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Steven Cole Oct 11
We are what we believe
In short
The way we see ourselves, and others
In any given situation
And our view of God, our approach to Him
These all carry weighty connotations
Experience shows us how deep and wide
Our understanding really is
Which in turn can challenge us
To consider how we live
Giving careful thought to support beliefs
With the unbiased truth
And behavior free of contradiction
This will be the proof
The determining factor that decisively tells
If what we call our values
Have been written on our hearts as well.
Steven Cole Sep 15
Steadfast endurance
Patient determination
Unwillingness to give up
On a resolute fixation
Letting nothing change or alter
The firm belief within
The expectant and ready soul
Whose trust has decidedly been
Anchored in truth
Impartial to change or whim
Holding on to the good and right
Despite the odds
However grim
Steven Cole Aug 19
Why does God....?
Fill in the blank with any questions you please
It's not always evil to ask
Gaining understanding is a necessary task
Greater is the challenge
In allowing the answer to set your inquisitive mind and heart at ease.
Why does God allow and do what He does?
It goes against our natural reason
With potential to perplex us
For a season
But the answer my friend is simple
Although we hesitate to see
Whatever brings God the most Glory
Is best for all
And will set you free
Unfortunately not everyone believes in this anymore but I hope and pray anyone reading this will consider seeing this as truth because it really will set you free if you believe it...I know it is a challenge though.
Steven Cole Aug 1
There are times I tell myself
When reflecting on life's scenes
"Someday, somehow I'll get there,
Where I am supposed to be."
"I will find the peace I am longing for,"
And know what it means to be free."
"The circumstances are less than ideal,
And the struggles are still very real"
"But one day I will learn to live above the waters,
Regardless of how I feel"

It is true that I am only human
And while on Earth won't ever fully arrive
But why keep putting off this day's dreams
And forget the gift of being alive?
Though disappointment still comes
Still I must strive
For the best version of myself
This must be my drive.

Today is the day
To wake up and shine
To accept the Divine favor
That is meant to be mine
Today is the day to let go of fear
Regardless of how dark
The clouds do appear
Or how uncertain the future
Looming large and unclear

Today is the day to focus on the good
And bring it out in others
To help them do as they should
Energy is wasted
Pointing fingers of blame
I must remind myself that the power
Of forgiveness is still the same

Today is the day
To let go of regret
But make the best of time now
And learn not to fret
Today is the day
To live in the moment
To stop looking back and hitting
To figure out where things went wrong
Instead I'll forcefully
Leave the past all behind
Steven Cole Jul 28
What is real freedom?
It's not just an idea
It's a state of being
Freedom starts when you get to the point in life
When what your heart wants the most
Is also what you need the most
It continues with patience and courage
To pursue what you need most
And it sums up with wisdom
To maintain what freedom you get
#self forgetfulness
#other centeredness  #God
Steven Cole Jul 27
Some people drop
Straight out of your life
Without saying why
With no rhyme or reason
Without warning
Without saying goodbye
There's no telling when I'll see them again
In befuddlement and disbelief
I shake my head and sigh
#oh well
#life goes on
Steven Cole Jul 27
In the basking warmth of the day
Or the friendly coolness of night
I hear the chorus from musicians
Hidden in their habitations
Away from plain sight
A keen buzzing, rustling
And rattling
A long vibration that sounds like
It's not useless chatter
But an inviting call that will scatter
Throughout the woods and hills
Underneath the radiant infinity of sunshine
Dancing in the wind
Or in the mysterious moon lit darkness
Unbounded and undisciplined
The lively tenors awake my senses
A grandeur display that quickly dispenses
Vigor and vitality
Throughout my very bones
Propelling my spirit upwards
In a resonating tone
#Nature's call
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