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Little Bear Oct 2020
"Heart for sale"

One heart for sale, one careful lady owner.
Reasonable condition all things considered.
A little worn, a little weary but still a few miles on the clock.
Beats well when loved.

Has been broken but due to much care and attention is now available to a new home.
Looking for payment in kindness, happiness, love, smiles, companionship and respect.
Occasional chocolates treats would be desired but are not entirely necessary.
Will beat as long as you love and cherish it.
Will always beat for you and only you.
Will make your life endlessly happy given the chance.

Comes with free packaging.
Although outer wrapping maybe mistaken for packing noodles and bubble wrap, it is essential to hearts well being..
and as such must be bought together as one item.

All enquires to the number below.
Little Bear Oct 2020
close your eyes my child
close your eyes and listen
listen to the hummingbird
beating in your chest
hear it angel
hear it's life within you
know that the sound
of the beating of it's wings
is your joy

let your hair be glorified
in the sunshine
as it falls about your shoulders
like a waterfall
let it flow love
an emanation of silken
sweeping in tides of peace

let your mouth open
may your sweet lips
glisten with honeyed words
speak truth to them child
speak it quietly to the deaf one
let them hear you
and to the ones with out sight
let them take you in
without denial

they will see your eyes sweet girl
they will see kindness
deep within the amber
and golden pools of light

even while you sleep
you draw them close
your soft voice calls to them
the beating of your
humming bird heart
gives them hope

and with that hope
they can learn to love
once more
each other
Little Bear Oct 2020
you only loved her
because she felt
like sunshine
  Sep 2020 Little Bear
Joey Jones
From the outside looking in
I show the world a majestic façade.
They see only a moment of me--
The moment I choose for them to see.
A moment I captured in forever
projected on a sea, stilled in tranquility.

Through the curved glass
I see the world in all its beauty.
I imagine all the wonders out there
just past the edge of this glassed horizon.

Inside the bottle my world is small
and this tranquil sea lacks adventure,
caught in an eternal moment that ticks without a toc,
rerunning an ever out of reach dreamt of horizon.

What I would give to feel life’s winds upon my sails.
To surf the currents that lead to life's wonders,
feeling moment after moment crashing like waves around me
until I find myself landing on those greener shores.

Instead, I find myself dry-docked on this shelf.
A vessel crafted by a master hand to tame adventure
encased in inhibition’s glass,
cursed just to be a ship in a bottle.

Joey Jones
Little Bear Sep 2020
i did not look for the last of the sun
i was glad

that i would sleep
and not see it rise again
it would..

but without my eyes upon it

and i was glad
once i had made my peace
that i would lay down
and be forgotten

our sacrifice
my sacrifice
would be our souls
my soul

in exchange for every living creature...
for them to thrive
in our infedelic absence
and i could, and would
gladly pay that price...

our lives
my life
for the innocence of all living creatures
all flora
all fauna
all land masses teeming with life
every ocean
even into the deep
every forest
with it's abundance
would flourish
in our absence

my peace is..
although i believe
i do not practice
although i believe
i do not preach
although i believe
i have no faith
my heart knows only the truth
so i bite my tongue
until it bleeds the lies of my love

i will hold my eyes open and willingly
sleepwalk into deaths decay
because my marrow does not believe
nor can i convince it

and so all things will perish
for this is the price of love

to perish
fully aware
able bodied
cognisant in my open eyed slumber
yet unwilling to discard the fruits of my womb
to dismember a mothers only begotten son
for she loved her child so much
that she could find peace
in never being brought to mind

forgotten for all time
even by god
even for god

and i will perish
knowing i have loved
and have been loved

i will be glad of my sacrifice
feeling eternal peace

so i did not look for the last of the sun
as i knew it had already set
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