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Salsa Mar 2014
You left me stranded
in bleak oblivion,
Despite all the love
I planted in your core,
In faith for daffodils to bloom through your barren soul.

Your wielded words had crippled me time and time again
Paralysing my senses,
Until my sanity began to decay.

But now I've bled you out of my veins
And unto my paper for the last era,
Inking your name away
Untangling myself out of these chains.

The moment has come for me to let you go
After fifteen months, you’d think I already did so.
I'm finally letting you go after fifteen months of agony. I won't be writing about you any more.
Bryan Lunsford Apr 2018
With one month–two months–three months–and then four,
As I'd say it was about the fifth month that I just couldn't take it any more,
Because with thoughts of a woman's departure leaving my mind to feel torn,
I sit here trying not to cry with these tears continuously hitting the floor,
Where I sit here in a dark room that I don't want to sit in anymore, I continue to write about this woman that consumes everything within my universe,
With her possessing a soothing beauty that I adore and with such grace that could never be ignored,
She simply is the most amazing woman that I've ever met before,
And that's why I'll be here all alone, forevermore, just wishing I could hear her say one last and final word,
Though, as I've been ignored, and with her staying miles and miles away,
I've slowly began to lose more and more of my faith, where I have been sleeping most of the days away,
Because only in my dreams do I ever get to see her face, but tonight I won't be able to sleep and will be wide awake,
As I'll be writing all day and night with her on my brain, with today being the anniversary of the sixth month that she's been away
Camilla Green Jan 2018
In apple growing-warmth,
I found oceans between eyelashes and Pacific air.

Ligamented with smoke, skeleton hands crafted cigarettes of honey and curling floral sweetness.

For soft-haired royalty, I bowed my heart and washed my skin in space and rainy wishes.

I drowned myself in polish remover, to show the stripped beauty of love and life
to a sun who lives off alcohol and notions of wouldn't it be nice?

But I, the noiseless patient spider,
who has flung gossamer after thread,
am reaching for nothing but an earth flower,
One who I thought loved me,
or at least that’s what she said.
((one who sees through rose-pink eyeglasses,
and speaks in feathered song.))

Still, I sleep well under starless skies,
where urban northern lights burn the dark,
charred there by city windows and boundless passing cars.

Here, I wrap myself in a cloth galaxy,
and I paint the sun with blackberry juice,
trading gold and diamonds for the simple hope
that someone might live up to you.
Bipasha Dutt Feb 2018
As the freezing months are here,
Migratory birds are seen no where.

Trees are only left with stem and branches,
Appear like wood that lost revival chances.

Squirrels have gathered food and gone.
Sullen and glum, I feel totally alone.

Frequent snowfall deteriorated weather manifold.
I shiver, sniffle and experience piercing cold.

Then sunlight enters window as a ray of hope,
And helps me perceive and gives me another scope,

And makes me realize nothing is lost
Even if everything is covered in frost.

After all, winter will not carry on forever
Nature will again rise from this deep slumber.
Kj Dec 2015
It took me months to open you up,
And find all of your secrets,
And in those months,
You slowly changed  
We are to
We *were
Ivana Rodriguez Oct 2018
I miss, and I miss.
But who to kiss, dear? Who to kiss?
It’s been far too long;
Where’s that bliss?
And your touch?
And your kiss?

I miss, and I miss.
With silence my heart may only hiss.
Seven months too long.
I’m weak, not strong!
Darling, I need your sweetened kiss.
~A little thought in math that morphed into a poem~
elizabeth Apr 2018
your kiss is still tattooed on my tongue and i feel you when i get lonely at night.
i don’t think i miss you,
but i miss the way our hearts were one
and the way pink butterflies fluttered in my stomach when you said my name.
i don’t miss the way your emotions changed with each tiny movement of their wings though.

i’m coming around to the idea that
you and i were never meant to be,
that, in truth, love should be easy,
and ours was never ending pain.
but sometimes, when the world is quiet and the only thing i feel is my own heart beating, i can’t help but wish that i could reach for your hand when the light won’t come on.
madyson shaye Aug 2018
I read in a poem that there is no sound more ****** than the clink of a belt being undone but you only wear worn out t-shirts and a frown on your face. I think of the sound of tires driving slowly over the asphalt and how I could get turned on easier by a look than a touch.  Your bed and you both taste like sweat but I am not going to complain because I'd rather be overheating than alone. I consider switching on your swamp cooler but it's loud and I want to be able to hear your moans in order to remind myself that you want me too. Do you?

I was doing my poetry homework when I had to stop in order to write poetry.

I dont know if I can handle the fact that you have made playlists for other people and that is so 2018 of me. Did you make that playlist for her?


If panic attacks actually helped anything I wouldn't mind the hyperventilating but instead I still feel like a sink has sunk inside my chest even after I've calmed down. Wouldn't it be nice if you could cry it, release it, scream to the skies and then be okay afterwards? I'm not sure who made me believe the symptoms of my mental illness should be like a shower; I don't feel cleansed. I don't feel new. I only feel raw, exhausted. It feels more like that same dull knife is tearing me open each skin layer at a time until I figure out how to grab the hand that holds it or I'm left open on the table, whichever comes first.

I'm writing in order to breathe. If I can't get oxygen to my brain my fingers won't be able to move.

I'm so scared I'm going to lose you. I don't want you in any other way. I want to love you, hold you.

I hear a baby crying outside of your window and I realize I need to get up to go home and get my work clothes. I find these simple things excruciating. Writing to you is a diary but I never should have learned to open my mouth and speak.

I started this poem four months ago and titled it a seven day long poem but I guess now it’s more than that. You always made me feel the things I’m currently feeling, I've never given up control this much in my life. I like to be in control, the one ignoring, the one who needs the time. I wish I didn’t love you like I do (it's just, there you know. It won't go away. It's not too much or too little, it's just stubborn, just like you). I'm so scared I'm going to lose you. I don't want you in any other way. I want to love you, hold you. Did you make that playlist for her too?
Here we are again.
Jamie Oct 2017
As I breathe in the city air
The thought about you cascades around my mind
The smell before rain I always find leading back to you;
The faint scent of your cologne runs with the wind

Autumn has come, my love
It's chilly outside
Arsène Aug 2018
At night I sleep alone
Mending heartache like stitches sewn

To no avail
As dreams of you prevail
My heart just couldn’t curtail
The ember  of your embrace
An ember that’s now displaced
Or one in which I’d misplaced

Will it ever be the same
As November came
And I was left in pain
Craving you again

Will I ever be the same
As December sang
And January rang
With A heart scarred
and left shard

Will we ever be the same
As February drained
And March rained  
For its we i wish to be

There is no we
she responded to me
A pierced heart has no cure
liza Feb 2016
sitting in the dark, chewing on my cheeks. My ankle bracelets don’t come off and they're still wet from the tub
she used to braid my curls before bed

driving on the interstate with my back windows rolled down. The front ones wont budge
she would hold my phone with the maps up, “get off on the next exit”

Id come home to fiery curls every night; i still do. Except they're mine and they smell like smoke instead of coconut shampoo
things change but not a whole lot ya know
Azaria Nov 2018
does my breath coat
your fears like
liquid courage
dancing like matisse's
naked cherubs
on your windowsill
when you think
about the future
i want you to
see the origins of
longing for christmas
and security
like counting
down the days
to finding you:
jamaican girl from
the bronx
i feen for you
like porridge mornings
and stew chicken
on better days
I was doing one of my
healing ceremonies solo

and I thought
to myself:

maybe he needs me
to go away to feel
his own heart
- alone -

in space

and precisely then,
I felt this

Clydesdale inside my chest
whinny, kick up and surge

like holy hell -

don't stop

and I
I miss––for still I miss.
My lips are stone, and cannot kiss.
My year was long;
What is this "bliss"?
What is love?
I can no longer reminisce.

I miss––for still I miss.
Heart is empty; no roar, no hiss.
A year, and you're still gone,
And poems are written into dawn.
Thoughts are dark like an abyss.
Finally an actual poem... as the months pass by, it only gets worse.
Ivana Rodriguez Dec 2018
I am missing, and still I miss.
Reminisce, is it? Well, I reminisce.
It’s been more than far too long;
I am still without a bliss,
And your touch,
And your kiss.

I am missing, and still I miss.
The silence in my heart roars—
No more does it hiss.
9 months gone wrong;
I’m weary; almost gone.
Darling, my memory of you I cannot dismiss.
It wasn’t a lie
When you told me that time flies.
You said I’ll be forever alone,
But I didn’t listen, and said goodbye.
Now we will die,
And never reunite...
who me Oct 2017
5 months ago I had shorter hair and a longer life
5 months ago I had two close friends and minimal loss
5 months ago I received an invitation for change
And I accepted

5 months ago I was so completely sure or myself
Now it is 5 months later and I don't think she remembers
And today only holds a sad significance to me
She has forgotten and started to move on
Her presence has left me hollow and empty

It is 5 months later and I am in shambles
I am left to clean up the lovely mess
While the images of the past replay through my mind
Those secret moments that are burned into my soul

Today holds significance, or at least it used to
Today marks the end of a friendship, the beginning of love
Today used to signify time passing, the time we survived
But we no longer celebrate today together.
We no longer do anything together.

I want to change back to my old self, To find peace
But I have changed so much, so completely
I do not know how to find the girl I used to be
That girl is lost in the world and she is drowning
Everything she feels is unrequited and cold
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