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Jun 2017
I came across a line today -

"There are seven days in the week,
and “someday” isn’t one of them."

So true,
for a clue
to live life again!

I wanted to keep myself healthy, but I say, from
someday I would start exercising and eat healthy.

Everyday I think, I would create art, more often
but postpone it to someday to make it happen.

I wanted to ride a bike but I keep saying
someday I would learn how to ride.

I wanted to express my love to someone
but my hearts say - someday,
I would express my love all over again.

I wanted to read as many books as possible.
but brain says, someday I would read it all.

I wanted to buy clothes which would
suit my character at best,
but I say, money isn't enough so someday
I would earn it so as to afford it.

I wanted to travel more often
but I keep saying to myself,
This time is not right, someday I would.

I have lost most of my friends
and I don't know whether they were
friends or foe in real.
But I keep saying someday
I might see them again.

*And Someday never happens
make it happen today itself..
(There are seven days in the week,
and “someday” isn’t one of them")

This line tempted me to write all the someday
which I ever wanted to make it happen
Some days keeps going one after the other
until we all figure out that
'Today is the day".
Debanjana Saha
Written by
Debanjana Saha  India
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