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Martin Majercak Apr 2018
Fleeting, yet slowly
Moving at incredible speed
Sands never cease moving!
Martin Majercak Jun 2016
Fair words should first spoken,
but are no more than false,weak noise
If backed by no skill,a ready sword
And alert,firm resolve
Martin Majercak Jun 2016
Life is like a dream
Ends within a flash
Martin Majercak Jun 2016
It is the colorful butterfly that comes into view when you are at your lowest
It is the ray of sunshine on your darkest day
It is the overwhelming joy of child birth to a couple that was told that they never would
It's the innocence of our children and their belief in Santa and others that bring them joy
It's the beautiful stars that shine down on wondering faces thinking about where we could go and what's out there
It's the feeling of hope when you were sure there was none left
It is all around us,we must see,not just look,but see!
Martin Majercak May 2016
Dandelion,it sprouts fast
It has its own charm
Yet we blindly grab the thorn
Martin Majercak May 2016
Another sleepless night
The Sandman is meeting friends at the bar tonight
As you finally get out of bed, again it is still dark out
You walk slowly to the bathroom as something catches your eye
An instant feeling of dread hits as your mouth goes dry
As you squint to have a better look,you see a shadow,dark and black
It does not move or speak,nonetheless,it sends chills up your back
Curiosity not only **** cats,it will take people too
As you try to sneak up on the shadow you notice that it has yet to move
You are now inches away from the shadow,it starts to feel strange
Cautiously you tap his shoulder,and see that it is you,but deranged
No words are spoken,but the message is clear
And from that moment on,no drugs,liquor or beer
Most of us think no matter what,I will be just fine
And that is the start of the cycle again,drugs and crime
Whatever vice or multiple vice's you use
You will have way less days of happiness,and more so days of the blues
I hope one day we all will see the light,and travel the right path
Life moves fast and catches you off guard,love,honesty,and even wrath
You are not alone,there are still many of us left
A feeling of love and light,not one of shadows and bereft
Just something I put together cause I LOVE WRITING lol.
Martin Majercak May 2016
She awoke,tired and extinguished
Her mouth tasted as if she has been licking stone
As she touched her lips they were swollen and painful
Sometimes,the visions took such a toll on her body she felt as if she could not go on.
As she stood in a shaft of moonlight from the unshuttered windows
She knew there would be no sleep again this night..
This is actually a paragraph from my books I am trying to publish,but I think it fits here as well
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