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Apr 2016
Someday's I’m tired of smiling
Someday's I’m angry at the world and everyone
Someday’s I hate myself
Someday’s I want to die
Someday’s I’m scared of death
Someday's I think about the past
Someday’s I think about the future
Someday’s I’m thinking about to much
Someday’s I’m sad
Someday’s I want to be crying
Someday’s I want to be yelling
Someday’s I’m happy
Someday’s I question myself
Someday’s I’m my own worst nightmare
Someday’s I judge others
Someday’s I get angry with myself for saying mean things to others or judging them
Someday’s I’m broken
Someday’s My heart stops for a second
Someday’s I’m day dreaming, to get away from everything
Someday’s I want to be dancing around like a crazy person
Someday’s I think about what other think about me
Someday’s I’m sick and tired
Someday’s I want to join in the group
Someday’s I don’t think I’m wanted
Someday’s I think everyone hates me
Someday’s I don’t think my opinion doesn’t matter
Someday’s I realize my hands shake a lot
Someday’s I worry about almost everything
Someday’s I’m scared of everything and everyone
Someday's I write poems and quotes to help me out, with all the things I think about, telling myself “This is how I’m going to tell everyone my feelings” because I have a hard time telling them face to face without crying, and running away from them, and the next day saying it was nothing
Please Mind the grammar/miss spelling.
AD Snail
Written by
AD Snail  Gender Fluid
(Gender Fluid)   
   gray rain and Debbie Taylor
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