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Little Bear Sep 2021
Autumn awaits and the warmth of home
becomes ever more precious.
As the turning wheel presses ever onward,
the nights will draw in,
and i find i need to settle among
love and happiness
more than ever.
Little Bear Apr 2021
it's not going to happen
for me

the love just
out of
the cracks

the earthen vessel

earthen vessel

has too many parts
to be whole

too many memories
to behold

too many wounds
to heal

too many scars

too many tears

too many
stuttering beats
of a broken heart

a heart
that can only give

and not receive
something is broken inside
Little Bear Apr 2021
you are going to have to
sew yourself together

piece by piece

place by place

peace by peace

listen to the wind
before all of your broken pieces
are swept
into the cracks
in the floor boards

like dust and crumbs
blown in
by their open windows

for they do not know why
you are
who you are

look to the moon
before you are whispered of no more
by dawn they will have forgotten
who you were

why you are here

why you are
who you are

before all the tides
that swept into your shores
have broken
on the rocks below

speak in lowered tones
say your name
over and over again
do not forget tomorrow
but forget today
they do not hear your voice

or know why you are
who you are

piece by piece
place by place
peace by peace

place buttons on your skin
and sew yourself together
over and over and over again

piece by piece
place by place
peace by peace

as this is why
you are
who you are
that's all there is. Plasters plasters sticking plasters on gaping big holes that everyone thinks they know how to fix.
  Oct 2020 Little Bear
Edmund black
When the screams are silent
And the illusion’s louder
But in a fleeting moment
Reality finally broke in
Causing the facade of
Illusion to collapse
Without warnings.
One could find oneself
Fighting within
To confront the unacceptable
Truth , that
My life is fading away
Right before my eyes and
With few remaining hopes.
And lately as my legs collapsing
Fallen from underneath me
Like my hair during chemo
I’ve felt just how much
I have been holding
Onto fear,Β Β despite living from
My heart, from the light.
Despite telling myself
Not to given into the dark side
Of this journey,
Despite my attempts trying
To convince my mind
My body and my soul
That I have let go of all fears
Convincing myself that I was
Like a great magician and that
I can make all illnesses disappear,
By operating from a place of light
Like the moon, my mentor.
Sometimes having to create
A psychological cage
In my head ,
To keep my thoughts
From wandering and wander
From my canvas of illusion.
Until, recently all has flushed away.
But truth remains
One would never know
Unless I unfold
The rough drawings
Of my life sketchbook,
To even notice my pain
My sufferance In
Between the lines.
Because in my head
Like a great artist
I decide what I paint
I decide what you see
I decide what I believe
I am, I am
A imperfect artist
Who has painted a self portrait
Full of light
Full of hope
So amazingly bright and surprisingly good enough
For even the world's greatest art critique
To notice my cracks on the white canvas.
Little Bear Oct 2020
"Heart for sale"

One heart for sale, one careful lady owner.
Reasonable condition all things considered.
A little worn, a little weary but still a few miles on the clock.
Beats well when loved.

Has been broken but due to much care and attention is now available to a new home.
Looking for payment in kindness, happiness, love, smiles, companionship and respect.
Occasional chocolates treats would be desired but are not entirely necessary.
Will beat as long as you love and cherish it.
Will always beat for you and only you.
Will make your life endlessly happy given the chance.

Comes with free packaging.
Although outer wrapping maybe mistaken for packing noodles and bubble wrap, it is essential to hearts well being..
and as such must be bought together as one item.

All enquires to the number below.
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