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I want to remember you that way --
Your face glowing
Like the fiery sun setting
In the summer sky.
Early in the morning,
The heavy raindrops are falling.
I can hear them knocking
On the roof while I'm sleeping.
Or maybe they are walking,
Or might be they are talking --
Trying to tell me something,
Like 'Go to sleep,
Sweet little kid.'

Early in the morning,
The heavy raindrops are falling.
And Oh, what a morning greeting!
Let the music play.

Let me feel you like the wind
embracing me silently.
Let the chill in the atmosphere
Numb me.

I am a dying leaf
Falling to the ground.
But the rhythm of the wind
Saves me;
Graces me.

I can hear the wind's whisper,
But do let the wind hear my plea:
Please don't tell me anything
That might bring to life the dead in me.
I'd like to see the sides of you--
Every inch, every step.
I'd like to discover every part of you--
Every corner, every wall.

I have heard of your beauty
But I want to bear witness,
I want to be in awe.
Of God's wonderful gift.

I want to feel your presence,
To be assured of your existence.

And you'll be my lush green mountains,
My evergreen.
You'll be my deep blue oceans,
My serenity.
You'll be my radiant skies,
my eternity.
Written on August 15, 2015
I remembered
I promised you a poem,
In fact one a day for our love-
There's a problem though,
I can't seem to get them out:

   Because your presence
   Is like a million words,
   A thesaurus sitting right
   Next to me,
   And what you are to me
   When you are with me is an
   Eternal sonnet.
   But when I tried I began to
   Understand something that brings
   My understanding of us clearer,
   That we are the same in separate
   Places, in the same solitude
   Without knowing each other's
   Pain or fatigue.
   That we are both not people,
   But the wind freed in our selves,
   A gale freed from the conventional
   And we become a sudden verse,
   Nostalgic and naive,
   Stubbornly young and hopeful,
   There in that place,
   When we are together,
   I cannot write the poem
   That has not yet finished
   Being written.
You came
As bright as a star
in my cold, dark solitude.

You looked at me
And adored me
Like the radiant sun
In the light blue skies above.

But then you started to move--
Far, farther, further.
And soon I'll see not a trace of you.

You said hello to me
But bid goodbye too soon.
Written on July 15, 2015 when NASA's spacecraft drew closest to Pluto
Of all the tales I've ever read,
The saddest one I won't forget--
It is the tale of me and you,
In one disaster that came true.
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