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a l e x Sep 2014
Living without them is blue
That I never knew
What my life will be without them
They are the one who always been there for me
When I am so crazy,
When I am feeling so down
and most especially when I am worst.
They accept me whatever I am.
They are the people who can tell you frankly
Though their words hurt me badly
But that's what bestfriends for.
We don't have that kind of perfect friendship
We sometimes fought
But what matters most is we always forgive each other.
Give each other a chance.
A chance for us to realize our mistakes
And for us to realize the true value of friendship.
I'm so lucky to have you guys
Not just only as my bestfriends but being as my FAMILY ❤
Friendship do matter :)
Just love my bestfriends :).
Le Lotus Dec 2013
One nice man and one young lady
They had been bestfriends since forever
One day he knelt down on his knees
And said "My young lady, will you marry me?"
She said "That's not funny, get up you fool"
He Gave her a serious look. His eyes showed pain
"You can't be serious!"
He held her hands and said "TBH I am, I love you"
"No we can't, we are bestfriends"
"Learn to love me as much as I love you. You won't regret, I promise you"
She laughed as in disbelief of what he just said
He stood up. He smiled and said "I dare you"
He walked away with a very painful look pasted on his face
She stared at his back and laughed awkwardly. She whispered "You don't have to.. Because I love you more than you do love me. I have always be".
Sneha Thakur Jan 2018
It was a link like the one between bonds ,
Irreplaceable and impeccable.
Bestfriends , what they said they were.
When together , they gained a definite optimum.
Fancied by the crowd ,
But deep down pitied by all.
Hearts pumped with the same rhythms ,
The same hesitancy and same agitations.
Bestfriends , what they said they were .
A bit drowsy , a bit shattered
What to consider next ,
Was her only possible quest.
But sooner or later ,
She will perceive the certainty ,
That it was no more than a witless sanction ,
Bestfriends what they said they were.
JayceeJellies Oct 2014
It's funny how you lie, because I know it all.
The things that you say behind these walls,
But I won't let you know this, no I will not throw a fit.
Because he'd spit out lines of ignorance all over me.
And our friendship is more important to me than this,
This sweet ignorance.

The pain you've been causing recently to me hurts,
It burns every curve, every slot, it slurs my mind,
Because I've believed in you from the beginning of time.
And to think that you've been laughing,
Praising hate towards me.
I wish I could just wake up, and tell you about this insane dream.

Or maybe I'm the one to blame?
Have I really been acting out as crazed as you say?
Backdooring you as if you weren't anything new,
I can't recall these events in the album of my memories.
Please start pointing them out to me.

I feel as if we are strangers now.
It's breaking into my mind,
I can no longer sleep right at night.
And if I drift away, I wake up with dried tears on my face.
I don't want you to go,
Please stay by my side.
Weren't we bestfriends?
I never thought you'd be the one to make me feel as if I need to run and hide?

But now you are,
and I have to ignore this,
Because if I don't..
There will be ignorance,
Ignorance in the sweetest.
And neither of us need this.
This sweet ignorance.
Jaycee Fuller Oct 2013
Just because a friend  isn't blood related doesn't mean that they can't be your sister♡ I love my bestfriends more than anything. They are always there for me and I will always be there for them♡ I love you guys so much, never forget that!
LRB May 2013
Sun is on my side
The moon around the corner
My two bestfriends, fight
Riiyyaa Jan 2019


Latiaaa Feb 2014
My Best Friends,
They're the ones that been there for me.
The ones who wiped the tears off my face.
They pick me up when my knees are scratched or my tummy is in pain.
They laugh at my jokes till milk comes out their noses.
We all play wrestle,
Kick rocks and tell secrets.
They're the ones that never leave me in the dark shadows.
They stay true and never tell a lie.
My friends are my army,
They protect me all the time.
They turn their heads to the ones that betrayed me.
My friends snicker when they know my crushes,
They greet me with special surprises everyday.
They love my flaws.
They're the people that make me wake up every morning and live.
They're my bestfriends.
we are sisters we fight and argue
but at the end of the day i love you

you help me through the good and bad
you stay with me when im happy or sad

i love you with my heart and soul
alyssa you know never to let go

when your not here i cry a tear
and if anyone uses your name

badly i wont cry sadly ill just
say to them dusty hoes go the

way the wind blows go **** a
**** go eat a ***** because

we dont want to **** with you
i love my bestfriend alyssa<3
Samantha Wesley Jan 2016
Iced Coffee for Two
it’s more like milk with sugar than coffee, but the ice is a dead giveaway
yet when i drink them, so do you
or rather, i buy one for myself, and you put your distracting lips on my straw
thank you for asking, by the way
it’s not like i would say no- how could i??
how could i ever deny that face of yours anything you ask me for
my love for you is as black and white as my iced coffee and your backpack are
we are not total opposites
on the contrary, our similarities are why we are bestfriends
but you come along, with your smile and those compelling eyes of yours and
you drink my coffee
you smirk and make conversation and i laugh while
you drink my coffee
you talk to your girlfriend
you hold hands on your way to class
while i stand on the sidelines watching
drinking my coffee
then she kisses you
tasting my coffee
she drinks my coffee
don’t you understand??
you drink my coffee
i drink my coffee
this is the way it is supposed to be
this is what is right, the way it should go but instead
you drink my coffee
and when your cold, perfect lips meet with hers in what i’m sure is
an electrical kiss, a display of love
she too, drinks my coffee
she tastes the delicious, sweet flavor of my creation
she drinks my coffee
but it was not meant for her
to drink
no, it was meant for me
i bought it so i could drink it
savor it, enjoy it
then share with you and watch
you drink my coffee
don’t you understand??
this is the way it goes, the story of our
iced coffee for two

this story is about my bestfriend and i, i will be posting more about us soon
Christine Mar 2013
Confusion clouds your eyes

                As I push your hand close,

                                Closer to the ember that started the fire

My body says yes  

               As my lips whisper “no”

                                I want you in the worst ways possible

Just a taste


The fire caught, I can see it in your eyes

As it welcomes you to a place of no redemption

Your fingers run through my curls knotting at the base of my scalp

“I want you, in every way”

                                                No. I should stop you.

I could, but I don’t want to …

You’re my best friend, and this is the closest thing I’ve felt to love

I don’t want to ruin this …

Just on more touch, your shirt falls off  

                                “I love you”     I know

As if that was the signal

                The dance of making love begins

                                My hands find a way of touching every single limb

Your breath is moist as it hits my skin

                                You smell forestry and tasty salty and sweet

God you’re a drug and I’m the Fein

Inject yourself straight into by blood stream

                                Making me need every part of you
Jaycee Fuller Oct 2013
Just because a friend isn't blood related, doesn't mean that they can't be your sister/ brother♡ I love you guys so much! I cant live without you♡
Jessenia Amaro Mar 2014
Iraira iraira my bestest friend, how I miss you , you're like my sister, I love you, all those memories we have together, I'll never forget you, i love you
Dakota Hobday Jun 2018
I have a bestfriend that’s clinging to me -
It’s forever wrapped around my body.
I try to shake it off and be free,
But it wants to keep me away from everybody.

“Everything is dangerous,” it whispers to me,
And I do my best to block its voice out.
“They’re all going to leave you, can’t you see?”
I can’t lie, it sometimes makes me doubt.

I have a bestfriend that’s clinging to me -
It’s forever wrapped about my body.
I try to shake it off and be free,
But it wants to keep me away from everybody.

“You’re not good at anything,” it constantly cries,
And I fear it’s speaking the truth this time.
“You’ll never be able to do what you want!” it advises -
Trying to change anything now feels like a crime.

I have a bestfriend that’s clinging to me -
It’s forever wrapped about my body.
I try to shake it off and be free,
But it wants to keep me away from everybody.

“I’m trying to keep you safe!” it screams,
All of its warning alarms are growing too loud.
“You’re too worthless to have dreams.”
The sirens are making my mind overcrowded.

I have a bestfriend that’s clinging to me -
It’s forever wrapped about my body.
I try to shake it off and be free,
But it wants to keep me away from everybody.

“Can’t you leave me alone already?” I cry,
And it just laughs at my feeble tries,
Saying, “not until the day you die-”
“I’m training you to be wise.”

I have a bestfriend that’s clinging to me -
It’s forever wrapped about my body.
I try to shake it off and be free,
But it wants to keep me away from everybody.

I can’t breath, I don’t want your warnings anymore!
“You can’t get rid of me, I’m everything to you.”
All of the warning sirens have combined into a loud roar,
Not a single thought can actually get through.

I have a bestfriend that’s clinging to me -
It’s forever wrapped about my body.
I try to shake it off and be free,
But it wants to keep me away from everybody.

I close my eyes and take a deep breath.
“What are you doing to me?” it faintly panics,
“I thought we were bestfriends until death!”
My mind starts to quiet and I feel a true balance.

“Not anymore!” I shout into the silence,
“This is my mind and I get to decide what’s right!”
It softly cries, “don’t you want my guidance?”
I say nothing, and force it to retreat despite.

I had a bestfriend that clung to me -
It tried to choke my body.
I shook it off to be free,
I don’t want to hide from everybody.
Redshift Apr 2013
i expected everyone to **** me over
except you
one down
7 billion to go

i cry too much.
josh wilbanks May 2014
I loved pain
Pain loved me
I let pain in
He did too
Pain loved him more
Pain left me
Pain consumed him
But pain soon left him -
When pain got bored
Now me and him hate pain
Because pain loved everyone -
Too much
Pain play'd games -
Too much
We loved pain -
Too much

A common enemy makes unification
Me and him have unified
Bestfriends are so much better then pain
Because that's all you are -
ky Apr 2014
i have a feeling
you'd be best friends
with the devil.
the way your
lies come in
pretty little
denial seeping
through the paper.
the way you
are quick to
take advantage
of everything
but the positive.
but the
main reason
you two
would get along
is because
you both
are unsuspecting evil
and mystery
wrapped in
a shell of
and charisma
just luring
in the
Agnis Lynota Mar 2014
Things were always so simple
For a girl who had it all
And knew nothing of true tragedies
Only thing she feared was a boy
Breaking her heart
And when they did
She always had a bestfriend
Who was much older and wiser than she
And she called her bestfriend meemaw
Meemaw knew how to put sunshine
In the most horrific thunder storms
And she knew how to make the young girl feel
Like life is nothing to fear
But rather to cherish
And this young girl was caught up in her own world
While trying to balancing reality
But one day reality hit her in the face
When her mother told her
That the young girl's best friend was sick
And not the type of sick with a quick fix
But meemaw had cancer of the lungs
And it was stage four
So there wasn't much more
They could do but wish for a miracle
But for a girl with little faith
It was hard to face
And that young girl sat on her bestfriends side
Hiding the tears by facing her head to the side
Because weakness is not what her bestfriend taught her
And the last time meemaw spoke to her she said
"You are so beautiful, I love you"
And the young girl walked out
With feet as heavy as cylinder blocks
And she held her tears back as she turned and replied
You are too, I love you
And the girl held the door handle
Tighter than she held onto to her last words
And as her bestfriend slowly slipped her fingers off the cliff of life
The young girl remembered
What her bestfriend said
Before she was put in a hospital bed
She said
"If I go just know
You'll find me
Above the tallest trees
Beyond the atmosphere
I'll meet you here
But until then
I'll give you one of my wings
And everytime you brush your feathers
Just know that the love
of a grandmother and a grand daughter
never whethers"
And that young girl is me
And I miss her with arms as wide as the sea
But I know there must be something greater out there
To hold a heart filled with love and care
I'll see her again in a place that I've never been
To feel her love and end my sin
Lyan Cordova Aug 2014
We all walked up to the usual smoke spot.

My bestfriend and I
Her and her bestfriend

Our two friends walked to the spot to lust over eachother and probably smoke a bogie

She looked at me, Do you want to?
Where? I replied.
I don’t know, right over there? She pointed at a half grassy, half sand clearing under a tree behind a church

We *ed like bunny rabbits for at least a half hour.
I couldn’t remember, all I kept looking at was her plain purple *******, so quirky, she didn’t even know she was going to *
me today.

We switched and I was on top
My bestfriend just walked out of the spot and heard either her moaning or my ***** clapping against her *
What the hell is that? he said as he peeked over the little ditch where we were *

Oh **, I yelled

I got up and put my pants on, walked away and took a puff of their joint

That wasn’t bad, I heard her say, coming from behind me

She didn’t even have her zipper up yet

That was horrible, I replied

All four of us walked home that day, not saying a word.
K R W Jan 2016
Relationships are overrated.

I've got a boy I used to love and know who broke my heart but won't leave my mind.

Bestfriends that I can hardly stand the sight of,

And a family that doesn't know what I'm going through.

It seems to me that the relationships I have are as stable as my mind, yet they're the only ones I have.

Horribly written, but it's hard to put big words next to little minded people.

Don't get me wrong, I love my family. But boy they have no clue.
Redshift Feb 2013
1.  you had beanie babies...
a lot of them
you shared your magazines
and forced me to join your club
i later ripped up our contract
and threw it at your face
but i was only eight

2. i liked the way you sat in the cold metal chairs
during church
you sat like you owned the place
and not God
hunched over
your knees spread
at everything;

3. you'd get hurt on purpose
and then cry
so all the girls would come running
to comfort you
i really liked you
until then

4. you came over to my house
to see my sister
you called me
"Other World-Girl"
because i knew things
you didn't

5. i met you on an online rpg game
i needed help with some quest
that involved dwarves
you were a high level
12 years old
you talked a lot about
and naked women
we're still friends

6. i met you at an over night youth event
about world hunger
you had the most alluring smile
i hit you with a football
in the head
in a gym
i was fourteen
you called me
your joyous red
we hugged
and often

6. the cousin of number three, you were gangly
barrel chested
a skater punk
parkouring through my chest
making fun of me

7. you were from argentina
i met you once
and liked you because you read and wrote
like i did
you asked me
about a song
you hardly spoke english
but after you went back to your country
we talked on facebook
for three years

8. i don't remember how i met you
it was kind of
you had curly brown hair
every time i walked into a room
you yelled "here comes trouble!" and smiled
mrs. geiger told us
at a dance
that we were
a cute couple
you blushed a lot
and danced with me
all night
thea told me
that you liked me
i stopped seeing you
after a year or two
i miss you,

9. i met you in chicago
a mexican
gone violinist
i wrote on the wall of your bedroom
it was short-lived
you gave me a lot of

10. a fuzzy-headed
jewish trumpet player
you always made dead-baby jokes
and something about jesus and boats
you could hit really high notes
on your trumpet

11. i was sixteen
you liked a girl i hated
you threw frisbees really well
another trumpet player
metal head
you dated her for a while
then she broke up with you
and got pregnant
with some ugly guy
and married him
but i guess this isn't about her
you came back last summer
and wanted to give me a massage
sing with me
hold me
i said

12. you played tommy djilas
in the music man
i was mrs. paroo
you loved lady gaga
still do
you're really funny
and dorky
but you liked my older sister

13. you were a lot older than me
i started liking you
when you shaved
the disorderly ***** hair
off your chin
you read the bible
a lot

14. i can't remember your actual name
i think it was mike
or something
i called you
your family kicked you out
and you moved in with my bestfriend
you were
so funny
we were

15. your brother asked me out
i said no
i liked you because i was bored
you had a nice ****
i dunno
17 is a weird age

16. you called me your
you were really muscular
and had nice hair
you always smelled really good
you were kind of short
and a player
you always wanted
to arm wrestle me
i always
said no

17. i liked you
for a total of a day and a half
you got so annoying
i started to wish you'd
fall off the face of the planet

18. the third trumpet player i've liked...
they all turned out badly
guess i should stay away from them
metal head
socially awkward
you wore sunglasses constantly
you had an unhealthy obsession
with ducktape
and bacon
you gave me a bacon mint once
i spit it out
i stopped liking you
after you became a gentleman

19. i didn't really actually like you
i liked that you liked me
you were really annoying
and if i didn't respond to a text
within ten minutes
you sent me forty more
just to make sure i was still breathing

20. you had me at the word
you were really muscular
and you had the prettiest brown eyes
you'd call me in the park
between calling
all those other girls
you turned out to be
the worst mistake of 2012
glad that's over

21. you were some creepy viking-like person
from alabama
a bible beater
who didn't believe in singing with instruments
you were bearded
really arrogant
and rude
i really don't know why i liked you

22. your guitar
could never stay tuned
after a while
it just sounded horrible
you used long words
thought i was hilarious
always tried to touch my hair
tickle my neck
i stopped liking you
after hearing you talk to your little brother
that i loved
so nastily
for talking to me

22. you're in my english lit class
you have a really **** brooklyn accent
a deep voice
and the most curious, interested stare
i ever saw
i liked you a lot
until i found out you have a girlfriend
named anna
i've always hated
that name

23. you're my
not friend
you force me to watch scary movies with you
just so someone will hold you
when i'm scared
we talk every night
you told me that you loved me
and then apologized
i think i've stopped loving you
but every time you tease me
hate everyone who flirts with me
post funny pictures on my wall
make me stay up
because you can't sleep
give me kittens
sing thrift shop with me
show me ridiculous videos
smile at me
like you do
i can't be
hesserstarr Feb 2010
How is it so that friends come and go
some quick and some slow one minunte their here and the next they have disappeared

We'll all grow apart but only in the heart i wish people could maintain in their brain please don't fight or all this will be ****** right down the drain

And before you know it you cant remember your bestfriends name
this is how friends come and friends go before you know it your alone

Dont you wish friends could just be friends no Competition or jealousy this dont  exist it's just a myth

The word friendship means relationship and trust between people those who say it dont meen it best friend are the ones to stab you in the back and watch you bleed as you fall to your knees
they laugh with glee and trun their back to you and leave as if bestfriends didn't mean anything
Swetank Modi Feb 2015
Living without them is blue
That I never knew
What my life will be without them
They are the one who always been there for me
When I am so crazy,
When I am feeling so down
and most especially when I am worst.
They accept me whatever I am.
They are the people who can tell you frankly
Though their words hurt me badly
But that's what bestfriends for.
We don't have that kind of perfect friendship
We sometimes fought
But what matters most is we always forgive each other.
Give each other a chance.
A chance for us to realize our mistakes
And for us to realize the true value of friendship.
I'm so lucky to have you guys
Not just only as my bestfriends but being as my FAMILY ❤
Friendship do matter :)
Be my friend forever
Gwen Pimentel Jul 2015
n.*  hy•po•thal•a•mus -ˈthal-ə-məs\
: the part of the brain that controls fight or flight responses

September 23rd
The first time our eyes met
Travelling across the room
Not knowing that those were the same eyes
That could **** me with a smile

December 28th
I found out that you wrote
And ****, that was hot
Your words that got me hooked
Were the same ones that cut my strings

February 14th
We were nothing close to lovers
Not even bestfriends
But I somehow felt less lonely
Talking to you everyday

April 8th
The beginning of heat
And I think I barely noticed
Because the thought of you
Makes blood rush to my cheek

June 19th
The start of school
And the start of the drift
Or maybe it was just stress?
I hung on to our conversations

July 31st
You talked about this new girl
And how she was pretty
And funny
And everything I wasn’t

August 17th
We haven’t talked in 2 weeks
Not like you noticed much
All you cared about was her
I'm starting to miss you

September 27th
I was in Biology
I studied the hypothalamus
And how it controlled
The fight or flight response of our body

September 27th
I was studying the hypothalamus
And learned that the body has a natural instinct
To detect danger or warning
Thus activating the hypothalamus

September 27th
I was studying the hypothalamus
And **** who gave you the right to walk in my mind
I was studying the hypothalamus for God’s sake how does this even relate to you?
I saw you in everything
A notebook – Cos you write
Coffee – because you loved it
The Fault In Our Stars – because you hated it
Pictures of New York – because it was your dream
My playlist – because you made it
My jacket – because it smells like you
My little sister – because she looks for you
My mother – because she still makes your favorite dinner whenever you visit
The flowers on our porch – because you planted them
Hot Pockets – because you despised them
But **** never did I expect to see you in a hypothalamus

September 27th
People don’t come with warning signs attached to their necks
And even if our body has a natural instinct to detect danger
People like you, know just the right things to say or do to trick my body into thinking you're good for me
You know my passcode, how to get through my walls
So all this time I’ve been wondering
Where was my hypothalamus, if I even had one
Why didn’t it warn me
To flee your arms before I got entangled in your words,
Before I sunk in the quicksand of your charm
Why wasn’t I warned, to fight or flight, before I got hurt this bad?
Why wasn’t I warned of the danger that was you.
Madeysin Mar 2015
Pick up truck,
Pick me up,
Two bestfriends,
And a reckless driver,
2010 hits,
Would be enough to drive away the pain,
90 miles per hour,
Race death,
I looked at her,
And she looked at me,
I screamed when I die,
This is how I want it to be.
Tonight was great
Love Nov 2013
I love you.
I really love you.
You're one of my bestfriends.
I've known you for 5 years now.
You've always been beautiful,
And charming.
But something about you,
The way you are,
It drives me insane.
You're 10 times more amazing now.
I love you,
And I know you love me.
When our lips first touched...
It was...
I love you.
Tasha Mar 2013
Our conversation began playfully, as they always did. Your dark hair was shining in the sunlight, and I wondered whether I'd made a mistake.

I wondered what I'd found to dislike in you, with your witty banter and your light, teasing tone.

I wondered why I'd done it. I wondered if I could go back, if I should take the blame for something I'd thought was your fault. We all make mistakes, don't we?

When I was a child, my mother often read me a fable about hobgoblins that lured travellers into the peat bogs during misty nights. They would wave lanterns and promise sweet things, such sweet things, that the travellers would lose the path and follow them. She would kiss me goodnight, and tell me not to listen if they cam calling.

My brother and I would lark around on the mountain ridges with sticks, pretending there were lanterns hanging from the end.
Come over here, it's the safe path, my pretty, just follow my light - All accompanied by ten year old laughter and the sparkling eyes that I just don't have anymore.

You promised me sweet things.
You promised me laughs and lightness and endless summer days. And when you pulled a ring out of nowhere I thought that it was all paying off - I could see my life mapped out.

But safe isn't that same as happy, is it?

Safe means banter that never dips into the darkness that swirls just below the surface. Safe is lying when you asked if I was having second thoughts. Safe means not mentioning the lipstick stains - just trying to coil you in tighter, to make myself that little bit more secure.

Happy didn't play a part.

The silly thing is, I never thought that I might be unhappy.
It only occurred to me when my friends took me out to celebrate my engagement. I saw a couple sitting, only their little fingers linked. I watched them, and realised that we would never do that.
Could never do that. You showered me with over the top, public kisses and affection. You told me you loved me, and that was supposed to be enough. You told me you loved me, you told me you cared - but it wasn't water tight, was it? Because when push came to shove, you were never there.

When Meredith's funeral came, and my face was streaked with tears, you were nowhere to be seen. We were getting married and you couldn't come to my bestfriends funeral? That was heartless. That was so, so heartless.
And I lied for you. "He's ill. He wanted to be here".

I think I realised then. That you were my hobgoblin.

The conversation began playfully, but when I reached for my ring and slid it off my finger - it didn't stay that way for long.

I'd never seen you so angry. Not heartbroken, not sad, not confused - angry.
And you were sick-minded enough to try and make me feel guilty. And it worked. Your face still comes to me, eyes wide and pitiful. "You're not actually going to go through with this, are you?"

And yes. Yes I am.
Dark Poetess Jan 2019

                      funny, carefree

            supporting, cheering, comforting

         chit-chat, bullies, deep talks, dates

                   trusting, loving, missing

                    faithful, committed

Mika Long Mar 2014
We used to be bestfriends,
I don't know what happend,
I try to text you,
you don't reply,
Why am I not surprised,
you're being a *****,
but then again,
as long as I can remember,
you're always been a ****
Love Jan 2014
Laughs and screams,
Smiles and tears
A newly found love,
And "the boy I was gonna marry heartbreak".

You yell at your parents,
Hit your little brother,
And for what?
Because your mad at some high school boy,
Who couldn't keep it in his pants?

You should be yelling at him...
But ohh no...
You could never do that.
"It was a mistake."
He says,
"I love you, and I promise I'll never,
Ever, ever, ever do it again."
And then tops it off with a dazzling smile,
And runs his fingers through your hair,
Kisses your cheek,
And says,
"I gotta run, love ya babe."

He's gotta run...
Run to your bestfriends house,
Because he's bangin' her tonight.


He did it again.
It was an accident..

But you forgive him,
Because you love him,
And he "loves" you.

You throw your friend to the side and proclaim,
"Its all her fault!"

But then one night when yall are hanging out,
He goes to the bathroom,
And leaves his phone sitting on the bed.


New text message,
From some girl named Brittany?
"Who the hell is Brittany?"

Not thinking,
You open the text.
It says,
"We gotta talk, now."

"Why is this chick wanting to talk to MY man?",
You think to yourself.

"What's going on."
"It broke..."

"What broke?"
"The ****** you idiot."

"What do you mean?"
"I'm pregnant."

There it is.
He did it once again,
And ******* up big time.

Can you forgive him?
There's physical,
Evidence this time.

You do what any rational teenage girl would do...
You throw a tantrum,
Scream "I hate you.",
And run home to daddy.

You tell daddy...
Daddys mad.
He runs out of the house,
Gets in the truck,
And races down the road,
Without a word.

You go up to your room,
Because what else can you do?

You go to your desk,
And see your drawings,
A beautiful art,
Thats always been your outlet.
But hows it gonna work for you this time?
What are you gonna do?
Draw him on top of the name Brittany,
With his **** in the middle of the A?

You sling everything off your desk.
The pencil sharpener hits the wall,
And breaks,
Leaving the metal blades exposed.

You pick it up,
And begin to draw.
But this time,
There isnt any pencils,
And there isnt any paper,
Just metal and skin.

You hack away at your teenage soul,
Going through your "emo" phase,
Wanting to feel normal,
And trying to make a time machine,
With your blood as the key,
To get rid of all the hurt he had caused.

"How did you handle the pain of all that?"
People at school ask when the word gets around.
"Drawing is my outlet."
You say,
And then walk away,
Pulling down your sleeves,
So your broken teenage soul is encased in last years sweater.

A teenage soul.
At 13,
So alive,
So new.
By 18,
Its dead.
Wolfey Feb 2014
We used to be bestfriends.
We used to write to eachother who'd we be if we could have chosen ourselves.
We used to hangout everyday,
the anxiety instantly dripping away.
Because we just didn't care.
We used to talk about all our problems and ways we can fix eachother.
We used to ditch class to talk humbly.
We'd take pictures and have irritation when someone would steal our spot.
Even in the large,
rough grounded place.
We sat leg to leg.
Shoulder to shoulder.
We used to listent to music and fight the urge to scream.
We used to be so close.
Your the Beauty and I'm the Beast.
To Someone special. H.W.
Marissa Calderon Jul 2018
I want to grab the bottle
with the clear liquid inside
and drown my sorrows
leave them no place to hide

My body
my brain
it no longer belongs to me
and I come to realize this
when I see my body as it bleeds

It starts as a drip
then a trickle
then a pour
so I watch the blood seep from my body
and I whisper for it, "More"

Why did you have to leave
why did you have to go
why did you pick her instead of me
to give your love
and soul

Why her
why not me
what about all of our plans we had
all of our dreams

We were supposed to get old together
and have our kids
the dogs were there too
they would've been their bestfriends

We would have had our house
on our piece of land we'd bought
and our kids would have learned
to love
and to laugh
from all that we'd taught

But ****
I guess it's all gone now
'cause you chose her instead of me
and yeah I'll smile
and I'll laugh
'cause I don't want you to see me bleed

I will remember you always
and I will love you through the struggle
and the pain
and I'll cry for you during thunderstorms
so my tears mix with the rain
Redshift Mar 2013

so i remembered today
that one of the first things
i ever said
when i met you
"dating is boring. i prefer
and i've realized
that we're now bestfriends
and we say
"i love you,
all the time
what does this
are we secretly
in a relationship?
is that why
you keep getting sulky
when i talk to other guys
and then skype me
facebook me
text me
if you can't get a hold of me
every single night?

i mean
i could just
but if we're not
then it'll be all weird
and if we are
i'll lose
my bestfriend
i guess i lose him
either way
best to stay

Amrita Dutta Sep 2014
Hidden beyond the clouds, beyond each lining,
looking down at the world,he heard them whining.
Whining in sorrow, in loneliness and in pain.
Praying devotedly, for joys to regain.
Unable to bear the tears of his little ones,
he bestowed upon them the warmth of a thousand suns.
He gifted them with a gift, so unique,
that never would they need to face another moment bleak.
He rewarded them with a friend, the best there was,
one that'd love them and love all their flaws.
The tears gone, happiness spread around,
the land turned into meadows, no more were barren grounds.
Bestfriends are these beautiful gifts who make life worth living. They 're such amazing souls, we cannot imagine life without them *_*
thank you so much you all. We love you.
Anais Vionet Sep 15
Some Senryus about
Bestfriends - the kindred spirits
we're lucky to know.

Boys are "whatever,"
but bestfriends are forever.
That's the way it is.

We tell our secret
fantasies - that we exchange
in sworn secrecy.

Bestfriends: the girls you
only stay mad at briefly - 'cause
you've news for them!

A bestfriend would push
you into your crush and yell
"get some!" then run.
bestfriends, teen, kindred spirits
Lena Bitare Nov 2014
I got down
And see the street lights
The cars passing by
Stuck in the headlight

I've seen bestfriends become lovers
We've eaten their left overs
What's left with us,
Is the piece of junk way back past.

I've watch lovers love
Like I did before
I've watched them fall apart
I've felt their beating heart

Baby there's no ticket to the past
There's nothing you can do
We didn't make it last
Just throw your love to the past

— The End —