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Butch Decatoria Jun 2018
(The sound of breathing)

I am the air / unseen
a breath
                  the rush
                  the coffee
                  the traffic
on concrete streets

I am lifting the dirt
                  the grime
                   the dust
polluting us
I am adding wings
to the speed of your feet
to where your dreams may meet

I am the sigh
in your quivering lungs
inside your heart
                  such self defeat
when you concede to its
deceit / disease / cease to breathe
never to notice me
or listen to our song
Wind chimes
a summer's relief / a breeze
strides along
cooling your face from the heat

Do not say you blame it all on me

Don't say I'm the purpose
                    the reason
or                  the space between
Wound of flesh, lips compulsive kiss
The mindless lies
Loss of will
between the heart & the eyes
unable and refusing to see
It’s why our love

Dagger / plunged
the deathblow
a quick hands woes

A heartless man goes
so neat and clean
so discreet
hiding in the bleak


I am the air
   you never notice me
           your sorrow
            your skin
yet never being / your glee
that is how despair begins

I am the air / unseen
waiting for you to care
                        to notice
                         to open eyes, see!

I am the air, here / with you
a friend that is always

waiting to be / seen.

do you notice me?

(The sound of breathing)

A heart is beating.
Lub Dub Lub Dub

Did you notice
The life we misbelieve …
The invisible
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Thom Jamieson Jul 2018
"Over here"...
but nothing.
The scene continues
unabated by my presence.
Plastic smiles and lustful eyes
bountiful but not for me..never me.
In the mirror' s unforgiving gaze
I am unrecognizable
Replaced with a crude rendering
of my previous likeness
fashioned by children
with lumpy imperfect clay.
Silence replaces loving laughter
that used to follow my witty banter.
Silence and stares.  Sympathetic stares
tinged with smugness and fear.
"Over here...over here..."
still nothing.
I recently received a message from a composer named joe drzewiecki who was interested in putting this poem to music.  Here are the results.  I didnt know my words could sound so good. Thank you joe drzewiecki, I am flattered.
He is there but nobody sees him
He speaks but no one can hear
He lives his life in confinement
And no one ever comes near.
To watch him He looks rather lonely
He is lost that is perfectly clear.
Once a child in the arms of his mother
And his father would always be near.
But parants don't last forever
And soon they are no longer here
Now there  is nobody out there
To chase away all of his fears.
He walks to his flat he has no one
Loneliness his only friend
Is this what he really lives for
With nothing to show at the end.
Let's start from the very beginning
It happens in this day and age
Take note of this lonely stranger
Invisible in so many ways.
Watched a documentary a couple of years ago about the amount
Of people who live on their own it was amassing. Although this poem
Is a true case of a man who really was let down by the people around
Him saddly he was like being invisible  in the eyes of the world.
He just didn't fit in with others .
Daniel Feb 17
I feel like boiling water
slowly evaporating into thin air
and thus,
becoming invisible to others.

Something that came to my mind while cooking.
shadowfreud Oct 2014
i'd sing for you to hear it
i'd dance for you to see
just how in love i am with you
and then you'd fall for me...
Breanna Smith Jan 2013
They are at their breaking point when I'm already broken
Yet I am to be the shoulder to cry on,
The person who makes things all better.
I'm invisible now like so many times when others are more important.
My heart is once again shattered and
I'm left picking up the peaces with ******, tired fingers.
It's not fare but they don't seem to care.
Tired of crying, I want to scream!
If only they could see I'm hurting,
maybe I wouldn't be
invisible any more.
Haley Tyler Feb 2018
And like that
my voice has been stolen away
Anxiety barricades like invisible steel walls
Trapped, I’m left banging with clenched fists
A prisoner within my own head
My brain a chemically imbalanced warden
My mind in solitary confinement
i've been denied bail | h.t
When you came around
I felt like I was invisible
You never noticed me
I just stood in the corner
Shedding my tears
On the inside
So you couldn’t see
Now I’m gonna stand up for myself
And you can’t push me around anymore
I wrote this one 4 years ago also, I don't remember why I wrote just that it came to me one day-
Emeka Mokeme Jun 2018
This is my rising,
it is so glaring.
The longer you hold
me down the better
and brighter I shine.
I am like the firefly,
the remote darkness
with my brightness,
giving it an
illusion of magic.
The tinted glow
mixed up with
the cries of
mammals and birds
of the night makes it
a mysterious moment.
Alone at deepest abyss,
with the flicker
of the moonlight
penetrating through the
leaves in the forest,
i can hear
the wolves calling out
as if beckoning for
me to approach.
The fireflies giving
out their light
freely unperturbed
by my presence.
How can you not see
the love of nature,
working tirelessly
in synergy
with all things.
Even though you ignore it,
never can it go away,
for the beauty
of its flame
can make the fairies
grant your wish.
The heart knows
the unexplainable
mysteries of the
invisible which the
mouth cannot express.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
She smiles brave for her father
Cuz she can't find her mother,
Her bleeding goes unnoticed
and she's trying to stay focused,
On what she knows
And how it goes
but the wind still blows
and the feeling grows,
And she can’t keep it in rhythm
when she see's others girls with him.

No one sees her heart is broken
Her tears go unspoken,
There’s no one there, no one to phone,
She’s all alone,
She’s hurting
and her feelings keep on stirring,
She cannot eat
She cannot sleep,
She’s faceless
She stumbles cuz she graceless,
She’s tired of holding on
cuz her time has come and gone.

She feels her life is over
She needs someone to show her,
She’s not invisible no more.

She's starting to get nervous
what did she do to deserve this
She needs to rise to the surface
She needs to know her purpose,
She needs to know she's not invisible no more
Read more at http://******-in-oncology
Nicole Alyssia Aug 2016
Go ahead...
Hit me.

There's nothing
You can do to me
That will hurt me
More than I hurt myself
Yağmur Kaya Jan 2
You come, you go
No one notices
You laugh, you cry
No one sees
You yell, you hush
No one hears
And the worst part is,
you got used to this
You think you deserve,
all of it
You're not worthy
You mean nothing
If you disappear,
no one would care

I'm right here
Don't you see me?
I'm just a silhouette,
standing here and there
Touch me now!
Say that I'm gone!
No, I'm right here,
front of you while,
all of you laugh, talk and share
But soon, I'll be gone
I'll do the inevitable
Because if I'm gone
I'll no longer be,
Apathy Jun 2015
You slam the door in anger, in frustration you mutter my name.
You pound your fist against the wall, I cringe and feel your pain.
My words dry in my mouth, a word against you I dare not speak.
My body shys away from you, I feel my knees getting weak.
You vent your fury in a whirling rage, leaving devastation in its wake.
Your words leaving gashes across my face, carrying on not realizing your mistakes.
I already feel guilt and pain, is that not enough for you?
JayceeJellies Jan 2015
Will you lock me outside,
forcing me to look in?
I'm so afraid of being unaccepted.

Why must you stare at me?
Do you think I'm unaware..

I wish you'd stop talking,
Your voice makes me feel impared.

Why are they ignoring me,
Do I need to speak louder?

Everytime I try,
I just become flustered.

Maybe it's just better this way.
chaouki Jul 15
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lila Feb 13
it’s no secret
that i’m short
it’s always been that way
and it will always be that way
stuck at 4’9 forever

and by the laws of physics
or science
or whatever
i don’t really
take up much space

but ever since i was young
i couldn’t help but feel
that i was too much
i took up too much of the room
around me

so a lots of times
there were these thoughts
always playing, like static
telling me how
to take up less space
or make less noise
and become even more

pull your arms closer
tuck them in your lap
tip toe, so floorboards
don’t creak under your steps
don’t move
keep still
and most definitely
do not let any words slip from your mouth
because any noise, and movement
brings attention
and attention brings judgement
from the people around you
so just blend in
and be invisible
never take up too much space

but that was not living
and i’m sad it’s taken this long to realize
that my existence is too beautiful
to be invisible
and blend in among the crowd
so i will stomp the ground
and shake the earth beneath
i will laugh and
shout and dance
and let everyone know that i am here
because i am worthy
of taking up space
Carter Ginter Jun 2018
I am an outsider
Your friends
Your lovers
You're all connected
But not me

I am the unfamiliar
The unknown
The stranger in the crowd
No one sees me
But maybe you do
Caela Bayfield May 2015
No, I am not religous.
I do not believe in these cults that tell you to conform to their ways or be punished for all of eternity.

But I am also not an ******* who would put down peoples Gods that save them from this life and keep them holding on.
Believing that there might be a speck of light, that at the end of all of this madness and pain.
That they may get rewarded in the end for being as good as they possibly can.

Cause lets not lie, demons are real.
There was no imaginary friends when we were children. 
 They were the reflections of our inner selves that we did not know were us.
Doesn't that explain why we always blamed them when we did something wrong?
They're still there, we just choose to ignore them now.

When I finally leave this world,
I'll be excited about who I see.
If it's God or Zeus or Satan or Buddha,
it won't make a difference to me.
And if I end up in an endless abyss,
I'll giggle over the fact that we worried so much about it.
I'm scarred from the inside out, with bruises that have no color
hidden tears from years of pain,
a lump in my throat  the size of Mt. Everest
No one knows my pain, no one cares
Each day in my head I hear my abusers voice telling
me I'm no good and calling me names.
This life I did not choose, I was born to my abuser
It's all I know, It's all I hear, I know no different.
These days will never end, and the pain will  never go away.
I must pretend that everything is okay, because that's how others want me to be.

Copyright 2018
All rights reserved
in progress
Aleena May 8
Tears slowly roll down
the cheeks of some
While for the others
The don’t roll at all
But on the inside they do

An invisible tear is shed
Somewhere in the world, It falls
Onto the hard wood floor
Where no one watches
the heart as it cries in sorrow

this tear is like no other
It doesn’t draw attention
But still it is a tear of pain
A pain that aches on the inside
A pain like no other

This invisible pain requires an invisible tear

Thus thee cries the invisible tear
Because that’s the tear for thee
A tear not ment for anyone’s eyes
A tear that nobody
knows had shed
Because it did so in silence
This tear was designed to deceive

A tear looks like a smile on the outside
But inside it is grief and misery
Outside you see a cheery face
deep down the heart has broken
Every time the pain is forgotten
It comes right back, more painful then the last
After a moment of peace
Then the heart splits once more
Once it remembers the forgotten stab
That left its mark forever
GulRukh Feb 2018
You are untouchable
like scent of sand after rain
more I breath in
more it makes me insane
I am invisible to you
Joe Fernandez Jan 2017
Things in-between sometimes lost,
Things not recognized at great cost...

Things that compel,
Things that make us swell,
Things at times we fail to tell...

Things we know,
Things that flow,
things we do not show…

Things we wish we could control,
An unrealized future an aspiring goal...

Sometimes very real things are things Unseen,
Without tangibility on any physical scale or scene...

Nonetheless they still Impress,
Realities beyond what we all may possess...

However without these " Invisible things" would we really exist?
Kid yourself not, please try not To insist…

Drowning in waters of storm
I flail desperately to keep my head
above the glimmering
Invisible to the ones I need the most
my plea for help leaves my lips unheard
And so I drown with no company save my
I want to get drunk on the stars
to have their luminescent light fill my being
and fill in the cracks left by my
So I swallow shards of glass
in a futile attempt to end the pain
I close my eyes and let them shred who  I am
who I used to be.
But when the stained slivers fill my gut
all I feel is cold numbness
All I hear are their words so carefully cruel
slashing into me like
So I curl up in a ball on the bottom of the lake
and let myself drown
Into darkness
Into oblivion.
-Esther L. Krenzin-
Sometimes what we think might save us from ourselves, only harms us further.
Bridget Justina Jan 2018
I know if I died you would care
That it would rip you apart
Make you shiver with each tear
Yet somehow my being alive
Means that Im not even there
As if the fact that Im awake
Keeps you from seeing my fists in the air
Begging for violence not strength to keep My head above the water
So far in the deep but still
My one two three breaths to you
Mean Im not going under.
Keeps you shielded from the fact that
That my hands are always bleeding Different shades of blue and black
But every color has the same meaning
I keep kicking while I’m screaming
Wishing so fiercely that you could just see me
But I
Am so invisible my tears turn to dust Before they even begin to fall
My screams sounds so distant and
Unfortunate you just cant hear them at all
My only purpose
Other than catching you right before you fall
Is to let you know that someone will always be willing to crawl
To you and for you and away when you’re done
Please don’t go please stay I beg you to come undone
Ask me again if I love you
Of course I’ll say yes
But I swear to god you’d love me
So much more if I were just dead.
s Dec 2017
when you ask me if I'm bored
of listening to your story,
I ponder what boredom means to me
and why I'm grateful for mundanity.

you colour my life
in every tone of grey -
in a nourishing, poetic,
underrated way.
grey - the soul
of every colour in the world -
invisible and aligned
like all things well designed.

or maybe because grey
feels like routine,
and you’re the everyday
that's to come
and that has been.

you're where I set my bar for normal;
you're my Sunday night pyjama informal.

You’re my common sense,
my reality check,
my perspective lens,
my goodnight peck;
and even your grim phone voice
& plotless stories on sleepless nights
are part of the palette 
I've come to adore,
painting magic
in monochrome.
Lot May 2017
I am there too.
Where I can see them, feel them breathing.
In and out.
Fluid and with ease.
Bubbles of air escape from their mouths,
playful and free.
Oblivious to the murk that is me...
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