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Sep 2020 · 135
Adam Childs Sep 2020
High above
                                   With a silent watch

                                         I feel the quivers
                                        twists and turns

                                          My unsettled
                                           body parts

                                    I try to sing a gentle song
                                         to reach far below

                                     But my voice so silent
                                        my arms so short
                                          I cannot reach
                                    the anguish beneath

                                            My only desire
                                                To steady  
                                         such uncertain steps
                                       That tremble bellow
                                             would yell
                                           if I only could
              ­                          Be soft, be silent
                     ­                     And like a bird

                                          Stay connected
                                           But also Free

                                     And just let that Future go
Sep 2019 · 199
Utopian Dream
Adam Childs Sep 2019
Come on Labour,
let the sounds
Of your gentle chimes,
of destiny ring

Drown out those drums,
beaten by over privileged

Who bath in a nostalgia ,
for a glory that has never been.
Who have never seen combat
let alone
the true
of a ****** battle
or world war.

As white strings are pulled
we hear a sinister song.

So let us all Roar with a different
sound, with a heart in its center
and hope all around.

As all they really need to know
is whether inside or out
we Labour,

Have Their Back.

Time now is to dispel
all economic myth
the fear of Apocalypse

And unearth a
Utopian Dream
just a little poem for a up and coming election in the UK
May 2017 · 824
Adam Childs May 2017
With shortness of breath
I drag and crawl lifting
my clawed and bitten
body from the filth and
slim of a murky swamp.

While nursing my infected
wounds washing away all
dirt and grim.
An eager early morning sun
bursts over a sleepy horizon.
Geese flock and fly over head
as a damp mist hugs the long

A somber question weighs
heavily on my mind.
Do I regret ?
And I say no

Because amongst  all the filth
dirt and grim. Broken bottles,
hookers, ******* lines, *** ends
and scars in my mind.
Tired grey hairs and a  body that
aged ten years over night.

I found a love, and hearts that
shown like the sun. Pure in
intentions that asked for nothing
but gave me everything.
And a friendship that I had never

When others crushed and spat
drowning the sparkle in my sun.
Turning my world black,
they all merely flooded in.

With their drum and base
that played all night and
flashing lights that were
ever so bright as festivals
are quite a sight.

So how can I possibly ever
regret, when from God
they had come
rescue me

With a sincerity in their hearts
they all together caught
cherished and
May 2017 · 1.8k
Adam Childs May 2017
Crunching crispy cornflakes
Gangs of pebbles bubble

White water slurping
Its early morning edges

As waves deliciously lick
their sweet vanilla sands

Man bobbing in a canoe
Ocean swinging him like a baby boy

A  bouncing ball stretches
Across the waters view

Like a picture on the wall
For a moment time stand still

The scenery seems so surreal
like plastic or cardboard

Adding a friendly familiarity
Making me so sentimental

a place


Called Home
One needs to drop into the imagery
May 2017 · 1.4k
Adam Childs May 2017
Come on everyone don't be
like reluctant children on the
first day of their schooling.
Oh cloudy dark days, its really
not that bad, plenty
more twists in the story.

Lets all join hands stop
swearing tell everyone at
the top we are all together
and not moving.
OK come on,with  no doubts lets go,
go Brexit, but then lets paint it
red and not blue.
Wave to Mr Murdoch and say Ha ha to
you, you lost after all.  

Let us temper the angered
words dealt snake bit and
Brutal exchanges like Klitschko
and Joshua now is the time for
the hug right after.
You know when we are all slinging
mud and shouting someone
some where in power is betting.
And they are the only one that will
be winning.

Time now is for us to look in with
rolling hills, roses and blackberry
Sandy beaches, prickly thorns and
mystery round circles of stones.
Coated in gentle breezes alike a
kindly uncle the weather protects
And what do I find that sweet soft
tender, holly in the winter and roses
in the summer.
little England
And not something to be ashamed of
but something to be
proud of.

Time is now for us all to be free as there
is always darkness just before a birth.
Like a brave bird breaking free only
the brave seeds make it into a tree.
As not every parent knows what
is right for their child.

But lets not then look for the common
wealth and all its crimes.
let us simply be
Little England
That subtle feeling we hold
As we all know all the answers
Mar 2017 · 1.1k
Crystal Cliffs
Adam Childs Mar 2017
When you look at me
with a shaking head
Making me feel like
I am an Idiot

And as sometimes mist seems
to cover the whole dam earth
Foggy mind plodding
through the earth

Lost in a tiny little boat
Floating  across a giant sea
Waves are so much bigger
than me

The darkest night seems to have no end
No guiding stars or
even an owls

Just swallowed up by some dark mystery
Full of doubt about
The direction
I took

With a million voices screaming in my head
Telling me that I am stupid
That I just got it so
So wrong

But wait white doves are now appearing
The flood is disappearing
As the phoenix is now

Misty due is now falling breaking clouds
Sky is clearing and
Birds are

Flashing lights lit up in the mud
Words written in the sand
I think I have seen
a sign

Truth is I got everything
I ever really wanted
Exactly what
I needed

A person you would always be friends with
Something really terrific
I got

Which is better than expected
Much more lovely than
I could of

You see this world is something special
And mankind can be so

As crystal cliffs sparkling with
pink waterfalls splashing
My heart meeting this
magical world

As I know all is how it should be
Exactly what was meant to be
And more importantly
So am I  

And so much better than expected
And I know now there
Is even
Dec 2016 · 1.5k
Unifying Truth
Adam Childs Dec 2016
I am a golden being king
of all beasts sent by God,
to keep on searching for
all of truth.
Shinning fleeces glazing, almost
lazy, soaking up the sun.
My eyes held above the crowd
I sit back looking and looking.
Golden manes flowing with winds
keep on blowing. Yellow flames
keep on bellowing as the truth
keeps on coming.

I hear the sound of armies fleeing
as all my openness becomes
my strength.
My life an open book spreading
miles across facebook nothing
hidden all in view.
My honesty more brazen and bolder
than the Roman Empire.
As the world steps back I am unfolding
12 foot tall keep on growing.

Golden nuggets once hidden
now shinning.
I rattle the enemy to the core with
my dark ROAR the recesses of my
being turning over like an engine.
As there is not a part of my being
I have not seen all shadows disappear
with my seeing.
I turn the world upside down inside out
as all dark hidden corners become
white shinning teeth.

Ferociously I tackle the world
with a fearless truth.
Roaring into battle my open heart
devours all lies and untruth.
Let us charge
let us charge
Let the
fires burn
fires burn
As all is unified in this battle
for the streams of Gold and silver
For with no sacrifice there can be
nothing gained.

Driven forward and lifted up an
honor deep inside carries us
into battle.
So tonight my friend take me on
let us fight
be my brother
For now is a good time to die.
For the truth shall **** us all
but in the same way save us.

So my friend my brother
let us fight together
as we serve the golden King
Wear his crest upon our chest.
As all men fall within the limits
of their own lies let us hold the flag
of truth above us.
Let us die in the lies we beat to the
ground to be reborn within the truth
we hold above our head.

Living life with the glorious
King of beasts
the Golden Lion King.
Holding truth above our
own being we may proudly
bring love and dignity
to all of GODS Kingdom.
As all order is maintained
while he sits upon his throne.
Nov 2016 · 1.3k
Adam Childs Nov 2016
Daft, scruffy, crazy hair unbounding
Bouncing piece of bursting joy.
Sensless madness going berserk
  but please take me on a journey.
I love you, really love you so very much
I am happy to merrily trot and follow  
the path they all call LOVE.
As you float like a bubbles
perfect pink ballons.
Happy I am to be lead by LOVE

While those ever so precious cats
tip toe the rivers edge cringing at
thought of getting wet.
I just jump jump and jump
While others hold back
make plans control.
I pull pull say lets go live in the unknown.
I say lets play a silly game or two.

I am submissive not controlling
I let go of my ego
as a plastic crown falls of my head
I am filled with love.
Driven by something inside me racing
faster than any wind so let me jump inside
your heart and drag you kicking
into something beautiful.

And even though I really love all my
life so very much frightened that
I will loose it all.
I Silently tentatively sit by the rusty
waters edge as spring flowers blossom.
And wait for the signal
from you too
Love and Love.
To simply let go
to love and love.
As I jump ,jump and jump
Love ,Love and Love.
With a great big
Clumsy Splash
So the whole world can hear.
We let go and go,
dissolving all our ego.

Driven on by a deeper yearning
I love and long, love and long.
As I swim in a river that
has no tomorrow or
As I surrender to you
the great master OH GOD
what ever you wish
of me I will become.
Just throw me a stick
I will truly run do anything.

There are many who
rush away from great pain
I only rush towards joy.
There are those frightened
of getting lost to afraid to let go.
But I even though I melt like softest
butter in the sun. And fall in love
deeper than an ocean.
Expanding outside of the sky
into other greater worlds.

For deep inside I cradle myself
cherish, nourish blow kisses in
my heart.
As I am never running away only
running too.
As I am touched by a tender softness
inside I always hold myself.
As I gather myself to make a leap
hold myself to make the jump
as I carry myself through a hoop.
But I never loosing myself always
taking myself with me on the journey
into LOVE.

Much can be gained by listening to
mans best friend his Dog.
As we can all live in a river
paddling, expanding in
a Blissful  LOVE and JOY
Just spent a little more time trying to improve it as I felt it needed a bit of extra attention. exploring a more positive side of codependents
And using the example of our best friend.
Nov 2016 · 1.2k
Adam Childs Nov 2016
Bound to the body
Stuck to the earth
Crawling across the earth
Feeling so heavy

Deep inside
I feel a memory
Something so much better
A hidden treasure

Turning back within I
search for something hidden
Twist and turn, scoff and spit
Something precious deep inside

Then one day
When lost in greed
Take over by an envy
In the darkest way

I gently push
With new parts
And feel a warm
Flash of loving light

Suddenly I feel
A space inside
A sweet essence
Like a perfume
Floating free

With the lightest flutter
Like the touch of a feather
I feel so delicate
My whole world
Opening up

A bright light shine
Down onto me
And I see Gods sun
Shine right through me

And all now is beautiful
Surrounded by my
True colours
Lightly flying full and free

With spots of
Kindness, gentleness
Soft patches of friendliness

Laced together
With a gracefulness
As I carry a
Peaceful presence

All disfunctional ties inside and out
Discarded and dropped
All should's and should not's
All swallowed by a change

All my negatives
Are now positives
The need for Love
Has now all gone

As deep inside
Slipping down a slide
my esence
I find
made of

As I love and love
Bounce and bounce
From flower to flower
Dance and play

Sharing is
My only intention
I find


is simply


Like a pink waterfall
I can only share

As time passes by
I realize freedom
Is not left of right
Or even
Right or wrong

Freedom is being
Who you truly are
Just letting
All that is real
Really shine

Its your deepest
Purest essence inside
Time for letting


Its looking in the
Mirror knowing
You are beautiful
In every single way
360 degrees all around

And loving
What you see
Is being
Completely free

By being simply

Nov 2016 · 443
Adam Childs Nov 2016
Softly closing my eyes
As I let
The world depart

Gently close my hands
Upon my heart

As I cradle
Lord Jesus Christ
In my palms

I hold him
So very near
So very dear


In your strength
I feel so weak

So help me daily
To take a careful step

As I care for you
You care for me

So please
Draw me close
Love for you

I love you
Nov 2016 · 576
Adam Childs Nov 2016
Black hats, purple robes
Magicians love
To serve us all
Bubbling bubbles of desire
Lift me up
Higher and higher
Somewhere buried
In the sky

I discover
A taste a feel
On my finger tips
Touching with my very hand
In an unknown land
I realize
That I can have
anything the world
Can bring

So  each and every day
Solid bricks
Fly out of me
As I build
With building blocks
Desire pushes me
Up and up
Spiraling stairways, climbing spires
Take me to the very top

And then one crooked day
Bursting bubbles, worlds collide
Broken stairs, broken bones
short end of a wish bone
Steep steps rolling down
Once again
I find I am crying
Rubble all around
Falling tumbling down

But in
Crumbling castles of desire
I find my essence purified
Like a living flower
Sweetness springs
From inside
With a song
It sings
Out loud

I only wish to hear
The sea
To feel the sand
Beneath my feet
The wind blowing
Through my hair
And take a breath
Of clean fresh air

As I am lifted
With every step
All desires fulfilled
With every stride
10 thousand steps
I walk each day
Each one filled

So in this
Crumbling castle of desire
I feel a LOVE of life
In every part
I find my wishes
Just right here
Desire so very close to me
I can only feel
So blissfully

Each and every single day !
A little on the journey of desire
Aug 2016 · 626
Adam Childs Aug 2016
Sometimes love can be a scary thing

Like walking into an empty
Castle ruin.
Where cobwebs clinging
to a moldy ceilings.

And spiders eyes pierce
through clammy darkness.
Skeleton hands touching the back
of our shoulders.

Floating across an empty ball room
I find myself remembering  
where all was buzzing,
bubbling and fun.
As I danced all night with
the queen of the ball
I bath in the memory of her
scented smile.

Drifting sideways through a wall
I enter a kitchen, with
a beast is chained to a wall,
and stand behind a large table.

A bright moon climbs through a
broken window and glares right
into my soul.

Pushed back I fall onto a collapsing
wall that sticking out of the ground
like a great crocodiles jaw.

Scrambling to my feet I hear the
sound of creaking floor boards,
where there are none.

A timeless essence pervades the room
as I am comforted by a distant

A soft silver energy spills into the
room and takes the shape of
A beautiful women.

The angry beast still chained
to the wall growls and howls
louder and louder, I shudder.

But as the lady softly speaks
the howl of the beast quickly

Held in a straight jacket
we are braced by a
consuming silence.

Bewildered by her power
all my strength
collapsing onto the floor.

But slowly I observe fur
falling of the beast,
muscles begin to appear.

A giant stands up tall carrying a strength
greater than any dragon or beast.

All fragments of fur find life
rolling up together and
turning into a wolf.

As we all sit with each other
sunbathing in a silver moon
seeping into the room.

Lost with a beast in an abandoned
castle I am found and tamed
by this beautiful
fare maiden.

Gently together we are suddenly awoken
in a busy castle as we start remembering
something we had long ago forgotten.

How precious a love,
a gentle,
falling in love
can be.
Just experimenting I would be grateful for any feed back on whether it worked or not.
Jul 2016 · 1.3k
Adam Childs Jul 2016
As an instinct flies
in a place of beauty
an untamed nature
footprints in ground.
Where frosty stares in the still air
will frighten the devil.
We hear the haunting howls
within the wilderness as we
search for all that is
wild inside us.
In each stride a dark beast
inside us roars
sharp claws scratch prison
walls and paws rattle
the jail house bars.

I am the mad man in the
lunatic asylum who howls
at the full moon.
Barks at the visitor
I am the crazy one.
I am the werewolf
Look into me and I will scare
every bone in your body.
As a band of brother we all give
birth to a fresh madness .
Bound together we feel the freedom
of just being in our nature.

And I am so so sorry that you
always feel like a prisoner.
As he is wild and on the outside
you hold yourself captive.
As he is the wilderness
you are the farmer.
And all of his territory surrounds you.
Be careful in the land of the untamed
beast listen for his frosty breath
a cold bloodied steam.

Frozen in the wolfs glare you feel the
force of nature.
A thousand armies may try to penetrate
and conquer.
But stone walled by an eye
they are kept on the outside.
As they hear a voice
from a bearded old man
Some call nature
others call GOD
With thunder in his spirit and chain saws
in his growl you know he belongs to God
not man.

They place you in a prison
calling it
Freedom of choice
I will crack you open
break you free
and give you instinct
with no choice.
Burdened by the baggage
of decision i will set you
a path which has
but no reason.
Strangled by the mind I will
I will give a ferocious growl
that carries you right through.

Gliding through the wilderness you
race free following your instinct
breaking fresh snow each day.
Gain the thrill of your own wildness
and learn the power of running with wolves
in the wilderness.  
I takes courage to follow your instinct you almost have to be slightly mad
something wolves may help us with
Jun 2016 · 635
Adam Childs Jun 2016
May I tell you a little secret
But please don't let anyone know

That I am not strong
But actually weak

That I don't know
where I am going
Lost in rough sea
I cling to my tiny boat
With no life jacket

That if you look at me closely
You see my house  
Is made of cards
And not brick

That every day I turn of the sound
Holding cotton to my ear
As the world sings a song
My mind doesn't want to hear

That the bravado of a ******* man
Swinging a shirt above his head
Hides a little boy
Who was bullied at school

That I am like the little girl
Who slept with every guy in town
But was actually scared  
To sleep with just one

Or the guy who could
Have every single girl
But to scared to take his pants off
So hid in the Loo

That every day I close my eyes
As I walk a narrow path
With a shear drop on either side

That I scale a rope bridge
Across a great raven
Made with a decaying wood

That I sometimes do things
I wish not to do
I will even be your play thing
If it helps me fit in

That I do not possess Rhino skin
It is actually paper thin
Every word can break my skin  

That my heart doesn't roar
But hides like a
Little Lamb stuck in
A Lion's den

Thank you for letting me
Share my little secret
But please don't let anyone know
That I am not strong
But very weak
Jun 2016 · 627
Adam Childs Jun 2016
Not knowing where I am going
I am lost in an forgotten hinterland

I used to have such direction
But now I have absolutely none.

Wondering in this place
I am lost in Outer space

Surrounded by cloud
Like cotton wool

As all my lists
Dissolve into the mist

I look north, east ,south and west
No land marks valleys or peaks

As I sniff a little heather
And become as lite as a feather

Somewhere in my stomach
I feel an empty passage

But I take a gentle breath as
Something says nothing is urgent

I am cushioned by the cosiness
of the spongy undergrowth

As I Feel myself grow I delve
Into the peaty marshes bellow

Lost in this sleepy land
I can not help but enjoy

The forgotten Hinterland
Adam Childs Jun 2016
Are we to reject a greater unity
for the sake of a superficial
For does not the richness of
every need its canvas.
And every flower deserve a special
place in the garden.
As every star sits in the nights sky
belonging to a constellation.
I never hear them complaining
only gently sparkling.

Are we to reverse down a dark alley
not knowing where we are going.
Do we wish to offer a clenched fist
or are we to open our hand and heart.
Have we become so inwardly looking
that we switch of our lights close our
eyes as a room full of blind nations
continue to fight.

Are we to be influenced by papers
that serendipitously cloud the difference
between EU immigrants and Syrian refugee's.
As Rupert Murdoch and corperate power
divides and conquers.
Trillions gather of shore sit on the world
like a giant cancer and all we do is fight
with each other.
As they in circle us with their power we become
the entertainment at their coliseum.
Or do we pour love within the gaps becoming all
so much closer bringing back all our power.

Are we to live in a shrinking world where
other people's problems do not matter.
Is it time to close our eyes or time to look
in the mirror.
Out out out keep the bad guys out
as though our hands were clean
that we had never done anything wrong.
Are we we to cling to a penny pinching surface
or delve into the depths of our character looking for
a deeper treasure that truly matters.

Will not the true values of our heart not proper
when connected more deeply on the inside
and out.
By clinging to a superficial sovereignty we may
find ourselves also clinging to a wobbly mast.
As our island drifts of into a rough sea we maybe
to involved with surviving that we forget
who we truly are.
Just in response to the many who wish to leave the EU
May 2016 · 366
Adam Childs May 2016
I just want to say I love this site
whether i feel I have created some art
or just improved my head space
when I post a piece.
I love the the way support each other
through our emotions
May 2016 · 602
Adam Childs May 2016
Walking through the darkness
A world made of ash
Everyday I keep on walking
My feet keep on burning

Tyrants live in temples
Made of the broken
Relaxing with their
Model girlfriend

Shareholders count their
War dividends as they send
Their children to Eton
While in a distant land
a little girl
just got Shot

Lost in the darkness
Brutality has no ending
Looking to balance the equation
Only finding a black hole
a never ending continuum

As people preach of hope
But are so often wrong
More flowers placed by
The roadside why do the good
Often die young

As single mums struggle
tormented by ex lovers
Who walk away smiling
With their new girlfriend

As the faint hearted
Seek reason where there is none
And sense in the senseless
Like broken glass
can ever have any purpose

But as good deeds do lie
Buried unseen forgotten
In their life only find ruin
Let us not betray the scattered
Lights discarded by life  
Thrown to the wind like ash
Let them be our stars

For however dim my shine
However weak I may feel
I stand with God by my side
Holding my hand

Softly whispering
" Please not you Adam
don't let me loose you
hang on  
let me just love you"

As I promise to hold  
Onto goodness
Like a flower
On a cliff edge

And however faint
I maybe
Like a distant star
I shine
And shine
I do
with new  hope
Apr 2016 · 532
Adam Childs Apr 2016
Cheap is what they call me
as the play their game of
parse the parcel with
laughter and a chuckle.

Walking with a sleepy smile
in my waking dream
an inner nightmare
I cannot scream

Needing some company
I sell my body, accelerating
into a black hole as I look
for another soul.

An abandoned child
who has no father
waiting for a missing piece
to fill an empty space

Feeling invaded has become my
normal as I hide a million wounds
in the camera.

As the audience
becomes my shelter
bright lights are my protection

Always lived in a glass room
the whole world looking in
as my sense of boundaries
disappear trampled on.

As I sometimes find a full on
invasion like carpet bombing
much easier than a more
secret drone intrusion.

Images taken passed on
like domino's falling
spread like butter across
the internet for digestion.

I some how wish i had boundaries
that there was someone who could
help me rebuild them.
But maybe that is not me
maybe it is true what they say
maybe i am ...........
just experimenting
Apr 2016 · 1.4k
Adam Childs Apr 2016
I softly cradle and embrace
My deepest pain
firmly but not tightly
Holding gently
Kissing her forehead lightly
Sitting quietly  
Watching over her nightly

Tenderly tucking her up
Like a great army my
My Love surrounds her
I cherish her
Like my child
As I secure her safety

I sometimes whisper
Into her ear
Late at night
" you are doing fine treasure"
But she cannot hear

As the venom of the world
Falls like rain drops of acid
Onto fresh skin
As many holes are burnt
Into my delicate heart
As I feel her many screams
But delivered by many chariots
she finds her new streams

As we find the secret passage
the hidden path
The kept secret
To keep us apart
As we find the way
Up the mountain
That had long been forgotten

As I slide through the
Many layers of pain
I find much silver,
And precious stone
With all my deep down parts yelling
I also find a
Crystal clear diamond

As hell is not my damnation
But some how my salvation
Somewhere deep in my soul
Which I treasure and hold
As I find my wounds
Become my freedom
As all cages are broken

For I welcome pain
I say,
"Come on
Come In
Sit down
have a cup of tea
Feel human again"
As I live in deep comfort
With arm chairs
But no conflict

So eagerly I confront
My many wounds
And all my pain
Rushing quickly
Like water down a mountain
I walk through the valley
But carry no doubt
Carving canyons
That forever
Hold their Beauty

Walking the narrow path
Between sensitivity and pain
Is not an easy task
But with the MAGIC
word YES
You will gain
A twinkle in your eye
The many Stars above
And a Vast Ocean
Mar 2016 · 1.0k
Adam Childs Mar 2016
Addiction is
My something bitter
My something sweet

An unholy nightmare
I partly love
But mostly hate

My happiness ripped away
Like cement from a building
I cannot move
For inside out
I am crumbling

All around me my house is collapsing
As I find myself wide open
Standing in the rain
Which keeps falling
Just need a little more numbing

As I am bound to my body
Like an Egyptian mummy
A fight I can not win

Give me another
Another drink
Another pill
Another line

I am not sure
If I can even tell
The difference anymore

A vacuum under my feet
Where floor boards
Once met
My self esteem gone

A diminishing will that
Once stood like a mountain
Is now just empty Canyon

I am Sledging in the snow
Sliding down a mountain
But some how all
My joy has gone

My desire dissolving
Into a glass as
My heart has given in
As I fall into a drain  

Humiliated I feel
As I escape into another pill
As I am truly conquered
But not by a great army
Just my weak will

Slipping to my death
In quicksand I am sinking
And all I think is
Is Spar Open

Skidding on black ice
I can see I am about to crash
But I can not even flinch
Just have another drink

As I take another dive
If only there was
Something inside of me
That could say
Lets stay a Live

Then maybe I could pull
Out of this

My unholy nightmare
I partly love
But mostly hate

My something bitter
My something sweet
But mostly I hate
I just wanted to make the point that often addiction comes when life for some reason has taken away someones basic happiness
Feb 2016 · 4.3k
Adam Childs Feb 2016
Welcome to the world of Sci-fi
horror like a risky affair we
have all been courting,
but now it is really here.
And of course the reality is always  
far worse than the movie.
Like an alien attack or abduction
there is a flash of bright white
As hot as the center of the sun
those underneath vaporize
into nothing.
Their remains like ghostly shadows
burnt into the scarred ground.
And as we drop deeper into hell
we find in terror
the devil runs out.

Survivors blinded, burnt, crawling,
moping and moaning as we find
ourselves living in a desert like
Zombie land.
An earth once full of life falls through
space like a discarded match burning
itself out.
Of course I can only talk for myself
as you maybe able to hold a flame
against an innocent child or old lady.
But if not maybe you should not,
like genocide be supporting it.  
Thousands screaming and crying but
I am sorry there no hospital and there
will be no ambulance coming.

So with Little Boy
such a friendly name
like the boy playing down the park.
Well 40 thousand died an hour after
that one was dropped.
Now imagine something 30 times as
strong something they call the
Ivy King,
king of the apocalyptic land.
And now imagine their latest celebration
they call Castle Bravo 1000 times
more powerful.
How many millions tens of millions
could that ****
Bravo bravo bravo.

But these are just numbers what if they
all each had a name like
Nikolai or Emiko
sorry maybe it would be better if
we did not give them a foreign
name maybe call them
Jenifer or John.
So do really want to give our
government permission to drop
a bomb like Hiroshima or Nagasaki.
Perhaps they would be safer if they
changed there cities names called them
something like Manchester or Birmingham.

Naughty boys boasting about their
conquers sit around tables playing
their poker bluff.
While injecting a fear into their
enemies heart they mind their p's and q's.
As they pretend to be civilized
but at the same time threatening
an annihilation.
Just so they may get the
Upper hand
A gas pipe or
Oil rich land.
But I don't want my life to be
someones negotiating tool.
So stop playing your silly game of
chance because if you loose the whole
worlds is gone.
Please someone tell them
this is really not a game.

I hope the world has realized more
bombs does not make it safer.
Maybe you think it is money well spent
or maybe like me you think it could be
spent curing cancer or the environment.    
Any on a personal note
I really do hope  
they give up trident.
Jan 2016 · 902
Adam Childs Jan 2016
Not all defeat is bitter
Sometimes it lifts you up
Arms out stretched
Standing on a mountain

Sometimes life can be confusing
Perplexed standing on a podium
Holding a Gold Cup
While the winner
Gets a wooden spoon,
Even nothing

Sometimes defeat can give you
A little lift,
A little bounce
In your step
As though you were
Carried by an elephant

Sometimes winners crawl back
To their cages while you
Enjoy outstretched spaces
In all your vast freedom  

Sometimes defeat dresses
You in purple
Crowns you as King
And says Go On
Claim your Kingdom

Sometimes after all the
Defying God
You realize you are cured
And God was only operating  

Sometimes after all the
Shouting and swearing
You discover the world has
Become much sweeter

And sometimes after all the
Thrashing and splashing the
The water becomes much stiller
And you see all the colour
In the coral

And sometimes when you fall
Into these deep waters
You may hear a mermaids call
Telling you your destiny's pull

Sometimes defeat can be your glory
As you find the air is brighter
And your friends are kinder
Even the birds sing louder  

Sometimes defeat is not your
Enemy but actually your saviour
Pointing you the way out
Rescuing you from a great fire

Sometimes defeat is your closest friend
Holding you tenderly like a lover
Protecting you where it matters
The outside world in tatters

I don't care because
Not all defeat, is bitter
Sometimes it lifts you up
With arms outstretched and
Places you on a mountain
Jan 2016 · 826
Adam Childs Jan 2016
Dare I fall in love again and
Tight rope across a great raven
As I let those feeling rise again

Dare I try to climb once more
My weary body and broken soul
Could not take another fall

But I have traveled the murky wood
Carried broken arrows in my heart
And some how healed every part

I have navigated past a jealous troll
Been bitten by a snake or two
But some how it made me grow

I now take a breath with sleeping beauty
And I pause within all her majesty
For tonight the stars are really bright

As she sparkles in her silent glory
I pull back bless her and let her sleep
And enjoy the space that takes me deep

As I sit with sleeping beauty enjoying a little wait
With a tooting owl in the background
On the crest of a wave it is almost exciting

Now the sun is spilling over the horizon
Like a golden syrup over fresh toast or candy  
I feel there maybe more than hope

As I dare to fall in love
Yes maybe once again
As maybe there is
now only SUN
Jan 2016 · 740
Adam Childs Jan 2016
It appears a few people have fallen out on hear I was wondering if we can all try to be nice to each other. Everyone is likely to feel vulnerable as it poetry site a place where emotions are shared. Sorry I if this is annoying but just a call for us all to be gentle and supportive to each other. take care everyone
Jan 2016 · 968
Adam Childs Jan 2016
I am long an elegant slender queen with
my beautiful pebble ash marble skin.  
And as we rest on the ground lightly
I hold it softly rising like cream and
the finest queen.
As I rise, our eyes become locked welded
together by light we become one.
Together we both look into the world
and into each other.
And I tell you this when this happens I
can be your teacher but I can also be your

For I am the Cobra often here as a maintainer as I
rise a thousand soldiers stand to attention.
Cogs are oiled all forgotten becomes remembered
as all souls remember their purpose.
For I am the eyes of GOD.
As I appear all disharmony lifts like an early
morning mist as all slots into place.
All shepherds find their lost sheep and all
the world strays quickly hurry
Attracted to me you maybe but some how
you find you are frozen.  
I may not be your lover but I can protect the
lily flower from which your
love can grow from.

Follow me and you may sometimes not
know if I am GOD or the Devil as all I
can promise is that you will grow.
As it sometimes takes a snake to catch
a snake I can be your hired hand your
mercenary, snake my favorite meal.
For giant economic models, political systems
will all fall as I can land an elephant
if I have to.
So be careful what you stand on because I
rise out nothing to six foot tall.  
And you will have a choice do I become
your antidote or your poison.

The world will give the childish game of
winning and loosing and I give you the
maturity transcending and evolving.
Wrapped and curled on the earth I will
show you how deeper is much higher.
As we let go of the old I will show you
how to find the antidote by diving deeply
into my poison.
A controllers nightmare as I change myself
completely 4 times a year think you have got me
or is it just a mouthful of old skin as you
are so so yesterday.
Maybe cause a revolution help create some
progress teach the working class to rise
like a King Cobra's.

I will take you to the next plane as we
forget the past like an old skin.
As I transport you through space and time
like Doctor who in his Tardis
But move into disorder and you may feel
the striking force of Kali and Shiva

I can take you out of your revolving door
of life and death you are stuck in
and take you onto the
highway up to heaven.
Stick with me and you will ride on the arrow
head of evolution.  
So let my energies flow like a spiraling tornado
and we can move to the next level.

Whether King or Queen there is so much
to learn from the
Beautiful  COBRA
This is my second attempt I chopped my last one down an added I think this is closer to what i was trying to create.
Dec 2015 · 2.2k
Adam Childs Dec 2015
I effortless pass through water
like gliding through a silky air.
And as you all sail through life
you all sparkle with the idea
of being near.
As I am ultimate wisdom that
comes in the form of joy and play.
As the decks are silent splashes of
water all over your faces.
Then suddenly you all cry,
A tingly excitement every where
as though walking on a bubbly

Everyone congregating at the
side of the boat hoping to catch
a bit of magic.
Gasps and shrills as bounce and
burst out of the water along side
your boat.
People stretching reaching as I offer
a new hope the light of GOD.
And when they return to the shore the
story of the Dolphins like church bells
ringing travels through the town.
As everyone longs for Holy spirit they
are eager to hear the story.
As they learn about the Dolphin
that came to there town they want to
know who actually touched it.

I am the spirit that visits the holy as
I love those who are full but also
I come to those brought to the edge
who stared down the cliff  
but did not jump, as they chose life.
And to those who's world said no with
all doors closed because only they can
I come to those who have lost all will because
only those let me carry them.
I come to those who are broken
as only they can be molded  
I bring you many colours and inspiration
sometimes I will make you dance and
sometimes sing.
I am the Pentacost,  holy Ghost and your
Jesus Christs holy spirit.

Sometimes when you swim softly through
sweet watery emotion you will hear us talking.
When you think all is lost
you find yourself praying
even though you think no one is there
I will be listening.
Feel like you are drowning grab my
dorsal fin and I will give you a lift
even make you laugh, make it fun
even exciting.
Lost at sea sharks prowling I will circle you
as I will even fend of death for as I can
also heal you.  

Some will pen me in keep me in a
small tank tech me a childish trick
and manipulate.
But only those bigger than pools
more like the sea will know I have
greater tricks to teach.
As only those without plan and expectation
can ever swim with me.
As I will guide you on your hearts
adventure into the free.  

We will always love and seek to guide
you as we look for you in the sea and
gather around you in the bay.
We will teach you how to channel to
have an open mind to breath spirit
through your head.
And I will teach you how to be both
the radio and the wave.
How to be father Christmas, the chimney
and the presents underneath the tree.
So if you are needing help please
look over hear we are listening.
let yourself be empty and we will guide you.

There is so much to learn from communicating
and swimming with the Gods spirit, the Dolphin.
So let us connect with God heaven and the Dolphin
And be grateful for all her LOVE.
Dec 2015 · 544
Darkness My Home
Adam Childs Dec 2015
Sometimes the nights never end
Like an unrelenting storm they keeps pouring
As unforgiving black holes never find their bottom

As every drop of hope finds itself
absorbed into the deepest darkest ocean
As no one can escape reality no more than gravity

And when everyone's positive thought
optimistic sentiment becomes nothing
empty words on a sinking float

As you find that promises they made
were never really promises, after
which you are told, life just goes on.

And as one sinks a little deeper into
darkness surrounded by the Devils cloak
preparing his jaws for his final bit.

A little flicker from a little heart as fragile
as a candle in the storm, but as
as a tenacious  Ox or Elephant.

Says why don't we make darkness our home
As we learn the beauty of becoming forgotten
driftwood floating in the ocean.

So that is what I did I simply
made darkness my home.
Nov 2015 · 928
Adam Childs Nov 2015
Picking up the pieces
Now the storm has gone
Possessed I was by
A wild hurricane

As mighty winds blew fast
Broken windows, door and glass
As I now live in the debris
Of my mistaken past

Where my self destruction
Was my, favorite past time
And my stupidity was
A partner in crime

Cursed I was by my
Own devils scorn
As fire grew I burnt
Both my body and soul

But now I see in all
The scattered mess
Like a photo album
All my rich past

As I clear the ruins
Of  my broken parts
And brick by brick
I begin to rebuild

Repairing broken windows
I  let a new light in
And when sweeping the floors
I see the reflection an old self  

And I thank God it is
Time for me to rest
As all the angry fuel has
Gone from my empty chest
Nov 2015 · 1.2k
Adam Childs Nov 2015
I am the beautiful brown bear almost
golden, I wonder richly in contentment
around my mountain.
Like a monk I have humbleness and
touch my inner boundaries softly like
head snuggling a cushion.
I hold around me almost gingerly
the perfect blanket as I know the
importance of comfort.
I am the forever revolving river of time I
the the body of Vilvaldi's four seasons.
As I role cycle within cycle cog within cog
push against me you push against the
whole of nature.

I am not a strong soul but a weak as
I peep shyly through tiny eye holes
of my body.
You may know I am the master of cosy
cuddles and sleep for there is a reason you
give teddies to your children.
But cross the boundaries of my body and
you will find me as ferocious as a Lion
As you do not disturb me when sleeping
as you would not wake a volcanic mountain.
I am the deepest darkest cave as *** and
survival live some where on the outside.
Place your weapons by the door as all
defences are discarded as you drop
into this black silky bed.

I am a tiny mouse living in a great castle
a little pea rattling around a giant body.
I am a feather caught by the mighty wind
a drop of water in the oceanic sea as my body
always over powers me.
I surrender meekly one tiny white flag in front
of a huge ragging army.  
It is as though the night had a hand and with a
flick of a switch I am turned swiftly off.
While a heavenly goddess rolls sweetly into my

I am the servant of my body who in turn is
the pupil of the mountain the assistant of
mother nature ruled by almighty God .
Las tin line I have humility as I know obeying
my body is also obeying God.
So I maybe last into the world but I am also first
into heaven.
As I show tender love for my body with my
observance she responds with her sensory
We love and closeness to my body I receive
the perfect partnership

And when spring time comes my body palpates
and draws me forward itself dragged by a nose
ring the smell of salmon.
And when the body decides to attach I am in the back
carriage as wild horse gallop forward.
As I sometimes find I water ski through the summer
off my bodies collossal energy.
I love natures four seasons as on the dance floor I spiral
with my partner.
As we rush with excitement into spring and gently let go
into Autumn, like a pebble dropping down a well into the
winter fall.

I am a creature so intimate with nature my soul
can sometimes not tell the difference between
me and the mountain.

There is so much to learn from the beautiful bear
who lives gently with nature like a blanket and
sheet they lie perfectly together.
Nov 2015 · 745
Adam Childs Nov 2015
How I crave and long
For my heart to return
As it lifted blue sky's
Even rains and made
All the birds sing
Painted the grass green
And spread colour over
flowers over everything

How I pray for you
to hurry home as I have
a cuppa here waiting
For where I used to feast
I now live on bread crumb

For my eyes would barely
touch the sea and you
would fill and over flow me
But now I drop a stone in
the hollows of my soul
I barely here an echo
as it hits the bottom
As I now stir an  
empty bowl as I fall
into a bottomless well

How I crave for my heart to return
sweeter than any maiden
Just experimenting I don't usually write like this
Nov 2015 · 1.4k
Adam Childs Nov 2015
We rest deeply within our cote laying
the fields of quiet and peace.
The silence that lives underneath
an opera singers voice.
In our stillness we float up with
a sweetness of the finest essence
After the storm Noah sends us out
to fulfill a dream to find the
promise land.
As we search all direction we
carry no frustration as our
paths are completely open.

Our love has a steely aggressive
streak cutting through any
emotional obstacle.With a light
but forceful peck we find all
our boundaries broken.
As we slide through every challenge
like a train running through a
Hidden behind an invisible wall
we find our isolated heart feeling
But with our beak a few light taps  
and a wave like  wand we find all
our spell are broken.  

As the little self guards all his
inner wealth, but another voice
singing , " start sharing" as all
casts are now broken.
On the edge a little chick looking
down staring and just standing with
a little voice saying don't let go
keep on holding.  
But a higher force with a heavy boot
just shoves us off, while screaming,
search for something higher.
So a little bird starts tumbling with desperate
little wings that feverishly flapping red face

But caught in the unexpected currents of life
winds push us lower.
Then though all of a sudden like an orchestra
that has just found its conductor or a singer
finding her voice we start flying.
Defenceless little birds I find ourselves powerless
to the forces from above as we are caught but
not in a cage
but in LOVE.
My wings out stretching my heart opening I
find my tiny self racing like a rocket into
an infinite space.
With my love inside my breast you will feel
the tickles of feathers inside your chest.

Fumbling and bumbling chest filled
with love we find no room inside
our home.
With chicks bursting we find our heart
full of explosion. The endless love of a dove
letting go into freedom rising steaming
just keeps on evaporating.
With this incredible task a little birds cover
the world, keep streaming from a magicians hat
they keep on appearing.
As we sink into feathery arms we are delicately
warmed and like a radiator we start glowing.
Love is the hope that hangs in the air
like the star of David.
So when you snuggle into
the love of a dove you will find
yourself anchored at the bottom
of the sea but also high in
the sky above.
So let us travel in the wings
of a doves love
Oct 2015 · 620
Adam Childs Oct 2015
There was a little
sixteen year old boy
who had a little insecurity
So decided it best
to just go and run away

So he went on to make
and lose a fortune
travelled the world
went to thailand
pulled a violist in Chicago
Got some jobs and
a carrier too
And got drunk again
and again
And again
Learnt to meditate
found a Indian Guru
Worshipped Jesus
even slipped in a drug or two
before he bought a house
And got a degree

  Then one day it took just
   a teenage girl or two
In a field in Hampshire
To show him
That he in twenty years
he had gone no where
Was right where he first started

That he was
still that little sixteen
year old boy
who could not look
naked in the mirror

because he could not like
what he was seeing...  

Now that boy inside of me
realizes there is no magic wand
no one to save him
and a thousand shields
won't protect him from
who he really is.

But i do someday hope
that i can raise my chin
to look in the mirror
without my stomach turning,
curdling and my mind holding
back my crying...
Oct 2015 · 1.7k
Adam Childs Oct 2015
I am long an elegant slender queen with
my beautiful pebble ash marble skin.  
And as we rest on the ground lightly
I hold it softly rising like cream and
the finest queen.
As I rise, our eyes become locked welded
together by light we become one.
Together we both look into the world
and into each other.
And I tell you this when this happens I
can be your teacher but I can also be your

For I am the Cobra often here as a maintainer as I
rise a thousand soldiers stand to attention.
Cogs are oiled all forgotten becomes remembered
as all souls remember their purpose.
For I am the eyes of GOD.
As I appear all disharmony lifts like an early
morning mist as all slots into place.
All shepherds find their lost sheep and all
the world strays quickly hurry
Attracted to me you maybe but some how
you find you are frozen.   
I may not be your lover but I can protect the
lily flower from which your
love can grow from.

Follow me and you may sometimes not
know if I am GOD or the Devil as all I
can promise is that you will grow.
As it sometimes takes a snake to catch
a snake I can be your hired hand your
mercenary, snake my favorite meal.
For giant economic models, political systems
will all fall as I can land an elephant
if I have to.
So be careful what you stand on because I
rise out nothing to six foot tall.  
And you will have a choice do I become
your antidote or your poison.

The world will give the childish game of
winning and loosing and I give you the
maturity transcending and evolving.
Wrapped and curled on the earth I will
show you how deeper is much higher.
As we let go of the old I will show you
how to find the antidote by diving deeply
into my poison.
A controllers nightmare as I change myself
completely 4 times a year think you have got me
or is it just a mouthful of old skin as you
are so so yesterday.
Maybe cause a revolution help create some
progress teach the working class to rise
like a King Cobra's.

I will take you to the next plane as we
forget the past like an old skin.
As I transport you through space and time
like Doctor who in his Tardis
But move into disorder and you may feel
the striking force of Kali and Shiva

I can take you out of your revolving door
of life and death you are stuck in
and take you onto the
highway up to heaven.
Stick with me and you will ride on the arrow
head of evolution.  
So let my energies flow like a spiraling tornado
and we can move to the next level.

Whether King or Queen there is so much
to learn from the
Beautiful  COBRA
Best read completely before judging
Sep 2015 · 1.2k
Adam Childs Sep 2015
I am Lion dressed as lamb
A King wearing a woolly coat
As my eyes turn red with
an increasing heart beat
and the heat of the sun
I know I have to run
While weaker men may
cry and weep in the battle
field they pray.
My laughter like armour
ripped from dead bodies
clatters through their soul.
And amongst all the waste
sliding down the valley they
hear my voice echo as they
know they have met the
Press me and you may find
an almost pessimistic mind
but only because i build a
house with stone.

A thousand  times I offer my love
a thousand times the world says no.
A thousand times I search for God
and only find a silence, a nothing.
A thousand times I seek my fortune
and only find fools gold.
My mind my 2 inch thick skull beaten
and folded, layered and layered fire
welded like the finest sword.
Strengthened with the forces of
fire and water, sharpened and
grounded by the trials of life.
For there is no need for fantasy
walk on water fairy tale land
with my battle hardened mind.

And the devil you are all so
frightened of he is mine and
I love him.
As I am here to free your mind
so let it be pessimistic critical
unleash your dragon.
For unlike all your GURU'S
I say the battle is not inside
but on the outside.
I never get lost or disappear
into  the black hole of my
mind but hold the blackness
up in the face of darkness.

All the No's of my mind become
my spear my shield.
Standing square all the world
fears my sword.
A hardened head a shield i carry
in front of me. with an unleashed
love I am pulled forward.
As a million soldiers stamp their
feet inside my head.
With spiraling forces expressing
curling themselves onward.
As I drill out new spaces
in new places.
  As I am swept up by the cogs
of space and time I get a glimpse
of GODS passion.
Completely protected I smash  
and smash myself forward as
I am like a planet sling shot

Though my mind may feel closed
my heart is always open.
Riding on an expanding natural
force I know myself to be much
As you cannot contain the power
of my yes anymore than an
exploding universe.
As God says no amount of no's
stopped me making all of you.
By being hear I know I have
already won.
As I have been bursting out of
sun spots, super nova's stars
ever since time began.

Much can be learn't from the RAM
with his soft heart and hard mind.
Sep 2015 · 1.4k
Adam Childs Sep 2015
Godless men wearing back
sit within blistering sun.
As they carrying their sacred book
soaked in an evil not from any GOD.  
And they some how get
**** **** ****
**** for God.
As they ironically tell the
world that it is

Come and join us
or be buried alive.
Yes come and join us
Let us brutalize and castrate
your daughter your child.
And give your son a gun while
we go cut of some heads.
As we rip out your heart
with blood and violence.
And ask you to spit on all
love and humanity.
As you stand within your shaking bodies
you look into the eyes of your
wife and only see terror in
her heart.
You know that you must

Thousands of you are swept
like the dirt into the sea.
Mothers and Fathers crying as
children are lost and drowning.
Someones baby washed up like
drift wood or a log.
Cut all with razor wire
climbing caged out fences.
As a heart cry's I only want a
new family home I will polish
your shoes wash all your loos.
Please they scream we are only
Sorry I don't think anyone
is listening.  

Westerners wake up lounging
on their sofa belly's spilling
over their trouser.
Stomachs extended inflated
from just a little to much
extra seconds.
Looking on disconnected
at those who traveled risked
their lives even walked
a thousand miles.
And some how spill out with
their lager down their cheek
thieves  ****** and
lazy freeloaders.

And those who succeed to
find a new home some how
elegantly find a dignity
in being unwanted.
And those who failed their
perilous path trust in God
has left them homeless
As they find the west
also Godless.
As we with a cool glare tell
them go back to your guns
bombs your not welcome
Stone face matter of fact
immigration explained
take your children back.
As we try to through them
back like babies into a dog
or snake pit.
for this frosty reception
and cloudy perception
I hold out hope for a
better conclusion.
Sep 2015 · 3.9k
An Owls Sight
Adam Childs Sep 2015
I am the soft silent sight
nestled in a tree gently
holding hands with emotion.
Together like lovers we intimately
sit with an invisible touch.
Our eyes penetrating darkness
we govern like a loving mother
or angelic force like Mother Teresa.
A shiny moon polishing  
a silvery heart cooled
by a vast ocean.
I always fly quietly as I bring
a gentleness into darkness.
Tucking the night up with
the softest quilt, through a pane
of glass in a near by wood you
hear me calling.

I give a rod of stability eternal sight
seen it all before will see it again.
As we hang softly like the moon
in the sky or an Owl in the tree.
I lift people through their night
I carry them with my sight a
tractor beam of light.
As you feel my presence like a
million hands that softly
All holding torches you are
lite like a child who's mother
has come back.
Scooping you up your
darkness falls on
entering my Owls sight.

I am the light that always
surrounds the night .
I am the ever expanding vision
the tide that never turns but
just keeps on rising.
I grow with a bursting force
of an ever expanding universe
as I stretch my eyes they keep
on reaching.  
I am the ancient eye placed high
above always unstirred but
filled with feeling.
Like the white of an eye surrounding
a pupil I am the army who circles
around the darkness.

I am the reflection of the velvet
moon sitting on the ocean
threading itself throughout
your being.
Those caught within my sight
will feel a thousand tiny bubbles
of bright light.
Gandolf the white explores
your caves holding his
wisdom stick and lantern.
Unlocking your hidden emotion
giving you magic fighting
of your demon.
I will conquer hell fire with
a gentle trickle finding my path
like a mountain stream passing.
But when I open my heart my wings
the devil will shudder because I hold a
power like the pacific ocean.

So much protection we can find
at night within the Owls sight.
Aug 2015 · 1.1k
Adam Childs Aug 2015
I am the unfolding  transformation
lifting you from the bottom of
the garden.
As there was a time when I
was obsessed with just money
and survival when I sluggishly
crawled constantly feeding.
Imprisoned by my body my flesh
I could not transport myself to
a higher thoughts or place.
Many parts of my life covered in
darkness I nestle quietly in my
As I tuck myself in my own sheets
I collect all the food of past experience
and wait for a transforming party
to begin.

My back broken by an anvil I
used to carry now, letting go I
see it falling my back starts
Time i spent counting money I
now spend smelling flowery
Take a glance into me you will see
the power of my spiritual eyes that
attach above and behind me.

Look into me and you will see
that i am a lot bigger than my body.
I live such an innocent way, but
the enemy is shocked frightened
away when he see the size of
the real me.
As a ignorant predator may foolishly
fear me but the better informed see
all my beauty.
Filled with colour my spiritual eyes
give me wings help me fly.
As I float I surrender to the joy
of a puppets dance as I am pulled
by strings not from this earth.
I show the world that change is
created not by a sledge but by a
little polish or feather duster.
As I lightly spread my change
with the softest touch.
Whether inside or out i spark a
permanent change with touch
like lovers kiss.
All the forces that I push to an inner
change are reflected in the
colour that springs outwards.

As I touch the sweet center of a heart
a rose I have a little sing and give
life a new ring.
As I breath and relax many gaps
open all my needs my soul spills past.
I am lifted through my life by a
force of GOD I spend my life
half angel half human.
As I spend my life simply and
freely I flicker my only mission
to spread some colour.
All stresses evaporate disappear
as I blend with the forever field
of change.
I am the one and only match you
need to lite the bonfire the flickering
flame of cascading change.

So much to learn when fully absorbing
a rapidly changing butterfly view.
Jun 2015 · 494
Adam Childs Jun 2015
My God My Master
How it feels so good
To come back to you
With a melting heart
And movement back in
My remembering chest  
Let us together stir those
   waters once again  

You know I have been
Timidly anxiously hiding
Waiting for all your wroth
To repay all my anger
When I cursed everything
From above and higher
but I can only hear your
Chuckle and laughter

You know you made
me look a fool
used me like a tool
As you took all my
egocentric narcissistic vanity
My personal power obsessed
Western mentality
And tricked me like
A red rag too a bull

But now I know what
you were trying to do
As I see what you have
been trying to show

And i am really glad you took
the time because now I feel
So much
with you
nothing special in words but I feel a little resolution
today with God
Jun 2015 · 2.0k
Adam Childs Jun 2015
How can you proclaim
that we are free
can you not see
our authentic selves
lie buried and covered
from every single angle with
shame, shame and shame.
As our freedom is stolen
with bars of condemnation
as we are encaged  from
every side.  

For why do I feel a ******
elevated world looks down
on me as I push my pram
because I chose to have a baby
Why do I feel I need to bury
my head because I am a single
Why do I feel condemned because
I chose to have a career and not
be a mum.
Why do I feel  so embarrassed
about my little cute flat.
And that i feel I have to apologize
because I feel ashamed of  my
small income.

What chance have we really got
if we are constantly made
to dance to a condemning shot.
Our true selves half dead in a
bunker with shame all around us
the enemy that surrounds us.

I wish my body was taller, thinner
and in some places even bigger
oh God I do not want to look in the
And what is wrong with my God
given colour for why am I made
to feel so unwelcome.
Why do I feel embarrassed about
my particular religious belief
the way God gives me inner relief.
Why do I when I am asked my age
do I start to mumble my words
and change the conversation like
there is something wrong with
being just a little old.

How can we find happiness in this
world if we are constantly kicked out
of home by shame.
Maybe I will be just fine as long as I
do not let myself be anything
that I truly am.  

I do not like my accent the way I talk
this is something I will have to change.
Why am I made to feel so ashamed of
my craft my job because I am just a blue
collar worker.
Why am I so ashamed of my education
that I left school worked hard since sixteen.
Why are the unemployed condemned
when the capitalist system needs them.
Why do some people feel the need
to move up a class from their background.

I am sorry this has become so
very long but I must just keep
going on.

Why am I so ashamed of my white
van that I work from
or the old car I play from.
tell me why does fitting in
give you a derogatory name
like common.
And why when I was born
beautiful I can not celebrate
but I am made to feel I must
hide to protect another's ego.
Why because I was not made
to look perfect that world decided
that I must suffer.
And why should I be ashamed  
that I like to watch football and not
something posh like rugby or Polo.

I know I should be ashamed
that I keep on moaning but
I keep on seeing a very
Shameful pattern.
Why do I feel that
I am drowning that the world
is closing in and that my choices
are shrinking.

Why is it sometimes still
considered to fancy the
same *** as wrong
as they sing their
homophobic song.
I am really ashamed to confess
that I sometimes like to
wear a dress but what is
your problem why won't
you just let me express.
Why do I when I share my body
spread some *** and pleasure
that it is all considered wrong.
Why when I criticize the system
I am shamed and called ungrateful
is that not just a little controlling.
Why am I told of for not always
being happy like there is something
wrong with sometimes being unhappy.

Who said we have to be terrific and
extraordinary heave forbid that we
are just ordinary.
What is the point of cleaning someones
mind but then sending them into
a shameful swamp.
What is the point of drying someone
out but then leaving them cold naked
in the rain.
If you say that I am free why do I
struggle to even breath.

You say that we are free when we
are paralyzed by shame with no
where to go.
But I do have  a dream that we
can all some day  live in a world
I tried to shorten this believe it or not but then gave in I kind of decided the size emphasized the fact that we have become accustomed to so much shame in so many area's of our lives.
May 2015 · 961
Adam Childs May 2015
I am a castle not a house
that sales lite as a feather
I am a giant whale
Don't try to change my course
I will tell you our direction
where we are going
For I am the captain
Of this ship
Commander of this vessel
For I am greater than you
As I open my jaw
A thousand like you
Just channel through

If you are lost
You are not listening
Because I will be calling
My call crossing an ocean
eeeeeeooooo   eeeeeeeeeeeeooooooooo
soft silent listen
Yes silent listen
I am hear for you
To call you
I am you
I am your soul
And you come home

Nothing frightens me
I am far to big
As I swim so much deeper
As I am one with all waters
But I will also blow out
So much higher
When I choose to
take some air
I often swim so very fast
but at the same time
seem still  
Yes I am much older than you
but at the same time
I am remain much younger

Lost adrift at sea
I will scoop you up
take you somewhere
deeper calmer
Look for me and
you will see me
exploding out of water
see me in a mirror
A reflection in a lovers eye
Listen for a whisper
Or my 10 thousand mile call

Lost sinking drowning
Looking in the small
The little detail
For meaning
But I tell you
I am not small
I am big
Bigger than meaning
Bigger than all
I am your soul  
I am the king of all
From the Antarctic
To the north pole

You think this is your Planet
I swim surround cover all
For you listen to me  
I PLAN--------ET   ALL
So much can be learnt
when we listen to our soul
The giant Blue Whale
May 2015 · 1.4k
Adam Childs May 2015
I am soft and gentle
and bring a clarity
to the dark night.
I wear a loving darkness
like a comfortable cloak.
I am the vanishing vampire
puff puff you see me now i
am gone.
For I am the creature
of the night.

When your world caves in
your emotions turn to
Just listen deeply and
you may hear me flutter
in the blackness.
For you are not alone
as your friend I am here.
A gentle creature comfortable
in the night.

I am the sometimes the forgotten
hidden in the corner in my cave
there i hang.
We live our lives upside down
sometimes living our teens
in our thirties.
As we slip into caves through
cracks often hiding in places.

We light the night with
sound, magic and our
emotional moon.
Soft and angelic we are
so innocent in nature.
In this topsy turvy land
we turn the world upside
down and find GOD also
lives underground.
So we never fear or
feel claustrophobic this
darkness is our home.

I never waste my time
looking to the future
to me it is all a blank.
And there i find my freedom
no burden or expectation.
I am the deep sleep that
has no dreams.
Perch with me in my cave
I will give you silent night
I am your greatest ally
in the darkness.
As I fly into blackness
with speed and purpose
There in the moonlight
I detach myself
spread my wings
find my freedom

Out of site I vanish
from the world
for only
those who look into caves
their darkness will ever
have a chance to find me.
Sometimes I fly high
breaking into the night
turn of my sound
and just disappear.
I relax sit back
into the my void
have a break
from myself.
Puff puff i am he vampire
who has just gone.

Remember when your world
caves in turns to darkness.
Do not panic just disappear
into blackness.
You will hear me flutter and
know I am near.
For with a little bat
becomes very clear.
One of my animal poems just exploring
May 2015 · 569
Adam Childs May 2015
Shush please
Silence your mind
For I hear you
predicting my future
But I tell you
As I tell myself
I am no

As I sometimes feel
The earth from under me
Kind of crumbles
Only to find  
My rockets
My vibrations

Like a bat i fly
My future a blank
For me it is
An adventure
Out of my cast
I explode I blast

For a moment please
Stretch out a place
Dig a hole
your mind
Into an
outer space  
Help me find

Leave a moment
A gap
Just a chance
For a new future
To be found
But I need silence
All around

I am a flower in a forest
Filled with trees
And wisdom
Please take of your cloths
And slip in for  
something new to begin
May 2015 · 430
Adam Childs May 2015
Please do not tell me
I am a God because I
tell you I am only human.
And I am really pleased
that your God really loves
Make a wish and he will
supply you lovely job, beautiful
wife he will give you  
And how it all really worked
out for you and your respectful

Look I really am delighted for
all that has been given you.
But can you please please
go over there because we
are drowning over here.
And do not say we do not
paddle because we really
do so very fast.
And we are still sinking not
sure how long we can last.

I know by the look in your
face that you do not trust
that I am sincere when I
say I am joyous for your
But what I will say is that
I am really trying
And when you wear your
happiness like a golden robe
I really try hard not to pull
on you.
As am sincere when I say
I want to be a good friend
as you seem so much better

They say knock and he will
come and I am glad your
God came.
But my hands gone numb
I now having bruised
and bleeding knuckles
and no one came.

I am truly really happy
for you but please
Remember some of us
are still drowning
I was really not sure whether to post this just exploring some feeling of despair I apologize if it does not give a positive enough view maybe I should keep my processing to myself.
May 2015 · 1.4k
Adam Childs May 2015
I slip softly into my cave
as I gently vanish disappear

To my inside place
I explore like
outer space

Where I begin to light
the dark with a
fragile flickering candle

It is not long
before it all
becomes so very warm

As I rest in the
armchair of my heart
I start to hear
snap crackle and pop  

As I switch of the mind
releasing all that is tight
I enter the permanent night

But discover all turns to light
as the dark becomes a
permanent day

And as I tunnel into
my great mountain
a cave a distant quiet

I start to feel the worlds
rains cannot touch me
and feel gold all around me.

With the world so far away
a glowing lamp rising
within me like flowers
bursts scents are spilling.  

And a hummingbird is
felt buzzing all around me
softly searching for
his sweet nectar.

How I love to return
to my sweet cave.
May 2015 · 1.4k
Adam Childs May 2015
Please do not cover this day
With a flowery petty coat
Paint brush or brush stroke
Or blow it full of
Silver lining, star dust
Because tragedy is real

Do not diminish our suffering
Or belittle all our pain
By telling us there is meaning
Because I am telling you
God was not on that mountain
peaceful hilltop farmer left anguished
And landscape is vanguished
Family under rubble
Tragedy is real

So tell me then when your
Oppressive boss dragged you
Stole your pride dignity
Shagged your wife destroyed you
And rocks fell on my child
That the lord
Looks after you
Because tragedy is real

Spend a day lifting rocks
dead bodies needless pain
People screaming children wailing
Then tell me there is meaning
That God has a plan
I say he has none
Because tragedy is real

To make sense
Is absolute nonsense
Only callous and cold
And I would not
Be so bold
To insult with any meaning
For unlike a wife
This wound is not leaving
Or ever healing
And can only be left
Raw, ****** and open
Apr 2015 · 1.7k
Adam Childs Apr 2015
As a silly  spoilt child
Disgruntled I grumble
Throughout my blessed life
Complaining about my loss
That God does not give a toss

But abundantly  in my life
Scattered in my garden
Live deep hidden forests
Sacred special spaces
Forgotten mossy places
Things I can not see  

In my soft mossy pastures
I am drawn into sound
Soft rich earthy ground
My meddling hands resigning
And my heart softening
To the treasures God is bringing

As a child I am sometimes
still screaming for what
I am not receiving  
Even though chosen
But my loving Father
Always refusing to
serve me poison

But he keeps on giving
Life's unexpected gifts
Full of presents and parcels
An unknown cultivated Karma
A forgotten ignored pleasure
Actually look at all the treasure
Everyday a Christmas tree
If I could only look and see

So in my adult days
I learn to look on
In different ways
With a mossy heart
I nourished and softening
receiving parcels tenderly
passed down from heaven
the idea just came to me I may return to it
Apr 2015 · 3.7k
Adam Childs Apr 2015
I live so shyly it could be
taken as an apology but
it is only simply that
I seek to walk gently
As I live where thick
forest grow deep within
a hidden society places
you will never know.
I am a gentle giant the
King of the jungle a great
power house, walking  
softly and slowly.
As you look into my eyes
rivers and waves will
channel and flow
between us.  

I sit so still in the jungle
resting so deeply the world
is centered around me.
No human, monster or
giant cat could ever disturb
me my heart strong and enormous.
I am a fortress great castle made
of stone as many softly creep
past me.
I bear my chest a treasure chest
a temple for my heart.
As I open my inflated chest
puffing out my heart I breath
my love into this world.
Always holding a perfect space
for my a green house for
my family to grow.

I have the wisdom of many elders,  
the strength strong men and the
touch of a gentle baby child.  
Covered in warm soft fur we
hold each other within the
lightest kindest touch.
We know a gentleness can
only be built on enormous
power and strength.
As I am born to hold cherish
and protect as you will see
in my eyes I cradle my
family within my heart.
As an amplified love burst
through my chest I feel every
follicle of hair search to

Although never anger me
never threaten my family
as I will drown you out
like thunder.
I will be all the storm clouds
of your life turning your day
into night as I shatter your
world with rain.
I will grow like KING KONG
curse and dominate your day,
you will wish you never
crossed me.
I am the beating heart of my
family as they all beat inside
of me so maybe no giant is
ever bigger than me.

Don't throw your lies at me
as they will bounce of my
silver chest as I do know my way.
I can be your worst nightmare      
the softest mother and the
gentlest grand father.
And all the love in my chest
passes through my skin as
though it was paper thin.
I feel the jungle grow all
around me as I pour my
love into my family.

Give it to me, for all the world
all I want is to love my baby
and I will be so happy.
Living within a pool of amplified
love that turns brighter jungle a
electric field green.
As I really love my family
be careful with their sensitivity
as all their love sponsors me.
But be gentle and I will love
you like my family
as I am the
Apr 2015 · 714
Adam Childs Apr 2015
Why do we not scrap
this barbaric idea
that keeps us all in fear
The price so very dear
Is it not so very clear
We must reject this
stupid idea  

Sorry it escapes me
but how does having
Nuclear weapons make
the world a safer place
Does that mean if we all
have them the world would
be a completely safe space  

Why does our search for
peace always involve
humiliating an enemy
Destroying their dignity
alienating them completely
Can we not learn a more
compassionate intelligent
social ingenuity

If you could smell evil
we would surely pong
As we breath dreaded a
threat of global destruction
Spreading our fears
like raindrops many tears
As we arrogantly court with
pain and extermination  

Let us learn that peace
is not something you
****** on an enemy.
But can only be built
on many small
steps of trust
And by dropping our
power greed blood lust  

100 Hiroshima's sleep
within a Nuclear sub
To awake a single one
would be a calamity
So lets protect all of humanity
And regain back our sanity
By rejecting this path of vanity  

Every new journey towards
hope starts with one little
brave step in trust.
So let us take that step now and
support nuclear disarmament.
Apr 2015 · 681
Adam Childs Apr 2015
Please try to hear
Can I make it
Anymore clear
I need a little time
To be a human

As I am whispering from
behind closed curtains
And screaming from
very high roof tops
How I really feel

As I do not even know
who can not really deal
As you vanish disappear
Into distant space and time
proclaiming we are God

But are we all just lost
In a new age self empowered
Individualistic self obsession
Revolution so called evolution
Where no one is just aloud
To be a simple human
As we can only be a great
Almighty God

For dare I say
That I can not do
That this is
little to hard
And admit my own
boundary limitation  
And I can not do

Please don't  call me God
It just feels like a rod
I want to be just free
even still like a tree
Maybe not extraordinary
maybe just ordinary

Please don't promise
me a spectacular future
Pretending to be
my fortune teller

Just tell me that you can see me
, can cherish and sincerely hear me
Hold my hand and just be
what ever the future does hold
Not sure how this turned out just trying to work out where I stand with the new age obvious lots of good has come out of it in many ways. Although  sometimes it feels like it goes a little to far and puts far to much pressure on the individual.
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