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Jay Dec 2020
golden laced in her eyes
from rays above and shadows over smiles
"smoke is comforting"
sorrows drowned in meaningless words
days felt like hurdles
but it could always be worse
tragedy it seemed
she smiled through gritted teeth
at the tether over her wrists
there was a certain seduction that came with melancholy
it seemed an act of folly
a further decent into madness
yet the notion of an echo brought nothing
but hope
Isobel G Nov 2020
How many people have I known;
taking them into me,
speaking that universal, ancient language
of intimate bodies.
All the beds I've slept in,
all the hands that have felt me move
as I dance the age old dance.
¬©Isobel G.       Written 04.02.2020
Little Bear Feb 2016
Sometimes I wish I was invisible.
Not to go around and be sneaky.
Doing **** that upsets people or hurts them.
I just wish I was invisible because
I'm just so ******* tired of being seen.
Having to hide my insecurities.
Having to lock up my emotions.
Having to keep myself safe.
Just being out there.

I rock.
Not the kind where i'm awesome...
The kind where I find I hug myself.
Where I move back and forwards.
All the ******* time.
When I eat.
When I write.
When I read.
When I do anything.
Just gently rocking.
Always have and probably always will.
But it comforts me.
I comfort me
That's so ******* weird.
But it's honest.

I wish I was invisible.
So that the world could leave me alone.
Because it gnaws on my bones.
Like it has the right to do that to me.
I just want to be invisible so I can live quietly.
Doing my own thing.
And no one will know I am there.
And hopefully no one will see me.
And, if I close my eyes.
And rock quietly, and slowly.
I think that's the closest I will ever get.
To being invisible.
Anxiety *****. Being an introvert in a world of extroverts is so draining. Just makes me want to be invisible for a while.
fingers dance
up and down
the fretboard
a violinist gives voice
to endless frustration
lyrics hold
meaning -
damaged souls tangle
themselves in the chords,
******* vitality
as milk from a mother
drown out endless
white noise
tears roll down cheeks
pale from
lack of sunlight,
glimmering with
tiny flames as
heros conquer the demons
we /wish/ we
the bravery
to tackle
A short exploration of some of the outlets people use to get away from their problems.
Sally Dannielle Nov 2014
It is Wednesday evening
and the world feels like
a sudden inward breath.
A storm is in the air
but only I can feel it.

Silver flashes, turns to red
rivulets down my leg,
endorphins in my head
and the storm abates.

I exhale.

— The End —