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kyle Shirley Apr 2020
Yes after all these years, I still keep your photo in my wallet, hoping one day you will come back to me.

Its not that you take up all of my mind, I have moved on, you more or less mame up a small portion in the back crevices of it, like a filing cabinet with a really long drawer.

Filled with Memories and wishful occurrences.
I am happy that you are still there.
Reminds me that it happened.
I am happy you and I are different now, shows me growth really does take time.
Most of all I am happy and you had no part in it๐Ÿ™‚
kyle Shirley Apr 2020
And then he walked Graciously into the inevitable
no white light
No pain
just peace
as he ascended
he watched those below
gather around with love sorrow.
He Turned to say one last thing,
"I gotta go" with a smile
He stepped out of sight
Calm with heavy hearts
Until we meet again.
kyle Shirley Mar 2020
Smiling when you text has my heart pounding
Grinning from ear to ear, is astounding.
Minutes turn into hours.
No one has conversations like ours
Happy to be cute and smiling with you
Minutes turn into hours
Where did you go? Do I send flowers?
Who else are you making smile?
Who else are you making this final?
I see your not responding to me.
Left on read so randomly
Where did smiling go wrong?
Why did we agree we finally belonged.
kyle Shirley Mar 2020
No music has to play when I'm with you
We will dance like goof ***** without a tune
Smiling and laughing you have me swoon
Glancing in your eyes has me split in two

From Moon lights 1st kiss
To the mornings with you, I feel rich
The softest touch chills of bliss
The nights with you I reminisce
kyle Shirley Mar 2020
Two strangers meet at first glance
But all he needed was just a chance.
No obstacle could get in his way
Only mystery would make her stay
He could read her like no one could
She always felt so misunderstood.
He Traced her skin as his fingers crept
He watched as Her Goosebumps wept
Who knew blondes could have so much fun
Only when kissed with the west coast sun
kyle Shirley Feb 2020
I'm a **** lab.
Your my rehab.
So Dont feel bad
These toxic traits are my craft
Mother couldnt see that
Gave up to relax
****** up and relapsed
Drunk on you, I collapsed
Self loathing has surpassed
Happiness was just a mask.
kyle Shirley Nov 2019
After the last one we just kinda gave up, as a whole generation of people finding their one and only.
Both sides spilling poison into the water making each person hurt like we do inside.
Cheating on eachother because if it happened to us, why cant it happen to them.
Flirting with new people online because its harmless fun, I didnt make my significant other go to sleep this early and NOT give me any attention.
Sleeping with every person out there because self empowerment and being a ***** (both sides) merged into being the same thing instead of having decency and self respect.
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