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Mark Wanless Feb 9
mi casa es mi casa
i dream of family
slowly all pass
Diegó P Siemsen Apr 2020
🌘A place to gather hopes and dreams.
A place once visited, a place you don't wish to leave.

🌘A place where we gather as a second family.
One that takes care off you and me.

🌘A place where we wake up to see a new day, a new sun.
A place for a parent's son, what ever he might one day become.

🌘A place for those who wish to look up and admire the stars and the moon.
A place where we set up a campfire in the middle of noon.

🌘A place where you can start a life all over.
A place where you can laugh, no matter what you've been thru and come closer.

🌘A place named after the moon that wolfs cry at after another harsh day, cause they know here.. you can let your feelings out, and let your past die.
A place named after something that connects, something that will bound you to another, new and better life.

🌘La Luna Casa where you can taste freedom land finally calm your spirits.
A place where you can finally find and discover a better way to be you, however you'll fits.

🌘Named after a horrible accident with someone they cherished and now the name of a wonderful place.
There where teens learn how special and gifted they really are, to bring out that which has been fought, erased.

🌘A place where you get welcomed with open arms and taken care of by people that feel themselves..
responsible for you and your actions as if they where your parents.

🌘People that have such good hearts they.. are willing to help teens that had it so hard in life.
And teens that might've never, without them.. could've survive.

🌘And even after all they have been thru like.. losses and crushed hope,
They've never stopped believing, in the hope they gave to us for our life long road.

🌘La Luna Casa is not just the name of a crushed dream or a endless, sad long kinda road.
It's the name of a story, the one you'll be making, a story that will give you and others around you hope.

🌘La Luna Casa means something that will always be written on your road.
It means a home, a new home full of hope.
So thank you Luna for making your parents proud and for giving all other teens hope and a new road.

🌘With full heart: Diegó. P. Siemsen.🌒
Leal Knowone Apr 2016
The house that wind, and time tear down  
Watch the stories fall down
It changes every time we come around
Rich dirt buried our memories
We were once  the seed
were we once laid down
little toys for something sweet
and then beaten down to her knees
Invoke the spirit onto this place
Running in just to run away
Beauty hidden in a shattered display
This hole were the stoners play
Casa Dela Morte
The farmers dark secret is crippling
the sadness left by the offspring
Dancing with your ***** doll
Every structure soon will fall
Bringing out your demons within
Question this was created from what sin

Farmers shattered dark secret demons question crippling sin
Invoke sweet toys. Rich dirt seed laid down. Echos every time we come around. memories sadness left by offspring. Every structure soon will fall. ****** to death against the wall.

The shadows dance to distract from malevolent beast.
To think  this place is no more
The'll be No more morbid rituals and stoner feast.

The house that wind, and time tear down  
Watch the stories fall down
It changes every time we come around
house dead houseofthedead Casa Morte CasaDelaMorte farmers shattered dark secret demons question crippling sin invoke sweet toys rich dirt seed laid down echos every time we come around memories sadness left by offspring every structure soon will fall ****** to death against the wall shadows wind malevolent rituals
Cruza el sol la ventana
Anticipando el atardecer

No tardará en irse
Pues no es aquí a donde pertenece

Su luz alcanza a llegar
A una esquina vacía


Que no se cruce una nube
Ni salgan aves a escena

Aquí dos muros y un suelo
Se han rociado de infinito
(marzo 2014)

— The End —