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Steven Cole Oct 6
I do not have a tangible prescription
For the state of our world today.
I do not have all the right words
To keep all your fears at bay.
I have no great or noble plan
For conquering literal and figurative
Giants far and wide;
I do not have infinite wisdom
To govern or decide.
Determining solutions
For dilemmas too abstract to see
Is an insurmountable complication
A proposal too deep for me.

I prefer instead to offer
An outstretched hand to you,
By sharing a loving Father
Whom I've found to be faithful and true.
Through all my joy and sorrow -
And yes, I've felt a lot -
My God has never abandoned me,
Nor His own promise has He forgot.
For yet in my sin He loved me
And payed a price to purchase my soul.
So that even in  my conflicts and messes
The beauty he made would surely be made whole.
Through my brightest and darkest hours
His Spirit still strove with me,
To bring me into a deeper relationship
In order that I be free.

Amidst a chaotic world today,
I have no answer but one:
The all sufficiency of my Lord Jesus Christ
God's only begotten Son.
Steven Cole May 7
Truth is like the Ocean; it goes deep and covers much; it has both a revealing and concealing touch.
Truth is like the sands of the shores; though it be shifted by men and change, throughout time it endures.
Truth is like Earth's Skies; it continually surrounds us, but does not overwhelm us with its size.
Truth is like the Stars in the night; infecting us with its beauty and light; however far off, or externally finite.
Truth is like the Seasons; Governing the nature it does not overthrow; time and patience it seems to bestow; it gives many signs whereby it is known.
Truth is like a Galaxy; it spans a distance the mind cannot see; it's vastness is captured subliminally; but yet, it gives life to you and me.
The father of Truth is Wisdom, an example and teacher is He.
The mother of Truth is Love, our lifeline in setting us free.
#deep concepts
#God the author of it all.
Steven Cole Apr 29
Those lives were mine to love and cherish,
To guard and guide along life's way.
Oh, God forbid that one should perish,
That one alas should go astray.
Back in the years with all together,
Around the place we'd romp and play
So lonely now, I oft times wonder
Oh, will they come back home someday.

I'm lonesome for my precious children,
They live so far away.
Oh may they hear my calling, calling
And come back home someday.

I gave my all for my dear children,
Their problems still with love I share.
I'd brave life's storm, defy the tempest,
To bring them home from anywhere.
I lived my life, my love I gave them,
To guide them through this world of strife.
I hope and pray we'll live together, in that great glad here after life.

I'm lonesome for my precious children, they live so far away. Oh, may they hear my calling, calling, and come back home some day.
Recorded song by Emmylou Harris... A love song from God to man
Steven Cole Apr 28
Through the pain
Truth can be hard to see
In the pain
It can be hard to think clearly
Because of the pain
God is giving me
The desire to love others
For who they are
Not as they ought to be
Steven Cole Apr 23
Many things can be true
Depending on the lens you're looking through
Steven Cole Apr 23
True power isn't ability the intellect hires;
It's about how much truth my heart desires.
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