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Steven Cole Jun 2022
Let Love and Life come
Not from a desperate chase
But within a beautiful intimacy
Not an object but a place
Let Love and Life come
Not from a cynical or critical view
But from an earnest heart
With childlike faith
Ready to receive anew
Let Love and Life come
In spite of heartache
And all the lies that threaten to shake
Let Love and Life come
In spite of dreams forsaken
Let Love and Life come
To rebuild and reawaken
Let Love and Life come
As a wonder and a mystery
Let sacred Romance be the melody
To which I sing
That sets my heart free.
Steven Cole Jan 2022
The journey into authenticity
Battles with simplicity;
As longing for what's meant to be,
Creates a perpetuating drive
To discover what it means to be free-
In revelational epiphanies.

Will and mind seek to find,
The belongings of the soul and The Spirit that
Heart and feeling seek to bind.
Will and mind chase
In the True Self - actualization race,
While Heart and feeling boldly dare
To proudly wear
The superhero cape.
They can't afford
Destiny to escape.
But while they with Destiny
Attempt to relate
They stand in awe of its mystery
Figurative mouths agape.
Steven Cole Jul 2021
Drink it Your Way

Coffee is a brew served hot or cold,
Enjoyed by people young and old.
"It's fine," we say,
"Any time of day!"
Caffeinated or decaf,
You can drink it your way.
If you care about strength,
Dark roast is OK;
The flavor will usually atone.
But the strength of lighter brews
Needs no sidekick,
It stands freely on its own.

There's some bias
When it comes to additives,
As some will have you know.
But coffee has no limitations,
As its endless possibilities
Time after time will show.

Any touch of sweet
Can make it a worthwhile treat.
The added flavor
May be just what you need
To make your day complete.
Maybe you'll satisfy
The urge to fully merge
Sweets and coffee,
With what you'd call:
It's a surge
Of energized intensity,
Bubbling and brimming
With unbounded

When the sacchariferous
You do not crave,
But is the thing from which you'd care to be saved,
The black midnight coffee
Is wise to brave.
Steven Cole Jul 2021
What will we see in the Heavens?,
Beyond the great deep blue:
In the Presence of the God
We've waited so long to be,
In every respect,
Absolutely true.

   What will we know up above,
Beyond the realm of our minds?
What will it mean to fully understand?,
To leave the former things
Irreversibly behind.

   Will we have severed from us
Through our supernal ascent,
Memories of what was broken?:
The knowledge of our pain
No more to lament.

  Will we forever lose the scars
From our wounds which were healed?
Can we forget the lessons we learned,
Through Grace and Truth revealed?

   Would the Lord of Creation,
The Savior of Man,
Erase all of His scars
And forget the value of His plan?

   What greater truths of God will we conceive?
How far surpassed will consciousness be?
What realities shall we behold
As greater than any image the mind can achieve?
How much more in Heaven will be
Than any of it on Earth we could ever perceive?

    What will we come to realize
In the place of eternity?
If partial knowledge is made incomplete,
Will once held beliefs become absurdity?

   Is there a chance we won't be
Taken by surprise?
When we're ready to go, when it's our time,
Will we know our Father well enough,
His nature, His heart to recognize?
Steven Cole Jun 2021
True enemies are invisible,
Using visible forms to hide;
To obscure what is meant to stay visible,
In the invisible realm of heart and mind.
Invisible enemies felt as arrows,
Piercing the aura of heart and mind:
In attempt to sever invisible truths
From visible forms invisibly designed.
Fight with invisible weapons
To destroy the invisible lies.
Take up the shield against their reproach,
Look beyond the visible disguise.
The divine-wrought sword of eternal reality,
This will be the enemies' demise.
However invisible the Truth may be,
It doesn't have to be visible to see:
The invisible Force that will set you free-
The One True God, Triune Deity.
Steven Cole Apr 2021
Tinges of blue and gray
Fade the blanket of ink away.
As blots of waxing light
Chase away the night,
Disintegrating gloom and darkness
Give way to renewed sight.
Fiery shades of dye
Bleed through the canvas sky.
The arrival of the lion of the morn
With its warmth and radiance is nigh.
Emerging from the vast hills arrayed
Within a palette of color overlaid,
The bright lion with its extended mane,
Roars over the dusk it has slain-
Rising with sovereignty
In an atmospheric domain.
Steven Cole Apr 2021
Waves of blue,
Given life by deep green and umber hue.
Or perhaps made new,
Being complementary to.
Bright swells of lavish,
Golden efficacious sunlight;
Streaming down as a translucent river,
Eminently severing itself from night.
Violet and crimson,
Yellow, then white:
Surging forth from watered terrain,
Noble and petite statues aright.
Ruddy brown limbs,
Arrayed with scarlet and sapphire,
Synchronizing with achromatic breath;
Creating an invisible fire.
A flow of florid dancing,
Brought on wings bright and flush,
Saturates the resplendent landscape,
Encompassing it with tranquil hush.
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