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September Roses Jul 2018
As the sun slowly sets
The precursor to the week
With deadlines,
                            ­               Oh so bleak
The calm before the storm
  Too restless to enjoy
For everybody knows
     It's sunday's melancholy ploy

    Responsibilities loom overhead
     Our heart as heavy as the air
      The world has now gone silent
              We sit in subtle fear
Chrissy Ade Aug 2018
On Monday we met, our eyes fixated on one another, eager to know more
On Tuesday we talked, twiddling our thumbs, fidgeting in our seats, pondering on the right things to say
On Wednesday we hugged, your arms held me close, heartbeats in sync, I felt myself floating
On Thursday we kissed, our lips gravitated towards each other, like the moon and the sea, the connection was natural
On Friday we confessed, three little words wrapped around our ears,
forever tattooed in our minds
On Saturday you disappeared, no note, no call, no text
not a trace of you left that I could still hold on to
On Sunday I cried, my heart still beats, but never the same way,
would you ever give me a reason if I ever asked "Why?"
Just a cheeky poem about first love... :P
Constructive  Criticism and feedback is welcomed and appreciated :)
AD Mullin Sep 2014
First we account:
8 days per ...

12 hours a day
52 weeks a year
2 years
~10,000 hours = ~10,000 maniacs

Then we re-count:
On a stage in Hamburg, we perfect our Kraftwerks
Was where the NitrogenFixers teeth were cut
And Gladwell summarizes that perfection comes from continually piling small tasks upon each other
One after another
Creating a mountain of perfection

For the Nitrogen Fixers ...
Their pebbles came in +/- 3 minute soundbytes
Their mountains were named:
Abbey Road and White Album, among others

Then we implore:
Go find your Hamburg, I implore you
What about Blink?
What about Raven?

Then we explore:
A fractal inside of a labrynth wrapped up inside a piece of capicoli:

What did Lucy say about diamonds?

From Incarnate
by Juleta Severson-Baker
Raven Song*

"Though it is wrong
this will be my call to you
full throat
wings like a shell

I will pull you
through forbidden air to me
by this call

come to me
through the wrong and dark
I have sung my part
now come*"
Written with work boots on

Broadcast from The One
Karijinbba Oct 2018
I am the first on earth..
the second in heaven
I appear twice in a week
though you can only see me once in a year! What am I?
( Am i not a letter??
can you name it?
harlee kae Jun 2014
I miss your lips
and how when they were pressed against mine
I knew you better then myself.
And I miss your eyes
and how when they caught mine
my heart jumped, everytime.
I miss your fingertips caressing my face
and how they made my skin crawl
in the most pleasant of ways.
I miss laying beside you
and watching you sleep, breathing you in.
In hopes that later when I'm alone
your scent will linger in my nose.
Mostly I miss being reminded daily,
that I am loved.
harlee kae Jun 2014
Seven days have passed since you broke my heart in two
And even though you did me wrong I'm still in love with you
Sometimes when I'm with you I think you want me too
But then you're with her and I know you never do
Or never will
Not again
Not with me at least
We'll be friends
Thats all I get
With that I've made my peace
Nigel Finn Sep 2018
Today has been hard;
There are bills to pay, and chores to do,
But I know when they're sorted through
I will still love you tomorrow.

This week has been difficult;
So much still remains undone,
And despite not having time for fun
I will still love you tomorrow.

The month has been taxing;
But there hasn't been a single day,
Where I haven't found the time to say
I will still love you tomorrow.

My life seems awful;
A constant, endless, pointless fight,
But one thing gets me through the night
*I will still love you tomorrow.
O 'tis love, 'tis love that makes the world go round!
Chloe Hunt Jun 2018
She used to call him baby a week ago
Now they don’t even talk
He used to kiss her neck and call her beautiful
But apparently that wasn’t enough

They would hide in her room all day
and pretend that the outside world didn’t exist
A week ago she knew what it felt like when he touched her
when they couldn’t help it but kiss

A week later she was still in love with him
but it got a little better each day
A week later she finally cried over him
Letting go of what she was holding in

Tomorrow and the tomorrow after that
She’ll go through it
again and again
Everyone goes through it,
and each time it’s worse :/
#heartbreak #itwillgetbetter
September Roses Jun 2018
Why is everything so co.mpli.cated.
        Why is nothing how it should be

Nothing good lasts for ever
well it seems to me like nothing good lasts a ******* second

Everything is
         Everything was good a week ago
    A month ago
Ok maybe not good but better

         Because this ******* life has
        given me the ******* lemons
And although I'm used to ***** lemonade
it's like life still enjoys pelting me with the leftover ones
        I want
    To disappear
Go away
kyleigh g Feb 2018
constant paranoia
sleepless nights
bustling hospital halls

trust me
this is nothing less than horrific
after attempting to end it all

"take me home"
i whisper to no one
through my silent tears

staying in a psych ward
for just one week
felt like several years

all i can do
is worry
about if anyone will care

i think they believe
that they would be better off
if i was no longer there

my week in the hospital
was heart-wrenchingly

everyone says
it made me stronger
but i feel immensely weak
i apologize for pouring my heart out. but it's very therapeutic.
MarvelMe Oct 2018
So much on my mind; I don't know how it fit in my brain
This much pain will drive me insane

So much on my heart, it might stop
Is love like a crop?
If so, how do I make it grow?

So much weight on me, I feel like my bones will break
Could you carry my burdens
Dang, I need a break

My head hurts,
I feel a hole in my chest,
And my body feels weak
Am I dying this weak?
Someone help me I'm weak!

If no one comes I'll really die this week
Dying in your heart
laura Apr 2018
Fell in love last friday
with a non-binary star
woke up and brushed my teeth
with sunglasses on thinking
of them

white shots of hail and the windows
jeweled from the rain
a hot week and hot nights
followed by a hot star
and sheets of rains from grey clouds
they DJ’d at a party and i got rly drunk kayyyy

edit: thx angela for lighting this one up :3
Michael John Dec 2018
a fine week was had
the day a married
black candle mass
time dawdle
our loved stalked
angel and demon
the devil called
heel warm-
a fly born
and in squash
and in *****
moaning no..
fiery ****** tongue
take the bride upon
the stair
the groom served by
sundry elf
while maiden scent
his self-
spit of toad for
death watch for
goblet of newly
born blood
and saw the
dead born
watney´ s pale in
an eight pint
red and gold
before the god
the revellers
and the girls
vie for a smile
so ennuyer
across his face
evil always
some distraction
a turbid dracula
vice a hold
the betrothed cam
sweet innocent
like starsky
and hutch
***** and bloodied
to the dark one first
right is right..!
crazy horses kicks
donny makes a
come back
o scream the tree
the clamor
witchs hover
ashine with mire
o higher the crying
the exultation..!
evil the mad one
evil made persona
the couple sworn
at each end
scant hors d'oeurvre
to the masters
seed served
cold the
young old
and old..
wine flows
strange going on
in the coat room..
be loved *****
and shy glance..
our old ice cream
strikes up the band..!
thus man and wife  declared
tied and together darkness
with out end..
all cracked raise to health..!
something by sinatra
in the sky yon moon turns
to aversion
the forest weeps
there then the fire
in the eye of
the songbird
there then the
cleansing sweep
of the blackbird
to flight..
Doug Miura Sep 2018
No kidney problems
Took 300 mg CoQ-10
Got energized~
Ran up & down the stairs
Lost 3 and a half pounds a week!
Let me know how you do!
Kimberley Jan 2018
4"2 with the voice of an angel
he couldn't be more than ten
the only thing he ever stole was the hearts of those around him

a week later,
his body drains of blood
a mother's cry echoes around the town
her innocent baby
why'd they **** her innocent baby?
he was only nine.

a mother's cry echoes around the world
her baby's gone
blood drains from his body
one shot to the head
several to the torso
why'd they **** her baby?
he was only coming from school.

a shaken up officer stands to the left
Caucasian and worried
a grieving community to the right
African-American and terrified

straight A's and a bright future at seventeen
a future no-one could foresee
both labeled thugs
at 9 and 17

because of the skin they keep.
writerReader May 2015
his pale face was covered in week old scruff
I could see his life's blood in his eyes
Carla Jul 2018
You miss a meal,
Then it turns to two,
A day passes,
And no one notices you.

Craving nutrition,
There goes a week,
Those many hours,
Longing for something to eat.

Using the same excuse,
"I'm not hungry, I just ate,"
The numbers keep dropping,
Was sixty-three, now fifty-eight.

You can't go back,
People are noticing you,
They say you should eat, and you say,
"You have something better to do."

It's harder than you think,
Just leave me alone!
Stop telling me to eat and drink!
If I need you, I can find my phone.
This poem is about an eating disorder, it’s dangerous and those that have it can be greatly effected. Not only them, but those around them as well.
Sara Kellie Jul 2018
She's spent all the rent on
cigarettes and cider,
so pull out your **** and put
it inside her.
No need to bring your polished game,
for this one's a **** and that
is her name.
In her **** or up her ***.
The choice is yours,
where d'ya wanna ***?
Say "You ******' ****, get down on all fours, 'cause this is how I **** little ******!
Impale her on your hardened stick and explode inside her, creamy and thick.
Bangin' her *******,
it used to be tight.
It's not anymore,
it gets wider each night.
Then when you're done,
wipe the rest up her back,
letting her know most got
shot up her *****.
Next week she'll be suckin',
an appetizer before ******'
This **** she don't care,
for a TGirl with red hair.

Poetry by Kaydee.
Just a creative imagination, I guess.
Donna Jul 2018
She pins up the length
as I stand patiently with
a smile full of glee

My shoes so pointy
and elegantly pretty
Glisten like night stars

One week today and
I shall give my vows to the
man who I adore

I'll be lying if
I say I wasn't nervous
Lots of eyes on me

But once those white doors
open I shall walk slowly
softly kindly..yes

And there waiting for
me with our four sons will be
Dean dressed like a king

In my hand I'll hold
a soft cream and blue bouquet
Wrapped in ribbon

Five bridesmaids will lead
the way , my two daughters and
sister and two good friends

And there be Jenny
my fairy twinkling bright
in summers warm air

She be like droplets
of sun inside a white room
of new beginnings

Faces I haven't
seen for many years appear
from the cracks of light

My hair up in a
bun wrapped in a silver slide
will shine like the moon

Thirty three years we've
already spent together
Many more to come

A celebration
of our love being shared , a
day to remember

Jennifer takes care
of my wedding dress , she sits
upon a hanger

inside big wardrobe
until the day arrives , she's
built a lovely tree

full of fairy cakes
and glasses of presesso
All waiting with smiles

The trees outside will
whisper to the wind sweet words
of love to bind us

as one , our rings a
sign of happy commitment
to shine everyday

On each table a
box given solely to all
full of humoured gifts

I can only just
imagine my wedding day
But it's coming true <3
I'm really excited and nervous all at the same time x
Logan Robertson Aug 2018
My Little Black Bear
Down by the singing river
Dancing with fate
Little ducks take to the rapids
Away from your dinner table
Off to the banks
You stand your grounds
Tall as you are wide
Your initials in the terrain
Cursive is the eye tooth that reigns
I see you
Posing with the lilies,
Elves and dwarfs
As the western sky looks down
Casting whispers
Is your closet filled
With both helping
The meek and sustenance
Under the skirts of nature
You're having an ****
Robbing all the salmon
And berries
Then slumbering under a tree
Tummy full
Those ******* eyes of yours
Catching shut-eye,
a couch potato, a game of the week
Your wide open mouth
Catching a bee,
A refreshment
That long smile on your face
Backpacking a dream
Mama and her cubs having your back
In some ways
My little black bear ...
hear, here
I see you, in me

Logan Robertson

I once had a women friend.
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