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jm Apr 2015
someday, i won't flinch as your name
appears on my screen.
someday, i won't stalk and visit your profiles.
someday, i won't be bothered
when someone mentions your name.
someday, my world will not stop
for a moment whenever i see you.
someday, your glances and smiles
won't make my heart skips a beat.
someday, i will not miss your hugs ang cuddles.
someday, i will no longer crave
for your presence and kisses.
someday, the places where we used to go
won't make me remember you at all.
someday, i can have the spirit
to read love stories again.
someday, our sweet habits will fade from my memories.
someday, your promises which turned out to be lies
won't hurt as much as it used to.
someday, all that we had won't matter to me anymore.

jm Apr 2015
don't say you gave me
all of you when i was the one
who gave all of me
jm Apr 2015
I remember the day when you begged me to stay.
I remember as you begged,
you said you can't go on without me.
I thought it was genuine,
as your friends witnessed how troubled you looked.
I believed in every word that you said.
Although a part of me knows you're lying
and that part of me was right all along.

jm Apr 2015
How can you entirely avoid me
while I can't even avoid a single message from you?
How can you entirely forget our memories very fast
while I can't even get over with our first kiss and hold hands?
How can you entirely move on so quickly
while I'm still here,
thinking where did it all go wrong?

jm Apr 2015
from a young age,
i was warned about
the opposite ***.

from how early it is
to how worse it might
hurt me.

but still,
i fell in love.
so i took risks and
broke parental's trusts.

with a short span of time,
i felt pure happiness.

but with just one
unexpected argument.

i lose chances,
as much as,
i lose him.

he left me,
as much as,
he left me broken.

and that's when i realized
what they warned me about.

jm Apr 2015
I thought you were different,
I thought you'll stay,
What happened to our forever?
And that question will remain.

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