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Elymaïs Dec 2020
Welcome to a Taco Tuesday
With the Boys from Outer Space
It is Such a Weird Delight
To Acquaint the Human Race

If you Listen you will Hear
That the Lions now give Chase,
And ****** the Revolution,
That Ignites upon the Wastes
english is a weird language
Cara Anne Sep 2020
I stare at the ceiling.

I have memorized all the bumps, grooves, and cracks.

The blank canvas is dingy and dull.

It casts a shadow of boredom over me.

The bare mattress creaks underneath me

I shift my weigh side to side causing it to rock gently back and forth

It is the only thing that is keeping me warm and sane.

I can hear my family members playing outside

My brother's feet shake the earth beneath them.

His cries of joy fill the air

You laughs boom around him as you meet his demands

I can hear the metal from the swing clank in the wind as you push him higher and higher.

Patiently, I sit here waiting for you to come back.

Wondering when you will unblock the door.

Questioning when you will remove the stripped tape that is wrapped around my head and limbs.

My arms ache from being held in an awkward position.

The tape bites my wrists and sinks it's teeth deep into my skin.

I can feel the lacerations it leaves in it's place.

The chemicals have numbed my face.

My skin screams as I move my cheeks up and down.

The tape twists and pulls my skin in all different directions.

The sticky substance weighs down on my soul.

It traps me physically and mentally.

I am forced to watch time go by as I am stuck in a stand still position.

My young mind does not understand why I am forced to stay here.

I cannot comprehend why you are so mad.

My optimistic thoughts dissolve as time goes by

Here I will sit cold, hungry, and bored waiting for you to come back for me.
Taylor Mar 2020
I've reached the edge and now it's time to say goodbye
but it's not really goodbye forever just for now
I love you my darling
i wrote this poem years ago but I've been adding onto it and taking away it the poem is just its been in my head so enjoy seeing in my head even for a brief moment and maybe it will help you understand more. xoxoxo
inspired from this "Never say goodbye, because saying goodbye means going away. And going away means forgetting. -J.M Barrie
Sage Jan 2020
grasping at my supple shoulders, applying your veined, snow hands, you haul me from enfolding infirmity
W Winchester Nov 2019
She was an empty girl with worlds on her arms
Swirling, shifting, kaleidoscope dreams

She was a quiet girl with tears in her eyes
Dripping, blossoming, nourishing streams

She was a strong girl with blood on her hands
Slipping, chafing, encouraging pain

She was an important girl with jewels in her crown
Shining, glistening, cavalier fame

In her stream of consciousness
falling, falling, falling, falling

Until all that was left was an empty corpse
white, dry, draining life
Diana Apr 2019
My movements were eternally not my own
My distinctions, decisions, discrepancy,
Also not my own.
The creation or establishment of a newborn,
Covertly an awaiting infection of control and scare.
Because only a newborn had nothing to fear of this world or district.

I fear the air, the sun,
I cannot trust the outside,
I belong far from fear.  
How must I walk if it’s controlled?
Do I march or run?
Do I look up at the sky or close my eyes in terror?
Do I engulf the fear like a sharp knife or let it eat me up instead?
Not knowing will do both.

I’m writing here because it’s my own words,
Not a speech or sharing of my gospel.
It’s a sin to my kind,
But I am not like that kind.
Please allow my independence hidden,
I can't stand the scare.
Jodie-Elaine Mar 2019
Tyrant vandal Belly buttons born from tongue toy hammer whack shameless pantomime gold-digger jezebel ***** archetype bad product off food witchy fingers green fluorescent pink yellow ray of backwards twist mother truckers flat wheel tyre engine fire engine whoop weep tear tears down ripped up feeling face straight up to ceiling baby crib our tired little limbs break against the tide I want to swim away from here place island Caribbean holiday at Christmas I don’t want to be here when I get back lead trail hike walk up the stairs followed my shadow tie me up to lamppost dead flowers bouquet take give taker giver relationship spit out the blues by Benny and The Jets riddle saxophonists up walls and silly laughter clown faces you are a good morning stream streamer party thrower down sink lob me up pipes plumber broken loo place to sit and ponder on my **** think too many faces cherub fat little smile me a river bend down here we build a fort like kids and you’re home for ***** sake safety traffic cone orange still scares me to death bobby pins left on windowsills I chuck the memory out back it makes me sick pummel the cheekbones down flat face two face baby feet get into bins bin trash bag split when I picked it up I’m covered in rotten courgetti hipster you’re a stinking mess I hate your stupid shoes walk in a straight line you drunken ******* skip home with me hop scotch decanter glass slips off side crash pop Rice Krispy cereal noise white noise rain playlist through the walls
I push through in pure stubbornness
leave us be
lots of love,
Manipulated stream of consciousness poem from the 'PERFORMANCE ARTIST POETRY...' collection.
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