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 Apr 2022 Kellin
our lips will never meet
nor our fingers intertwine
and so bless my dreams
for indulging what's not mine
 Apr 2022 Kellin
I love you.
 Apr 2022 Kellin
You're the past I craved for.
The present I adore.
The future I want.
I love you.
It s better than anything I ve written so... Here goes.
 Apr 2022 Kellin
Zack Ripley
We're afraid to live.
We're afraid to die.
We're afraid to try.
We're afraid of what happens if we don't try.
We're afraid to love.
We're afraid to commit.
We're afraid people think we're full of ****.
We're afraid of the truth.
We're afraid to lie.
We're afraid people will think we're weak if they see us cry.
We're afraid to feel.
We're afraid of fear.
But knowledge is power.
So now that you know what you fear,
what are you going to do about it right now? Right here?
 Apr 2022 Kellin
And what would happen if you
Looked into my eyes...

And realised?

These glazed eyes,
A distorted tautologous window.

A facade of transparency.
The window is misted
It’s distorted with the touch of an October morning.

And I fear.

You will not see through this window,
This glass.
Until it has shattered,
And all that remains is a soul,
That has been freed.
UK Samaritans Number- 116 123
 Apr 2022 Kellin
Seán Mac Falls
Out of Greek myth, she
Glowed at the party and proved,
Stories I had told.
 Nov 2021 Kellin
JK Cabresos
my eyes betrayed
me again,
unshed tears
on my face
with pain
and longing,
i've missed you
 Feb 2021 Kellin
Just Some Time
 Feb 2021 Kellin
No more bad nights
Just a few years
Our first bed
Our first key
A full fridge
And a full heart
you and me forever
 Feb 2021 Kellin
robin kemme
She does not meet my gaze
as she enters, she sees me
and exorcises me with a bleak past.

Her consort sailor, sick or moribund.
She felt lonely, herself and only
considers thoughts
to another life with someone else.

Her eyes value
phantasms swimming.
She is a prisoner and beckons me away.
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