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Antipodean May 2015
Embrace it
Except it with open outstretched arms
Imagine the beautiful silence no one will hear
The taste of ash on dead lips
The sweat smell of decaying flesh
The crumbling monuments of shortsightedness
Finally all will be equal and free
Finally all will be on the same side of the argument
Finally all will have peace and justice
Embrace it
Except it with open outstretched arms
All sins will be washed away in the blink of an eye
Fire purifies all
No more wars or violence
No more overcrowded jails
No more unpaid bills stacking up
No more fuxing lawyers or traffic lights
Black heart will finally have a fitting home
Wretched souls will finally be obliterated
Embrace it
Except it with open outstretched arms
Love the idea of it
Look forward to it
Rush toward it headlong
Push your way to the front to make sure you get a good seat
Help facilitate it
Quicken its pace
Point it in the right direction
And push the big fuxing red button
Antipodean May 2015
They say tomorrow’s the end of the world
Well isn’t that just absolutely great
I have a long list of things to get done
Tomorrow I had planned to lose some weight

You’re just now telling me the world will end
I still have bills to pay and a book to write
I was just about to invent something
That was much better than Edison’s light

They say tomorrow’s the end of the world
To watch the apocalypse get a good seat
Folk are running to the store to grab beer
And sunscreen for the coming blast of heat

You’re just now telling me the world will end
The timing of this doom couldn’t be worse
How am I going to get everything done
There’s not even enough time to rent the hearse

They say tomorrow’s the end of the world
Everyone’s telling me to accept this fate
So I’ll just stay home with my rubber girl
And I’ll have just enough time to inflate
Antipodean May 2015
Together, over the edge
We fell into the chasm
Plunging hand in hand chest first
Followed by our past phantoms

Falling like sallow dead leaves
From our own broken branches
Cutting ****** through chaos
Knowing we were taken our chances

Sinking into the dark depths
Of affections pitched blackness
Plagued by our fiery passions
Much like the burning harvest

Endless was our plummeting
We could never hit bottom
But then you let go of my hand
The ground is now your problem

I have wings
Antipodean May 2015
I am sure my mail lady loves me
She does stop by my house frequently
She brings me letters, bills and adverts
And with great force my mail she inserts

Though jammed, crammed, mashed and squashed is the mail
Like an abstract origami fail
Of which she fits into my mail box
Deftly and quick like she’s on the clock

And without so much as a toodaloo
She leaves as if she is just passing through
But I know she just wants my attention
Her act is just a cry for affection

I’ll let her know her message is received
I’ll leave behind something she can retrieve
A purple handmade folded paper crane
Which I’ll then crush and vigorously maim
Antipodean May 2015
Awoken by the dawns unwanted light
Untangling from your clingy arms and legs
Being the first one up surely ain’t right
Now who’s going to make me coffee and eggs
I see that lazy tight young *** sticking out,
With *** and suggestiveness that you flout,
Nakedness uncovered by the bed sheets
Our cloths carelessly thrown across the floor
Remembering you calling last night for more
Until all our energy was deplete

My body is all scratched up and ache’n
I am too **** old for these nighttime forays
I don’t see you up making me bacon
So forget you; I’m off to the café
You can just lie there, sleeping alone
And I’ll get back once you have left the home
Feel free to grab a pop-**** when you leave
For you I have taped this poem to the door
I apologize if I sound a bit sore
But please wait before calling another eve
Antipodean May 2015
In the darkest umbra of a shadow
Where time and wraith like dimensions collide
Is the place you can find all man’s sorrows
And woman’s secrets they’ll never confide

In the obscurity of one’s dark gloom
In your contrasting reverse projection of self
You can envision your impending doom
Like a porcelain doll falling from the shelf

Trace the outline of your twisted dark shade
Chalking the ground where your body will be laid
Lying down, your shadow and you become one
While you lie dead under the blazing sun
Antipodean Apr 2015
I write poems in hope that they will live on forever
Because someday I will die

I try to tell my daughter I love her every day, I call my dad once a week and try to stay in contact with my friends
Because someday I will die

I go to work and collect that check making sure a part of it goes to life insurance
Because someday I will die

I wonder the streets at night, climb mountains during the day and try to take it all in
Because someday I will die

I try to get to know you all better
Because someday I will die

I want to understand your point of view
Because someday I will die

I read poetry
Because someday I will die

I drink Crown, smoke a tobacco pipe and eat the occasional steak
Because someday I will die

I meditate and contemplate the meaning of life
Because someday I will die

I love and hope and care and pray
Because someday I will die

I rant, shake my fist and express my discontent
Because someday I will die

I clean my house, take out the trash, do the dishes and wear clean underwear
Because someday I will die

You are reading this poem
Because some day I will die

We fight to stay alive
Because we do not want today to be the day we die
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