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Phoenix32 Jun 2020
The blackbird sings let freedom ring.
It’s difficult to fly with broken wings.
The burden of hatred bears heavy,
for only sadness it brings.
It’s difficult to rise as the fascist pendulum
With her heavy heart and tired wings;
In the thick of healing the blackbird sings,
let freedom ring.
Phoenix32 May 2020
I got so lost in the alluring depths of his soul, i forgot not to fall in love...
Phoenix32 Apr 2020
In the stillness of the night beneath the shimmering stars, the moonlight dims and the world grows quiet,
I think of him.
Phoenix32 Apr 2020
He was the pen, and I was the paper.
His words rained over me as he spilled his ink. With each stroke of his pen he wrote poems inside me.
Phoenix32 Apr 2020
I want you inside my mind
enrapturing my thoughts,
and consuming my dreams with your lustful tendencies.

I want you in the nights covered by stars, under lavender moons living out our fantasies.

I want you in the days, as the morning sun warms our souls and our bodies blossom in ecstasy.

I want you in the rain with dripping wet bodies, bound by ****** chemistry.

I want you in my heart, pulsing through my veins beating so Steadily.

I want to surrender to your needs.
You are my remedy.
Phoenix32 Apr 2020
His dark eyes, vast and vibrant like the night sky.

I fall deep inside them completely mesmerized.

A trance so bitter sweet, even the most sincere melancholy falls to my feet.

And the truest sorrow must admit defeat.

I want to drown in his embrace.

My heart sinks every time I see his face.

He is such a splendor to my dreaming eyes.

His smile like the sunrise

His calm so divine.

Like constellations drawn upon the earth, our souls merge as our bodies entwined.

But these moments don’t last, falling away
like the sands if time.
Phoenix32 Apr 2020
Our coquettish words woven together with sincerity and passion.
Your curious fingertips tracing every inch of my unveiled body.
My crimson lips paint a picture across your flawless canvas.
Ensues the most intrinsic work of art.
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