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Alexei stood on top of a mountain, the wind ferociously whipping through his fur. He could feel the sun burning behind him and he saw the moon standing proudly before him. He looked down at the ground below h and saw thousands of Lycans looking up at him. He smiled as he saw them. Alexei looked behind them and his heart stopped as he saw a raging wildfire encircling them. They were oblivious to the wall of fire behind them, looking to Alexei to guidance. He began to panic. He tried to run to them but his body would not let him, he tried to scream but his voice was merely a whisper. Tears stung his eyes as he saw the fire approach them. Alexei heard thunder in the distance and everything before him froze in place. His body was shaking. He felt something behind him and he turned. Alexei's eyes widened as he saw a regal white Lycan with golden fur tips standing in front of him. Her eyes were a dazzling purple, sparkling like stardust. Alexei could sense the overwhelmingly massive power standing in front of him. The wolf stood a few feet taller than him and Alexei felt meek before them. Alexei bowed instinctually, letting his muzzle touch the ground. His heart was in his throat and for the first time in his life, he felt insignificant. The Lycan spoke to him softly, "Alexei, I am Mother Luna."
Alexei swallowed hard as he realized the gravity of the situation. He was talking to a god. The Lycan god. Alexei's voice squeaked out, "M-mother Luna,why have I been having these dreams? What am I meant to do?"
The Lycan blinked slowly, "I have chosen you, Alexei. You are my vassal. You have worked for over seven hundred years to build the Lycans into a thriving species. You single handedly created a nation for our kind. You did well in hiding your true self since then, but now it is time to reveal yourself once again." She paused, "There is a war coming. The Slayers have been working in the shadows for a while now, trying to undermine our species. But no longer. Now you must fight back." She gestured to the land below them.
"Those Lycans will look up to you, they will rely on you for guidance. You alone can lead them."
Alexei looked to the mass of wolves below him and whispered, "What if I'm not strong enough? What if I fail you?"
Mother Luna stomped her foot and the ground shook. Thunder rumbled and she said firmly, "You ARE strong enough, Alexei. And you cannot fail me. Tap into the strength within you. Awaken the powers of the Master Alpha."
Alexei felt strengthened by her words, taking a deep breath. "As you say, so it shall be done, Mother Luna."
She nodded. Thunder and lightning flashed around them as she said, "Now go! I have faith in you." The world faded to black, with only Mother Luna's glowing eyes and the sound of wildfire remaining.

Alexei woke up, blinking away the vision. Aurora was coming down the stairs, and Alexei took a deep breath. He sat up in the bed and yawned, feeling rested but troubled. Aurora looked at him as she entered the room, "Up already, sir? It's still early morning. The sun won't be up for another few hours."
Alexei nodded, "I tend to wake early. Old habits die hard."
Aurora laughed, "I suppose you're right. I came to... To check on you, sir."
Alexei nodded and looked her in the eyes for a moment. In that single moment, he read her body language and scent. He broke eye contact and closed his eyes as he broke down the information. She was in her twenties, had no mate, and her musk was disguised with what Alexei assumed was perfume. He could feel Aurora blushing as he studied her, but he also sensed her body language change. Her stance was more submissive, and her heartbeat quickened a little as she watched his eyes move over her.
Alexei stood slowly, watching Aurora as she stole glances at his body. He watched as her eyes began to wander, studying the Alpha intently. Alexei could smell something new from her and he growled softly. Aurora gasped and looked up at him, her eyes mixed with fear and lust. Alexei could sense the heat from her body and felt a twinge of want in his own.
Alexei brought his head down low, eye to eye with the young beta. He said sternly, "You know not the game you play, Aurora."
She shrank back, shame clear on her face. He saw her ears flatten against her head and her tail curl around her leg. "I-I... I'm..."
Alexei sighed and sat down, "Don't be discouraged or ashamed of yourself, Aurora." She looked at him, still unsure of herself. Alexei asked, "You've never been mated, have you?"
She shook her head quickly, her mouth firmly shut but Alexei could sense the heat in her cheeks as she blushed. Alexei continued, "You wanted me to be your first mate, right?"
Aurora attempted to speak, but her mind was a muddle of emotions. She sank to the floor, defeated.
Alexei smiled softly. "There is nothing wrong with wanting that, Aurora." He looked at her, projecting his sympathy to her. Through their connection he could sense her calming down. "Is there no one in your pack who is a more viable mate?"
Aurora looked away, whispering, "No. All the males are mated already. I'm alone."
Alexei sighed softly, "I'm sorry. My paws are tied on this matter. I'm an Alpha. A mated alpha at that."
Aurora's cheeks were burning, "I-I know. I just wanted the feeling. I wanted to know what it's like to mate with someone."
Alexei shut his eyes and took a breath. His own mind was filled with mixed thoughts and emotions. He watched as Aurora lifted herself off the floor into a sitting position. Aurora continued, "When you pinned me in the woods, I didn't know what to feel. I was scared, but I loved the feeling of you above me, dominating me instantly." Her eyes closed for a second and she shivered. "Then I smelled you and I knew you were an Alpha. I... I didn't care that you were mated, I just needed you."
Alexei listened and sensed her desire in her voice. Instinct told him to indulge her, but his mind knew that he shouldn't. He whispered, "Aurora, this can't happen. Bad things could happen to both of us if someone were to find out."
She looked into his eyes, then down at her paws, "I know."
A few moments passed and Alexei made his decision. Alexei stood and took a step closer to her. She looked up at him and he growled. She gasped and shrunk down a little, her heart pounding. Alexei gestured to the bed and Aurora slowly walked around him, heat filling her cheeks once more. She got onto the bed and faced Alexei, watching him stalk closer to her. She tried to manage her breathing but each breath came out more shallow than the last. She watched as Alexei put one paw on the bed, then another. Alexei's voice shook her to the core as he said, "Turn around."
Aurora hesitated then did as he demanded. She raised her rear to him and she gasped as she felt him standing over her. Alexei leaned down and whispered to her, "No one can know about this."
Aurora nodded and mouthed, "I promise." Alexei's put a paw on each of hers and she felt a heat between her hind legs. She felt her back paws being pushed apart and she groaned mentally to him. She peeked back to him, her innocent eyes begging him to be gentle. Alexei pressed his belly against her back and felt their warmths colliding, forcing Aurora to loose a moan. She began to drool as she felt her urges being fulfilled by the big Alpha. She kept her mind entwined with his, repeatedly whispering her wants and needs to him, fueling his own carnal desire. She closed her eyes and let Alexei take over her, allowing the Alpha to tame her wild body.
They finished as the sun rose, and Aurora was breathless and exhausted. Alexei lay next to her as she recovered. She looked at him with a dazed look in her eyes and she nuzzled against his neck. "That was better than I ever could have imagined, Alpha." Aurora began to fall asleep and Alexei watched her. Once her breathing slowed, Alexei pushed his consciousness towards her dormant mind. He pushed healing energy towards her, helping her recover faster. As he began to retreat from her mind, he caught a glimpse of her dream. She was reliving the past few hours with him, and Alexei could feel the ecstasy that she felt. She had loved every second of it. Alexei couldn't help feeling guilty that she would have to keep it a secret, and that he was disloyal to his mate.
Alexei retreated back to his own mind, his thoughts darkened by his guilt. He took another deep breath and went deep into his own mind, searching for the powers that he had kept dormant for years. He felt it pulling him in, and he let it take him. The power was overwhelming, stored and growing for hundreds of years. Alexei tapped into it and anchored the power to his soul and heart. He opened his eyes and briefly saw the energy within the room. He blinked and it dissipated. He gently touched Aurora with his muzzle and a wave of energy passed over her, disguising the evidence of their night. Alexei's conscience kept him from wiping her memory, but he made certain that no one but them would know. He closed his eyes as he finished covering their tracks. He thought to himself, "What other holes will I dig for myself before this is through?" He didn't regret his decision, but he feared what possible outcomes would come of it. He stood up and stretched his limbs. Using his power, he quickly cleaned himself.
Alexei suddenly felt weak, and his head was pounding like a war drum. He stumbled back to the bed and collapsed, passing out before his head hit the cushion.

It was midnight. Alexei was surrounded by trees so tall that they seemed to touch the sky. He was standing on top of a lake, it's surface like a dazzling mirror. The water was cold against his feet, sending a shiver through him. Small ripples appeared around his feet as he took small steps forward. Above him was the full moon, shining down on him. There were multiple glowing eyes watching him in the darkness below the treetops. He could sense the presence of Lycans in the trees and he became nervous. Alexei stopped at the edge of the water, unable to move to dry land. He frowned and turned back, towards the center of the lake. He stood at the center, aware of the crowd watching him from the trees. There was a rumble of thunder in the distance and Alexei looked around him, searching for the source. Behind him stood Mother Luna, an amused look on her face. She was different somehow, her size closer to his than before. The water glowed a vibrant sapphire blue beneath her paws. She circled him slowly, the golden tips of her fur shimmering in the moonlight.
"Have fun, Alexei?" , she chided.
Alexei could feel his cheeks flush, "Mother Luna, I... I..."
She stopped him, her purple eyes fierce. "You let your instincts guide you."
Alexei looked down at his paws, "Yes, Mother Luna. It was a stupid thing to do."
An image of Aurora was looking back at him from the water and he sighed. His heart burned with guilt as he thought about his actions.
Luna shook her head, stepping towards him. She nudged him with her muzzle comfortingly. The touch sent a jolt like lightning through Alexei, and he could feel all of his urges and desires flow through him again. He groaned involuntarily and his eyes glazed over in ecstasy. He looked at Luna curiously as he fought to control the burning in his *****. Ice began to form at his feet, stopping him from moving. She smiled and whispered seductively, "Who do you think sparks instincts in Lycans, Alexei?" Luna leaned in close to his ear and whispered, "I do. You did as I hoped you would." She nipped at his ear, forcing another shiver through his body before she stepped back, clearly pleased with herself.
Alexei took a moment to respond, carefully forming his words while attempting to hide his feral lust. "You wanted me to mate with her. Then you have a plan, Mother Luna?"
She smirked, turning and flicking her tail at Alexei's nose, forcing another wave of urges through him. His legs began to shake and she grinned. "Of course. Whether you realize it or not, every move you make can affect the people around you. Aurora is now loyal to you. By satisfying her urges, you also fueled her lust for you." Luna laughed to herself. She turned and stretched her limbs, lifting her tail for Alexei to see. She grinned wildly as he whimpered.
Luna turned back to face him, hiding her amusement. She rubbed her body along his side, her tail curling around his neck and then down his back. She stopped as he whimpered fiercely. He was blushing madly, fighting the urges with all his might. Luna kept grinning, saying in an airy voice, "I can make you do anything I want, Alexei." She walked behind him and flicked her tail between his legs, the tip running along the length of his groin. Alexei lost all form of thought and he began panting. Luna licked her lips and walked slowly in front of him. "See? There's no use fighting instinct, Alexei. I gave it to you for a reason." She looked at Alexei, his eyes full to the brim with desire.
Alexei tried to speak, his tongue tied in knots, "I... Why...?" He shivered, whispering, "****."
Luna took a step towards him, "Exactly." She got close to him, enough that her scent was overwhelming to him. She whispered in his ear, "What's the point of being a god if you can't have a little fun." She stomped her foot once and the ice around Alexei's legs shattered. He took a tentative step forward, still under the influence of his desire.
Luna circled him again, standing with her back to him. She stretched again, lifting her tail as before. She glanced back at him, saying, "It's up to you on what to do now. Don't disappoint me."
Alexei couldn't help himself. He quickly walked behind her and put his front paws on her shoulders as he mounted her. Luna allowed him to push her hind paws away as he had done to Aurora. She did not wait for him as she ****** herself backwards onto him. She growled, pleased. "There you go."
As his body touched hers, his mind and body was flooded with vigor as her own desire amplified his own. Alexei bit down on her neck to keep from howling as they mated. His mind and heart were racing as he subconsciously tapped into his power, using a bit of its energy to invigorate his efforts to please the god beneath him. Luna felt his pace quicken and she grinned, "That's right. Don't disappoint me, darling."
She closed her eyes and let the waves of pleasure wash over her. Her mouth hung open as she panted. Luna howled as her lust was filled, soon followed by Alexei's growls of ecstasy as he finished. Alexei collapsed as he broke contact with her, his body still quivering. Luna stood smoothly, her legs and tail wet with their ***. She bent down and touched him with her nose, saying, "Good. You didn't disappoint me."
Alexei panted and closed his eyes, and when he opened them, he was back in the bed next to Aurora. His heart was still pounding as he thought about the dream. "Was it a dream?" , Alexei thought. He felt exhausted again, even though he had been resting. "I don't think it was."
He looked at Aurora, sleeping peacefully where he had left her. "Did I just mate with a god?" The thought ran circles around him as he relived every moment. It had felt real, and there wasn't the usual haziness of dreams.
Alexei shook his head and stood up. He looked to Aurora and he gently woke her with a nudge on the neck. She slowly blinked awake and she yawned, looking at him. "Morning, Alpha."
Alexei nodded, "Morning, Aurora." He gestured to the door, saying, "It may be best if you left before anyone finds out you stayed here. I don't smell anyone else awake yet so now is our chance."
Aurora nodded, "Good idea." She stretched quickly and ran up the stairs, silently pushing the door open and scanning the area. Once she was certain it was clear she ran back to the cabin. Alexei followed her soon after, covering her scent as she disappeared from view. He breathed a sigh of relief as he made sure no wolf was awake.
Alexei sniffed the air, taking in the myriad of scents nearby. To his knowledge, no other Alphas were nearby. He began to wander around the snowy forest, keeping an eye out for a sizable deer that could be his breakfast. Alexei looked up, seeing the daylight through the tops of the tall trees. He remarked to himself about how those trees were much like the ones from his dream.
His heart stopped for a second and he sniffed the air, sea
¿Sevilla?... ¿Granada?... La noche de luna.
Angosta la calle, revuelta y moruna,
de blancas paredes y obscuras ventanas.
Cerrados postigos, corridas persianas...
El cielo vestía su gasa de abril.Un vino risueño me dijo el camino.
Yo escucho los áureos consejos del vino,
que el vino es a veces escala de ensueño.
Abril y la noche y el vino risueño
cantaron en coro su salmo de amor.La calle copiaba, con sombra en el muro,
el paso fantasma y el sueño maduro
de apuesto embozado, galán caballero:
espada tendida, calado sombrero...
La luna vertía su blanco soñar.Como un laberinto mi sueño torcía
de calle en calleja. Mi sombra seguía
de aquel laberinto la sierpe encantada,
en pos de una oculta plazuela cerrada.
La luna lloraba su dulce blancor.La casa y la clara ventana florida,
de blancos jazmines y nardos prendida,
más blancos que el blanco soñar de la luna...
-Señora, la hora, tal vez importuna...
¿Que espere? (La dueña se lleva el candil).Ya sé que sería quimera, señora, mi sombra
galante buscando a la aurora
en noches de estrellas y luna, si fuera
mentira la blanca nocturna quimera
que usurpa a la luna su trono de luz.¡Oh dulce señora, más cándida y bella
que la solitaria matutina estrella
tan clara en el cielo! ¿Por qué silenciosa
oís mi nocturna querella amorosa?
¿Quién hizo, señora, cristal vuestra voz?...La blanca quimera parece que sueña.
Acecha en la obscura estancia la dueña.
-Señora, si acaso otra sombra, emboscada
teméis, en la sombra, fiad en mi espada...
Mi espada se ha visto a la luna brillar.¿Acaso os parece mi gesto anacrónico?
El vuestro es, señora, sobrado lacónico.
¿Acaso os asombra mi sombra embozada,
de espada tendida y toca plumada?...
¿Seréis la cautiva del moro Gazul?Dijéraislo, y pronto mi amor os diría
el son de mi guzla y la algarabía
más dulce que oyera ventana moruna.
Mi guzla os dijera la noche de luna,
la noche de cándida luna de abril.Dijera la clara cantiga de plata
del patio moruno, y la serenata
que lleva el aroma de floridas preces
a los miradores y a los ajimeces,
los salmos de un blanco fantasma lunar.Dijera las danzas de trenzas lascivas,
las muelles cadencias de ensueños, las vivas
centellas de lánguidos rostros velados,
los tibios perfumes, los huertos cerrados;
dijera el aroma letal del harén.Yo guardo, señora, en viejo salterio
también una copla de blanco misterio,
la copla más suave, más dulce y más sabia
que evoca las claras estrellas de Arabia
y aromas de un moro jardín andaluz.Silencio... En la noche la paz de la luna
alumbra la blanca ventana moruna.
Silencio... Es el musgo que brota, y la hiedra
que lenta desgarra la tapia de piedra...
El llanto que vierte la luna de abril.-Si sois una sombra de la primavera
blanca entre jazmines, o antigua quimera
soñada en las trovas de dulces cantores,
yo soy una sombra de viejos cantares,
y el signo de un álgebra vieja de amores.Los gayos, lascivos decires mejores,
los árabes albos nocturnos soñares,
las coplas mundanas, los salmos talares,
poned en mis labios;
yo soy una sombra también del amor.Ya muerta la luna, mi sueño volvía
por la retorcida, moruna calleja.
El sol en Oriente reía
su risa más vieja.
Emma Pickwick Apr 2014
Luna, I bet you get this all the time
But Luna, you know I'm not like other guys
And Luna I think of you every time on the radio,
when its soft and slow.

Luna, I think I saw you in my dreams
'Cause Luna, you're all I hoped you could be
And Luna you're an angel sent from above,
Gift from god,
Goddess of love.

Vous allumez ma vie plus que le soleil pourrait jamais

Luna, I know this might be a lot
But Luna, you're the only thing I got
And Luna, you're all I see in my dreams at night,
You're my only hope, my guiding light.

Vous allumez ma vie plus que le soleil pourrait jamais

I can't help but believe
That you could be
The greatest love that I'll ever know.
I had a crazy tune stuck in my head on the way home tonight, which caused the immediate penning of this song.
La luna vino a la fragua
con su polisón de nardos.
El niño la mira mira.
El niño la está mirando.

En el aire conmovido
mueve la luna sus brazos
y enseña, lúbrica y pura,
sus senos de duro estaño.

Huye luna, luna, luna.
Si vinieran los gitanos,
harían con tu corazón
collares y anillos blancos.

Niño déjame que baile.
Cuando vengan los gitanos,
te encontrarán sobre el yunque
con los ojillos cerrados.

Huye luna, luna, luna,
que ya siento sus caballos.
Niño déjame, no pises,
mi blancor almidonado.

El jinete se acercaba
tocando el tambor del llano.
Dentro de la fragua el niño,
tiene los ojos cerrados.

Por el olivar venían,
bronce y sueño, los gitanos.
Las cabezas levantadas
y los ojos entornados.

¡Cómo canta la zumaya,
ay como canta en el árbol!
Por el cielo va la luna
con el niño de la mano.

Dentro de la fragua lloran,
dando gritos, los gitanos.
El aire la vela, vela.
el aire la está velando.
Ovi-Odiete Jul 2015
Shine Luna Shine
Shine off the years of
Through those bars of rage
And painful plagues
Shine to the modern world,
Tell it to heavens gate
Shine Luna Shine
Did they break you?
Or ***** you a thousand times?
Didn't they **** you?
And make you a modern lie?
Shine Luna Shine
Shine off the evil deeds
That made you a laughing stock,
Shine off those evil words,
They told you at teenage age
Shine off the hatred
And make them roaming wretched,
Shine Luna Shine
Make them wonder
Shine Luna Shine
Make them a whirling wind,
Give them nights of terror
Soar and leap like an ocean,
Swallow them deep
Take them all
As you Shine Forth
Shine Luna Shine,
This is a poetic story that express deep rooted emotions.
Franchesca May 2017
Luna, my Luna,
I was seven; I was clueless.
I wondered and wandered
At such a young age.

How was life supposed to be?
What was I supposed to do?
Floating through my mind,
These unanswered prayers remain.

Luna, my Luna,
I was seventeen; I was naïve.
What was I supposed to think?
What was I supposed to feel?

Void after void, it consumed me.
It ate me alive— whole.
Isolation was the answer
To hide my inner demons.

Luna, my Luna,
I am now in my twenties.
Still, lost in the depths of my thoughts.
Still on a high with all of these thrills.

This roller coaster ride,
I’ve come to understand;
How life flows around
In ups and downs.

Luna, my Luna,
How do you watch over the people?
Their thoughts continuously wandering
Through the lifeless atmosphere of this cold night.

Decades after decades,
Do you not ever get tired?
I would like to say thanks
For your constant company.
¡Oh la luna, la luna que cantan los poetas!
¡Oh la luna brillante de tristeza tremenda!
¡La luna que no sabe ni del frescor del agua
ni del viento que tacta, como un fauno, las selvas!

¡La luna que no tiene ni un árbol, ni una brizna,
ni una mujer y un hombre que se quieran en ella,
ni un puñado de polvo que dance en remolinos,
ni un río que haga ruido saltando entre sus piedras!

Parece tan hermosa, tan nueva, tan luciente,
y no es más que una pobre vieja desposeída,
frente a frente a la tierra millonaria de dones
una muerta consciente frente a frente a una viva.

¡Piedad para la luna! ¡Piedad para la luna!
No beséis vuestras novias, ¡oh novios!, ante ella.
¡Dios sabe de qué envidias y angustias está llena
la luz que nos envían la luna y las estrellas.
La luna se puede tomar a cucharadas
o como una cápsula cada dos horas.
Es buena como hipnótico y sedante
y también alivia
a los que se han intoxicado de filosofía.
Un pedazo de luna en el bolsillo
es mejor amuleto que la pata de conejo:
sirve para encontrar a quien se ama,
para ser rico sin que lo sepa nadie
y para alejar a los médicos y las clínicas.
Se puede dar de postre a los niños
cuando no se han dormido,
y unas gotas de luna en los ojos de los ancianos
ayudan a bien morir.

Pon una hoja tierna de la luna
debajo de tu almohada
y mirarás lo que quieras ver.
Lleva siempre un frasquito del aire de la luna
para cuando te ahogues,
y dale la llave de la luna
a los presos y a los desencantados.
Para los condenados a muerte
y para los condenados a vida
no hay mejor estimulante que la luna
en dosis precisas y controladas.
la negra,
la luna,
la negra luna,
sobre sí propia,
la negra
de ebonita,
gira la negra luna de ebonita
-sobre sí propia- y canta:

-¡Bah! ¡Canciones! Y músicas abstractas...!

Y, lo que canta, es la Música Viva!
Oye el Viaje de Invierno, de Franz Schubert,
y el Rey de los Alisos,
y El Doble y Ganímedes y Ante el mar,
y de Schumann, Amores de un poeta,
y de Dupare, Invitación al viaje
y La vida anterior...,
y de Chopín, Preludios y Nocturnos:

tú, soñador romántico; tú, doliente elegíaco.
Oye la voz serena,
la voz profunda oye
de Bach -añosa encina,
inmensurable selva, órgano él mismo y templo
de la harmonía-:

tú, sereno y profundo.

Y de Mozart el diáfano y sortílego,
y de Haydn y Franck, la cortesana
y la mística voz, inconfundibles,

tú, gustador de lo pulcro y etéreo.
Los Cánticos y Danzas de la Muerte,
y Sin sol, de Musorgski,

tú, angustiado, febril, hiperestésico;

y Borís Godunov, Borís Godunov, oye,
(bárbara gesta, miedo, sangre, lujuria y fausto)

tú, Sátrapa en los sueños...
Y, catador sutil de quintaesencias,
gusta la mediatinta debussyana,
pesquisidora de inusados timbres
y lontanos acordes, 1
en un dorado ambiente de calígine.
Y, borracho de lumbres y colores,
Óye, de Rímski, Antar y Xeherazada
y el Gallo de oro -vértigo y lascivia-:

mas, si de ritmos ebrio, tú, frenético
danzarín, danza todas las furias de Stravínski
-del sabio y del bufón mezcladas dósis-:
fino humor ricos timbres, forma clara 2
(sobria, o en concertado cataclismo).
Y oye, en la noche, y en Tristán e Iseo,
la voz vigía de Brangane, plena
de lo fatal, o el corno quejumbroso;
si no los Funerales de Sigfrido;
o el Tránsito al Valhalla, milagroso tumulto.
Y tú, plasmado en bronce, los vastos himnos oye,
óye las soberanas sinfonías
con que la voz del Sordo el orbe nutre!

Las acendradas síntesis:
sonatas y quátuors, insólito prodigio, filtros puros:

la Misa en re, misterio panteísta,
denso peán a la Naturaleza!

Y el trágico clangor de Coriolano...:

oye la voz del Indomado Prometeo,
oye la voz del Sordo, oye la voz del Sordo!
Gira la negra luna,
sobre sí propia,
gira la negra luna de ebonita,
la negra
de ebonita
-sobre sí propia- y canta:
-Bah! Ficciones! Y músicas abstractas...!

Y, lo que canta, es la Música Misma!
Kuzhur Wilson Sep 2016
one morning
Sunilettan came
with a puppy.

i was writing a grand thesis on the orphaned existence of discarded people.

when the tether was removed
i gave her a dry fish.
did not eat it.
gave a fulsome bone.
did not touch it.
gave the milk from the ad.
did not even regard it.
kissed her.
did not show any reaction.

because she came on a monday
i named her luna.

whenever i called her
she wagged her tail.
wagged her ears.
luna luna luna
i whispered thrice
in her ears.

like the golden peaks
of mookaambika,
he sharpened his ears.
me and he did not play
any game.
before we could,
she came under the wheels
of a vehicle.
without autopsy
without a second look at the body
i buried him
under the hibiscus tree
with many blooms
falling to the ground.

two of the flowers
went to a  karnataka guy’s
father’s death rites.
some turned into hibiscus juice.
some were visited by butterflies.

the earth where luna was buried
forgot her.
me too.

another noon,
a german dog named adi
was found playing a game
of placing fish bones
on luna’s tomb.

no dog will
cease to play
till the question hung in the air
“my little sister, you have forgotten me?”*

Kuzhur Wilson
Translated by Ra Sh

(( To S. Sithara who memorised  Khasakkinte  Ithihaasam (The Saga of Khasak) when she was still a kid)
*This is an original
reference from the novel ` The Saga of Khasak’ by O.V.Vijayan, translated by the author.
On the cold solstice
the velvet magnet
of Luna's magic

quietly urges

gentle spells
into dreamy ears

her lover
to rise
him from
the warm sleep
of winters
first night slumber

she summons
a willing lover
inviting him
to follow
her stark
alluring light
the lonely blackness
of a bleak universe

seductive powers
transcends distances of
a thousand solstices

resounding light
a sure mark
braces any weakness
emboldens desire
guiding the bidden
to unforeseen

in your presence
my face is flush
reflected by your
resplendent light

my heart
by your

the roiling tide
of a midnight reverie
as my
earthen shadow
begins to pass
over your

I witness
my dark countenance
eclipse your light

defiling you
to forever
mark your
effervescent silver
with the baseness of me

without shame
your smile
allays my fear

you understand
you anticipated
the expression
of my
coy reticence

a sweet chant
you've danced
through many
moonlit nights
with eager lovers
only to return again
in virginal whiteness
across the
endless cycles
of time

all restraint
summon you

my blackness
your whiteness
breeds a
then an
open mango

she rules the sky
a celestial monarch
forcing Mars into
a sheepish retreat
mighty Orion
to sheave his sword
with envy

my form
begins to swallow
your lines
soft curves

my blackness
inviting cracks

falling into
dark creases
the soft billows
sweet mounds
voluptuous craters
gay playgrounds
for my mouth
mysterious hillocks
eagerly explored
with hands and
limbered fingers

a quixotic Eros
the scent of spice
swells in my head

like a
holy ghost
playfully gaming
hide and seek
radiantly moving
darkened canopies
of a lush forest

nostrils fill
tang of spice
a scent
of Caribe

face buried
in thick tresses
of maddening blackness

becoming unhinged
by eyes speaking
a thousand languages
as lips whisper
joyous whimpers

a silent kiss
of an orange lit night
writhing bodies
splayed together

ravenous tendrils
shape sloping
cloud pillows

quivering lips
unveil smiles of
alabaster pearls

mocha darkness
sambas through
the night

she exhales
her lovers name

Luna bathes
her cinnamon curves
in delicious
mango light
offers generous
of ******

I cast off
onto a sea
of lucid dreams

drinking from
a dark aureole
as the tresses
of her
sweetened nest
moistened my member
in a sacred communion
to a hungry lovers mouth

her dancers legs
slim, supple
and open
sweet to taste
so soft
to touch

the fullness
of our rumba
se los tango
con cha cha cha

light steps
close caress
kinetic commotion
wild laughter
fills the sails
of bold schooners

Luna's smile
the seas
to heave

un poco loco
ola de feliz
los hablamos
un contrara
la estas
la esta

the lavender sky
of the mornings
to herald
the emerging day

drunkenly swigging
loves nectar
sleep creeps closer

small regrets
she fell
to passion again

comes back
to her lover
pets his chest
with delicate fingers

in a voice
as light as air
she sings
a poem
into his ear
of passionate nights
beauteous art
longing to express
heartfelt truths

The mango consumed
Luna's whiteness returns

my shadow recedes
into inconsequential

I stood
sadly witnessing
the dark horizon
my fleeing lover
swallowing her
in tiny bits
as morning drops
a final veil
over the face
of a now
vanished love

Music Selection
Grant Green, Moon River

Krusty Aranda Sep 2016
Sucedió una noche en noviembre
Sin decirlo te fuiste a dormir
La noticia la oí de repente
A llorar me senté sin decir

Destapé una cerveza en tu nombre
Tu recuerdo no dejaré ir
El sufrimiento voló con el viento
Embriagué al dolor, mas lo pude sentir

Y lloraba y lloraba tu triste partida
Con la luna me fui a despedir
Luna llena brillaba esa noche
Le pedí que cuidara de ti

Seis botellas vacías quedaron
La vida sin ti no podía concebir
Fue poco el tiempo en el que coincidimos
Más tiempo le quiero a la vida pedir

Quisiera poderte haber dicho un te amo
Por última vez antes de tu partir
Sentarme una noche a tomar un buen trago
Contigo hablando hasta ver el sol salir

Ya débil estabas. Luchaste tu lucha
Con garras y dientes; que necio el vivir
Rendirse, en tu mente, no estaba presente
Las luces se apagan. Ya no más sufrir

Sucedió una noche en noviembre
Borracho y en llanto, en la luna te vi
Hablé con la luna pidiéndole a gritos
Que algún día nos reúna por fin

Y lloraba y lloraba tu triste partida
Con la luna me fui a despedir
Luna llena brillaba esa noche
Le pedí que cuidara de ti

La luna es pálida y triste, la luna es exangüe y yerta.
La media luna figúraseme un suave perfil de muerta…
Yo que prefiero a la insigne palidez encarecida
De todas las perlas árabes, la rosa recién abierta,

En un rincón del terruño con el color de la vida,
Adoro esa luna pálida, adoro esa faz de muerta!
Y en el altar de las noches, como una flor encendida
Y ebria de extraños perfumes, mi alma la inciensa rendida.

Yo sé de labios marchitos en la blasfemia y el vino,
Que besan tras de la orgia sus huellas en el camino;
Locos que mueren besando su imagen en lagos yertos…
Porque ella es luz de inocencia, porque a esa luz misteriosa
Alumbran las cosas blancas, se ponen blancas las cosas,
Y hasta las almas más negras toman clarores inciertos!


The moon is pallid and sad, the moon is bloodless and cold.
I imagine the half-moon as a profile of the dead…
And beyond the reknowned and praised pallor
Of Arab pearls, I prefer the rose in recent bud.

In a corner of this land with the colors of earth,
I adore this pale moon, I adore this death mask!
And at the altar of the night, like a flower inflamed,
Inebriated by strange perfumes, my soul resigns.

I know of lips withered with blasphemy and wine;
After an **** they kiss her trace in the lane.
Insane ones who die kissing her image in lakes…
Because she is light of innocence, because white things
Illuminate her mysterious light, things taking on white,
And even the blackest souls become uncertainly bright.
PrttyBrd Jun 2010
Luna, My Love
I see the beauty in the darkness
Luna, My Love
I hear the stars sing your praise
Luna, My Love
You see me off to peaceful slumber
Luna, oh Luna My Love
copyright©PrttyBrd 01/06/2010
Natalia Rivera Jun 2015
Cuando la luna es nueva, el sale de su polvoriento cobijo.
A saludar la vida que solía tener, y a sentir las voces cantoras del viento.
Saboreaba la savia que le obsequiaba las estrellas,
Y me servía de grata compañía.
Era un acontecimiento único, insólito.
Habían pasado varias fases sin venir,
Llegue a pensar que se había extraviado en las muelas del bosque,
Pero hoy, el venia.
Saque una taza vieja, y le preparaba un café
Para cuando llego, la luna ya podía verse.
Le entallaba el hermoso e entristecido rostro.
Quise preguntar “porque, como y cuando”, pero me resigne
Y solo le di una torcida sonrisa, y él me la devolvió.
Se sentó en la mesa sin murmuro alguno,
Y mirando la luz que penetraba por la ventana bebió.
Le ofrecí un abrigo para el frió, el alzo su mirada perdida
Y me llevo afuera; caminamos por un sendero lleno de lamentos.
Podía escucharlos, pero a él no le parecía importar.
“Almas olvidadas” musito con voz firme.
Paro un segundo y continuo “hemos llegado, he aquí la luna creciente”
Yo lo miraba perpleja, y solo pude sentarme a su lado mirándolo fijamente.
Y miles de interrogantes golpeaban mi cabeza;
No pude comenzar a preguntar cuando el dio inicio
“Cuando la luna está en su fase creciente, parece una bola partida a la mitad.
Para mí, es el momento en donde puedo conversar contigo
Con esa parte que solía ser, que solíamos ser.
Por eso he de venir solo cuando la luna está en esta fase,
Para contarte como me va en mi vida de olvido, y para escuchar como vives sin mí.
Por eso sin notarlo, en los días más oscuros y silenciosos te has de parar en la ventana
Susurrándole a los astros poesías que llevan mi nombre.
Por eso sin notarlo, yo he de pintar el mejor paisaje para que sonrías cada noche.”
Una avalancha repetitiva me sucumbía, podía escuchar pequeños fragmentos
Una y otra vez, y otra vez
“Por eso sin notarlo, en los días más oscuros”
“Yo he de pintar el mejor paisaje para que sonrías cada noche”
Termine mirando constelaciones, y sintiendo como su mano
Caliente y delicada acariciaba mi rostro.
Sentí la necesidad de besarlo, y de contarle mis poesías.
Me tomo y me sumergió en el abismo del que fue
Un beso con sabor a historias, a quererlo nuevamente.
Al dejarme nuevamente en mi aposento me ha devuelto el abrigo
Y plasmo en mi frente un beso que desato una tormenta en mis pequeños y cansados ojos.
Para cuando los abrí, mi mitad se había ido, y la luna ya era llena.
En su abrigo había una pequeña carta, un poema y decía.

“pequeña niña de cristal
Llevas el espíritu de la estrella que me guía en las noches,
Y el color de la maleza en tus tiernos ojos.
En cada luna que veas, recítame todo tus versos
Seré el océano que remoja tu lunar.
No me olvides, que si no es en esta fase, será en la otra
Pero serás mía en cualquier dimensión.”
Lawrence Hall Apr 2017
Lawrence Hall

The Luna Moth

The moon does not in fact wax anything,
She does not wane; she simply ever-is;
She rules the softly-sung, soft-summer nights,
A willing queen, and willingly obeyed.
The luna moth, her winged votary,
Clings to indulgent oaks of their kindness,
Their moon-sent goddess from another world,
And strangely robed and crowned in lunar green,
Pheroming softly for some other moth
To come perform with her those rituals
Of love illogical, of sacrifice;
For all a luna moth can do is live
A summer week or so, but in those hours

She loves

In lunar beauty, strangely eternal
Who needs a dying luna moth?
                                                We do.
Maria Mitea Sep 2020
Una tu!
Divina creatura!

Asculta, Luna! Asculta!
Only you can hear my soul!

Una tu,
Angel de la Guarda,
Te auguro la Luna!
Te ador Luna suava!

Credema, Luna! Credema!
Only you can see my soul!

Eu sunt,
Umbra ta terestra,
Lumina azurie vivanta,

Eterna principessa in the dark!
Luna, angelic guardian!
galaxy of myths Jan 2019
I remember being on my first longest flight. We took the midnight flight and I remember dozing off many times. Whenever I awake I would look out the window and see the dark sky, peppered with grey clouds, illuminated by my old friend Luna. She was next to me the whole night; a brightly glowing orb, floating for God knows how many years since her birth. At times when I wake up and feel restless that we were still flying, I'd look up to Luna and she would be there. Shining patiently and wisely. It filled me with a sense of warm serenity. Her beams of light bounced after each passing cloud, chasing my flight and I felt so at peace. That at my first long journey, I was accompanied by an old, loving friend. When everyone was asleep, I had silent conversations with Luna about my thoughts; my fears and expectations. She listened patiently until I felt content.

I felt a twinge of sadness when I woke up the next time, the dark night has transformed into a brightly lit sky. This time it was Helios in Luna's place. I've never really been close with him so I wasn't exactly sure how to feel or react. But it was the first time I met him up close, thousands of feet in the air. I never knew how beautiful it is to see Helios starting the day by waking everyone up from slumber. Helios, a brightly glowing lava spreading rays from clouds to mountains. I've always been the one thinking about days ending, I never bothered about days starting. Helios grew stronger and illuminated our journey with his jovial rays. Where Luna was silent, calming and patient, Helios was loud, energetic and eager. I am blessed that I was accompanied by the two powerful beings. My fears turned into excitement and I no longer grew afraid of long journeys. Not when I have them.

Lawrence Hall Apr 2017
Lawrence Hall

The Luna Moth

The moon does not in fact wax anything,
She does not wane; she simply ever-is;
She rules the softly-sung, soft-summer nights,
A willing queen, and willingly obeyed.
The luna moth, her winged votary,
Clings to indulgent oaks of their kindness,
Their moon-sent goddess from another world,
And strangely robed and crowned in lunar green,
Pheroming softly for some other moth
To come perform with her those rituals
Of love illogical, of sacrifice;
For all a luna moth can do is live
A summer week or so, but in those hours

She loves

In lunar beauty, strangely eternal
Who needs a dying luna moth?
                                                We do.
Mi corazón tiene aliento a vida y sol
en los días cuando se repira calor
El céfiro por dentro refresca mi existir

Por fuera la luna, luna
está en resplandor

Hoy vuelve a morir Lorca
y el manto cubre a mas que una cara
en más de un país bajo esta misma luna

Hoy frente al monitor el deseo de dejar los barcos de Kaufman zarpar
existe profundamente en el mar de nuestra colectiva conciencia

En tu corazón existe aliento y una vida con una sol.  
El céfiro mueve barcos.
No importa si salle la luna, luna
Elijo a Lorca pues su muerte es sinónimo para mi del miedo,  de la división, del sentimiento de nacionalismo que brindó terror y muerte acceptable, de eso que nos hace pensar que la diferencia es cosa que naturalmente separa

Elijo eludir el poema de Kaufman “All those ships that never sailed” por ser una poeta de mi país natal que en este poema expresa el sentimiento de nostalgia de un tiempo/ de algo que ya se encuentra en el pasado. Mi objetivo fue escribir un poema que aborda y acepta lo que ocurre en el mundo mais ofrece un recordatorio de que cada uno de nos tenemos un clima interno cual podemos controlar dentro de esta “ noche” metafórica donde ha salido la luna y parece que la oscuridad nos  rodea. No hay que tener nostalgia  del pasado pues el futuro es nuestro para crear.
Scott Lasley Aug 2010
Little Luna
sitting in the sky
won’t you come down
and play with me?

Little Luna
sitting in the sky
aren’t you lonesome
beautifying the darkness?

Little Luna
sitting in the sky
how can I reach you
and become one with your serene hue?

I want to be more than
a glowing sphere
I want to light the world on fire
and watch it char to ash

I want to shed my light
on false hopes
and broken promises
disguised by Sol’s cloak

I want to betray Gaia
and steal Sol’s chariot
watching the trees absorb my rays
just for one day

Little Luna
sitting in the sky
won’t you come down
and tell me you love me?
(c) Scott Lasley  7/25/2010
PoserPersona Jun 2018
The moon sings the languid flower,
  to bloom at midnight hour
Harmonious feast transpires -
  luminescent choir

Petals mirror la hue de Luna,
  but pale below her glow
Though the desert sweet aroma,
  is fragrance plus photo

Neither causing nightly failure,
  in idyllic charm
In fact, those powers are greater,
  together than apart

The moon a long gone distant rock,
  yet pulls on ocean tops
Cereus lures with sweetest tricks,
  and stings with countless licks  

Battered holy asteroid face,
 woos flawless solar gaze
And even though it causes mire,
  lunar eclipses fire

The cactus thrives in driest sands,
  and chokes in fertile lands
Alluring lonesome wanderers,
  promising mere water

The lucid beauty bewilders,
  as much as it can haunt
In fact, those powers are greater,
  together than apart

You, once my cereus and moon,
  were drowned in my love well
Perhaps, I was this to you too,
  though your hole I’d not delve

However, what was first velvet,
  morphed into devil’s horns
Winter shed those thorns in my chest,
  now spring gifts hope and more

The icy grips of each winter,
  provides spring fuel to spark
In fact, those powers are greater,
  together than apart

Although we've gone on our own ways,
  I wouldn’t change the past
For each step was necessary,
  to find true love at last

We were once greater together.

I’m now greater apart.
E Nov 2015
Wash the sleep from your eyes
Stretch your spine, breathe deep, and rise
I'll hold your warmth and soak in your spirit,

I'm inconsolable, yet you smile at me
I hold you tighter, yet still you resist me

To give the order, to end a life
A burden inhumane, yet our common strife

Sweet Luna my steady, my first and last of the day
It was not just your life I lost on this day
We are unfinished marble, chipped, warped, and parlayed
Joyed life and clean death, these are the sins that we pay

Sweet Luna, catch a mouse for me, obliterate your prey
Sweet Luna claim a chest for me, bring love where you stay

Luna Moonfang
Rest in Peace
AKIKO May 2017
Musika'y karamay
Musika'y Kaibigan
Musikay may saya sa kabila
Ng kalungkutan

Tinagpian ng musika
Ang puso kong nawasak
Sa pag-ibig nga'y nabigo
Puso ay nasaktan
Musika'y may lihim
May Luna's din palang taglay

Salamat sa iyo
Gumawa ka ng kanta
Salamat sayo at Salamat sa musika
Sa tuwina'y may karamay
Sa lahat ng oras
Sa bawat sandali
At kahit saan pa
Salamat sa musika heto na ako
At  nakapag
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I remember the days when the moon was following me
La Luna,
You were everywhere and always so beautiful
What were you trying to tell me by appearing brighter in my sky,
Than in others?

La Luna,
You visited me in my dreams each night
You fell towards me but I never felt afraid.
I mistook you for the earth,
And the earth for you.
You are everywhere,
And always so beautiful

La Luna,
I want to have you with me all the time
To balance the strange that is these scars.
I wish to carry you in the palm of my hand and roll you around in my fingertips
So that I may always be reminded that beauty and ugly can live side by side
And one wouldn’t exist without the other

I’ve tried to reach out and touch you,
In my dreams I cup my hands underneath the sky and say
“I’m ready whenever you are,”
waiting for You and the stars to land in my fingers
so that I may arrange my own constellations tonight –
my index finger sliding stars around wherever I so choose.
I might make a constellation of the smiling face of God,
So that all of those people down below have something to really look at…
But isn’t that what the stars are, anyway?

I might make a constellation so jumbled that it becomes whatever whoever is looking up at it needs it to become
Stars just need to be stars
And sometimes,
The moon is just the moon

But  I still wonder
La Luna
How you are everywhere
And always so beautiful
What are you trying to tell me by appearing brighter in my sky,
Than in others’?
Evna-Luna Jul 2016

Come with me
   Throw yourself into the night
Throw the night into the wind
Throw the wind into the night
Search through the Castles
Search all the valleys and lilies
Go with that wind that calls your heart
Go slowly~ transcend into the night
Find that whisper that searches
For you
It's calling you
Calling beneath the darkest clouds
   Calling you
              Go now
Find that whisper
Find the Night
        Find Luna
      Find Me



All rights reserved



George Andres Mar 2018
Isang-libo, siyam na raan, siyamnapu't-siyam
Nang una nilang marinig ang pagtangis

Dalawang libo't labing-walo
Napakarami kong gustong bigkasin
Pero nauutal ako't lumalabas pagiging utak alipin
Para sa'yo sana, gusto ko pa ring sabihin,
Na, patawad Felipe, kung kay hirap **** mahalin

Wala ako nang tumangis ka kay Macoy
Huli kong nalaman ang tungkol kay Luisita
Masyado pa ba 'kong musmos upang ibigin ka?

Lubha lamang daw akong bata
Nagpupuyos ang damdamin
Walang pang kaalaman magdesisyon ng tama
Mapusok at madaling matangay
Manatili na lamang daw ako sa klase,
at kinabukasan ko'y sa mataas na marka ibase

Kaya't pinilit kong hindi pakinggan ang pagdaing mo
Ano bang alam ko upang magalit, maghimagsik?

Batid ko man ang kasaysayan mo sa mga prayle, kano't hapon, labis ko pa ngang inidolo si Luna't Bonifacio noon

Hindi ba't namatay rin sila sa kasibulan nang dahil sa'yo?
Natatakot ako, na balang araw iyon rin ang sapitin ko sa piling mo
Mainit ang puso ko, pero malamig ang paa't kamay
Hindi ko kayang palayain ka
Tipid ang boses ko upang ipagsigawan ka
Nagtagpo tayo sa panahong akala ko malaya ka na

Hindi ka pa pwedeng umiyak
Hangga't hindi pa tapos ang lahat
Ano bang alam mo upang magalit, maghimagsik?

Ngunit hindi ko kayang lumingon pabalik
Hindi ko kayang matulog muli nang wala ang 'yong halik
Hindi ko kayang mahimbing nang wala ang mga gunita

Dekada Sitenta.
Bungkos ng namumuong nana
Nilalapnos ng kumukulong tubig
Dumaranak ang dugo sa sarili **** balat
Tumatalilis at tinatanggalan ng bayag

Paiikutin ang roleta't ipuputok sa sintido
Ihihiga ang katawan sa bloke ng yelo
Papasuin ng upos ng sigarilyo
Ibabalanse ang katawan hangga't may lakas pa ang kabayo
Hindi ito mga metaporang naririnig ko lang sa mga kwento

Hindi na ako magtataka kung may diyos pa ba
A kung kahit isang beses nilingon ka man lang niya

Kung ang nakikita ng mata ay dumudurog ng puso
At ang mga salita ay pumapainlalang

Silang 'di nakaririnig ay dapat kalampagin
Hampasin ang higanteng pintuan at sipain
Ang pader na marmol na walang bintana
Galit na sumusunog ng patay na tala
Hindi kumakalma, pilit nagbabaga, nagtatangka

Ano bang alam ko upang magalit, maghimagsik?
Maaari ko bang palitan ng paglilingkod ang iyong biyaya?
Mas madali naman siguro magsalita
Kung 'di mo batid ang paghangos ng maralita

Mainit ang puso ko, pero malamig ang paa't kamay
Hindi ko kayang palayain ka
Tipid ang boses ko upang ipagsigawan ka
Nagtagpo tayo sa panahong akala ko malaya ka na

Nang masulyapan ka nang unang mabuksan ang aking paningin
Gusto ka lang naman palaging kita ng mata
Wala pa man natatakot na akong makitang umiiyak ka
Mas mapalad ba ang mga bulag o tulad kong piring ang mata?
Hinayaan mo akong maging alipin
Itinatatwa ko ang araw na namulat ako
Ang hirap naman kasing maka-usad mula sa'yo
Matapos mabura ang mga kasinungalingang sa'yo'y ibinabato
Kumbaga, ikaw 'yung maraming sakit na pinagdaanan, dadagdag pa ba 'ko?
Oh, Felipe, kay hirap **** mahalin

Habang binabasa ko ang kasaysayan ****
Nagaganap pa rin hangang sa ngayon
Parang itinutulak ang aking sikmura
At ang balat ko'y nagsisiklabo
Hindi tumitigil ang mga luha

Ilang taon matapos maghalal ng bagong pangulo
Pinaulanan ng bala ang mga humihingi ng reporma

Dalawang-libo't apat
Matapos ang tatlong dekada
Mga batas na pabor lang sa mayama't may kaya

Gusto lang naman namin mabuhay
Nang hindi inaagaw ang aming kabuhayan
Nagtatanim ng bala't hindi binhi
Umaani ng bangkay hindi punla

Lupa mo'y hinulma ng dugo
Parang imbes na pataba ay pulbura ang inaabono
Para bang ang buhay ko sa'yo'y Walang katapusang pakikibaka
Para bang ang inaani ko'y dusa sa Buong buhay na pagsasaka

Matapos ang apat na taon

Kinikitil nila isa-isa ang mamamahayag
Nilibing ng traktora't patong-patong ang buto't balat
Pinagkanulo mo at hayagang pumayag
Mga berdugong hinayaan mo lang lumayag

Dalawang libo't labing-lima
Nangingisay sa walang habas na pangraratrat
Hanggang huling hininga'y maubos, mawala sa ulirat
Apatnapu't-apat **** mandirigma
Lumusong sa mapanganib na kagubatan na walang dalang sandata o pananggalang man lang
Malupit ka, hanggang saan ipagtatanggol ang laya mo?
Hindi pa ba sapat ang lahat ng luha?
Nagsasakripisyo para sa hindi siguradong pagkakakilanlan bilang Pilipino

Ikalawang Milenya.
Ngayon naririnig ko na ang pagpapatahimik laban sa karapatan **** magpahayag
Nagsasakripisyo ng dugo ng mga tupa
Para sa huwad na pag-unlad
Pinapatay ng bala ang uhay
Habang matapos tapakan ang upos ng sigarilyo,
Pagtatalunan ang dilaw at pula
Kung sino ba ang mas dakila
Aastang **** na tagapagligtas
Na siyang hawak ang lahat ng lunas
Napakarami nang diyos sa kasaysayan
Pawang dinikta, ibinigkis ang kalayaan

Ninais kong mahiga na lamang at hintayin ang bukang liwayway
Na pinangarap din noon ng mga ilustrado't rebolusyunaryong mararangal
Wala nang lunas ang sumpa ng edukasyon
Magpalaya ng isipang noo'y nakakahon

Wala sa akin noon ang lakas ng bagyo
Hanggang sa nabatid kong malulunod na rin ako
Wala akong nagawa kundi tumangis

Felipe, lumuluha ka rin ba? nasasaktan ka pa ba o manhid ka na?

Gayunpaman, tahan na, Felipe, tahan na.

Che fai tu, luna, in ciel? Dimmi, che fai,
Silenziosa luna?
Sorgi la sera, e vai,
Contemplando i deserti; indi ti posi.
Ancor non sei tu paga
Di riandare i sempiterni calli?
Ancor non prendi a schivo, ancor sei vaga
Di mirar queste valli?
Somiglia alla tua vita
La vita del pastore.
Sorge in sul primo albore;
Move la greggia oltre pel campo, e vede
Greggi, fontane ed erbe;
Poi stanco si riposa in su la sera:
Altro mai non ispera.
Dimmi, o luna: a che vale
Al pastor la sua vita,
La vostra vita a voi? Dimmi: ove tende
Questo vagar mio breve,
Il tuo corso immortale?
Vecchierel bianco, infermo,
Mezzo vestito e scalzo,
Con gravissimo fascio in su le spalle,
Per montagna e per valle,
Per sassi acuti, ed alta rena, e fratte,
Al vento, alla tempesta, e quando avvampa
L'ora, e quando poi gela,
Corre via, corre, anela,
Varca torrenti e stagni,
Cade, risorge, e più e più s'affretta,
Senza posa o ristoro,
Lacero, sanguinoso; infin ch'arriva
Colà dove la via
E dove il tanto affaticar fu volto:
Abisso orrido, immenso,
Ov'ei precipitando, il tutto obblia.
Vergine luna, tale
È la vita mortale.
Nasce l'uomo a fatica,
Ed è rischio di morte il nascimento.
Prova pena e tormento
Per prima cosa; e in sul principio stesso
La madre e il genitore
Il prende a consolar dell'esser nato.
Poi che crescendo viene,
L'uno e l'altro il sostiene, e via pur sempre
Con atti e con parole
Studiasi fargli core,
E consolarlo dell'umano stato:
Altro ufficio più grato
Non si fa da parenti alla lor prole.
Ma perché dare al sole,
Perché reggere in vita
Chi poi di quella consolar convenga?
Se la vita è sventura
Perché da noi si dura?
Intatta luna, tale
È lo stato mortale.
Ma tu mortal non sei,
E forse del mio dir poco ti cale.
Pur tu, solinga, eterna peregrina,
Che sì pensosa sei, tu forse intendi,
Questo viver terreno,
Il patir nostro, il sospirar, che sia;
Che sia questo morir, questo supremo
Scolorar del sembiante,
E perir dalla terra, e venir meno
Ad ogni usata, amante compagnia.
E tu certo comprendi
Il perché delle cose, e vedi il frutto
Del mattin, della sera,
Del tacito, infinito andar del tempo.
Tu sai, tu certo, a qual suo dolce amore
Rida la primavera,
A chi giovi l'ardore, e che procacci
Il verno cò suoi ghiacci.
Mille cose sai tu, mille discopri,
Che son celate al semplice pastore.
Spesso quand'io ti miro
Star così muta in sul deserto piano,
Che, in suo giro lontano, al ciel confina;
Ovver con la mia greggia
Seguirmi viaggiando a mano a mano;
E quando miro in cielo arder le stelle;
Dico fra me pensando:
A che tante facelle?
Che fa l'aria infinita, e quel profondo
Infinito seren? Che vuol dir questa
Solitudine immensa? Ed io che sono?
Così meco ragiono: e della stanza
Smisurata e superba,
E dell'innumerabile famiglia;
Poi di tanto adoprar, di tanti moti
D'ogni celeste, ogni terrena cosa,
Girando senza posa,
Per tornar sempre là donde son mosse;
Uso alcuno, alcun frutto
Indovinar non so. Ma tu per certo,
Giovinetta immortal, conosci il tutto.
Questo io conosco e sento,
Che degli eterni giri,
Che dell'esser mio frale,
Qualche bene o contento
Avrà fors'altri; a me la vita è male.
O greggia mia che posi, oh te beata,
Che la miseria tua, credo, non sai!
Quanta invidia ti porto!
Non sol perché d'affanno
Quasi libera vai;
Ch'ogni stento, ogni danno,
Ogni estremo timor subito scordi;
Ma più perché giammai tedio non provi.
Quando tu siedi all'ombra, sovra l'erbe,
Tu sè queta e contenta;
E gran parte dell'anno
Senza noia consumi in quello stato.
Ed io pur seggo sovra l'erbe, all'ombra,
E un fastidio m'ingombra
La mente, ed uno spron quasi mi punge
Sì che, sedendo, più che mai son lunge
Da trovar pace o loco.
E pur nulla non bramo,
E non ** fino a qui cagion di pianto.
Quel che tu goda o quanto,
Non so già dir; ma fortunata sei.
Ed io godo ancor poco,
O greggia mia, né di ciò sol mi lagno.
Se tu parlar sapessi, io chiederei:
Dimmi: perché giacendo
A bell'agio, ozioso,
S'appaga ogni animale;
Me, s'io giaccio in riposo, il tedio assale?
Forse s'avess'io l'ale
Da volar su le nubi,
E noverar le stelle ad una ad una,
O come il tuono errar di giogo in giogo,
Più felice sarei, dolce mia greggia,
Più felice sarei, candida luna.
O forse erra dal vero,
Mirando all'altrui sorte, il mio pensiero:
Forse in qual forma, in quale
Stato che sia, dentro covile o cuna,
È funesto a chi nasce il dì natale.
Es decir la miraba         porque ella
se ocultó tras el biombo de nubes
y todo porque muchos amantes de este mundo
le dieron sutilmente el olivo
con su brillo reticente la luna
durante siglos consiguió transformar
el vientre amor en garufa cursilínea
la injusticia terrestre en dolor lapizlázuli
cuando los amantes ricos la miraban
desde sus tedios y sus pabellones
satelizaba de lo lindo y oía
que la luna era un fenómeno cultural
pero si los amantes pobres la contemplaban
desde su ansiedad o desde sus hambrunas
entonces la menguante entornaba los ojos
porque tanta miseria no era para ella
hasta que una noche casualmente de luna
con murciélagos suaves         con fantasmas y todo
esos amantes pobres se miraron a dúo
dijeron         no va más         al carajo selene
se fueron a su cama de sábanas gastadas
con acre olor a **** deslunado
su camanido de crujiente vaivén
y libres para siempre de la luna lunática
fornicaron al fin como dios manda
o mejor dicho como dios sugiere.
Ma Cherie Jun 2017
up in the mountains
in a place called Lincoln
15 degrees cooler where I sit

where sweet raindrops fall
an cascade on the leaves here
an monarch butterflies flit

this is a place
that is so otherworldly
everywhere something for me
when lo and behold
above on a lantern
what do you think that I see?

my loveliest Luna
the moth of my moon
sent to me,
this I am sure

my beautiful Luna
feminine lady
I am astounded at her

if you don't know her
you really should
she only lives here to love

Luna my Luna
thank you grandmother
sent to me from up above,

she is a totem of time from before
sacred of sacred is she
Luna my Luna thank you for coming
thank you for rescuing me,

I will remember your sacrifices
given unselfish for free
I will be looking for all other signs too
I will be looking to see

exactly how beautiful
this great big experience is here,
so that I can retell it
in all its true
glory an splendor
undebted to the past
to you again one day.

Ma Cherie © 2017
Wow ; ) my Luna moth is an amazing totem
traces of being Mar 2016
~ Moon Fire ~

de Luna climbs up
majestic fir brows
one rung at a time

to feel the shiver
of winter breeze
tickle higher
                         than treetops reach
.                                                          ­­                                            
where moonbeams
know the meaning
the shadows cast
upon the open palms
of nature’s hands

her halo encircles
a shapeless luster
the faint whispers
in northern skies

wishing on
the nearest stars,
set ablaze
a smoldering heart
grown cold

as ...

the last winter moon
full and bright

wild is the wind © 2.22.2016
Fuego de Luna ~ Moon Fire
is a moment framed,
looking out my bedroom window
into the forest,
the final full moon rise
of winter
mesmerizing with a dreamful verve
percolating mercilessly within insomnia
Cuando sale la luna
se pierden las campanas
y aparecen las sendas
  Cuando sale la luna,
el mar cubre la tierra
y el corazón se siente
isla en el infinito.
  Nadie come naranjas
bajo la luna llena.
Es preciso comer
fruta verde y helada.
  Cuando sale la luna
de cien rostros iguales,
la moneda de plata
solloza en el bolsillo.
Kevin Apr 2018
A long winded night I walk through winding streets they may be,
These gruesome tracks, rusty and bleak speak old age to me
Bleeding train lights pass me by,

Oh, luna makes her appearance on this bizarre night,
Beautiful reflection is she as her presence glazes us upon
A diamond laced sky, memories fall far between

A quick wind rustles through my coat
Past the tracks is a wall, cracked splinted stone and brick
A delicate soft snow covers what to be,
the fading words of others seeking light

Elbow on my right, I rub the grimy red,
A resemblance of when it was

"Distance and time may separate us apart,
Nothing has changed who we are
I'd never change the times that we made,
but the decisions that I chose to be
Remember the feeling when we...?

Inspired by one of the most beautiful songs, La Lune by Madeon.

Madeon's music has always comforted me through the good and bad,
In this time, La Lune has touched me deeply and I really wanted to tie my experiences with his lyrics through this poem.

s o r i e a n o Dec 2015
dicen que desvelando se pierde la cabeza además del sueño
pero siempre se me quita cuando veo la luna en el cielo
llena sale más bella, hermosa
despierta, siempre vale la pena
dale ojo como se llena, la única cosa
que me daría pena es no poder verla

todas las noches, pido un deseo
que sea la distancia, tú nunca quedas lejos
y si pasa mucho tiempo donde no los vemos
pido la luna en cualquier fase
que nos cuida donde sea que estemos

solo mira por arriba
la luna te dará los mejores sueños.
Lily Morrison Jun 2010
I seek guidance from the moon, she who knows my thoughts and dreams.
Oh sweet moon hear my gentle plea.
Shine bright and enlighten me in my pondering thoughts.
You have seen me shed tears and drop down on my knees.
I search for hope, a signal to know that you haven’t given up on me.
Cradle me and sing a lullaby.
Embrace me with your presence.
You the moon who watches over us at night
Luna, tell when it all went amiss, how the world turned so cruel.
When did people give up on humanity???
Oh sweet gentle Luna you look so frail and tired.
Tell me your secrets and share your wisdom with me.
Mahina, I’ve been deceived once more
Help me in my battle against the solitude I feel.
Two sides and several phases tell me what it’s like.
Have you suffered from not knowing who you are?
I am lost and conflicted by who I am.
I want to escape the gravity keeping me down.
Oh charming moon I feel so weak.  
How do I escape from these laws that have been made?
Moon, I am afraid.
I am frightened of the challenges that lay ahead.
How do I face the darkness???
Luna, bring your warmth and light to me.
Don’t dessert my paths.
Don’t dessert me.
Steve Oct 2015
A full moon imperceptibly arcs in the sky
A blue moon
A blood moon
A cheese filled pie dark in the sky
A tide mark left by the spate (then)
A werewolf settles its ravenous score (while)
A life form stares at insanities plate (and)
A broken doll washes up on the shore (called Luna)
Another great scenario of the Universe
that comes over a hundred years;
  once in a lifetime.
So wonderful and beautiful
delusions gone,reality reveals.
a bright glimpse of moonlight
a hidden beauty.
Its such a good thing,the Universe
can wait for a thousand years.
Juls Sep 2020
Luna my love, are you there?
has the world been cruel or am i insane?
have you been listening to the weeps and wails of lost souls?
for when morning comes, Aine arrives and i may not be here anymore
will you miss me if that happens?
or will you be the same as always and to not care?

on sunday evenings, i see your reflection on the lakes of the meadows, Luna
how we used to talk restlessly about insignificant little frogs up our throat
given the idea that i may die within the forest
with vines as my noose
as you watch me dangling from the tree i used to swing on
maybe these are all wishful thinking

just know that you are everything
Luna my love
PJ Poesy Nov 2015
Luna Tickle eats only pickles and ***** up all the brine
When her brother tells their mother she begins to whine:
“Yes I did it! And left no tidbit
Is that such a crime? My brother smells and raises hell
And leaves the loo full of slime.”

Now their mother dear began to fear her children were obstructions
Never listening, since their christening, and wished for their abduction
So she planned a slaughter and called her daughter
Outside to the woodshed, then chopped her neck in two
She put Luna’s head in her brother’s bed and said,
“Now, they’ll be no more Boo-Hoos”

Now you know of Luna and her tragic ending
But there’s more to this rhyme that’s pending
For the Tickle name is quite insane
And was never worth defending
But that’s just what her brother did
When Mrs. Tickle met Judge Knuckle
And almost flipped her lid
“I never liked that kid from the day she began to suckle!
Why she couldn’t be more like me, or her lovely sister Tess”
Twas all Mrs. Tickle could confess that day to Judge and jury
Until brother **** chimed-in and confessed his sin
And did so in such a fury, it was heard throughout and within
The entire state of Missouri:

“I am Richard Tickle and do confess I am not fickle
In fact I am quite pugnacious
If you do not see the circumstances like me
I’ll be forced to be disputatious”

Interjects Judge Knuckle:
“Boy, I’ll have you buckled this instance to electric chair
If you’re not scared I’ll be splitting hairs
In a place where the sun does not shine
So if you care, you’d best beware
Or your Gherkin will be in a brine”

Now Tess screamed out and her mother did shout
In perfect unison:
“**** is my love and none the likes of any other hooligan”

At this there was a scuffle
Each dame was muffed and ruffled
They could not contain
All their angst and their pain
And it led to the ugliest tussle
For each thought ****
Was devoted to she
And apparently, this could not be
As we know of the trouble with Luna
So the jury was not out
Or even in doubt
Of these sinister makings and troubles

It was the sickest of affairs
Mass-producing glaring stares
From everyone within the court
Missouri Gazette’s headlines that day
Told of how they did slay
And burn the Tickle chalet
Leaving it in incestuous rubble
The lesson today to this horrific ballet
Is don’t live your life in a bubble
**** and ****** survival is no laughing matter, but what else could I do? I challenge anyone to read this to their children, and have an open discussion. It is a sickness to be stopped in its' tracks, as nothing good can come of it.
"You are both better off without me.
Towards the end, Mommy realized it,
She just didn't want to hurt you."

Her name was Luna.

The only people who saw her face was her mother and I.

You could say she didn't exist. But we Knew better.

We tried for two years to help her meet her sister.

But every time we thought we'd made a connection something intercepted the call.

she scared us a couple times.
Made us love each other a few other times.
And in the end, we never got to hold her.

I guess we never should have named her.
But when you love something that much. It's hard not to dream about it.

she was the best parts of both of us.
Her mothers beauty, her fathers heart.
I'm not saying I regret trying.
I know how happy she would of made us.
But Something out there knew that Luna was better off as a distant memory.

I'll never forget the day
Luna spoke to me.
"You are both better off without me.
Towards the end, Mommy realized it,
She just didn't want to hurt you."

— The End —