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Miesha Jul 10
When I bleed, I do watch the blood

trickle down my arm, kissing my fingertips.

When I dream, I dream of dark waters

engulfing me, taking me someplace

I avoid.

Like all things I cannot control

I avoid it because as much as I avoid losing control,

I beg to lose it.
The moments when sometimes we just need to lose control
Diana Apr 17
My movements were eternally not my own
My distinctions, decisions, discrepancy,
Also not my own.
The creation or establishment of a newborn,
Covertly an awaiting infection of control and scare.
Because only a newborn had nothing to fear of this world or district.

I fear the air, the sun,
I cannot trust the outside,
I belong far from fear.  
How must I walk if it’s controlled?
Do I march or run?
Do I look up at the sky or close my eyes in terror?
Do I engulf the fear like a sharp knife or let it eat me up instead?
Not knowing will do both.

I’m writing here because it’s my own words,
Not a speech or sharing of my gospel.
It’s a sin to my kind,
But I am not like that kind.
Please allow my independence hidden,
I can't stand the scare.
Jodie-Elaine Mar 14
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I push through in pure stubbornness
leave us be
lots of love,
Manipulated stream of consciousness poem from the 'PERFORMANCE ARTIST POETRY...' collection.
Words can move mountains
Or so they say
I believe it
Do you?
Words can start a life
Or end it
Words can make someone happy
Words can make someone hurt
Words are the most powerful thing
They express love and emotion
They express thoughts
Words are my world
I speak
Only to hear other's words
I want to make a change
I want the world to be a better place
My love can be expressed with my words. My thoughts and feelings flow through my words, from my vocal chords or my fingers. Thanks for reading
Carl Webb II Jan 25
I didn’t mean to hurt you
when I hurt myself . . .

I didn’t mean to cause you
any of this . . .
because, nobody should have to deal
with this . . .

but, can I ask you this?
have your wounds healed
cause, mine still haven’t.

I-I-I-I mean don’t get me wrong,
I do, indeed, hate that you’re hurting
but, see . . .
it’s nice to finally have someone around
who understands . . .

perhaps, that’s why I did it.
confessed all those things to you,
told you everything on my mind
knowing my mind is not one
that is meant to ALWAYS be shared
because of the damage
it is capable of doing . . .

I knew my strength,
I knew my weakness, too,
but I knew it’s strength, as well,
and I did nothing to stop it cause -

I didn’t stop it cause I love you.

no, wait, I love your presence!
I don’t really know what it means to love
a person. I love things. I’m used to things.
These things have become my home.
These things, they become my friends when I’m alone . . .

I just wish you could understand . . .
thoughts of the past
Renee Danes Jan 18
And it goes,
And I go,
On the desk
My pencil quietly,
Beating to an invisible drum,
I still hear the
The seconds pass by,
I am anxious,
I cannot breathe,
My eyes fixated
On the evil
The slow, the painful,
The agonizing,
And It watches me in amuse,
I hear it's laughter,
It delights in my deliriousness
And I can hardly contain another thought
But one...

Soon I will be free of it's reign,
But not as soon
As I would hope,
I barely lean on the edge
Of unconsciousness,
And I hear
The last ring
Of the school bell,
And then...

I run.
The time in school be like........
Stephanie Dec 2018
i almost want to laugh at how much i wanted you
sleepless nights. countless.
wondering if I was even a thought on your mind.
if ever the possibility of us fluttered with one beat.
544 days
even if it was for a split second, in a prayer or a curse
you were there. marring everything that i'd built

it's funny. He always gives us what we need.
all i needed was something to sully this fabricated sustenance that i wanted so badly to believe in
here it is.
Kelsey Nov 2018
I cant fathom the "outness" of this
Like the world is a monster crushed under my fist
Spitting lines of
Not enough sustanance to keep you alive
Dont look back when
The doors are closed
Im brave, but not courageous
Im the only one that knows
A vanity may be broken
And little am I open
To disappointment
I am disappointment
I am
Not sure
Where this is going
My head
Is flowing
Into a sand dune
But thats okay
I may just sit
And watch the full moon
Sometimes its good and useful to not think about what you're writing and unconsciously writw whatever your mind is saying. And then to reflect after reading what your mind said.
Sleepz Sep 2018
She wore a Velvet dress,
a beautiful Burgundy,
on the day she broke your Heart.

With a glass of Wine on one hand,
and Stained Blade in the other.
You crawled to your Rusty old car,
drove yourself to the Fire Station,
and as you were driving,
you passed every Stop on the way,
arrived and pleaded they'd help you.

Only you realized the station was abandoned, unoccupied,
and uninhabited like Mars.

Suddenly worry Blushed over your face,
disgraced of the consequences of being human,
you never thought you'd Bleed your own Blood.
If Santa Claus were real,
perhaps he would bring you back.
the truth had to be accepted.

Forensics got to work the next day,
they got straight to collecting their samples,
taking pictures,
the DNA of your ****** Valentine untraced,
I guess she escaped.
Your fate decided,
in heaven when you wake.
Sleepz Sep 2018
Chillin like a villain
straight stealin and killin
doin nothin but spillin
bars like the amounts of scars
on an emo kids wrist.

I'd like to be dismissed
not kissed
rather hear the bad news than be bull&[email protected]+ed the good.

Excuse, I refuse to give
Sid the Science Kid
look at the things you did.

Sin, the disease is within
the skin like a shark with its fin,
thin lines follow the signs that shouldn't be crossed,
sauced with the strain
of pain inscribed in our DNA
doesn't go away,
the fully infused relentlessly proves the dues given
when due.
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