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Little Bear Apr 28
Writers are powerful creatures
they can warp and then stop time
they can make you old
and die

they can construct dreams
made of ink
that terrify
dreams that span eons of time
and make you wide awake
never sleeping
for one second

they can summon dragons
and storms
create armies
and legions
build castles
and empires
they can burn your village
to the ground
and everything
you hold dear
will be dust

They can make you fearless
leaders of men
warriors in battle
gods on high

They can make you fly
make you crawl
beg for mercy
wish for death

and then
when you thought
they had done
all that they could

they live
their darkest fears
through you

by making you
Little Bear Mar 13
he is
a tidal wave
sweeping in
with debris
and salt

to be washed up
on the shore
was preferable
to being dashed
upon the rocks

but the fear
of drowning
under his waves
lungs filled
with his sin
and silt
and bile

lips bloodied
bones bending
tears falling
heart broken

infants crying
run aground
the past thrown
into the present

churned and swelled
the sea bed
giving up
it's dead

the glorious dead
of yesterday

i found
i could swim
he lay upon the shore
in his own torment
waiting to be saved
woe is him

he is
a tidal wave
sweeping in
and out
with salt
and debris
sin and silt
Little Bear Feb 27
anxiety isn't selective
it consumes anyone
any time
any place
despite their age
financial situation
social standing
and mental capability  
anxiety isn't logical
it devours all thoughts
and reasoning
for no reason
for every reason
for nothing at all

anxiety eats at the very fabric
of everything you hold dear
and sacred
it takes who ever it wants
and twists their thoughts
and soundness of mind
until they break
and then some

anxiety swallows you whole
and spits you out
then waits for you
hand on the dinner bell
it is a curse
i hope it chokes to death
on me.
Little Bear Oct 2018
he said he loved me first
right from the beginning
i wasn't sure
i felt trapped
and then
then i felt the obligation
to reciprocate

and the need to appease

how could i
in all good conscience
not love someone
who loved

so i tried
i smiled
and looked inside of myself
for that longing
that he so often
showed me

and i admit
there was a short period of time
that i managed to convince myself
that i too
was in love

perhaps i fed off of that feeling
of being wanted so much
that it felt like love

you know
when you confuse being thirsty
for being hungry
or food
for comfort

turns out i wasn't either hungry
or in need of comfort

i was in desperate want
of solitude

and here we are
wednesday 3rd of October 2018
and at 9:11 am
he boarded a coach
to the airport
so he can fly home

and i am again

he is a good man
but he is not for me
i like him
with all of my heart

he has understood every word i said
and smiled

saying go
be free

we will remain friends
like in the beginning
before he told me
he loved me
my need to be alone, to be happy in my own company, to be solitary.. defines my soul. only then does my heart and mind quieten. being without i have discovered a peace within.
Little Bear Oct 2018
She wore flowers in her hair
even in autumn
she wore flowers
in her hair

as if
they belonged
next to her beautiful
like the daisies
growing within
the grass

she was an angel
in a summer dress
To me
her darkest secrets

like precious gifts
She spilt them
from her sweet tongue
into my mouth

and i knew i would
never again
go hungry
as i ate every
Little Bear Oct 2018
I don't think he knows
how much
he fills my
his movements
have made themselves
at home inside..
he makes me want
to push back
the furniture
just so
I can watch
him dance
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