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Rahul Luthra Sep 2018
The way you you touch me
Is something
I can never forget
The way you kissed me
Is now
A part of
The things
That I feel
And a part
Of the things
That I touch
How can I ever
Those beautiful lips
For a moment,
Were a part of my own
And even though
I know
I might never
Get a taste of them again
I'll still
Always wait
For I've heard
That if you love something
Let it go
Because if it loves you back
It will
After a while
Come back
To you
Rahul Luthra Sep 2018
Why i can't get over you
Is a question
For another day
Though it should be
Thought about
As soon as possible
But that's not the point
The point
Is to wish you
A happy
And successful
Because you deserve
All the love and happiness
That the world
Can give
I thought it was me
Who would be giving you
All that
But alas
That's not how it turned out
Because I wasn't the right
I wish I was the right one
But that's not
For me
To decide
Either way
I'm glad you're happy
Even though part of me
Isn't glad
That it's not me
Who's making you
But as long as you're happy
I am
To an extent
Because I know
What you did
The right thing
Rahul Luthra Sep 2018
It's two minutes to midnight
Yet hardly anyone
We continue to take
Our home
For granted
Because important things
Seem to be defined
By the only thing that matters:
While real problems
Go unnoticed
Pressing issues
That need to be tended to
Are shown a blind eye
And even as I write this
Our home
Keeps getting destroyed
By us
And the likes of us
And while some of us
Complain and rant about it
We are, one way or another,
For the incoming doom
That will inevitably be
Humankind's plight
As the clock ticks faster
Towards midnight
Rahul Luthra Sep 2018
Is the equivalent
Of digging your own grave
It may be the easier
And/or better way
Of getting out
Of an unwanted situation
But that's never
Where it ends
Because to cover
That one lie
You end up saying
A hundred more
Rahul Luthra Sep 2018
I might be a little late
But mom says
That it's never too late
To correct your mistakes
And maybe
I took that saying
For granted
Because everything
Does have
A time limit
No matter what
So stop delaying
And stop procrastinating
It's better to finish
That work
Even though
It might be due
Next week
Never end
And you must
Be up to date
With your priorities
If you wanna be
A person
Of your word
Rahul Luthra Sep 2018
Flat lining
While I'm still alive
Scared to live
Scared to die
Too many rules
Too much work
The amount of pressure
Is berserk
Life goes on
And moves faster
Than you can imagine
Time's a *****
It works in more mysterious ways
Than you can fathom
So keep living
While expecting the unexpected
Because life's always
Going to be a mess
So improvise and adapt
And be prepared
For unannounced
Rahul Luthra Sep 2018
So many humans around
Yet very few who understand
Because connections
Of the soul
Is what matters the most
You might talk
To 1000 people
A day
But only a handful
Might really
Understand you
And those are the people
Who you can
Trust blindly
Soul mates aren't
Always about
It's also about
Those souls
Who connect
With you
On a level
That only you
Can define
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