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Jamie Apr 2022
i press and press
deeper and deeper
watching the layers liquefy, dissolving

cracks  cracks  cracks

it's never enough
Jamie Dec 2021
i found out
today that i hate you

so im going to spend every waking minute trying to hide you
Jamie Dec 2021
I'm staying safe for me
not anyone else

I'm taking care of myself
for me
not anyone else

I'm getting better for me
not anyone else

I'm me for me
not anyone else

not even for you
Jamie Nov 2021
I went to see you yesterday

u reminded me why I stopped
loving you
Jamie Nov 2021
u remind me why i carry 9 pills wherever I go
Jamie Oct 2021
im leaving soon
so imma share every moment with you
because im selfish and i want it to hurt
Jamie Oct 2021
MY hands
MY hair
MY skin

"my choice"

u dress me up like a little ******* doll
pinks and blues,
lipgloss and holeless socks
sweetened words and subtle pokes

i never really liked the dreamhouse

MY legs
MY arms
MY midriff

i hate feeling like a mannequin
a *******  o b j e c t
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