning out
Through my mind  
I find freedom

Each ripple massaging my mind
I am catapulted into outer space
I dance from fact to golden fact  
As I am propelled forward on stardust
My momentum shoots me forward
I bounce and bounce
My mind becoming unbounded  
I enjoy this great Hummingbird delight
8.5k · Jul 2014
Adam Childs Jul 2014
Living freely in this world
My vulnerability, feels so lost
As it seeks the skies to escape all
Perched high away and hiding
My heart forsaken
For my vulnerability
Has left

The little bird has flown

My retreating heart lives behind
Many layers of frozen ice
The warm waters of my heart
Have all frozen over

Come back, come back little bird

A teardrop falls
For I see the loss of potential
In this frozen pond
Where waters should be warm
My heart should sing
Great rich jungles, it should bring

My pride wounded by this world
I stare into my murky depths
My standing in this world falling
As my legs are taken
By the jaws of a giant beast

Far away a bird twitches

My stomach twists and turns
Absorbed I am into the belly
Of a great giant crocodile
I begin to feel my vulnerability
In these dangerous warm acidic waters
As I merge into a crocodile
And high above a bird leaves his perch
As the ice layers break
With the force of my tail

New eyes see the self importance in people
Of this earth, with all their arrogance
I will bring you back to earth
For I am the last living dinosaur
Born from a time when T.rex reigned
And even the birds had teeth
For I still live in waters
Where Piranha's seek to
Frenzy on living flesh
And I am to be scared of you

I warn all of those who wish to disturb
My open and most precious heart
That rests in silence over my pond
For your flesh will quiver
With the sound of my ancient growl
And your eyes will panic
With the sight of my jaw

A quiet bird flutters closer

Bring your bitterness and all your sourness
For I am hungry and love rotten meat
And your disregard feeds my fury
Circle my pond
Where my heart rests softly
With rich and green waters
Bursting and growing in love
For I am not scared to feel

And I will lounge and grab
As a tonne of me, slaps itself
Bang, ******* this earth
For I am here to feel it
And not escape it
But you will be blind
And lost in my depths
I will turn you over and
Your arrogance will feed me
As I grow stronger
You will be ripped limb from limb  

A little bird comes closer

My heart free from noise
A silence nestles in me
And all innocence is seen
Beautiful souls float freely
Butterflies dance and play
And my beautiful vulnerability
returns in sweet song
And rests softly in my jaw

A strange paradox becomes so very clear
With a little bird we hold so dear
Trying to answer a questions of how do we remain sensitive but also strong ,
I just thought i would chuck it up , I think the middle needs more work
Adam Childs Jul 2014
In this life you will find
Degradation unavoidable
For it is in the weather of our life
Degradation is like radioactive waste
We pass like presents to each other
The rain on a wedding day
As I did once live
In the shadows of dread
As degradation breathed on me
And I fell into the pits of self doubt
And stank of slimy sewers
For I was lost in loathing ,
But my soul grew rapidly
In the muck and mud of this world
For it was fertile and rich
As my roots drank up all its goodness

So please send me your degradation
Your disrespect and contempt
Your pretty wrapping of best interests
Makes no fool of me
For I will soak it up like the sky above
For I embrace my madness
And caress her beauty
Like the most cherished lover
As you reject your life
Within the tight confines
Of your own reason
As you seek to bury your
Disappointments in me
I hold your self doubt in my hands
For you live by scales and ranking
As I throw away all scales
And burn all efforts
For there is nothing
I can take from this world
So please, please
Strain if you must
Look down on me
If you can, As I am above
For I own the sky
And live above and beyond

But all degradation disappears
In the softest heart
Of self acceptance
As I fill the room
All banter falls like the softest snow
As we serenely dance and play
In our snowball games
As I learn to swing and play
All jokes bounce and tickle
The inside of my belly
For I live in the ecstasy
Of my own self acceptance
As we roll around like clowns
All barriers broken
Our bellies full of joy
As we spill over with love
And bounce around like jelly

For no degradation exists
In the center of our hearts
Where God permeates our souls
For his love should be
Followed into us whole
As I accept God's goodness
And perfection in all of me
I wrote this a couple of years ago and I thought I would just throw it up , sorry if it starts a bit anguished I wrote when feeling a bit repressed
6.1k · Nov 2014
Adam Childs Nov 2014
I am a supreme
Light framed being
Who leaves ferrari's
In the dust
I am sorry for your
Jealousy as I am
Totally terrific
And love wearing
My fabulous coat
Fiercely independent I
Imprint the air with
My personal spots
My proud individuality

Nothing out of reach
I wait for something to inspire
As I hunt lightly
Positioning intelligently
And quickly
Pads on fire
I grab the ground
As I grip the world
With the sharpest claw
As evolving and revolving
Forces compel me with desire

My vibrant cells flicker
Waiting for the right trigger
Spinning and twisting
They collapse into air
As I rush and rush
chasing and chasing
My focus still like stone
Lands lightly like a feather
As I am clear as
Diamond or glass
Empty of thoughts I am a tunnel
The wind blows through
As I run and run

Soft and agile
I can quickly change
Direction or pace
Perfect balance my
Tail acts as a fulcrum
It is as though a
Silver thread was attached
From high up in heaven
Moving on an electric circuit
I am lightning through the air

Stretching like elastic
Expanding into spaces
I become a mile long
Reaching and Reaching
Into proud new places
Slipping through the air
As though someone
Had oiled my hair
I slide weightless
Air born on ice skates
As I catch my hare

With her swiftness
We find she lifts us
With her fire we catch desire
5.8k · Aug 2014
Adam Childs Aug 2014
Living freely in this world
My vulnerability, feels so lost
As it seeks the skies to escape all
Perched high away and hiding
My heart forsaken
For her vulnerability
Has left her

The little bird has flown

My warm retreating heart lives behind
Many layers of frozen ice
A teardrop falls
As I see the loss potential
Where here my heart should sing
Great jungles it should bring

Come back, come back little bird

I stare into my murky depths
My legs are taken by giant jaws
I twist and turn as he swallows me whole
My standing in the world taken
I merge with this crocodile

Far away a bird twitches

I look out into the outside world
And see the disregard and arrogance
Which fuels my anger like oil on a fire
As they disturb the peace on my pond
May their flesh quiver
With my ancient growl

high above a bird leaves her perch

I am the last living dinosaur
Born from a time when, T.rex ruled
And birds with teeth reigned overhead
And I still live in waters
Where Piranhas seek to
Frenzy on living flesh
Am I to be scared of you

A quiet bird flutters closer

Bring me your contempt
For I am hungry and love rotten meat
And your disregard feeds my fury
so please circle my pond
Where my heart rests softly
With rich and green waters
Bursting and growing in love

A little bird tweets overhead

I will lounge and grab
And you will be blind
And lost in my depths
I will turn you over and
Your arrogance will feed me
Yummy yummy
I slip away from the beast

A little bird perches on his head
Still mistrusting him
For he carries a triumphant smile
As though injected with poison
The little bird says
You know I love you crocodile
But I am still not safe

Disgruntled he returns to his depths
On the inner side of the pond
Faraway he finds me again
Staring into dark waters
As though it could speak
Many times has he watched
Arrogant mammals reach and fall
Coming back consumed with
Pain, rejection and failure
Both looking and hiding from the truth

A bird tweets I LOVE YOU

With both a ferocity and compassion
He pulls me down as a tonne of flesh
Slaps itself ******* this earth
I twist and turn as I struggle
With my own truth
As he rips my pride off the bone
Be aware of my tongue for it is
Possessed by a crocodile's lashing tail

I really Love you the bird cries

The beast feasts on my bitter truth
And sour reality, I am not
Strong enough to take
And spits out the sweet lies
That keep me from myself
As he pulls me down into my own depths
Such a beautiful beast
For he feels no need to evolve
Perfect as I am he says
As it fills me with his power
To be exactly who I am
How I love this Crocodile

A bird approaches

My heart free from noise
Inside and out
A silence nestles in me
And all innocence is seen
Beautiful souls float freely
Butterflies dance and play
As all is gentle around me
And especially in me

And my beautiful vulnerability
Now returns in sweet song
As the bird rests softly in my jaw
A strange paradox becomes so very clear
With a little bird we hold so dear
This is my second effort as soon as I wrote the first one I was not happy with it as it was not clear enough what was dealing with the subjective and the objective hopefully there is greater balance in this attempt . Let me know if it works
5.6k · Mar 2014
Adam Childs Mar 2014
Hear the LION'S ROAR
As the many indignant souls
Find themselves restored
In his majestic presence
As he rattles the very fabric
Of this world as many
Broken men become renewed
Their fractured parts
Collect in the melting ***
Of the Lions stare
So let us all dare
To live life like a Lion

Lounging in the sun
Owning and surveying
His beautiful life
Storing great forces
Reservoirs of strength
To pounce and punch
Soft pads of silent stealth
Gather for all his wealth
His appetite strong
He honors every parts of self

But there is no where
To hide in the cats eye stare
As my many fumbling phoney selves
Dissolve in his melting glare
As I am shamed by a look
As I approach life like a crook
My procrastinating belly exposed
In my lack luster display
As I breath a contempt
For my precious life

Standing strong in stature
And rich in golden shine
Radiating with a presence
Of Absolute rule
The air washed with
A bristly respect
A natural pride
Beams with a beauty
Freed from all that is false
His being effortlessly
Embraces the fields
Of his own nature

As I am silenced by
The strangle hold of this
Bitter dysfunctional world
Tightened by a
Multitude of silent gestures
I sit to listen
I feel my throat burst
My gagged tongue freed
My choked throat
Beams like the sun
As I softly delve
In to the LION'S ROAR
An open infinity
Cuts my many collars
Releasing my self expression
As a thousand trap doors
Open in me

Learning from the loving LION
Our self expression freed
And our appetite renewed
We live a new adventure
4.3k · Feb 2016
Adam Childs Feb 2016
Welcome to the world of Sci-fi
horror like a risky affair we
have all been courting,
but now it is really here.
And of course the reality is always  
far worse than the movie.
Like an alien attack or abduction
there is a flash of bright white
As hot as the center of the sun
those underneath vaporize
into nothing.
Their remains like ghostly shadows
burnt into the scarred ground.
And as we drop deeper into hell
we find in terror
the devil runs out.

Survivors blinded, burnt, crawling,
moping and moaning as we find
ourselves living in a desert like
Zombie land.
An earth once full of life falls through
space like a discarded match burning
itself out.
Of course I can only talk for myself
as you maybe able to hold a flame
against an innocent child or old lady.
But if not maybe you should not,
like genocide be supporting it.  
Thousands screaming and crying but
I am sorry there no hospital and there
will be no ambulance coming.

So with Little Boy
such a friendly name
like the boy playing down the park.
Well 40 thousand died an hour after
that one was dropped.
Now imagine something 30 times as
strong something they call the
Ivy King,
king of the apocalyptic land.
And now imagine their latest celebration
they call Castle Bravo 1000 times
more powerful.
How many millions tens of millions
could that ****
Bravo bravo bravo.

But these are just numbers what if they
all each had a name like
Nikolai or Emiko
sorry maybe it would be better if
we did not give them a foreign
name maybe call them
Jenifer or John.
So do really want to give our
government permission to drop
a bomb like Hiroshima or Nagasaki.
Perhaps they would be safer if they
changed there cities names called them
something like Manchester or Birmingham.

Naughty boys boasting about their
conquers sit around tables playing
their poker bluff.
While injecting a fear into their
enemies heart they mind their p's and q's.
As they pretend to be civilized
but at the same time threatening
an annihilation.
Just so they may get the
Upper hand
A gas pipe or
Oil rich land.
But I don't want my life to be
someones negotiating tool.
So stop playing your silly game of
chance because if you loose the whole
worlds is gone.
Please someone tell them
this is really not a game.

I hope the world has realized more
bombs does not make it safer.
Maybe you think it is money well spent
or maybe like me you think it could be
spent curing cancer or the environment.    
Any on a personal note
I really do hope  
they give up trident.
3.9k · Sep 2015
An Owls Sight
Adam Childs Sep 2015
I am the soft silent sight
nestled in a tree gently
holding hands with emotion.
Together like lovers we intimately
sit with an invisible touch.
Our eyes penetrating darkness
we govern like a loving mother
or angelic force like Mother Teresa.
A shiny moon polishing  
a silvery heart cooled
by a vast ocean.
I always fly quietly as I bring
a gentleness into darkness.
Tucking the night up with
the softest quilt, through a pane
of glass in a near by wood you
hear me calling.

I give a rod of stability eternal sight
seen it all before will see it again.
As we hang softly like the moon
in the sky or an Owl in the tree.
I lift people through their night
I carry them with my sight a
tractor beam of light.
As you feel my presence like a
million hands that softly
All holding torches you are
lite like a child who's mother
has come back.
Scooping you up your
darkness falls on
entering my Owls sight.

I am the light that always
surrounds the night .
I am the ever expanding vision
the tide that never turns but
just keeps on rising.
I grow with a bursting force
of an ever expanding universe
as I stretch my eyes they keep
on reaching.  
I am the ancient eye placed high
above always unstirred but
filled with feeling.
Like the white of an eye surrounding
a pupil I am the army who circles
around the darkness.

I am the reflection of the velvet
moon sitting on the ocean
threading itself throughout
your being.
Those caught within my sight
will feel a thousand tiny bubbles
of bright light.
Gandolf the white explores
your caves holding his
wisdom stick and lantern.
Unlocking your hidden emotion
giving you magic fighting
of your demon.
I will conquer hell fire with
a gentle trickle finding my path
like a mountain stream passing.
But when I open my heart my wings
the devil will shudder because I hold a
power like the pacific ocean.

So much protection we can find
at night within the Owls sight.
3.8k · Feb 2014
Shattered Dreams
Adam Childs Feb 2014
I am cut by the shards
of my shattered dreams
My hard heart broken by
the fist of my own ambition
Spilt milk and empty cups
All karma now has gone
For the Lord now slips away
As his every favour, now has gone
Alone now I stand in the shadows
of my shattered dreams

Lured I was by the mermaid's smile
My dreams smash on the rocks of time
Broken am I
By the crashing waves of change
All parts scattered and spread
I find myself adrift
On the ocean of Oneness

The wolves of destruction
devour all hopes and dreams
And goddess Kali drinks the blood
from my decapitated head
I feel the force of my father's fury
I stand in a field of rubble
Where a castle of faith once stood

My tears of ambition now fall
emptying the seas of conquest
That enslaved my marooned self
on the island of desire
Eyes freed from desire
see the Love in Kali's eyes
And thank the wolves
for slaying my hopes and dreams
for freedom comes to open
A door to the deeper self
Written while feeling into some of my disappointments
By :Adam Childs
3.7k · Apr 2015
Adam Childs Apr 2015
I live so shyly it could be
taken as an apology but
it is only simply that
I seek to walk gently
As I live where thick
forest grow deep within
a hidden society places
you will never know.
I am a gentle giant the
King of the jungle a great
power house, walking  
softly and slowly.
As you look into my eyes
rivers and waves will
channel and flow
between us.  

I sit so still in the jungle
resting so deeply the world
is centered around me.
No human, monster or
giant cat could ever disturb
me my heart strong and enormous.
I am a fortress great castle made
of stone as many softly creep
past me.
I bear my chest a treasure chest
a temple for my heart.
As I open my inflated chest
puffing out my heart I breath
my love into this world.
Always holding a perfect space
for my a green house for
my family to grow.

I have the wisdom of many elders,  
the strength strong men and the
touch of a gentle baby child.  
Covered in warm soft fur we
hold each other within the
lightest kindest touch.
We know a gentleness can
only be built on enormous
power and strength.
As I am born to hold cherish
and protect as you will see
in my eyes I cradle my
family within my heart.
As an amplified love burst
through my chest I feel every
follicle of hair search to

Although never anger me
never threaten my family
as I will drown you out
like thunder.
I will be all the storm clouds
of your life turning your day
into night as I shatter your
world with rain.
I will grow like KING KONG
curse and dominate your day,
you will wish you never
crossed me.
I am the beating heart of my
family as they all beat inside
of me so maybe no giant is
ever bigger than me.

Don't throw your lies at me
as they will bounce of my
silver chest as I do know my way.
I can be your worst nightmare      
the softest mother and the
gentlest grand father.
And all the love in my chest
passes through my skin as
though it was paper thin.
I feel the jungle grow all
around me as I pour my
love into my family.

Give it to me, for all the world
all I want is to love my baby
and I will be so happy.
Living within a pool of amplified
love that turns brighter jungle a
electric field green.
As I really love my family
be careful with their sensitivity
as all their love sponsors me.
But be gentle and I will love
you like my family
as I am the
2.8k · Feb 2015
Shame and Inadequacy
Adam Childs Feb 2015
I am smashed down
By the worlds standards
With such physical expectations
My hopeless heart sinks
So small, so small
so small, I am
As I am haunted by
the images of tender Beauty
Powerless and worthless, I feel
As I walk daily, shrinking inside
I hold my dignity tight
As this shrinking violet
Hides in her great forest
Cheeks all flushed and red
I scurry behind some foliage
Surrounded by my own dead wood

The lashing striking pain
The whips of many masters
Draw blood from my many old wounds
As I become aware of my infected self
Far to much it is for me
As I play pass the parcel
With all my friends
As youth shines its splendor,
its brightness, claiming all the sky's
I am burned by its great heat
My skin scorched
For such beauty can feel
like the furnaces of hell

For what God would curse us
With such inadequacy and shame
In this half life
For I live in a darkened room
Of many locked doors
Where I have cut my own
Arms and legs off so
That I may live in this world
As I live on silent scraps
While the world enjoys its harvest
and feasts on Gods bounty

But better it is to be the limp inadequate
That can only fail to catch
Helplessly left only to observe
As a great physical Prowess
Can be a great curse
For much seeing is lost
In the unquenchable appetite
of hungry feasting Lion's  
As there is in the glory of conquest
The soul can be long forgotten

The seeds of my shame
And inflections of inadequacy
Where burdens, never of God's will
But sewn by the devil himself
To hide the majesty of God's creation
So I relax to observe
The weeding of my gracious God
As I am relieved of each passing pain
I fall into blissful acceptance
I am really sorry about the anguish I wrote this while exploring some very deep wounds
2.8k · Dec 2014
Adam Childs Dec 2014
Softly and steadily we munch
A roller motion action
As we gently pass over
Living in a contented silence
Randomly we each call
Hollow pipes we are played
By the holy organist
As life plays its tune
Understood be very few
As we submit to the herd
And spiral around a oneness

Mooing and mooing
With a great gusto
We send out O's
circles spiraling
Softly blowing bubbles
With an oily shine
We are carried forward
In these bulbs of light
Air filled with vibration
Caressing and holding
Our community with
An invisible film
As we all feel this
Light headed embrace
And the golden ring of community
Is placed on our finger
We say "YES YES YES "
For we love her very much  

Living free of hierarchy
As everyone is equal
Servant and master
Divorced from the conflicting
Ties of politics
We are as level and free as
The planes from which we graze
Living a freedom faraway from
Rank and power
And enjoy the vast out stretching
Places where our hearts unburdened
By mountains unfold into unlimited spaces
Collapsing within each breath
We spread our Love with the ease
Of melting butter in the African sun
Far and wide

In the mating season
We may bumble around
Like bumper cars
As you can not underestimate
The force of each individual
As we bang and bang our way  
Through life until opportunity knocks
Until life says yes
As our our stubbornness
Is not just the perfect No
But the perfect Yes to
And mothers reward our newborns
With her loving milk
The perfect colostrum
A silky bliss

In the expansive community
Of wildebeest and cattle
Where endless love
Can spread like water
We can learn so very much
community love wildebeest
2.8k · Jan 2015
Adam Childs Jan 2015
In the forever winter landscape
Live gentle waddling penguins
While fierce forces conspire
All life brushed away
By unforgiving weather
But with an icy resolve
They all push back
Not with a Roar
But a little pitta patta
Of jolly dancing feet
As they happily bubble along  
With defiant hearts whispering
To the weather
With a nonchalance  
Disarming the Gods
   "we don't care"
With a silky soft defiant Roar
They potter on with their day
In a light hearted way  

Traveling through their life
They feel bound by limitation
Limbs retreating,, wings shrinking
Escaping from the weather
As the world places them
In a straight jacket
But they fluff out their
Love filled chests
A dash of yellow
On their cheek
Proclaiming I love who I am
As they slowly press into snow
Heart blazing with white fires
Busily they chatter
Nodding and bowing
To each other

Life pushes newly weds apart
As her ladyship is forced to abandon
Her man to the long winter's night
Left holding the egg
She looks back with a longing glance
Her heart torn
But in the blistering chill winds
And freezing cold air
A cool clarity is born
Where all passions are left
Under sheets of steely ice
And soft blankets of snow
Her task very clear
She pushes on

A trust between partners feels itself called on
Now fierce winds blow through
And into her face
As they now feel so far apart
She stops to take one last look back
And feels an impenetrable bond
Forged in their hearts
As her beak circles the sky
It is as though an arc
Of light is made
A silver connection
Binding them together
As they feel somewhere
In the eternal they remain holding hands

The aspiring father left
Holding precious egg tenderly
Left standing on cold ice
In blistering winds
Four months there left balancing
Treasure softly on his feet
Through the winter's night
Angry winds betrayed by the sun
Sting with a viper's vengeance
As temperatures plummet
-70 and dropping  
Cooperating together they huddle
For their very survival
Perfectly dressed in Tuxedos
Black like death standing on their back
White in front for the devotion
They show us in life
Reliant on each other
They spiral around together
And say
   "together, together we can do it"
As they silently sit through
The long winter's night
Letting go of their resistance
They release a godlike persistence

Over the horizon mothers appear bobbing
Like bubbles of thought bursting
From the flat transcendence
Fulfilled wishes appearing
New mothers pulled forward
By tickles of joy in their hearts
Leaping forward on their bellies
As they collapse in
Boundless devotion
Their hearts drawn forward
Skating along on their Love
They glide.................................
           and slides..................................
On their own pouring devotion...................
Effortless devotion..................................................
They almost fly on their
Unlimited Love

Effortless embracing tasks
Supporting new life
They are filled with the
Ecstasy of fruitful service
Later adults return to water
Float with a grace
Of a dancing ballerina  
As though fuelled by rocket fuel
They leave bubbles like smoke

As we delve into these
Vast fields of devotion
And see these jolly beings
Successfully spilling through
The dark winter's night
As they spread new life
I feel like the great God above
Totally humbled And can only
Kneel and Bow
To the beautiful penguin
2.8k · Mar 2015
Adam Childs Mar 2015
I am the fire that holds the glow
of a hidden flame that captures
all that fall within.
As all my fire flowers around me
bellowed by every heartbeat.
As many invisible doorways break
open and all is awakened in air of ruby
reds and orange flame, as they
burst and bloom.  

I am the fire that swallows all fire so
shout at me more little drill sergeant
for you light my fire.
For I will explode all over your anger
and blow you out like a little candle.
As I am a colossal fiery breeze as turbulent
winds encircle like a forest fire I engulf.

My coat shines and glows with orange
embers fanned by a million life times
of survival.
The power of my radiating heat melts
bones like ice in boiling water or the
hot sun against margarine.
Dare you look into my stare take a dip
a little swim and I will reignite your

I am the WILD Tiger never in caged by
any shouldst or ought to for I am a free
and my path always open for me to seek
fuel for my flame.
As my fire is never suffocated by conditions
or rule as I possess all the space around me.
Like oxygen I **** it all in while exploding into
higher spaces much greater places.

I feel the taste of LOVE and HATE as they are
both painted upon my tongue and feed my
Like two sticks Love and Hate I rub them both
together please give me more smoke and fire.
You rub your soft injustice against my hard wood
I will bring you storm clouds and flames.
As I fight for right as naturally as gravity is
pulling us to earth.
I will transform any situation never stopping
to ask if I can as I throw myself at anything.

I wash souls of petty despair as they bath
within my glare.
Come close to me and I will hold you tenderly
in the nets of my sight like hammocks
in my eyes.
Let me lick and sooth your many wounds
as we together we softly purr.
Purring sweetly together like a V8 engine I can
slowly restore all your strength and power.

I pounce and spring of solid rock that feels
so soft and elastic like rubber.
A thousand coordinated sparks ****** themselves
forward as they blaze a trail to fast for the brain.
You will be liberated when you find my fire
rocket blades ignited we will dance and play
through time.

So much can be gained when running with the
Tiger, caressing air with a watery velvet.
As you slip through a jungle with a silky strawberry
orange flame, how we Love the beautiful
Tiger's Flame
2.2k · Dec 2015
Adam Childs Dec 2015
I effortless pass through water
like gliding through a silky air.
And as you all sail through life
you all sparkle with the idea
of being near.
As I am ultimate wisdom that
comes in the form of joy and play.
As the decks are silent splashes of
water all over your faces.
Then suddenly you all cry,
A tingly excitement every where
as though walking on a bubbly

Everyone congregating at the
side of the boat hoping to catch
a bit of magic.
Gasps and shrills as bounce and
burst out of the water along side
your boat.
People stretching reaching as I offer
a new hope the light of GOD.
And when they return to the shore the
story of the Dolphins like church bells
ringing travels through the town.
As everyone longs for Holy spirit they
are eager to hear the story.
As they learn about the Dolphin
that came to there town they want to
know who actually touched it.

I am the spirit that visits the holy as
I love those who are full but also
I come to those brought to the edge
who stared down the cliff  
but did not jump, as they chose life.
And to those who's world said no with
all doors closed because only they can
I come to those who have lost all will because
only those let me carry them.
I come to those who are broken
as only they can be molded  
I bring you many colours and inspiration
sometimes I will make you dance and
sometimes sing.
I am the Pentacost,  holy Ghost and your
Jesus Christs holy spirit.

Sometimes when you swim softly through
sweet watery emotion you will hear us talking.
When you think all is lost
you find yourself praying
even though you think no one is there
I will be listening.
Feel like you are drowning grab my
dorsal fin and I will give you a lift
even make you laugh, make it fun
even exciting.
Lost at sea sharks prowling I will circle you
as I will even fend of death for as I can
also heal you.  

Some will pen me in keep me in a
small tank tech me a childish trick
and manipulate.
But only those bigger than pools
more like the sea will know I have
greater tricks to teach.
As only those without plan and expectation
can ever swim with me.
As I will guide you on your hearts
adventure into the free.  

We will always love and seek to guide
you as we look for you in the sea and
gather around you in the bay.
We will teach you how to channel to
have an open mind to breath spirit
through your head.
And I will teach you how to be both
the radio and the wave.
How to be father Christmas, the chimney
and the presents underneath the tree.
So if you are needing help please
look over hear we are listening.
let yourself be empty and we will guide you.

There is so much to learn from communicating
and swimming with the Gods spirit, the Dolphin.
So let us connect with God heaven and the Dolphin
And be grateful for all her LOVE.
2.1k · Dec 2014
Adam Childs Dec 2014
Forgive me if I am bitter
Oh God
Sprinkle some sugar
I can't help the way I feel

I know you worked
So very hard
But so did we
All of us
Including me

So forgive me if I am bitter
Oh please God
Sprinkle some sugar
I can't help the way I feel

I know you are so much smarter
Your decisions so much better
And you feel you are greater

And my vanity is churning
Let the flames keep burning  

So forgive me if I am bitter
I can't help the way I feel

And I know I should not look back
But how else can I be found
Heart tightened by jealousy
Because I can not cope
With your supremacy
As you tower over me
I can feel the way you see

So please for give me if I am bitter
I can't help the way I feel

I know it is not you
I just need a little time
To find a brand new way
With a little sugar in my play

So forgive me if I am bitter
I can't help the way I feel

And when I hold all this bitter
I feel like societies litter
I also really know
That I need to let go

So please forgive if I am bitter
I can't help the way I feel
I just need a little time
With some sugar I will be fine
2.1k · Mar 2015
Adam Childs Mar 2015
We little light footed ants
are free from  giant egos
as we throw them off and live
within our tiny bodies
And we find that we have
so much room,
so much room.
As we keep gravitating in
a  love towards each other.

We work within an almost
sacrificial love for one another
This love so strong that
permeates our bodies it willingly
carries many times its weight freely. 
As we find a freedom in a devotion
as we build a great life together.

Sometimes we let go of understanding
the world and humbly live close to
what feels a boundless earth.
As we realize with a beautiful
simplicity that much of the world
is above.
And we understand however big you
build your ego God and the big picture
have an understanding so much greater.

We see however elaborate your system
however beautiful your tower it is the
lubricating love which enables the whole
thing work.
We live with perfect honor with each other
as we build our empire on stone which
will never crumble.
Many giant egos show us disregard as they
think nothing of stamping on us.
But being humble beings we simply slip
between the many cracks of this world and
remain completely unharmed.      

We know it is the being without ego
that finds himself so surrounded with
so much space and finds so very easy
to find his place.
Empty of ego we are drawn together
with so much love for one another
we just cannot get enough of each other.

As we build great structures almost invisible
to us which can only really be seen by giant
beings like Gods we feel our importance.
And as we work for this higher picture we
we cannot see we all merge together within
an unquestionable trust that always serves
the greater.

Living on a tiny point we feel the worlds
stresses collapsing infinity to a point.
Bursting balloons all pressures released
our souls sits back on energetic sofas.
Sitting on this micro dot we dance and rest
upon this junction spot.

So as we fumble and tumble around within
our daily routine choosing not to be tall
but to be born small.
Within a endless love threaded through million
of busy connecting little legs we work closely
And in a deep cooperation we feel a
fusion as together we feel complete
in one giant heartbeat.    

There is so much to be admired in the
beautiful busy working ant.
I don't like the way it starts but i think it gets going i will return to it I am sure
2.0k · Jun 2015
Adam Childs Jun 2015
How can you proclaim
that we are free
can you not see
our authentic selves
lie buried and covered
from every single angle with
shame, shame and shame.
As our freedom is stolen
with bars of condemnation
as we are encaged  from
every side.  

For why do I feel a ******
elevated world looks down
on me as I push my pram
because I chose to have a baby
Why do I feel I need to bury
my head because I am a single
Why do I feel condemned because
I chose to have a career and not
be a mum.
Why do I feel  so embarrassed
about my little cute flat.
And that i feel I have to apologize
because I feel ashamed of  my
small income.

What chance have we really got
if we are constantly made
to dance to a condemning shot.
Our true selves half dead in a
bunker with shame all around us
the enemy that surrounds us.

I wish my body was taller, thinner
and in some places even bigger
oh God I do not want to look in the
And what is wrong with my God
given colour for why am I made
to feel so unwelcome.
Why do I feel embarrassed about
my particular religious belief
the way God gives me inner relief.
Why do I when I am asked my age
do I start to mumble my words
and change the conversation like
there is something wrong with
being just a little old.

How can we find happiness in this
world if we are constantly kicked out
of home by shame.
Maybe I will be just fine as long as I
do not let myself be anything
that I truly am.  

I do not like my accent the way I talk
this is something I will have to change.
Why am I made to feel so ashamed of
my craft my job because I am just a blue
collar worker.
Why am I so ashamed of my education
that I left school worked hard since sixteen.
Why are the unemployed condemned
when the capitalist system needs them.
Why do some people feel the need
to move up a class from their background.

I am sorry this has become so
very long but I must just keep
going on.

Why am I so ashamed of my white
van that I work from
or the old car I play from.
tell me why does fitting in
give you a derogatory name
like common.
And why when I was born
beautiful I can not celebrate
but I am made to feel I must
hide to protect another's ego.
Why because I was not made
to look perfect that world decided
that I must suffer.
And why should I be ashamed  
that I like to watch football and not
something posh like rugby or Polo.

I know I should be ashamed
that I keep on moaning but
I keep on seeing a very
Shameful pattern.
Why do I feel that
I am drowning that the world
is closing in and that my choices
are shrinking.

Why is it sometimes still
considered to fancy the
same *** as wrong
as they sing their
homophobic song.
I am really ashamed to confess
that I sometimes like to
wear a dress but what is
your problem why won't
you just let me express.
Why do I when I share my body
spread some *** and pleasure
that it is all considered wrong.
Why when I criticize the system
I am shamed and called ungrateful
is that not just a little controlling.
Why am I told of for not always
being happy like there is something
wrong with sometimes being unhappy.

Who said we have to be terrific and
extraordinary heave forbid that we
are just ordinary.
What is the point of cleaning someones
mind but then sending them into
a shameful swamp.
What is the point of drying someone
out but then leaving them cold naked
in the rain.
If you say that I am free why do I
struggle to even breath.

You say that we are free when we
are paralyzed by shame with no
where to go.
But I do have  a dream that we
can all some day  live in a world
I tried to shorten this believe it or not but then gave in I kind of decided the size emphasized the fact that we have become accustomed to so much shame in so many area's of our lives.
2.0k · Aug 2014
Adam Childs Aug 2014
The beautiful majestic mammals walk
Warmly with the perfection of family
As mother  and father walk  glowing  
With a melting pride as their little one's
Gather around their feet
As they possess the greatest and
Largest hearts that float across this land
Grand parents follow close behind as they all
Live within the strength of a united family

The parents and grand parents 
Great forests within themselves as their babies
Nestle against their solid legs like tree trunks
And shelter under huge protective bodies
Tuck under huge attentive ears
Blankets of listening love

All elephants know their priorities
As the well groomed predators
Who would desire to split are    
Powerless against the energy of family
As great lions can only watch them
Softly pass through  
Each elephant resembling a castle
As predators slam against  
Huge thick grey walls of giant
Structures as there is no way in
Each castle bonded to each other
With the strongest and greatest gravitational love
As they create an impenetrable Kingdom

They are wild but can be obliging as they
Sometimes assist humans who like to carry
Their little kings and queens on their back
The little ones which need to be loved and looked after
They move together like a mobile mountain
As they pass through the savanna but each
Member knows the importance of getting
Out there to find food and water for
Ones they all  love so very much
As they travel far and wide
Doing whatever it takes

Great paralyzing problems shrink
Within the force of family
As they lift large logs above their
Head to demonstrate to the world
Its obstacles are nothing against
Strength of family love in forward motion
Like money problems that scare those
Outside , are just smashed
Down like pathetic little twigs .

There is so much we can learn
From these giant family kingdoms
As they travel through from one generation to
The next
Softly and lovingly passing through
1.8k · May 2017
Adam Childs May 2017
Crunching crispy cornflakes
Gangs of pebbles bubble

White water slurping
Its early morning edges

As waves deliciously lick
their sweet vanilla sands

Man bobbing in a canoe
Ocean swinging him like a baby boy

A  bouncing ball stretches
Across the waters view

Like a picture on the wall
For a moment time stand still

The scenery seems so surreal
like plastic or cardboard

Adding a friendly familiarity
Making me so sentimental

a place


Called Home
One needs to drop into the imagery
1.8k · Feb 2014
Adam Childs Feb 2014
AS autumn leaves now fall
We see all things let go
And all shades turn mellow
To autumn rust and yellow
For all nutrients are now gathered
And all seeds have been sewn
As all drops away
So only whats permanent may stay
Like the love of two friends
bound deep in the earth

Stepping into the future
fresh footprints in the snow
For thwere need be no sadness
In this crystal clear day
As the tree of friendship
Still stands upright and strong
while it rests like a baby
All innercent and strong
It gathers up strength
For the new spring to call

As autumn leaves fall
So sofel they do pass
With this new verse of silence
singing sweet songs of kindness
In this new winter light
shining so bright
We find ourselves surrounded
with icicles all around us
glistening and shining
we stand dressed in diamonds
But be careful of sharp  edges
for there can be no hold on
watchful and respectful
We stand in the new

Now dark evenings turn in
It is time to feel in
As our friend has not left us
They lie wrapped up inside us
I wrote for a girl who moved away to Salisbury
By Adam Childs
1.8k · Feb 2014
Whispers from a Tortoise
Adam Childs Feb 2014
Finding myself dismissed
For my slow speed
And small size
I see there is no use for speed in the eternal
As there is no use for size in the infinite
For I have the tortoise way
As God has given me this glorious shell
That the world may throw down
Its smugness and contempt on me
For it just rattles like rain of a roof
As I draw my head in
I hear the pitted patter
Of the world's pain softly
Raining down on me
I relax in the warmth of my own shell

They may keep their childish ways
Their one upmanship
For I do not seek the high road
But the low
Where my heart brushes with earth
And I feel close to God
For I love the earth so much
That I did not choose to be born
On two legs and tall
But on four legs and small
With my heart as close
To the earth as possible
For I love the earth so much

Bound to the earth I appear to all
As they laugh and chuckle
In their disregard
As I am humbled by the earth
And my own limitation
But God rewards me with long life
As he does many gentle souls
For I will be hugging the earth
When they are long gone
And their empires have fallen

Listening to the whispers of a tortoise
Will bring you great joy
For seldom will such love be matched
As they guard the earth
With their warm heart
And shield it from the harshness
Of the World
With their beautiful shell
Where underneath an intimacy
With the earth is fostered
and can only be known
By the beauty of a tortoise
wrote while tuning into a Tortoise
By adam childs
1.7k · Apr 2014
Adam Childs Apr 2014
I am the firm solid earth
The ground i feel to walk on
But i fear many waters
Great  vast oceans
For they smash against my edges
As they seek to drag me down
And **** me in  

I hold tight while closing my eyes
For I feel the wind building
Seeking to ******* away
Turning and twisting me
Against my lost self
Blistering and attacking

I fear all fire for it
Spits and burns my skin
Breaking and pushing me apart
As it unsettles my restful self
Destroying and consuming

As my soul clings to self
Like a frightened child  
It screams for fear
Of its own life  
For i seek nothing
But my own council

As my soul fears lose of self
In the many day dreams
That others bring to me
Like a ferocious dragon
Jealously guarding his
treasure laden lair
I hoard all that is
Precious in me

But I am the stubborn earth
That pushes all away
As time passes I discover
My many deep caves
That lie within my mountains
As I rest in the comfort
Of my own home

I begin to call upon
The many ocean
To rest against my side
The wind to lie upon me
And the fire to rise up in me
For in the sanctuary of my tomb
I am consumed by the richness
Of all that surrounds me

Dust is lifted from me
As I am now as much
The vanishing wind
As the Anchored heart
Blown through the air
I smash against all  my sides
And  fall as rain on mountains
carving valleys and canyons
Or I am absorbed by fire that
Presses and pushes

Slowly I begin to guide
The many external forces that shape me
With this loose and loving cooperation
I become my own  craftsman
Learning to embrace all elements
And truly let go into the world of relating
You become the artist  of
Your own face in this world
I hope this makes some sense just written it so i feel a bit close to it , I am a funny earthy stick that  probably enjoys his own company a bit to much but would be very interested if any one can relate to this .
1.7k · Feb 2015
Adam Childs Feb 2015
Rippling waves bursting through
Encaged chests springing, smashing
and smashing as all love is
rolling over

In the Love of the abandoned ocean

Breaking shells and all packaging
                  a packaging  
          Love never wanted
           All love being free
      Its depths to be accessed
                 For all to see

             Oh the great Sea
        The abandoned ocean
             No one can see

    Whispering sweetly it tickles
        Relaxing all our stresses
          Soothing our shores
        As it lovingly caresses
            Enticing us all in

   How the abandoned ocean
      tries so hard to get us
        All to just jump in

      Foolishly men with their
   backs to the ocean stare sadly
  in dismay at empty rock faces
   rigorously searching under
   pebbles and hidden places

With all the love of the abandoned
      ocean sitting behind them

  Lifting itself up and over
      The ocean pours its
        Love all over
Giant Whales start calling
   Comeback comeback
    We are all waiting

       In an eternal forever
       rhythm no stalling
      just keep on pouring
   Waves smash and bash
breaking our cliffs and edges

    That push away the Love
Of this vast abandoned ocean

May the Love of this ocean
find its way as it smashes
through hard places seeping  
through hidden spaces
As it penetrates us all
so very very deeply

    Let us all return to the
1.7k · Oct 2015
Adam Childs Oct 2015
I am long an elegant slender queen with
my beautiful pebble ash marble skin.  
And as we rest on the ground lightly
I hold it softly rising like cream and
the finest queen.
As I rise, our eyes become locked welded
together by light we become one.
Together we both look into the world
and into each other.
And I tell you this when this happens I
can be your teacher but I can also be your

For I am the Cobra often here as a maintainer as I
rise a thousand soldiers stand to attention.
Cogs are oiled all forgotten becomes remembered
as all souls remember their purpose.
For I am the eyes of GOD.
As I appear all disharmony lifts like an early
morning mist as all slots into place.
All shepherds find their lost sheep and all
the world strays quickly hurry
Attracted to me you maybe but some how
you find you are frozen.   
I may not be your lover but I can protect the
lily flower from which your
love can grow from.

Follow me and you may sometimes not
know if I am GOD or the Devil as all I
can promise is that you will grow.
As it sometimes takes a snake to catch
a snake I can be your hired hand your
mercenary, snake my favorite meal.
For giant economic models, political systems
will all fall as I can land an elephant
if I have to.
So be careful what you stand on because I
rise out nothing to six foot tall.  
And you will have a choice do I become
your antidote or your poison.

The world will give the childish game of
winning and loosing and I give you the
maturity transcending and evolving.
Wrapped and curled on the earth I will
show you how deeper is much higher.
As we let go of the old I will show you
how to find the antidote by diving deeply
into my poison.
A controllers nightmare as I change myself
completely 4 times a year think you have got me
or is it just a mouthful of old skin as you
are so so yesterday.
Maybe cause a revolution help create some
progress teach the working class to rise
like a King Cobra's.

I will take you to the next plane as we
forget the past like an old skin.
As I transport you through space and time
like Doctor who in his Tardis
But move into disorder and you may feel
the striking force of Kali and Shiva

I can take you out of your revolving door
of life and death you are stuck in
and take you onto the
highway up to heaven.
Stick with me and you will ride on the arrow
head of evolution.  
So let my energies flow like a spiraling tornado
and we can move to the next level.

Whether King or Queen there is so much
to learn from the
Beautiful  COBRA
Best read completely before judging
1.7k · Apr 2015
Adam Childs Apr 2015
As a silly  spoilt child
Disgruntled I grumble
Throughout my blessed life
Complaining about my loss
That God does not give a toss

But abundantly  in my life
Scattered in my garden
Live deep hidden forests
Sacred special spaces
Forgotten mossy places
Things I can not see  

In my soft mossy pastures
I am drawn into sound
Soft rich earthy ground
My meddling hands resigning
And my heart softening
To the treasures God is bringing

As a child I am sometimes
still screaming for what
I am not receiving  
Even though chosen
But my loving Father
Always refusing to
serve me poison

But he keeps on giving
Life's unexpected gifts
Full of presents and parcels
An unknown cultivated Karma
A forgotten ignored pleasure
Actually look at all the treasure
Everyday a Christmas tree
If I could only look and see

So in my adult days
I learn to look on
In different ways
With a mossy heart
I nourished and softening
receiving parcels tenderly
passed down from heaven
the idea just came to me I may return to it
Adam Childs Jun 2016
Are we to reject a greater unity
for the sake of a superficial
For does not the richness of
every need its canvas.
And every flower deserve a special
place in the garden.
As every star sits in the nights sky
belonging to a constellation.
I never hear them complaining
only gently sparkling.

Are we to reverse down a dark alley
not knowing where we are going.
Do we wish to offer a clenched fist
or are we to open our hand and heart.
Have we become so inwardly looking
that we switch of our lights close our
eyes as a room full of blind nations
continue to fight.

Are we to be influenced by papers
that serendipitously cloud the difference
between EU immigrants and Syrian refugee's.
As Rupert Murdoch and corperate power
divides and conquers.
Trillions gather of shore sit on the world
like a giant cancer and all we do is fight
with each other.
As they in circle us with their power we become
the entertainment at their coliseum.
Or do we pour love within the gaps becoming all
so much closer bringing back all our power.

Are we to live in a shrinking world where
other people's problems do not matter.
Is it time to close our eyes or time to look
in the mirror.
Out out out keep the bad guys out
as though our hands were clean
that we had never done anything wrong.
Are we we to cling to a penny pinching surface
or delve into the depths of our character looking for
a deeper treasure that truly matters.

Will not the true values of our heart not proper
when connected more deeply on the inside
and out.
By clinging to a superficial sovereignty we may
find ourselves also clinging to a wobbly mast.
As our island drifts of into a rough sea we maybe
to involved with surviving that we forget
who we truly are.
Just in response to the many who wish to leave the EU
1.6k · Dec 2014
Please don't ask me to trust
Adam Childs Dec 2014
Please don't ask me to trust
Because I trusted in places
Where most have never entered

Don't tell me to believe
As my belief was far greater
And deeper than you could know

As I tasted nectar
That told me
I could have anything
I wanted

A wind blew through me  
As though the Lord
Had whispered
Make A wish my son
And it will be so

But all came to nothing
And now the Genie has gone
And I am locked alone
In a darkened room

So don't ask me to follow
Your blind trust
As the blind fall

And when they are sensitive
They fall harder and deeper

So I will never follow
Your blind faith
And I reject your trust
To build a kingdom on
Distrust, distrust, distrust

And I carry and cradle her
Broken promises by people
And the Gods
Lay like rubble
Under my feet
And form my foundation

For really what is trust worth
If given so freely

Never will I follow blind faith
To falsely fly
As I will never trust
To become falsely great

But wait and wait
And when trust comes

Shared moments , special friends
Contrasting the chaos

And when the flowers of
Faith blossom
They will be rare and sacred

Temples which only the
Silent may enter

But do not ask me to follow your trust
1.5k · Dec 2016
Unifying Truth
Adam Childs Dec 2016
I am a golden being king
of all beasts sent by God,
to keep on searching for
all of truth.
Shinning fleeces glazing, almost
lazy, soaking up the sun.
My eyes held above the crowd
I sit back looking and looking.
Golden manes flowing with winds
keep on blowing. Yellow flames
keep on bellowing as the truth
keeps on coming.

I hear the sound of armies fleeing
as all my openness becomes
my strength.
My life an open book spreading
miles across facebook nothing
hidden all in view.
My honesty more brazen and bolder
than the Roman Empire.
As the world steps back I am unfolding
12 foot tall keep on growing.

Golden nuggets once hidden
now shinning.
I rattle the enemy to the core with
my dark ROAR the recesses of my
being turning over like an engine.
As there is not a part of my being
I have not seen all shadows disappear
with my seeing.
I turn the world upside down inside out
as all dark hidden corners become
white shinning teeth.

Ferociously I tackle the world
with a fearless truth.
Roaring into battle my open heart
devours all lies and untruth.
Let us charge
let us charge
Let the
fires burn
fires burn
As all is unified in this battle
for the streams of Gold and silver
For with no sacrifice there can be
nothing gained.

Driven forward and lifted up an
honor deep inside carries us
into battle.
So tonight my friend take me on
let us fight
be my brother
For now is a good time to die.
For the truth shall **** us all
but in the same way save us.

So my friend my brother
let us fight together
as we serve the golden King
Wear his crest upon our chest.
As all men fall within the limits
of their own lies let us hold the flag
of truth above us.
Let us die in the lies we beat to the
ground to be reborn within the truth
we hold above our head.

Living life with the glorious
King of beasts
the Golden Lion King.
Holding truth above our
own being we may proudly
bring love and dignity
to all of GODS Kingdom.
As all order is maintained
while he sits upon his throne.
1.5k · Dec 2014
Adam Childs Dec 2014
Far far away
As though locked in a room
A doll in a cupboard
Is a girl called Alice
Alice the stripper

I myself at home looking for connection
Flick through cams
As though searching yellow pages

My attention caught
As though an anchor
Was around my heart
I stop on Alice

Fragile and vulnerable is what I see

I take her to
""Private chat""
And I tap my keyboard
As fast as hummingbirds wings
To make a connection

But it is no use
As clothes fall of her like broken slates
Of a discarded building  
Only to reveal half robot
Half dead human being

I type, "STOP STOP"

But she is lost in her routine
An act of ****** pleasure

"Please stop" ,I type

But her soul scattered
As though beaten away
By stampeding Rhino
For a while we just
Float together
In outer space

Where are you Alice
My heart bleeds

As though a spell had been broken
A nervous silence is ruptured
And like Apollo 13
As she types "hello"
Houston calling Houston
A relief breaths through
My whole being

I type,  " hello there"
And ask how are you  
I thank her for her **** routine
Then she in response springs back up
As though being controlled
By a remote
Held in my hands

"No No No need no need", I cry I type
" just talk just talk I don't want this"

My heart feeling her vulnerability
Reaches through the screen
seeking to cover like a blanket

Shortly after she covers herself
With a beautiful Royal Blue blanket
I type ," That colour looks beautiful on you
You must wear it when Mr Right
Invites you to a ball
And I tell her she would be stunning
And would shine in that blue  
And the lucky man would be the envy of the ball

A sparkle for the first time
Returns to her eyes

Even more beautiful now I feel

It was as though a harvest moon
Had found a gap through
Thick clouds on a very dark night
As her soul returned home
She began to blossom
Like a brave crocus flower
Pushing through the snow

My soul danced with pleasure
As the love in my heart
Spun around her with the joy
Of a long lost planet
Who had just found his sun

As time passed my need to leave
The conversation approached
I asked her to promise me
To always , Love yourself Always
And to know that you are
A treasure
And that you are special

Her eyes began to well up
As my heart swelled up
As a tear drop fell on her being
It was welcomed like the first
Drop of rain
After a long hard drought

After on my way to friends I pondered
Why is it
Like diamonds in coal
Are jewels so easy to find
In dark places
But become so rare
In the light of prosperity

And why so easily condemned
By world
Which stands on moral castles
Built by the power of
Their own pride and vanity
They have their reward on their tower
I feel Jesus would say

I think
If the love in my heart
Is that of our God
I know who
1.5k · Mar 2014
Adam Childs Mar 2014
I reject  God as he dances around
In his heavens in his expansive freedom
While the neglected human spirit
Remain chained to the confines
Of this world
While he sits back
With a neglectful apathy

All Gods drop away in my mind
As I turn my back on the Lord
I bow to the power of human spirit

Engulfed and surrounded
By the darkness of their mortality
I still see the defiance in their stair
Engulfed by a face of fear
Eyes shine bright like two
Sparkling stars in the dead of night  
Saying NO NO NO
To the darkness

Deep down in their darkness
Buried under under under
From any heaven above
As they feel no God down here
Pitch blackness , Coal
Crushes with an engulfing fear
From every side
Birth presses from below
And death presses from above
Compressed into an inescapable

But the human spirit
Relentlessly fights back
Abandoned by God
It defiantly pushes back
At the darkness deemed to
Destroy it
Atoms of the soul
Unify themselves into
Perfect alignment
As they become an
Impenetrable army
That stands firm and says
No to the darkness

Crystallized under great
Pressure the soul
Becomes the perfect diamond
As nothing is stronger , harder
Greater than the human spirit
I feel i took a bit of risk with this
1.4k · May 2015
Adam Childs May 2015
I slip softly into my cave
as I gently vanish disappear

To my inside place
I explore like
outer space

Where I begin to light
the dark with a
fragile flickering candle

It is not long
before it all
becomes so very warm

As I rest in the
armchair of my heart
I start to hear
snap crackle and pop  

As I switch of the mind
releasing all that is tight
I enter the permanent night

But discover all turns to light
as the dark becomes a
permanent day

And as I tunnel into
my great mountain
a cave a distant quiet

I start to feel the worlds
rains cannot touch me
and feel gold all around me.

With the world so far away
a glowing lamp rising
within me like flowers
bursts scents are spilling.  

And a hummingbird is
felt buzzing all around me
softly searching for
his sweet nectar.

How I love to return
to my sweet cave.
1.4k · Feb 2015
Adam Childs Feb 2015
I want to ask society why it
broke so many of its people
Why are so many productive
people feel driven to suicide
Who took their self worth and
nailed it to the mast of net worth
Why are the wealthy inflated
with arrogance and the poor
burdened by shame
Who took self esteem and
married it to our income
How did a tool of measurement
directly become value

Why is it fashionable to be rich
and look down on the poor
Why are the words of a rich man
listened to, so much more
Why do people not recognize their
small creations at the ground level
Why do we rob the poor of respect
too give too the over elevated rich
Why are the poor demotivated by shame
while pride drives on in a ruthless
appetite possessed by the rich

Who disconnected self worth from
the flower of produce and replaced
it with money
Who thought it a good idea to abandon
people on their tiny rafts and throw them
into rough waters of fear and greed
Who said fear and greed make
a good flower bed
Why have people not been guided into
deeper waters where currents flow and
a richness in the heart can be explored
just some thought really not sure if it qualifies as a poem may come back to this
1.4k · Mar 2015
Adam Childs Mar 2015
I walk a tight rope through life
As I seek to find my true self

But I am sure this was not the plan
As I am far to frightened to look down
Although I really need to find my feet

Insecure legs are shaking
Jelly knees are wobbling
Pterodactlys, flying reptiles
Many headed monsters
circle the sky's above
As I fight with the world's
media and societies influences

So I close my eyes
Turn TVs off and
Throw my papers away
As I seek the center of me

The outside frizzles
While my soul sizzles
With a silent voice it speaks
As the worlds forces crumble

Butter on hot crumpets
My heart starts melting
As the physical is dissolving
And I stand still just balancing
Untouched by the world
As I find a harmony
In a sweet simplicity  

As I fall within the bounds
Of a renewed innocence
I feel myself shinning
In a white heat
I find myself connecting

And on the tight rope
To true self
I see a future
Far and wide stretching
In a heart that is vibrating
In the realms of true self
not sure how this turned out to close to it at the moment
1.4k · Mar 2014
Adam Childs Mar 2014
The sweet scarlet lady
Condemned by the collective
Piously cursed by all
As they revel in their
contemptuous scorn
As a cocktail of lust and hate
Is dealt to her by many
With a heart crushing arrogance
In this dark hidden world
The spite of the respectable
Is poured over her with a disregard
That burns like a molten lead
While on Saturday roses are pruned
And front doors are painted
She collects the angst
And disappointments of lost youth
Of the sleepy bitter soul
As she becomes a giant dustbin
For this world

What great resilience
What amazing strength
As her ****** center dissolves
All the unhappiness of this world
As she is a hidden angel
Defiled by the world she absorbs all
For she is painted with the projections
Of the worlds forbidden fruit
But she is the rose tinted lady
Dreaming of greater times
A coffee in st Peterburgs square
Oh what a brave dare
filling her sisters needs
With all these gracious deeds

Living in this thankless world
She is the rescuer of many men
Used and abused by
The emotionally inept
She remains centered
In a hidden dignity
Only known by her
As she gives and gives
Many faces made and portrayed
As she gives herself up
She becomes a plasticine
For the childish souls to play
As she lives in a surrender
That no monk would ever know
Her surrender so complete
she disappears into her center
A holiness the devils mock
And all the angels and Jesus flock
Her submission to nature carrying
A purity that says yes to life
In the back drop of this world
The Lord can only find a relief

If we find the surface of a ******* *****
It is only because we project
The dirt of our own soul
As we defile their outside with our inside
As they are truly hidden angels
Sent to clean this world
1.4k · Sep 2015
Adam Childs Sep 2015
Godless men wearing back
sit within blistering sun.
As they carrying their sacred book
soaked in an evil not from any GOD.  
And they some how get
**** **** ****
**** for God.
As they ironically tell the
world that it is

Come and join us
or be buried alive.
Yes come and join us
Let us brutalize and castrate
your daughter your child.
And give your son a gun while
we go cut of some heads.
As we rip out your heart
with blood and violence.
And ask you to spit on all
love and humanity.
As you stand within your shaking bodies
you look into the eyes of your
wife and only see terror in
her heart.
You know that you must

Thousands of you are swept
like the dirt into the sea.
Mothers and Fathers crying as
children are lost and drowning.
Someones baby washed up like
drift wood or a log.
Cut all with razor wire
climbing caged out fences.
As a heart cry's I only want a
new family home I will polish
your shoes wash all your loos.
Please they scream we are only
Sorry I don't think anyone
is listening.  

Westerners wake up lounging
on their sofa belly's spilling
over their trouser.
Stomachs extended inflated
from just a little to much
extra seconds.
Looking on disconnected
at those who traveled risked
their lives even walked
a thousand miles.
And some how spill out with
their lager down their cheek
thieves  ****** and
lazy freeloaders.

And those who succeed to
find a new home some how
elegantly find a dignity
in being unwanted.
And those who failed their
perilous path trust in God
has left them homeless
As they find the west
also Godless.
As we with a cool glare tell
them go back to your guns
bombs your not welcome
Stone face matter of fact
immigration explained
take your children back.
As we try to through them
back like babies into a dog
or snake pit.
for this frosty reception
and cloudy perception
I hold out hope for a
better conclusion.
1.4k · Feb 2015
Adam Childs Feb 2015
The beautiful Tiger strides as her
muscles ripple with strength
She is a stunning power house
which moves with the lightness
of a feather
Although  never with an arrogance
of a king, but with a knowing
of a great general
Her many strips earn't though an
evolution of battle and conquest
The air flooded with a juicy orange
as her many strips drift and float
out like the waves of an ocean

We all become transparent as all
is gathered within the glowing
eyes of a tiger
With her light lime eyes she
***** the whole world in
And a dash of yellow to cut
through everything
Like bright bulbs they shine and
possess a gravitational force  
Enjoying a deep comfort with
her surroundings for she fears
nothing, as the jungle wraps her
in a warm quilt she feels cozy

Her vibrant colour that celebrates
with the trees will disappear to
the colour blind as she vanishes
behind leaves
Caught in the nets of a tigers
glare her presence will cascade
all around you
Pulsing heart you become paralyzed by
her stare as she fires hooks into you  
Lost in the jungle, she is the jungle
If the Lion is king, she is the kingdom

As you stand in the presence of her
magnificent beauty her fire will
engulf you
All a blaze, forest fire orange flames
bellow from her lively fur
As you feel the tremendous power
of this fiery dragon
A thousand chainsaws cut the air
as you are beheaded with a roar
Every bone shall rattle every cell shall
cry as fear is drilled into you
As she blasts a second roar you feel
her fiery force as she burns a hole
right through you

The crouching tiger recoils her every
muscle with a thousand frustrated
springs, she ready's for the pounce  
Crackle and spark as a combustible fire
swamps the air, friction burn
Ignited she explodes her energy
burst through a self made vortex
As we see fire jumping
As she leaps through a secret passage
a tunnel in the air

Hunger driven her jaw widens and
a gateway opens as she rockets
forward with a relentless appetite  
Time stands still as she leaps
through the air
Her flight so effortless she could
be stood still in space as the world
travels to her
As a black hole is opened she *****
her prey in  

So much fiery energy can be enjoyed
when the power of the Chinese dragon
is released
1.4k · May 2015
Adam Childs May 2015
I am soft and gentle
and bring a clarity
to the dark night.
I wear a loving darkness
like a comfortable cloak.
I am the vanishing vampire
puff puff you see me now i
am gone.
For I am the creature
of the night.

When your world caves in
your emotions turn to
Just listen deeply and
you may hear me flutter
in the blackness.
For you are not alone
as your friend I am here.
A gentle creature comfortable
in the night.

I am the sometimes the forgotten
hidden in the corner in my cave
there i hang.
We live our lives upside down
sometimes living our teens
in our thirties.
As we slip into caves through
cracks often hiding in places.

We light the night with
sound, magic and our
emotional moon.
Soft and angelic we are
so innocent in nature.
In this topsy turvy land
we turn the world upside
down and find GOD also
lives underground.
So we never fear or
feel claustrophobic this
darkness is our home.

I never waste my time
looking to the future
to me it is all a blank.
And there i find my freedom
no burden or expectation.
I am the deep sleep that
has no dreams.
Perch with me in my cave
I will give you silent night
I am your greatest ally
in the darkness.
As I fly into blackness
with speed and purpose
There in the moonlight
I detach myself
spread my wings
find my freedom

Out of site I vanish
from the world
for only
those who look into caves
their darkness will ever
have a chance to find me.
Sometimes I fly high
breaking into the night
turn of my sound
and just disappear.
I relax sit back
into the my void
have a break
from myself.
Puff puff i am he vampire
who has just gone.

Remember when your world
caves in turns to darkness.
Do not panic just disappear
into blackness.
You will hear me flutter and
know I am near.
For with a little bat
becomes very clear.
One of my animal poems just exploring
1.4k · Apr 2016
Adam Childs Apr 2016
I softly cradle and embrace
My deepest pain
firmly but not tightly
Holding gently
Kissing her forehead lightly
Sitting quietly  
Watching over her nightly

Tenderly tucking her up
Like a great army my
My Love surrounds her
I cherish her
Like my child
As I secure her safety

I sometimes whisper
Into her ear
Late at night
" you are doing fine treasure"
But she cannot hear

As the venom of the world
Falls like rain drops of acid
Onto fresh skin
As many holes are burnt
Into my delicate heart
As I feel her many screams
But delivered by many chariots
she finds her new streams

As we find the secret passage
the hidden path
The kept secret
To keep us apart
As we find the way
Up the mountain
That had long been forgotten

As I slide through the
Many layers of pain
I find much silver,
And precious stone
With all my deep down parts yelling
I also find a
Crystal clear diamond

As hell is not my damnation
But some how my salvation
Somewhere deep in my soul
Which I treasure and hold
As I find my wounds
Become my freedom
As all cages are broken

For I welcome pain
I say,
"Come on
Come In
Sit down
have a cup of tea
Feel human again"
As I live in deep comfort
With arm chairs
But no conflict

So eagerly I confront
My many wounds
And all my pain
Rushing quickly
Like water down a mountain
I walk through the valley
But carry no doubt
Carving canyons
That forever
Hold their Beauty

Walking the narrow path
Between sensitivity and pain
Is not an easy task
But with the MAGIC
word YES
You will gain
A twinkle in your eye
The many Stars above
And a Vast Ocean
1.4k · Nov 2015
Adam Childs Nov 2015
We rest deeply within our cote laying
the fields of quiet and peace.
The silence that lives underneath
an opera singers voice.
In our stillness we float up with
a sweetness of the finest essence
After the storm Noah sends us out
to fulfill a dream to find the
promise land.
As we search all direction we
carry no frustration as our
paths are completely open.

Our love has a steely aggressive
streak cutting through any
emotional obstacle.With a light
but forceful peck we find all
our boundaries broken.
As we slide through every challenge
like a train running through a
Hidden behind an invisible wall
we find our isolated heart feeling
But with our beak a few light taps  
and a wave like  wand we find all
our spell are broken.  

As the little self guards all his
inner wealth, but another voice
singing , " start sharing" as all
casts are now broken.
On the edge a little chick looking
down staring and just standing with
a little voice saying don't let go
keep on holding.  
But a higher force with a heavy boot
just shoves us off, while screaming,
search for something higher.
So a little bird starts tumbling with desperate
little wings that feverishly flapping red face

But caught in the unexpected currents of life
winds push us lower.
Then though all of a sudden like an orchestra
that has just found its conductor or a singer
finding her voice we start flying.
Defenceless little birds I find ourselves powerless
to the forces from above as we are caught but
not in a cage
but in LOVE.
My wings out stretching my heart opening I
find my tiny self racing like a rocket into
an infinite space.
With my love inside my breast you will feel
the tickles of feathers inside your chest.

Fumbling and bumbling chest filled
with love we find no room inside
our home.
With chicks bursting we find our heart
full of explosion. The endless love of a dove
letting go into freedom rising steaming
just keeps on evaporating.
With this incredible task a little birds cover
the world, keep streaming from a magicians hat
they keep on appearing.
As we sink into feathery arms we are delicately
warmed and like a radiator we start glowing.
Love is the hope that hangs in the air
like the star of David.
So when you snuggle into
the love of a dove you will find
yourself anchored at the bottom
of the sea but also high in
the sky above.
So let us travel in the wings
of a doves love
1.4k · May 2017
Adam Childs May 2017
Come on everyone don't be
like reluctant children on the
first day of their schooling.
Oh cloudy dark days, its really
not that bad, plenty
more twists in the story.

Lets all join hands stop
swearing tell everyone at
the top we are all together
and not moving.
OK come on,with  no doubts lets go,
go Brexit, but then lets paint it
red and not blue.
Wave to Mr Murdoch and say Ha ha to
you, you lost after all.  

Let us temper the angered
words dealt snake bit and
Brutal exchanges like Klitschko
and Joshua now is the time for
the hug right after.
You know when we are all slinging
mud and shouting someone
some where in power is betting.
And they are the only one that will
be winning.

Time now is for us to look in with
rolling hills, roses and blackberry
Sandy beaches, prickly thorns and
mystery round circles of stones.
Coated in gentle breezes alike a
kindly uncle the weather protects
And what do I find that sweet soft
tender, holly in the winter and roses
in the summer.
little England
And not something to be ashamed of
but something to be
proud of.

Time is now for us all to be free as there
is always darkness just before a birth.
Like a brave bird breaking free only
the brave seeds make it into a tree.
As not every parent knows what
is right for their child.

But lets not then look for the common
wealth and all its crimes.
let us simply be
Little England
That subtle feeling we hold
As we all know all the answers
Adam Childs Aug 2014
Precious moments , precious moments
Where all the curves in our time lead
As ancient promises are fulfilled
And the air speaks with a delicate whisper
As I hold my breath
As the moment did all my breathing
Like it contained a heart beat

But here comes the megalomaniac
Explosive words of dynamite
Climatic , craters in the air
I despair , For I am nothing more
Than another field for harvest
As uncontrollable envy erupts
The megalomaniac can not stop
Like president Putin all armies
Push on with out him

Voices scream and holla
Ears drowned out by jealousy
He can not hear , as his armies
Trample , all over precious moments
Many tanks Many bombs
I am left shell shocked , as the obsessed
Megalomaniac pushes on blindly
Hypnotized by his insecure arrogance

My broken heart weeps
With its insufficient soul
having no ability to
Recover precious moments
As he wakes with a stretch , a yarn
A mind clear and without consequence
While years later I am in darkness
Still searching internal forests
Of great wisdom , so that
Some where I may find my forgiveness

You never reach the megalomaniac
They never listen , only to inner voices saying
Never stopping to think
Possessed by power
Sponsored by a world of fears
But I know I must forgive
If only the pain I carry could be seen
My soul would seek its equilibrium
But megalomaniac's never see
In a strange irony they destroy
That witch they envy
And seek to control

I must forgive I see
My heart clenched like a fist
As I fear the sun will never
Again rise within me
I sit , so very still
In hope that my heart
May find its forgiveness
For I have felt glimpses
Of forgiveness shine through
The leaves within this dark forest
As occasional breaks in clouds
Draw me closer to clarity

Although i live in shadows and the
Megalomaniac has long since left the scene
I see his lost ,contorted , twisted mind
A burden of struggling confusion
And I am brought to compassion
As I see he is lost , just like me
I seek to stretch into greater space
And begin to give GIVE
A little before FOR
So that i may be free
Before he can even see
1.4k · May 2015
Adam Childs May 2015
Please do not cover this day
With a flowery petty coat
Paint brush or brush stroke
Or blow it full of
Silver lining, star dust
Because tragedy is real

Do not diminish our suffering
Or belittle all our pain
By telling us there is meaning
Because I am telling you
God was not on that mountain
peaceful hilltop farmer left anguished
And landscape is vanguished
Family under rubble
Tragedy is real

So tell me then when your
Oppressive boss dragged you
Stole your pride dignity
Shagged your wife destroyed you
And rocks fell on my child
That the lord
Looks after you
Because tragedy is real

Spend a day lifting rocks
dead bodies needless pain
People screaming children wailing
Then tell me there is meaning
That God has a plan
I say he has none
Because tragedy is real

To make sense
Is absolute nonsense
Only callous and cold
And I would not
Be so bold
To insult with any meaning
For unlike a wife
This wound is not leaving
Or ever healing
And can only be left
Raw, ****** and open
1.3k · Nov 2016
Adam Childs Nov 2016
Daft, scruffy, crazy hair unbounding
Bouncing piece of bursting joy.
Sensless madness going berserk
  but please take me on a journey.
I love you, really love you so very much
I am happy to merrily trot and follow  
the path they all call LOVE.
As you float like a bubbles
perfect pink ballons.
Happy I am to be lead by LOVE

While those ever so precious cats
tip toe the rivers edge cringing at
thought of getting wet.
I just jump jump and jump
While others hold back
make plans control.
I pull pull say lets go live in the unknown.
I say lets play a silly game or two.

I am submissive not controlling
I let go of my ego
as a plastic crown falls of my head
I am filled with love.
Driven by something inside me racing
faster than any wind so let me jump inside
your heart and drag you kicking
into something beautiful.

And even though I really love all my
life so very much frightened that
I will loose it all.
I Silently tentatively sit by the rusty
waters edge as spring flowers blossom.
And wait for the signal
from you too
Love and Love.
To simply let go
to love and love.
As I jump ,jump and jump
Love ,Love and Love.
With a great big
Clumsy Splash
So the whole world can hear.
We let go and go,
dissolving all our ego.

Driven on by a deeper yearning
I love and long, love and long.
As I swim in a river that
has no tomorrow or
As I surrender to you
the great master OH GOD
what ever you wish
of me I will become.
Just throw me a stick
I will truly run do anything.

There are many who
rush away from great pain
I only rush towards joy.
There are those frightened
of getting lost to afraid to let go.
But I even though I melt like softest
butter in the sun. And fall in love
deeper than an ocean.
Expanding outside of the sky
into other greater worlds.

For deep inside I cradle myself
cherish, nourish blow kisses in
my heart.
As I am never running away only
running too.
As I am touched by a tender softness
inside I always hold myself.
As I gather myself to make a leap
hold myself to make the jump
as I carry myself through a hoop.
But I never loosing myself always
taking myself with me on the journey
into LOVE.

Much can be gained by listening to
mans best friend his Dog.
As we can all live in a river
paddling, expanding in
a Blissful  LOVE and JOY
Just spent a little more time trying to improve it as I felt it needed a bit of extra attention. exploring a more positive side of codependents
And using the example of our best friend.
Adam Childs Mar 2014
For he was a young soldier
Who loved his Germany
With all his honest heart
Like a son and a Father
They belonged together
As he sank into his trench
On the north side
He was aware of a tide
And had no one to confide
For each each day he battled
Against all rumor
There was no where to hide
As he felt trapped inside
And had no one on his side
As what were quiet whispers
A fluttering humming bird
Were now great big Rhino's
All angry and stampeding
Into the forefront of his mind
Whats happening to the Jews
And were did Alwin go
Were did he go
And why did I blank him
The week before he went
For I am lost and confused
As Germany has sewn
Razors around my heart

What had he done
Where had he gone
As his heart ached
With an almost ancient hollowness
That echoed over his battle field
His eyes all embedded
Became a blood reded
Two hot ball bearings
Carving with a burning envy
Into the enemy lines
As pierced through the sky
He said to himself
At least their gallant fight
Is in the just cause of right
And he picked up his rifle
Like a fire breathing dragon
He roared lead every where
As he drank up death
Like a tonic it quenched
The fiery hatred in is heart
A hot lava that dripped with venom
As his blindly sprayed his gun fire
For he was truly lost
And ran like a headless chicken
Into the arm of battle
As he sort peace down the
Canons of a Russian tank

How he loved his German uniform
A beautiful rich blue
With shiny new boots
As I paint over my regrets
For I have covered my rusty imperfection
In a gold plated uniform
I wear my thin skin of righteousness
So that I may point
To the naked imperfection of others
I live within the narrow trench of my own pride
As there is fear on every side
As I call upon all my regrets
As it is time to retreat
Into the hands of my imperfection
For I stand naked in the sun
My ego no where to hide
For I will not pick a side
As it is time to let go of pride

Regret is the Axe
that chops down my pride
The splinter that wakes my soul
To its duties in this world
Regret exposes the Viper
That hides in the jungle of pride
The pointing finger
Is a sleeping soul
Resting within its own pride
Pride draws you into the
Narrow trench of war
While regret is the angel
That offers you peace
In the tranquil space of
Your own imperfection
That brings you new hope
Made up in heaven
That we can call on
To save us from our own imperfection
That one day we are perfection
I  am really sorry if this is procovative I really hope it does not upset anyone it was written about a year ago for several reasons
1 .feeling I could of been a young German soldier in a past life                                                                                          
2.To help me sort out what is going on in my head
3.To challenge peoples thinking  
so again sorry if it upsets anyone
1.3k · Jul 2016
Adam Childs Jul 2016
As an instinct flies
in a place of beauty
an untamed nature
footprints in ground.
Where frosty stares in the still air
will frighten the devil.
We hear the haunting howls
within the wilderness as we
search for all that is
wild inside us.
In each stride a dark beast
inside us roars
sharp claws scratch prison
walls and paws rattle
the jail house bars.

I am the mad man in the
lunatic asylum who howls
at the full moon.
Barks at the visitor
I am the crazy one.
I am the werewolf
Look into me and I will scare
every bone in your body.
As a band of brother we all give
birth to a fresh madness .
Bound together we feel the freedom
of just being in our nature.

And I am so so sorry that you
always feel like a prisoner.
As he is wild and on the outside
you hold yourself captive.
As he is the wilderness
you are the farmer.
And all of his territory surrounds you.
Be careful in the land of the untamed
beast listen for his frosty breath
a cold bloodied steam.

Frozen in the wolfs glare you feel the
force of nature.
A thousand armies may try to penetrate
and conquer.
But stone walled by an eye
they are kept on the outside.
As they hear a voice
from a bearded old man
Some call nature
others call GOD
With thunder in his spirit and chain saws
in his growl you know he belongs to God
not man.

They place you in a prison
calling it
Freedom of choice
I will crack you open
break you free
and give you instinct
with no choice.
Burdened by the baggage
of decision i will set you
a path which has
but no reason.
Strangled by the mind I will
I will give a ferocious growl
that carries you right through.

Gliding through the wilderness you
race free following your instinct
breaking fresh snow each day.
Gain the thrill of your own wildness
and learn the power of running with wolves
in the wilderness.  
I takes courage to follow your instinct you almost have to be slightly mad
something wolves may help us with
1.2k · Jan 2015
Adam Childs Jan 2015
My soul rests within the
tranquility of the empty valley

I nestle in a beautiful space
a carved out place,
As I lie between
two proud mountains  

Open to the sky
I make a restful sigh
As I enjoy this giant

Blustering winds pass through
as the valleys edges are
brushed by busy grasses  
And tickled by the
Sweeping clouds

While many cattle graze
a silent centre has a
grateful gaze

As eons pass the empty
center sits to watch seasons
spiral past.

With her rolling mountains
and rotating valley
she see her endless time

And drinks it slowly
Like a delicious wine

How I enjoy the sweet open valley
1.2k · Mar 2014
Stepping Stones
Adam Childs Mar 2014
Even though my wounded pride
May wish to shower its havoc
And share its discontent
Spreading battles over many dark lands
Seeking its vengeance
As the sweet taste of the enemies pain
Would serve as the greatest aspirin
As breaking the smile of my
Gloating enemy , for my failure
Would quench the hatred in my heart
Like a thousand harsh winter
For that is where I stand
In a frozen land

Dare I melt the sea's of my frozen heart
As i sit in such silent peace
Though I may incline not to enter
The harsh world of relating
Where ego's smash against my heart
Alpha's roaring over my meek self
Leaving splinters in my bleeding heart
As they trample over me
Dispel yourself
For i seek the silent blissful path
Worthy yourself greatly , you may do
But I am a weary soul
Who grows tired of daily battle
And bored of your disrespect
Come only if you rest

Rest I must in Gods heart
And seek his help
Melt my heart Oh LORD
And cushion me in this world
As God you may be my parachute
And drain my vengeance
For its toxins , poison my blood
And spill me into darkness
A warming heart brings new remorse
To my violent soul
Shining a new light on all my errors
I seek forgiveness in the Lords presence
As I seek the new

Melting sea's renew memory's
Of broken hearts
The flow of new loving essence
Caress my many forgotten parts
Like a wet kiss from lost Love
Bringing tears and joy
In the same breath
Keep Away Keep Away
For I bath in the Love
Of lost nostalgia
Though the Love of lost lovers
Had raised me
That the stars were sprinkled
And sparkled in my heart
They felled me Like the giant Red Woods
Of California
Though I lived in the shadows
Of such heights
I seek the new
As I thank all the love of all lost love
With all the grace I can humbly offer
For their heights will become
My Stepping Stones
1.2k · Nov 2015
Adam Childs Nov 2015
I am the beautiful brown bear almost
golden, I wonder richly in contentment
around my mountain.
Like a monk I have humbleness and
touch my inner boundaries softly like
head snuggling a cushion.
I hold around me almost gingerly
the perfect blanket as I know the
importance of comfort.
I am the forever revolving river of time I
the the body of Vilvaldi's four seasons.
As I role cycle within cycle cog within cog
push against me you push against the
whole of nature.

I am not a strong soul but a weak as
I peep shyly through tiny eye holes
of my body.
You may know I am the master of cosy
cuddles and sleep for there is a reason you
give teddies to your children.
But cross the boundaries of my body and
you will find me as ferocious as a Lion
As you do not disturb me when sleeping
as you would not wake a volcanic mountain.
I am the deepest darkest cave as *** and
survival live some where on the outside.
Place your weapons by the door as all
defences are discarded as you drop
into this black silky bed.

I am a tiny mouse living in a great castle
a little pea rattling around a giant body.
I am a feather caught by the mighty wind
a drop of water in the oceanic sea as my body
always over powers me.
I surrender meekly one tiny white flag in front
of a huge ragging army.  
It is as though the night had a hand and with a
flick of a switch I am turned swiftly off.
While a heavenly goddess rolls sweetly into my

I am the servant of my body who in turn is
the pupil of the mountain the assistant of
mother nature ruled by almighty God .
Las tin line I have humility as I know obeying
my body is also obeying God.
So I maybe last into the world but I am also first
into heaven.
As I show tender love for my body with my
observance she responds with her sensory
We love and closeness to my body I receive
the perfect partnership

And when spring time comes my body palpates
and draws me forward itself dragged by a nose
ring the smell of salmon.
And when the body decides to attach I am in the back
carriage as wild horse gallop forward.
As I sometimes find I water ski through the summer
off my bodies collossal energy.
I love natures four seasons as on the dance floor I spiral
with my partner.
As we rush with excitement into spring and gently let go
into Autumn, like a pebble dropping down a well into the
winter fall.

I am a creature so intimate with nature my soul
can sometimes not tell the difference between
me and the mountain.

There is so much to learn from the beautiful bear
who lives gently with nature like a blanket and
sheet they lie perfectly together.
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